How to Dramatically Improve Your Speaking Voice in Just One Month

How to Dramatically Improve Your Speaking Voice in Just One Month

How to Dramatically Improve Your Speaking Voice in Just One Month


Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves. We hit the gym to shed fat, we cut our hair to look respectable, we even buy unnecessary things to impress women. But hardly anyone thinks about trying to improve their speaking voice.

Want to be the best version of yourself and be ahead of 90% of people out there? Improve your speaking voice.

Almost everyone hates the voice they have now. If you haven’t thought about it, go listen to your voicemail recording. Not great right?

But the good news is that you can change your speaking voice. You can make it better and sound how you want. If this sounds like something you’re into, great, keep reading…

So why should you improve your speaking voice?

Your voice has a tremendous impact on how you feel and how you are seen in the world. Even more than how you look.

Wait, but what if I’m not a singer? What if I’m not speaking in front of thousands of people?

It doesn’t matter.

Everyone is a public speaker, and everyone has an audience. At work, your audience is your boss and coworkers. At home, your audience is your family, wife, and kids. And out in the world, your audience is your friends or that girl you find irresistible.

Imagine improving your voice to sound more powerful and confident in the workplace, more assuring and trustworthy to your family, or even more sensual and attractive to the opposite sex. The possibilities and applications are endless.

Improving your speaking voice will help you:

– Gain more respect in the workplace

– Advance your career

– Sound more trustworthy and convincing

– Be more attractive to the opposite sex

But what about me? I have an awesome vocabulary, should I still be bothered?


Science has proven that your words only account for 7% of how believable you are to people (Source). While 38% of it actually accounts for your tonality, which is what learning to have a perfect voice is all about. The other 55% comes down to your body language, which is the next thing you need to learn to put it all together. Learn all about body language in this book.

With a great vocabulary and improved tone of voice & strong body language, the sky’s the limit for you. You will have an advantage over everyone you know in every aspect of your life. And yes, I am quite passionate about this.

So I hope I have convinced you of the power of improving your speaking voice. And now you probably want to know how to do it.

**Note: This article is solely about improving your speaking voice and is not a definitive article on how to become a better public speaker. That article is coming next, and this is only one piece to that puzzle, so subscribe below to hear when that comes out.

How to improve your speaking voice

There are three real ways you could go when trying to improve your speaking voice.

1) Hire a personal Coach (Super Expensive)

2) Attempt to do it yourself (Difficult. But I will give as much free advice below as I can)

3) buy an audio program (Highly recommended)

Method one is expensive, while method 2 is difficult and unreliable. You will see when you read on.

I highly recommend method 3 as it is what I have been doing for the past two months and I am very pleased with the results. (I purchased The Perfect Voice, by Roger Love, and have made awesome progress in the past month.) 

Why can’t I take what I learned and show you how to improve your speaking voice in this article?

Well, I could. But it would be lousy and incomplete, like many of the other ones you can find in Google. I could teach you about breathing properly. I could explain some exercises. But short of building and creating my own program, I could not do it right.

You need an audio program or a coach to be able to follow along with warm-ups, hear exercises done properly so you can mimic them and know that you are doing things right.

Learning to speak properly by reading just isn’t going to happen. You need to hear how it’s done.

What program should I get?

For quality and price, I highly recommend The Perfect Voice, by Roger Love.

Rodger love has been the personal vocal coach for Tony Robbins, Susie Orman, John Gray, Reese Witherspoon, Joaquin Phoenix, Glenn Beck, The beach boys, Eminem, and much more.

I know you have heard Tony Robbins talk! Do you think he was just born like that?

(Tony Robbins speaking)

These people have practiced and trained to get where they are. That is why they are on top. More on this hidden part of the success here.

Program outline:

The program is great. I have never tried any others, but I don’t see the need to.

What Rodger does is give you a series of daily exercises and audio lessons that will strengthen and enhance your voice. He then teaches you to have full control over the tone of your voice and harness your “star power.”

Yes, star power. Not like guitar hero, but better.

Seriously, we live in a celebrity culture, and if you have the ability to walk talk, and sound like a professional star, people are going to start treating you differently.

You will be able to ask for a raise the correct way, talk to women like Matthew McConaughey does, and just be better. Don’t be surprised when people start asking you if you lost weight or thinking of you differently. How you sound reflects how people feel about you, MUCH more than what you say.

Some free advice on improving your speaking voice

Even though I am adamant about needing a program to improve your voice, it kills me to have an article with no actionable advice in it. That’s not how I roll.

So I will give some free advice here on how to improve your speaking voice that you can start doing now.

I understand not everyone can throw down $97 for a voice audio program. So here goes.

Tip 1) Learn to breathe correctly

This first part can be taught, without audio.

Breathing is so important. Not only will learning to breathe correctly help you speak more efficiently, but it will also improve your health.

Take a second to assess your breathing. Take a deep breath in as much as you can.

Did your shoulder and chest move?

If so, you are chest breathing and not breathing correctly.

Like you may have, most people breathe into and out of their chest. This is known as chest breathing. It’s not good.

The proper way to breathe is deep into your stomach, or diaphragmatic breathing. When you are doing diaphragmatic breathing, your chest and shoulders should not move at all, but your stomach should fill up with air as if there is a big balloon inside. This is how you were born breathing and how nature intended. (For a more in-depth look at the positive effects of diaphragmatic breathing check out this article)

How does this relate to speaking?

To have the perfect speaking voice, the goal is to speak only when there is a solid stream of air coming out of your mouth.

There are two major issues people have when speaking.

