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How to Meet Women During The Day

This is a pretty good article, but since writing it we have a much more updated and thorough version: The Newbies Guide to Picking up Women. Check it out – or read this one if you want.

If you haven’t already:

Check out part 1 for a detailed look at why the daytime is the optimal time to pick up women. Then check out a much more detailed guide we created on how to pick up girls anywhere, anytime. It is much more detailed and in-depth than this article. Cheers.

Now for part 2, how to meet women during the day.

I want to start off by saying there are a few ways to meet women during the day.

1) There’s the pickup artist way

Pick-up artist websites and forums will have you believe that the best way to meet a woman during the day is to use tricks and gimmicks.

They teach men to use openers to random women like “who lies more, men or women?” or ask women for advice about your friend’s girlfriend.

This is nonsense.

2) There’s the normal unplanned way

Getting closer.

“Hello, my name is Sean. You’re pretty want to go out sometime?”

The normal way can definitely work if the woman is attracted to you.

But it is not solid and relies on looks.

3) There’s the and now Menprovement way

The method is a normal, sincere way of picking up women. But with a unique plan of action that makes the interaction smooth, takes out the need for good looks, and just plain works.

These guys put hours and hours of trial and error into approaching women on the street to create the perfect “blueprint” for picking up perfect 10’s.

They are not models

They were once terrible with women

They are inspiring to say the least

I have studied their methods, watched all their videos, and done their stuff myself, and can say that it is absolutely the most effective way to meet women during the day.

And I am going to break it down for you below.

First an introduction to the world of

Daygame is a company run by Andy Yosha, Yad, and Tom Torero, amongst others.

They are all average-looking guys who were bad with women and dedicated their lives to getting better. They now pick up perfect 10’s on a daily basis and run boot camps all over the world teaching men how to do the same.

They are living examples that with practice you can accomplish anything and truly inspire me.

How do they do it?

Here’s a nice little video collaboration of Tom Torero picking up women during the day.

So I hope you watched the video and now realize that any man can pick up beautiful women, and it’s not complicated.

But the video didn’t really explain a thing.

So I am going to go through the steps to the guys at’s method. But for a more detailed and precise explanation from the men themselves just hit up

Step 1: The Yad Stop

Yad is one of the creators of

I’d say he is best at what he does and picks up handfuls of the most beautiful women from around the world every day.

Here’s a pic of Yad.


Now I think Yad is a legend. He is the absolute man and I love everything about his attitude and what he does.

But Yad definitely doesn’t look like a dude who you would think pulls tons of women.

1) He’s not a model

2) He doesn’t have a 6 pack

3) He used to be terrible with women

He’s just a regular-looking dude who decided he wanted to be great at something and went out and did it.

So throw all of your excuses away about how you don’t think you are handsome enough, or you’re ashamed about your height.

Looks do not matter. Yad is proof.

So what is the “Yad Stop?”

The Yad stop is a move that Yad created that is the ultimate way to open a girl during the day.

What does it do and how does it work?

1) Stops the girl in her tracks so you can open her

A lot of guys will try to approach a girl on the street from the back or side. The problem is women are used to people coming up on the street and trying to sell them something or give them a flyer this way. These women will brush you off and keep walking just like they do those advertisers.

2) You are stopping her as if you have to tell her she dropped something

This immediately shuts off her rejection response.

3) She has most likely never been stopped this way before.

You are showing her you are a man, you are confident, and you do what you want. This is extremely attractive.

How to do it:

1) Essentially you run a few feet past your moving target, get in front of her, and turn, getting her attention and bringing her to a complete stop. The complete part is important.

This may sound creepy, but if executed correctly it’s really not at all.

2) You’re not running in front of the girl and making her halt in negative emotion.

Imagine as if she dropped something and you ran over to tell her, ran past her, naturally turned with your hand up, and just said excuse me you dropped your purse. It would be a completely fine, natural thing to do.

This is exactly what you are doing with the Yad stop.

It’s important not to run past the girl too close.

This will freak her out. You want to meet women, not scare women.

It is also important to run about 3 steps past the girl and then turn slowly. If you run right in front of her and invade her personal space, you are going to freak her out.

Don’t make this any more difficult for yourself.

And no, you don’t need a cunning English accent for it to work.

Step 2: What to say

So you have just run-up to a beautiful girl, pulled the perfect yad stop, she is attentive, now what do you say?

This is the most beautiful thing about the day game, you just be direct with your intentions.

This may sound crazy to you if you have ever read any pickup artist nonsense.

The truth is in the day game you have to be direct about your intentions and attraction, otherwise, it won’t work. Most pick-up artist forums or books will tell you to go up and ask a ridiculous question like who lies more, or make up a story about your friend’s gf. It’s all nonsense.

