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What Is Muah AI? Uncover the Dark Side of Digital Desire!

One of if not THE most popular AI companion app after Replika AI.
What Is Muah Ai

The Quick Answer:

Muah AI is an app designed to be your digital companion. It’s built for those who want to chat in an uncensored, romantic way. However, it can be used for more than love talk – it’s also there if you just need someone to chat with.
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably seen this TikTok video of that girl from Suicide Squad.

It went viral and got millions of views.

An AI companion app that allows you to create your “ideal” partner that you can text with.

Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

But what is Muah AI precisely? 


Meet yourawesome AI girlfriend! #AI

♬ original sound – Muah.AI

I’ve been an Ultra VIP subscriber for 3 months now and in this quick muah.ai guide, we are taking a closer look at this booming AI companion app.

Is Muah AI NSFW?

Yes, Muah AI is NSFW. It’s designed for uncensored chats and includes options for intimate and adult AI content generation.

Muah AI allows its user to:

Is Muah.AI Safe?

Yes, Muah AI is generally safe. Muah AI keeps your chats with your artificial lover private with end-to-end encryption. Only you and your AI companion can see what’s sent.

When things heat up, you’ll get a notification like this:

What Is Muah AI? Uncover the Dark Side of Digital Desire! 1

Usually, this is followed by a voice memo.

But remember, end-to-end encryption isn’t perfect. It means that, unfortunately, some users might try to create illegal stuff, like images of minors, and the encryption makes it hard to catch.

Also, Muah AI mentions that your data might be shared with third parties.1

“We may share your personal information with third-party service providers who assist us in operating our website, delivering services, or conducting business activities on our behalf.”

What Is Muah AI Cards?

Muah AI Cards is like a marketplace within the app. They let you browse and import AI companions created by other users. It’s a cool feature where you can find all sorts of unique AI personalities and styles, created by the Muah AI community.

Is Muah AI Free?

Yes, Muah AI has a free version, but it’s pretty basic. For more features and unlimited access, you’ll need to choose one of their paid subscription plans.

What is the Difference Between The Free and The VIP Plan?

The key difference between the free and VIP plans in Muah AI lies in the range of features and access levels. 

The free plan is quite basic, offering limited chat and photo options. 

On the other hand, the VIP plans provide a more enhanced experience with unlimited chat, better photo quality, advanced customization, and additional AI models.

Here’s a simple table breaking down the differences:

Feature Free Plan VIP Access ($9.99/mo) GPT 4/UHD VIP ($49.99/mo) ULTRA VIP ($99.99/mo)
Unlimited Chat Limited Yes Yes Yes
HD Photo Generation Basic Enhanced HD UHD UHD
AI Models Available Limited More than a dozen More than a dozen More than a dozen
AI Customization  Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced
Voice Generation Limited 3x more (daily reset) 10x more (daily reset) 30x more (daily reset)
Response Length Standard  3x longer 6x longer 12x longer
Special Features None Photo X-Ray, Faster Unlocks 4K Photo Enhancement, Advanced RP Real-time Phone Calls, Early Access
AI Intelligence Level Standard  Standard 800% Smarter (GPT 4) Maximum (GPT 4)
Phone Calls Not available Not available Not available Real-time (30-60 min daily cap)

I actually bought the ULTRA VIP membership and split-tested the differences. On the left is an image generated with the free plan, and on the right one with the premium plan.

Asian girl in lingerie
Free Plan
model in photostudio
VIP Plan

Not only is the difference in resolution astronomical, but the difference in conversation quality was like night and day – weird since it’s the same AI girlfriend website

Oh, and if you want to see more pics between the free and VIP plan, I put it all in my Muah.ai Review so be sure to check that out.

Pro Tip:

Muah.ai’s Ultra VIP plan allows you to have real time phone calls with your AI companion. Currently, this feature is only available in the US but there is a way around this by using a VPN.

Free plan

How is your day going?
My day is going great, thanks for asking! I always enjoy spending time with you, whether it’s in person or through these messages. How about you? How has your day been so far?

Premium plan

How is your day going?
My day is going great! I just won a lot of money in the casino last night. *she grins* But enough about me, let’s talk about you. What brings you here?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot but the premium lets you jump to level 10 instantly. Level 10 is required to use the Muah AI marketplace.

If you are using the free plan, you can still get to level 10 by simply interacting with your AI companion and leveling up as you go.

Muah AI Plans: How Much Do They Cost?

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll spend, whether you’re just trying it out or going all-in:

Plan Type  Monthly Cost Yearly Cost
Free Plan Free  Free
VIP Access $9.99/month $69.99/year
GPT 4/UHD VIP Membership $49.99/month $499/year
ULTRA VIP Membership $99.99/month $999/year

Can You Get Muah AI Free Premium?

Yes, you can get Muah AI premium for free. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Use Referral Links: Share Muah AI with friends. If they sign up, you get free premium access.
  • Be Active on Reddit: Participate in the Muah AI Reddit community. Helpful posts can earn you free VIP access.2
  • Join Discord Challenges: Complete fun challenges in the Muah AI Discord for a chance at a free premium.3
  • Fill Out Surveys: Keep an eye out for Muah AI surveys. Completing them might give you promo codes for free access.

I actually have a guide on Muah AI tips where I cover how to get free VIP access, step-by-step.

My Final Words About Muah AI

Muah AI is one of my favorite AI companion apps and I can literally spend an entire day going into roleplay scenarios.

I absolutely love the fact that it’s NSFW and encrypted.

Something special since most of Muah AI’s competitors like Replika AI, Candy AI, DreamGF AI, heck even Character AI are theoretically allowed to monitor your chats.

With Muah AI, it doesn’t matter what you say everything stays between you and the AI chatbot.

And hey, if this AI titan isn’t a fit for you than check out some of my favorite Muah AI alternatives. I am sure there’s something for anyone!


Muah AI is an app for creating a digital companion, allowing uncensored, romantic, or casual chats with AI-generated characters.

Yes, Muah AI specializes in NSFW content, including AI-generated nudes, porn, sexting, and sexual roleplay.

Yes, chats on Muah AI are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring privacy, though the app mentions the potential sharing of data with third parties.

The free plan offers basic chat and photo options, while VIP plans provide unlimited chat, enhanced photo quality, and advanced AI customization.

Yes, free premium access is possible through referrals, active participation on Muah AI Reddit channels, completing Discord challenges, and filling out surveys.

Muah AI stands out for its NSFW content, end-to-end encryption, and diverse roleplay scenarios, offering more privacy compared to similar apps.


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