5 Benefits of Using a Bidet That Are Worth Bragging to Your Friends About

heatlh benefits of using a bidet

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Let me guess, you’ve got a morning routine that sets your day up for success, right? I bet it includes a hearty breakfast, maybe some exercise, and inevitably, a dedicated moment on your porcelain throne. It’s a sacred ritual, isn’t it?

But what if I told you that this essential act could be enhanced tenfold, and make you feel like a king in your very own castle? Well, brace yourselves. Today, we’re stepping into the realm of the unexpected, and it’s all about the benefits of using a bidet.

It’s going to revolutionize your morning routine and give you a throne-worthy experience that’s a whole new level of clean.

Prepare for liftoff!

Key takeaways

  • Bidets offer a superior level of personal hygiene, enhancing cleanliness and reducing the risk of infections.
  • Using a bidet can save you money on toilet paper and contribute to environmental conservation.
  • Installing a bidet elevates your bathroom experience and could be a surprisingly delightful addition for your guests.

What is a Bidet?

smart bidet with LED lights

A bidet is basically an improvement to the traditional toilet. You can get a standalone bidet or a bidet attachment that you can add to your existing toilet. Instead of using toilet paper to clean up after doing a number two, the bidet will use a water stream of warm water to clean you up.

It has a nozzle that is directed at your anal region. Your hiney will be cleaner than if you were to use toilet paper. You can also get a bidet that will dry your bum after the water does its work. Your bum will be clean, comfy, and dry.

The Benefits of Using a Bidet

luxureous bidet

Alright, guys, it’s time to abandon the old toilet paper tradition and step up your personal hygiene game with a bidet toilet. So, let’s jump into the impressive health benefits of using a bidet toilet that will make you rush to Lowes to get your next DIY project started.

1. Protect Your Prostate

Among the health benefits of using bidets, maintaining prostate health sits on top. Sobering statistics indicate that around one man in 42 succumbs to prostate cancer. But using a bidet, especially a warm water spray bidet, can help promote overall prostate health. It doesn’t cure cancer but can help prevent bacterial prostatitis, a painful condition resulting from prostate infections.

According to studies, bidet toilets can help reduce infection risks due to the thorough cleaning that the warm water spray provides.

After all, you should take good care of your body.

2. Treat Uncomfortable Conditions

Imagine replacing traditional toilet paper with an electronic toilet system or a stand-alone bidet, which can be a game-changer for treating conditions like hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids, which affect about 20% of U.S. adults, make sitting down incredibly uncomfortable.

Thankfully, bidet toilets can help prevent or treat hemorrhoids, offering relief through a gentle warm water spray that replaces the need for toilet tissue.

If you’re getting ready for work and find that you’re constipated, you’ll find that a bidet can be helpful. The pressure of the water being sprayed into your anus can help to loosen the stool so that you can use the bathroom and get on with your morning routine.

3. Get Relief From Jock Itch

Have you ever had jock itch?

It’s a fungus that can cause a rash and itchiness in your anal or groin regions. It can be quite painful and even give off an off-putting odor. One option is to get medicine from a pharmacy. When getting over the condition, you should extensively clean your groin and anus areas to prevent bacteria from growing.

Good personal hygiene with a bidet toilet can keep you extra clean, providing relief from this uncomfortable condition.

4: Save Money (And The Environment)

One of the best things about bidets is that they are wallet and eco-friendly. If you’ve been buying 100% recycled or tree-free toilet paper, you’ll know how expensive that can be! Switching from toilet paper to using a bidet toilet is a remarkable way to save money and reduce waste.

Just imagine if everyone switched to bidets, the amount of toilet tissue we’d save!

5: The Ladies Will Love it

The last benefit of using a bidet (and my favorite), is the fact that your lady visitors or companions will appreciate it greatly.

It’s an instant upgrade to your bachelor pad that will be just another excuse for her to want to spend the night or come over to hang out in the first place.

Pro Tip:

Another thing I love about bidets is that some of them come with a heated seat.

And I was reluctant to say it (but I know we’re all thinking it) – if you are into some kinky stuff in the bedroom, an extra clean anus from your bidet will certainly be appreciated by both of you.

Types of Bidets

Simple bidet

Guys say goodbye to the traditional toilet paper. When it comes to maintaining personal hygiene, a bidet beats toilet tissue hands down. There are a few types of bidets that could give you the level of cleanliness that toilet paper can only dream of providing.