All you have to do is go up to a girl and tell her you think she looks really nice. That’s the big secret.

“Hey, I just saw you and I wanted to tell you I think you look really nice.”

How nice and easy does that sound. It’s just a nice thing to do.

You are paying a beautiful girl a compliment and no matter if she is interested or not one thing will happen.

She will thank you.

She won’t reject you, she will thank you. All you’ve done is pay her a compliment. She has no reason to reject you.

Step 3: What do you say next?

Now that you’ve got her attention, she’s stopped, and you’ve given her a nice compliment, you have just won half the battle.

You are talking to a beautiful girl. congratulations!

You could literally tell her you have no time to chat and would love to meet up sometime, and go for the number. The odds are you will get it.

But if you want to escalate the conversation, go for an instant date, and build rapport, read on.

So what should you say next in the conversation?

Should I ask her a question like where are you from, or what is your name?

Essentially as says, and as I agree, you shouldn’t ask her questions. But instead, you should assume something about her.

A question is a dangerous game.

Unless you are an extremely good conversationalist, you will likely have to end the answer to her question with another question. Then that question with yet another question. Pretty soon your conversation is looking a lot like this.

You: So where are you from?

Her: Oh I’m from jersey.

You: Oh okay cool, so did you go to school around there.

Her: yeah, I went to OCC.

You: Oh nice what’d you study?

Her: psychology

You: Oh ok, cool…cool…did you like it?

Her: Yeah it was okay


You have absolutely no value in that conversation, and if you have ever experienced it you know it sucks. You know in your head you are just scrambling for more questions to follow up with, when you know eventually you are just going to hit a brick wall.

You can’t act smooth and display a method of attraction with all that going on in your head.

So you can assume something about here instead.

“I really like your look and style, you look like your from Sweden or something.”

What this does is opens up a real interest in a girl and take all the pressure off her. When you are asking question after question all the pressure is on her. With an assumption, you pull the pressure off her and talk about something she really cares a lot about. HER.

When you start assuming things about her girls take a real interest because of either,

a) Your wrong, and she will quickly come to her defense and tell you about where she’s really from

b) Your right and she is impressed and tell you w.e she tells you

From here you can make a generic statement about what she was talking about, and then stack another assumption on top, aka assumption stacking.

This style of conversation is much smoother and should go something like this.

You: <yad stop> Excuse me, I literally just saw you from over there and I just wanted to tell you that you look very nice.

Her: <cute laugh> oh well thank you

You: I love your look and style, you look like you are from Sweden, you don’t see that much around here.

Her: Thank you, I am actually from Denmark, I am here studying abroad for the summer.

You: Denmark, wow, I have always wanted to take a trip there. I imagine it to be just a whole bunch of beautiful people walking around everywhere, not as you see here.

Her: <cute laughs> Yes it is very different, you should definitely go it is a beautiful city.


Not a single question needed to be asked in the intro to that conversation.

It was natural and it was beautiful.

Obviously, you can ask questions, and you will need to during the interaction, but the method of assumption stacking to build a solid rapport beforehand can work like a charm.

So after the Yad stop and compliment, you could:

a) literally say:

“I’ve actually got to meet someone in about 5 minutes, but I just had to tell you how nice you looked, let’s grab a coffee sometime soon,” and get her number.

You’ve done enough that she will likely give it to you. She may not, but if you approach 10 girls like this you are bound to get a few.

b) Use assumption stacking and build report:

With assumption stacking, you will not only impress her with your openness, but you will start to build attraction and report.

This will greatly increase your chances of getting a phone number or date.

Again, it’s a numbers game. There will still be rejections, but the more you approach the more success you will have.

Anything else?


There are many places you can go from here.

This is the perfect base for starting a successful day game campaign, but there are many advanced techniques that you can learn.

But for that you need

1) To go check out

They have beautiful videos and programs that can explain things way better than I ever could in an article.

2) Get out and start trying this stuff out

With what I’ve given you in his article you have enough information to

a) Get out and start actually picking hot women up during the day

b) Master the basics and develop your own style.

No matter how much you read, and watch at or anywhere else you will never develop the way those guys did without going out and doing it.

Take these basic 3 steps in this article and practice practice practice.

Soon you will start to develop new additions that work for you. The advanced stuff that Yad and Andy do on their site works for them because they developed it through natural practice.

But everyone is different and will branch off in their own ways.

So if the idea of picking up and scoring beautiful women every day of the week, where ever you go, sounds like something you would want to do, then get out and start working on your day game.

Like Yad and Andy, you could be an entirely different person in a year living the life you always wanted.

But it’s never gonna happen unless you start.

To end things, here’s a vid of Yad picking up a random girl and getting a full make-out in under ten minutes.

This could be you soon, I know it’s gonna be me soon.

– Sean

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