Hot Sex: 8 Ways to Give Her The Crazy Hot Sex She Wants

Hot Sex: 8 Ways to Give Her The Crazy Hot Sex She Wants

Hot Sex: 8 Ways to Give Her The Crazy Hot Sex She Wants

Hot Sex

I know when you searched for hot sex you probably weren’t looking for any advice but rather some intense visual stimulation.

No judgement.

Those hot sex videos are not going anywhere, but if you need to go do your thing just keep this tab open and come back later..

Because this article may be the most important article you ever read in your life.

That’s a bold claim, I know.

But the fact is, in a recent survey, only 10% of women reported experiencing orgasms during intercourse with their partners.

That means, if you haven’t done the proper training & you are not 100% certain that the women you are with are experiencing orgasms when you fuck, they are probably not.

But fear not. In this article I am going to teach you how to give her the hot sex she deserves. The type of sex that she brags to all her friends about.

And while I do it I’ll be referencing a lot of specific programs on Menprovement X, because we’ve got over 10 HD sex video courses right now.

Are you ready? Let’s go.

What is Hot Sex?

hot sex

Hot sex is whatever you want it to be – as long as it’s extremely good for her.

  • It can be rough and wild sex with a girl you just met.
  • Quite, secretive sex in a public place.
  • Forbidden sex with your best friends mom.
  • Or even just passionate sex between two lovers.

What matters is that you can lose yourself, get out of your head & allow your body to do what it was born to do. Knowing what to do helps as well.

First: We’ll focus on the what to do

Then: We’ll focus on how to stay out of your head

Hot Sex: The Skills You Need to Have The Most Wild Sex

It’s not your fault that you are not a sex God yet.

They didn’t teach this stuff in school, but while being good at sex is a skill that you can improve upon.

And you don’t need a big dick to do it.

Hot Sex Step #1: Learn Her Anatomy & How it Works

Most guys don’t know their way around a vagina.

Most know the basics, like the clitoris being the most sensitive spot. But what they don’t know is that the clit has legs which run down both sides of the vagina and stimulating these legs is essential.

Also the clit is extremely sensitive and should not be your first stop on your sexual journey. Until she’s warmed up/wet touching the clit can be quite painful.

There are a lot of nuances. This is only the tip of the iceberg (no pun intended).


We teach everything you need to know about the female anatomy in lesson 1 of Squirting Triggers 2.0 on Menprovement X including the where to find the G-spot & more.

Hot Sex Step 2: Foreplay is Essential

If you want to have amazing sex, you must become a master of foreplay.

Women are not like men, in that they cannot always just snap their fingers and be ready for sex. There are exceptions, during hot & spontaneous sexual situations – but for the most part they need to warmed up.

A great way to blow her mind & achieve amazing foreplay at the same time is to learn how to give an erotic or sensual massage.

This massage can lead into fingering or oral sex and then eventually the hottest sex you’ve ever had.

– To learn how to give an expert erotic massage, take our course Erotic Massage Mastery on Menprovement X.

– We’ve also got a course called Fingering Mastery, where you’ll learn over 20 fingering techniques.

– And we’ve got a course called Oral Sex Mastery for you know what.

Grab them all in a bundle at a major discount here.

Hot Sex Step 3: Learn to Use Your Hands (& Your Tongue)

We just spoke about this above, but if you want to give her hotter sex than any other guy then you need to learn how to finger her and lick her pussy well.

Being able to have sex as hot as you can, be able to pull out when you are close to cumming and continue to go in with your fingers while you cool down is powerful. You can keep stimulating her by working the G Spot as she gets closer to orgasm. You can simultaneously use your tongue on her clit/nipples for even more stimulation.

Hot Sex Step 4: Master All The Sex Positions

Most guys know about 5 sex positions. There are a lot more.

There’s nothing hotter than being able to bang her super hard and then, without having to pull out your cock, be able to spin her around, throw her leg her and wrap her in a pretzel to continue hitting the G Spot even harder. Then you can spin her around and pull her in to get to the “deep spot.”

She’ll fucking love you.

We’ve got a course called Sex Position Mastery where we show you 52 sexual positions and how to manipulate them all to hit the G Spot, deep spot and more. Or grab it in our Sexual Mastery Bundle here

Wild Sex Step 5: Learn to Control Yourself

If you want to have the most amazing hot sex of your life you need to be able to last long.

Nothing will ruin hot sex faster than you cuming before she even get’s her hands on it.

On average, most men only last around 2 minutes. That’s a crazy statistic!

Being able to last long and control your ejaculation is a skill that anyone can learn.

