How Modern Society is DESTROYING Real Men (and How you Can Escape it and Thrive)

How Modern Society is DESTROYING Real Men (and How you Can Escape it and Thrive)

How Modern Society is DESTROYING Real Men (and How you Can Escape it and Thrive)

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The progression from boy to man in this modern society can be really hard.

Today, we have 35+year-old guys who are still playing computer games, living with their moms, and struggling to grow up.

It’s sad to watch more and more men who are totally lost in trying to play the role of a man. Look around yourself, look at all those insecure men that are walking around you…

They are insecure, moody, depressed and, likely with very low testosterone.

Did you notice that women are complaining more and more about the lack of true men?

You can hear them complaining all the time:

“There are no real men anymore”

“I would rather be alone than with some guy who is still a kid in his head” and so on.

I hear this in almost every conversation with women nowadays. This is a big indicator that something is wrong.

The situation is seriously bad.

There are many reasons why we men are failing to manage the multiple areas of our lives, which one might expect of a fully grown man. And there are many environmental factors that are considered ‘normal’ by society but are in fact destroying us.

This article is going to examine how the subtle, and seemingly innocent aspects of our everyday lives are actually (partly) responsible for the downfall of real men.

Food & Nutrition

The food industry is killing men.

As a man, you have to be really careful what you eat in order to get optimal performance from your body.

For example, chicken that we eat every day has a high concentration of estrogen. The beer that we drink has a high level of phytoestrogen which mimics natural estrogen…

Can you connect the dots?

Beer —> Estrogen—> man boobs?

Since females are naturally attracted to the behavior typical of a man with high levels of testosterone, it’s very easy to understand why women are disappointed more and more with men nowadays.

Women do not need more women, they need men.

One of the crucial ingredients that makes a man a man is – testosterone.

Testosterone is created during the night, and there is a really easy way to test your testosterone level: count how many days you wake up in the morning with an erection a.k.a “morning wood”.

It should be almost every day.

Physical Activity

The male body is not designed by nature to sit and to be passive.

Modern lifestyle is forcing us to sit 6-8 hours per day in offices, and in front of our computers. We are not moving and when we should move: we use cars, elevators, escalators…

At home, we are on sofas or in bed.

You as a man, have to take care of your body and stay physically active. Go to the gym 3-4 times a week, do sports and push the limits of your body.

This is the only way to stay young, healthy, and full of energy in the years that come. It will keep you energetic and excited about getting up in the morning.


Even more, the problem happens in the dating area of men’s lives.

Men today are totally clueless about how to meet, approach, and seduce the women that they desire. Unfortunately, almost all of the advice that we get from the mainstream is terrible beta-male advice. Watch any romantic comedy and you will see an inaccurate portrayal of seduction. It might look nice on screen… but just try acting like a nice, supplicating guy in real life and see what happens.

Most men are completely lost.

You as a man – you have to take responsibility to handle this area of your life.

You have to learn the basics of seduction, of how to be interesting and spontaneous during the conversation, how to turn on her body and mind – and most importantly: how to relax and help her feel relaxed enough that she can feel like herself and act like a woman.

The more of a man you are – the more of a woman you will get out from her.

Many women are insecure. Even the girls that society might look at and think that they have no reason to be insecure! You cannot expect that she will be keen to date an insecure man!

She needs the opposite from that. She needs security. Stability.

This is the core reason why women are massively attracted to confidence. Confidence is the no 1 attraction trait of a man. Confidence is trained and confidence is gained.

There are ways of how to become confident with women and in your life in general. It’s one of the crucial components of a successful life.

At the end of the day, I will give you a tip that you will struggle to find anywhere:

Women are primarily emotional. Their emotional minds are not easily changed by logical explanations. This is not to say that women are not logical, or cannot be logical… We are definitely not saying that. But next time you are talking with a girl who is upset because she is worried about something; maybe something silly like she thinks she has bad makeup compared to another girl. Give her a logical explanation as to why this is an irrational thing to be worried about and notice if this changes her mood!

Most men try to establish communication with women by using logic and logical topics.

This does not work!

You can use logic to connect with other men, but you have to use emotions to connect with women!

So how can we leverage this in normal everyday conversation? Even something as simple and mundane as asking her: “Which movies do you like?” – Instead, ask her: “What’s the last movie that made you cry?”

The details like this one are made all the difference in the world! (And in her mind)


Obviously, this is an overly simplified article attempting to discuss a subject that has many different factors contributing to it. But we have written it in this way because we want to make a point that society is not on your side when it comes to being the man you know you are inside (whatever this means to you).

Society is not going to help you, and in fact, it is set up in such a way (to meet people’s immediate and convenient needs) that it will damage your body and your mind in the long run. Every man in the world is the product of millions of years of evolution. They wouldn’t have been born if the generations that came before them were weak, and not cut out to thrive on planet earth (unless you look at the monarchy).

This article is also definitely not the answer to many of the problems that you know you likely have in your life, but you maybe haven’t identified yet. This is a call to action for you to start searching for answers and searching for men who have found ways to get the things they want in life and who have found ways to be the men that they know they are deep down.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out some more articles you may like to continue your self improvement journey!

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  1. This is part of a state-contrived/collectivist plot to mix liberal white women with minorities. Why? To destroy individualism or individual liberty/rights.

  2. I understand that most men come from an outdated perspective and low expectation about masculinity. I feel sorry for those that do believe that testosterone and this kind of “true man behavior” will help you attract women nowadays. Women from the 21st century need men with attitude, brave man, who can acknowledge that women are as able as themselves to understand logic, women are as emotional as them, women are as strong as men, and it takes guts and brains to perceive that. I understand that many men believe in what is written in this article, they are afraid of the rising power of women in the workplace, in politics, and in life, women have become independent and that’s great for men too. But “True Men” are not afraid, on the contrary, they are battling for the rise of their female partners, because they want to see them thrive.

  3. Karima, I wanted to respond to your view of this article and your view of men who do not see the feminist and feminism being good for us. I have seen how it, feminism as destroyed families, society, and men as well. I am old enough to know the truth about feminists and their man hating ways.


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