1) They speak while holding their breath

2) They speak with not enough air in their lungs (chest breathers)

You want to be able to breathe deep into your stomach and have the words flow out fluently on a solid stream of air. Only then will you sound your best. To do this there is a very effective exercise I learned through the program, but first, let’s learn how to actually breathe correctly.

(Take a look at this Gif. This is diaphragmatic breathing, then head below for some diaphragmatic breathing exercises.)

How to do diaphragmatic breathing

To breathe properly, all you need to do is practice. Below are some exercises you can do daily.

1) The 4-second breath

The four-second breath consists of breathing in deep for a full count of 4 seconds, holding it deep in your diaphragm for 4 seconds, and breathing out slowly for four seconds. Repeat for 2 – 5 minutes every day. You are training your breath to be naturally deeper, it is important to do daily.

2) The slow leak

Breathe in as deep as you can into your stomach, keeping your chest and shoulders still. Then close your teeth and let the air leak out slowly.

3) The 1-minute breath

After you have done the 4-second breath for a while, you can attempt the one-minute breath, but don’t be discouraged if you cannot do it for a while. It is the full planche pushup of breathing.

Breath in deep for a count of 20 seconds, hold it for 20 seconds, then exhale slowly for 20 seconds. Obviously, you will not want to breathe like this in real life, but doing this 2 – 3 times a day will help your body be a natural deep breather.

When you continue this practice, your body will become a natural deep breather, allowing you more control over your voice. Plus you will be less stressed, have a clearer mind & be overall more healthy. Woohoo!

But wait! There’s more…

Tip 2) Align your words and breath

Now that you know how to breathe correctly, in order to improve your voice, you need to learn how to combine speaking with your new breathing style.

To do this there is a very effective exercise that is taught in the Rodgers program.

What you do is breathe in deep into your stomach, and as you let out your air you must only speak as your stomach is sucking in towards your body (air leaving the lungs). Then you must breathe in BEFORE you run out of breath and start your new sentence.

Try it.

Breathe in deep, blow up your belly like a balloon and then say, “I will only speak while air is leaving my belly.”

It is hard to explain in words, but mastering this is what it’s all about. If you can talk like this subconsciously, then you will never face any of the above-mentioned problems most people have when they speak. (even if they don’t know it.)

Seriously though, this is the kind of stuff Rodgers audio exercises teach you to do. I can help you with diaphragmatic breathing but if you are serious about having an incredible voice and changing your life, buy the program.

Tip 3) Make sure that you are always breathing in through your nose.

Air coming in through the nose is moister and is better for the vocal cords and how you sound. Plus nobody likes a mouth breather.

These 3 tips are pretty much the only things I can teach you towards improving your voice in a text article. Yes, if you practice these then your voice will improve greatly. BUT, it is only the beginning. There is so much more to this art of speaking and I want you to experience all of it.

So what about everything else?!

Now, we have gone over a lot in this article. And like I said, everything that you have learned can definitely improve your voice. However, there is a lot missing in this article that cannot be explained in writing. 


1. Because I am not a voice coach.

2. All of the necessary exercises and lessons need to be demonstrated in audio format for you to hear and mimic.

3. This is not a quick thing. It requires expert training and the correct techniques.

3. I have not created my own voice training audio program that meets that criteria.

This is why I highly recommend the Roger Loves program. I use it. It works. And everything that I taught you about breathing above is from that program.

The other 90% of the program covers:

– The necessary daily warm-up exercises allow you to develop a strong and rich voice. Just like squatting does for your legs.

– The necessary exercises to get your breathing in line with your speaking.

– How to manipulate your Larynx to tailor your perfect voice, and overcoming undesirable voice traits.

– To master your specific speaking voice. (There are 6 voice types in this world, and each needs its own specific fix.) Roger covers all 6 and gives exercises to fix each specific problem.

– How to master the 5 building blocks of the perfect speaking voice (Volume, Melody, Pitch, Tone & Pace) and when to use each in specific situations.

– The correct diet to complement and help you gain the perfect speaking voice.

– A whole lot more…

It really is a solid, life-changing program. I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t think it would dramatically improve your life. 

Other benefits of purchasing the program:

– You can pop it on and practice it anywhere. Specifically in the car and on the way to work.

– There are additional lessons about speaking for money and the workplace and speaking to the opposite sex to become more attractive and desirable.

– Purchasing something is a great motivator to ACTUALLY use and finish a program. You may read this article, but you may forget all about it. When you invest in something with your hard-earned money, you are more likely to follow through.

So if you want to improve your speaking voice, follow the steps in this article. If you want to perfect your speaking voice, check out Roger Loves “The Perfect Voice,” and enhance every area of your life.

**Note: This article is solely about improving your speaking voice and is not a definitive article on how to become a better public speaker. That article is coming next, and this is only one piece to that puzzle, so subscribe below to hear when that comes out.

Some real testimonials of a real guy using Roger Love’s program for enhancing their lives:

RSD Nation Men’s Forum – Discussion between guys who have improved their voice using Roger Love’s program to enhance their sex and dating life.

Additional resources to help you improve your speaking voice:

1) If you want to go the self-taught route, I recommend purchasing this book. It’s an entire book on how to change your life by changing your voice and is recommended highly by sites like

2) A great video on learning how to do diaphragmatic breathing. Even though it’s about weightlifting, this is how you should breathe when you speak.

3) Venchito Tampon, a Filipino motivational speaker with content on public speaking and performance

3) Rodger Love talks about how to project confidence with your voice

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Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out some more articles you may like to continue your self improvement journey!

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