Stand-Alone Bidets

stand alone bidet

The stand-alone bidet is the OG of traditional bidets. It’s a separate piece of hardware from your usual toilet, typically set up right beside it. These bidets can offer a comforting warm water spray, perfect for sensitive skin, and will leave you feeling clean and refreshed.

As for the health benefits, let’s just say your backside and hands will thank you. Just bear in mind, these kinds of bidets might need a bit more room and plumbing setup.

Bidet Toilet Seats

Bidet Toilet Seats

Bidet toilet seats are like the smart cousin of regular toilet seats. They come with all the bidet benefits but without the need for additional space. Instead of using toilet paper, these types of bidets use a warm water spray to get you clean. They simply replace your current toilet seat, merging with your existing toilet in a way that’s seamless and sleek. Some even come with heated seats for that extra touch of luxury.

Electronic Toilet System Bidets

Electronic Toilet System Bidets

Last, but definitely not least, we have electronic toilet system bidets. These are the future of personal hygiene and bidets, like having a personal spa right in your bathroom. These systems, also known as wash and dry toilets, offer a range of options for cleaning and comfort. The warm water spray can be adjusted for temperature and pressure, which is a blessing for sensitive skin.

Once you’re all cleaned up, the system dries you off, too. The health benefits are numerous, and the experience is leagues beyond traditional toilet paper or toilet tissue.

Heads Up, Here Are a Few Bidet Cautions!

So, we’ve had our fair share of praise for the bidet, whether it’s a standalone bidet, a bidet toilet seat, or even an all-out electronic toilet system. But wait, we’ve got to be fair and spill some beans on the not-so-rosy side of things, too. All in the name of personal hygiene, right? Let’s dive in.

That Surprise Blast

Remember how we love our warm water? Yep, that warm water spray is fantastic, especially on sensitive skin. But hold your horses, bidets aren’t gentle. They’re made to clean, and man, do they clean with some force.

If you’re new to the bidet experience, you’d want to start with a gentle spray and then get adventurous. Too much pressure can be quite a shocker, and well, it could tickle you in all the wrong places!

Toasty Temperatures

While we’re talking about the warm water, let’s be careful with the temperature on your bidet toilet. It’s not your usual hot tub, you know. Scalding water can lead to burns or irritation, particularly for those with sensitive skin. Let’s start slow and easy with a lower temperature and gradually get it just right for you.

Dry Spells

Moving on, you’ll find some fancy bidets out there – those electronic toilet systems that dry you off just like a personal butler! But hold on, overusing these drying features can leave your skin feeling like a desert. Dry skin isn’t fun, so use this feature wisely. If you find your skin is getting a bit too dry, a moisturizer might just be your new best friend.

Hygiene Habits

Here’s the final scoop. Bidets are great. They leave you feeling fresh, do away with the need for loads of toilet paper, and they’re the talk of personal hygiene town. But hey, they aren’t a replacement for your regular showers or baths.

They’re like the cherry on top of your cleanliness sundae, not the whole sundae itself!

To Wrap Things Up

Unraveling the benefits of using a bidet has been quite the journey. Imagine, transforming your bathroom time from a mundane necessity into an experience of superior personal hygiene and comfort. Not only will your health thank you, but so will your wallet and the environment.

The moment you embrace the bidet life, you’ll probably scratch your head, wondering why it took you so long to upgrade your throne.

It’s high time you treated yourself to a little royal treatment!


Yes, using a bidet can be healthier than just using toilet paper. The water cleans more thoroughly, can help prevent infections, and is gentler on your skin.

While the benefits are numerous, the downside could be the initial cost of installation and potential water wastage if not used responsibly. Also, improper use can potentially lead to splashing or discomfort.

Yes, it is recommended to wipe before using a bidet to remove most of the waste. The bidet is then used for a more thorough and hygienic clean.

Absolutely, bidets are sanitary for everyone, including females. They can be particularly beneficial during menstruation and pregnancy, providing gentle and effective cleanliness.

No, you don’t squat over a bidet. You sit on it much like a toilet. Some bidets are even built into the toilet seat for added convenience.

Not necessarily. Many modern bidets come with air-drying features. If yours doesn’t, a quick pat dry with toilet paper or a cloth towel will do the trick.


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