7 Home Gym Ideas (On a Budget) to Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet

7 Home Gym Ideas (On a Budget) to Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet

7 Home Gym Ideas (On a Budget) to Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet

Home Gym Ideas on a Budget

New year, new you? If one of your goals for 2023 is to get in shape, don’t let the pandemic be an excuse to put it off any longer.

You can actually create a pretty great home gym setup without spending a lot of money. Here are 9 home gym ideas on a budget to get you started.

9 Home Gym Ideas on a Budget

These will not only save you money, but are extremely effective for pretty much all fitness goals.

1: Get a jump rope – it’s a great cardio workout and you can do it anywhere

With quarantines and stay at home orders, home gyms have become all the rage! For those of us who don’t want to drop hundreds on entire home gym set ups, a jump rope is an excellent cardio alternative which you can take anywhere with you. Whether its in the living room or outside in the backyard, you’ll get your blood flowing without having to break the bank.

And who doesn’t love feeling like they had a good workout without leaving home? Sounds pretty sweet if you ask me!

10 Min Beginner Jump Rope Workout

2: Invest in some dumbbells – they don’t take up much space and you can use them for a variety of exercises

You know what’s next level? Having your own home gym!

Investing in a pair of dumbbells is the perfect way to get started. Not only are they super versatile – you can use ’em for lifting, bodyweight exercises and more – but they don’t take up much space either. So don’t even trip about getting regular workouts in – just stock up on these bad boys and you’re good to go.

Rad home gym, here you come!

7 Compound Dumbbell Exercises to do at Home

3: Set up a yoga mat in your living room – there are plenty of online classes or YouTube videos to follow along with

Setting up a home gym in your living room has never been easier.

With the rise of technology, you can find pretty much any yoga class out there on YouTube or online classes. Carving out a space to practice is great and all, why not add a little flare?

Grab yourself a cool looking yoga mat and get to work. Soon enough you’ll be nailing poses like nobody’s business. There’s no better time than now to get yours ready for home workouts!

4: Buy a stability ball – they’re great for toning your core muscles

Home gyms are the way to go if you want to stay fit without investing in an expensive gym membership! And the best part is, you don’t have to blow a ton of cash on massive pieces of equipment.

One of my absolute must-haves is a stability ball – it’s not just super affordable, but it’s also great for working out your core. Plop one in your home gym and you’re all set for some killer ab exercises. You won’t regret it – trust me, dude!

5: Get a mini trampoline – perfect for getting your heart rate up while having fun

Yo, for real, get you a mini trampoline and let’s turn your living room into your own personal home gym!

Working out doesn’t have to be boring and with mini trampolines, it won’t be.

This thing is perfect for getting your heart rate up while having some fun at the same time. Put on some pump-up music, shadowbox if you want, and start bouncin’! It’s time to break a sweat and get fit in 2021 – grab yourself a mini trampoline today!

6: Use resistance bands – they’re versatile and can be used for strength training or stretching

If you’re looking to set up a home gym without breaking the bank, then resistance bands are definitely the way to go. They’re super versatile, so you can use them for strength training or stretching. There’s no better feeling than working out with stuff from home – it’s not only more convenient, but it gives you that homey and comfortable vibe during your workout session. Plus, these babies are small enough to fit into almost any suitcase if you need a portable home gym – pretty neat huh? So don’t wait and get yourself some resistance bands today!

7: Use kettlebells if you dare

Another badass tool for bringing gym-style workouts into the home is a set of kettlebells. You can use them for back rows, shoulder toning, and squats. A 6- to 8-kilogram kettlebell, or the equivalent of 13 to 18 pounds, is an appropriate beginning point for beginners. A heavier kettlebell that is 12-to-16 kilograms (or 26-to-35 pounds) is a good way to start with lower-body activities, where you naturally have greater strength and power.

8: Get (or make) a plyo box

A Plyo box is a great home gym idea on a budget, because you can literally just use anything.

Plyo Boxes are best for conditioning and strength gains, and it only takes a little of your space at your home gym. You can do many exercises with a Plyo Box, like Box Jump Over, Decline Push Up, Box Dip, and Split Squats.

9: Get an upright bike

If your budget is not quite as low as I am making it out to be, then you should consider investing in an upright exercise bike.

Now a Peloton is fucking expensive – but there are alternatives if you’re on a budget.

I recommend the Echelon Smart Connect Indoor Cycling Bike EX5. I wouldn’t call it cheap by any means but it will save you a lot of money vs the Peloton and is quite comparable.

Where to Buy Gym Equipment For Your Home Gym

You can grab most of this stuff at Dicks Sporting Goods or Amazon. If you want to get fancy and build a basketball court in your house you can try places like Anytime Sports Supply, but I think that’s for the next article.

But incase you do want to go deeper into building a home gym that’s not so budget friendly, this guide is a great place to start.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for some ideas to get your home gym started, here are a few of our favorites. Jump ropes are great for cardio and can be done anywhere – perfect for when you can’t make it to the gym. Dumbbells or kettlebells are also a great investment because they don’t take up much space and can be used for various exercises. If yoga is more your style, set up a mat in your living room and follow along with an online class or YouTube video. Stability balls are perfect for toning your core muscles, and mini trampolines are lots of fun while also getting your heart rate up. Lastly, resistance bands are versatile and perfect for strength training or stretching.

So there you have it – a few ideas to get your home gym started on a budget. Now all you need is some motivation!

What other ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments below.

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