The 15 Most Common Men’s Grooming Mistakes (Please Don’t Commit #5!)

The 15 Most Common Men’s Grooming Mistakes (Please Don’t Commit #5!)

The 15 Most Common Men’s Grooming Mistakes (Please Don’t Commit #5!)

Grooming of real man.

Hey guys, my name’s Dan Thomas and I recently posted a video on’s men’s style section which listed 15 common style mistakes that men make, if you missed that video, I’ve included the link in the description field below for you so definitely watch that video when this one finishes. So today I’m following up with what I believe are 15 common men’s grooming mistakes. Let’s jump straight into it.

 #1: Having Hairy Back

Mistake #1 on the list of 15 common men’s grooming mistakes is having a hairy neck. The mistake guys make here is thinking that it’s ok to leave their neck hair to grow freely until they next have their hair cut. Unless you are having your hair cut every 2 weeks like clockwork, you need to get your partner, family member, or friend to trim your neck hair with hair clippers or a razor in-between haircuts. You can even trim it yourself with some practice using clippers or a razor and setting up one mirror in front of you and another behind you.

#2: Wearing Too Many Products in Your Hair

Men’s grooming mistake #2 is wearing too much product in your hair. You don’t want to look like you just dunked your hair in a deep fryer. Just like with your clothing style, you want to go for that kind of effortless grace in which it is clear you have taken the time to do your hair, but it hasn’t taken you an hour to do it.

#3: Not Using Moisturizer on Your Face

Men’s grooming mistake #3 is not using moisturizer on your face on a regular basis. Now I know what you’re thinking, real men, don’t moisturize their faces. Well if you think that’s the case, just go into your backyard during summer and find a plant that has shriveled up and died in the sun, or strolls down the grocery aisle that has dried fruit and takes a look at the texture and wrinkles of the fruit.

Putting some moisturizing cream on your face regularly is just like watering a plant, if you don’t do this then over time your skin is going to become dry, damaged and you will develop premature wrinkles which will make you look years older than you actually are.

#4: Having Overgrown Back Hair

Men’s grooming mistake  #4 is having overgrown back hair. Now just like the neck hair, there is nothing wrong with having back hair as it can’t be helped, but there are plenty of ways to get rid of it, so if you want to be known as someone who presents well and takes care of themselves then you need to have a regular back hair removal plan in place.

#5: Rogue Nose and Ear Hair

Men’s grooming mistake #5 is having a rogue nose and ear hairs. Visible, overgrown hair in both these areas is just not acceptable, along with traditional tools like tweezers, there are now countless purpose-built electric and battery-operated nose and ear trimmer tools which are generally very inexpensive so just get yourself one of those trimming tools and keep on top of these areas.

#6: Not Drinking Enough Water

Men’s grooming mistake #6 is not drinking enough water. Our skin is an organ, and like all organs, it is comprised heavily of water which it requires constantly in order to function and preserve its health. Limiting your water intake will leave your skin dry, flaky, damaged, and more prone to premature wrinkling.

#7: Cheap Socks

Grooming mistake #7 is buying cheap, low-quality socks which will do a bad job of absorbing and containing foot odors which will result in your feet and shoes smelling far worse than they would if you invested in better quality socks.

#8: Having Eyebrows That Are Waxed and Shaped Like Woman’s

Men’s grooming mistake #8 is having eyebrows that are waxed and shaped like a woman’s. If you’re a guy that has bushy eyebrows then you definitely need to keep them neat and tidy but you don’t want to go overboard with it. My recommendation is to get some eyebrow trimmers like these ones that have a clipper attachment on them which is set to a specific measurement. You just simply run the trimmer over your brows and they will be trim and even without looking like a drag queen.

#9: Mono-Brow

Men’s grooming mistake #9 is not plucking the hairs that create a mono-brow. Now I am hoping in this day and age most men have come to grips with the fact that as men we are supposed to have 2 separate eyebrows. However, I think most guys’ tactic is to remove the hair in the middle and let it grow back till it is very noticeable, remove it, and then repeat the process.

However what you should be doing is just put a pair of tweezers near your toothbrush to remind you to check the hair there each time you brush your teeth, and if you have any hair then just pluck it so it is always hair-free.

#10: Never Changing Your Haircut

Mistake #10 is having the exact same haircut for many years and never changing. This lack of variety can give the impression of a dull appearance and potentially a subconscious message of a dull personality.

#11: Not Maintaining Your Pubes

The next grooming mistake is not maintaining your pubic hair. So 2 things here, #1 is that just like the head on your head, nose, ears, and back, your pubic hair needs its regular haircut too. And #2 is that if you expect your wife or girlfriend to maintain her pubic hair, then you need to do the same and manscape yours.

#12: Chest Hair Sprouting Over Your T-Shirt

Men’s grooming mistake #12 is having chest hairs that sprout out over your t-shirt or dress shirt. This is a terrible look and if you are making this mistake then you need to remove the hair at the top of your chest to prevent this from occurring.

#13: Too Much Hair Removal

Men’s grooming mistake #13 is going overboard with the body hair removal. Now again there are no certain rules to this and I am only able to give my opinion so you can obviously take it or leave it, but this is what I think. The areas that I think all men should remove or trim the hair from are their neck, back, shoulders, and upper arms.

Regarding the chest and stomach, if you have a great physique or just don’t like hair in this area then that makes sense to remove it. But the areas that I do have an issue with that so many guys are into now are their forearms and legs. Now again this is all subjective and this is simply one guy’s opinion, but to me, a grown man with baby bum smooth legs and forearms is not very masculine. Even worse though than baby bum smooth is a grown man with a few day-old stubbles on his forearms and legs. But hey that’s just my opinion.

#14: Showering For Too Long

Men’s grooming mistake #14 is showering for longer than 10 minutes which can deplete essential oils from the outer layer of the bodies skin which can cause dry, itchy, and irritated skin

#15: Drinking Too Much

And men’s grooming mistake #15 is drinking alcohol regularly and to excess, which among its many negatives will dehydrate your body and leave your skin and hair dry and damaged, promote acne and other blemishes due to the sugar and acidity in many forms of alcohol, cause weight gain which along with changing your appearance will cause you to sweat excessively, brittle nails due to the lack of nourishing nutrients, and alcohol can also disrupt your sleep patterns which may leave you looking tired and run down as a result.

In Conclusion

Ok, so I hope bringing these common men’s grooming mistakes to light today has been of value for you. If you are guilty of making any of these mistakes, just take note so that you can correct them to ensure you always presenting well and making great first and ongoing impressions.

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