7 Benefits of Semen Retention Your Grandfather Never Told You About

If I asked you what semen retention was 5 years ago you probably would look at me like I had two heads. But now, most people have heard of it.

Semen retention is a self-improvement practice that has made many strides in popularity over the past couple of years (even though its history goes back hundreds of years).

This is for good reason too, as many people have reported life-changing benefits while doing semen retention.

I’m here with you today to share 5 of the most unbelievable benefits of semen retention.

These benefits have changed and altered many lives, mine included. But before we talk about these benefits, let me give you a brief explanation of what semen retention actually is.

What Is Semen Retention?

Semen retention, as the name suggests, is the act of retaining your semen.

It is different from no fap in some ways but very similar in others. You cannot watch porn or masturbate while participating in either of the practices, but you can ejaculate on no fap, as long as it’s with a partner.

Now on semen retention, there is no ejaculating whatsoever, but you can still have sex. Just don’t nut.

It is actually encouraged that you do have sex as it will supercharge all of that pent-up sexual energy within you.

Ok, now that you know what semen retention is, let’s get into the benefits of the practice.

Semen Retention Benefit #1: Having More Sex

Most people think that getting into semen retention means abstaining from sex. This couldn’t be farther from the truth!

And no, you don’t have to stick to just oral sex. Although performing solid oral sex is something you should definitely learn, when trying to get the semen retention benefits – penetrative sex helps!

You see, semen retention is not just about not cumming. It’s about retaining your sexual energy and then circulating it throughout your body. So you don’t want to avoid sex. You want to have as much of it as you can and build up as much sexual energy as you can.

This is where the semen retention benefits come from.

On top of that, since you are not ejaculating you will be horny all the time and can have sex as much as you want without having to stop.

Dr. John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus, is a practitioner of semen retention in his 60’s and regularly gives his wife the goods 2-3 times per day.

So enjoy this first benefit, because I promise you she (or he) will too.

Semen Retention Benefit #2: Increased Energy

This is one of my favorite benefits.

While on semen retention, many people have reported substantial increases in energy. This is the result of pent-up sexual energy that is being stored within your body.

Now without proper sexual transmutation, this extra energy can almost be a hindrance in certain situations. Sleepless nights, sexual frustration, and a bit of irritability can be signs of being too pent-up.

However, once you learn how to properly transmute and control this energy, then it becomes a great tool that can be used for whatever you want.

This benefit usually occurs around the second week of the semen retention timeline, give, or take. So be ready, and create a plan so that you can put this energy to good use.

Semen Retention Benefit #3: Resensitize Your Dopamine Receptors

This is a benefit that I think everyone should experience at least once, as it can totally change your perspective and outlook on life.

Your dopamine receptors are what allow you to feel positive emotions such as excitement, joy, and happiness.

However, if you overstimulate these receptors, they will become burnt out and stop functioning properly.

Now, if you are a frequent porn user and masturbate excessively, there is a good chance that you have desensitized dopamine receptors, which will lead to lower dopamine levels.

If you have low dopamine, you may experience symptoms such as:

  • Low energy
  • Decreased drive and motivation
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Low testosterone
  • ED
  • Lower levels of focus and concentration

That sort of crap.

If you do suffer from any of these symptoms, you should give semen retention or no fap a try, as they will help resensitize your brain to normal, more natural stimuli.

Now this change will not happen quickly like some of these other benefits. You will have to stick it out for at least a month or 2 to allow your brain the proper amount of time to heal.

Also, you will have to go through the dreaded flat line in order to see this benefit through. If you weren’t aware, the flatline is the period of time in which the healing process takes place, usually lasting around a week or 2.

During this time, you will experience some, if not all, of the symptoms of low dopamine listed above.

I won’t lie, it will suck, but it’s a small price to pay for probably the most sought-after benefit of semen retention.

Semen Retention Benefit #4: Higher Testosterone

This is the most popular and well-known benefit of semen retention.

Many people, especially those who are into fitness, do it for just this benefit alone, which, hey, I can’t blame them; testosterone is gods gift to this earth.

If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of testosterone, here’s a quick list:

  • Increases strength and muscle gain
  • Improves motivation and drive
  • Higher levels of energy
  • Better levels of focus and concentration
  • Higher sex drive

Now, where does semen retention come into play here?

Well, it is said that after 6 days of retaining, on the 7th day, you will experience a 145.7% increase in testosterone.

Yes, a 145.7% increase!

That’s pretty crazy; however, this increase only lasts for a day or 2, as your levels will eventually begin to regulate and come back down to a more stable state.

But once they do return, their baseline will be higher than before.

It’s a great early benefit that will be a sign of things to come while on your journey.

Semen Retention Benefit #5: It Builds Discipline And Mental Fortitude

Semen retention is hard.

I mean, how often do you get with a woman knowing that you are not allowed to nut, inside or outside of her?

It’s difficult, especially your first time around.

Dealing with blue balls for the first time, not being able to sleep due to the urges being too strong, and worst of all, the dreaded flat line, it takes some balls not to give in and cave.

This discipline and mental fortitude that semen retention builds will carry over to every other aspect of your life.

I think this is one of the most underrated and overlooked benefits of this practice and should be talked about more when discussing the benefits of semen retention.

Semen Retention Benefit #6: It Puts Your Libido Into Hyperdrive

They say the longer you go without something, the more you want it, and this statement couldn’t ring more true than for people who are on semen retention.

The longer you go without ejaculation, the more you will crave it. You’ll want sex more than you ever have in your entire life the first time on semen retention.

Now be careful, as this hyper libido can give you a one-track mind and may lead to, let’s just say less-than-ideal situations. But, if you can control it and learn to have sex without cumming, this will only be a pro.

You will be an absolute freak in the sheets. Your girl will be amazed by your new vigor in the bedroom.

If you’ve had trouble with performance anxiety in the past, well, this is the cure, as you’ll be so horny underperforming won’t even so much as cross your mind.

Semen Retention Benefit #7: Increased Seminal Volume

The last benefit of semen retention is one that I recently learned from my friend’s article on Vitaliboost (also about semen retention benefits), which is that doing this practice can increase the volume of your semen when you do decide to ejaculate.

While guys usually resort to supplements to do this, many users report that semen retention can be just as effective.

This makes sense, as the body has time to build up to maximal levels so when you do design to cum you have a river flowing out of the end of your penis.

This makes for a more pleasurable and intense experience, which is worth the wait..

In Conclusion

Semen retention can be the answer to many of your problems, both mental and physical.

If you suffer from fatigue, a lack of drive, depression, or ED (erectile dysfunction), I would highly recommend that you give semen retention a try, as you will be amazed by the results.

I hope that you found this article helpful, if not entertaining.

With that, I’m out. peace!

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The Quitting Porn Success Guide (Cover)


Give your porn habit the boot with these simple techniques I use.