And once again, we’ve got a course called Easy Ejaculation Control where Jakob Wulfe teaches you everything you need to know in 12 HD video lessons.

But we’ve also got some free articles that will help you as well:

1: How to Stop Cumming so Fast (Even When She’s Super Hot)

2: How to Last Longer in Bed (Full Guide)

Crazy Sex Step 6: Master Your Sexual Energy & Become Multiorgasmic

It’s commonplace for women to be multiorgasmic, meaning they can orgasm and continue to have sex without a break – leading to more and more orgasms one after another.

But with men, orgasm is almost always accompanied by ejaculation which leads to a “refractory period” when you lose your erection or more stimulation is painful & you have to wait at least 15 minutes to go again.

But orgasm and ejaculation are actually 2 seperate things, they just happen at the same time.

And with the right training (yes, we have a course for that too), you can learn to orgasm without ejaculation, so like the ladies, you can keep having sex for as long as you want. And you can enjoy full body, multiple orgasms that will blow and ejaculatory orgasms you’ve ever had away.

This is one of the tougher skills to master, but definitely worthwhile & the catalyst for the crazy hot sex you’re looking for.

Hot Sex Step 7: Stop Watching Porn

You may have been searching for free hot sex porn videos when you found this post, and that’s fine. But porn makes you bad at sex. Period.

There may be an initial benefit of learning new sex positions, seeing what goes where, but after that porn can destroy your hot sex capabilities.

Porn is unnatural & your brain is not biologically prepared for the level of stimulation it provides.

When you watch porn your dopamine levels are elevated significantly higher & longer than when you have sex.

porn dopamine

Combined this with the fact that there is an unending amount of new porn videos for you to watch (unending novelty), eventually porn will desensitize your dopamine receptors, causing a down-regulation to compensate for the extremely high levels of dopamine porn is providing.

This is why 45% of men who watch porn cannot get an erection with real women (scary but true).

Sex just isn’t as stimulating as porn, so you start to crave porn over sex. That’s not the path to hot sex.

Quitting porn will allow your brain to resensitize and start getting crazy horny for real women again.

Learn more about this here:

1: Porn Addiction: It’s Real & Holding You Back

2: The Top Ten Reason to Stop Watching Porn

If you need help quitting porn, the Lifeforce Mastery program on Menprovement X will teach you how to quit porn without having to rely on willpower, because it’s fucking hard.

The Road to Great Sex: Get Out of Your Head

hot sex

The skills above will help you have the hot sex she wants, no doubt. But you still have to avoid the common psychological pitfalls that stop many men from having great sex.

Eliminating Sexual Insecurities

The worst thing, something I have experienced myself, is when you are about to make love to a beautiful woman – but you cannot get an erection.

As it was in my case, it often happens because of sexual performance anxiety.

The main reasons for this are:

– Nerves when you’re with a girl and don’t want to fuck it up

– Being self conscious of your body or penis size

We have a full 10 step guide on overcoming sexual performance anxiety here.

But what I can say real quick is:

The #1 way to eliminate sexual performance anxiety is to know what you are doing & have the skills to make a girl cum without even having to use your dick.

If you know how to make her cum better than any guy with your hands, then you know there will be no risk of her being unsatisfied and you being embarrassed if you can’t get a boner.

And what happens when the anxiety leaves? The erection returns.

So she’ll cumming uncontrollably while you’re using the pump-release technique as taught in Squirting Triggers 2.0, and she’ll lose her mind when you start to penetrate her in 52 G Spot sex positions while being able to last as long as you want from your Menprovement X Sex Training. Have fun, stock up on gatorade and enjoy your hot sex bro.

If you are self conscious about the size of your penis:

You are not alone.

Most guys are. This is from rampant porn use where the guys are all huge. It sets impossible standards. Plus society and the media make it seem like all girls want a big dicked man.

It’s not true. Some women like big dicks, yeah. But most cannot handle them and it can be very painful.

Like penis size, vaginas are all different sizes. Some are very tight. I have been with women who couldn’t take my pinky without pain. And some, where I couldn’t feel anything during penetration.

You need to become comfortable with your penis.

– Stop watching porn – it’s unrealistic.

– Learn everything above, and in Sex Positions Mastery we teach how to manipulate sex positions to go deeper.

Even if you have a medically diagnosed micro penis you can be a great lover and satisfy women better than most guys.

I love this podcast I did with Maya Jordan where she talks about being with guys with huge dicks, and how her best lover, who gave her the hottest sex, was actually a guy with a very small penis because he knew what he was doing.

So love your penis, and she will too.

All that being said, you can increase the size of your penis 1-3 inches naturally using 100% manual exercises. We teach that in our program 30% Bigger Blueprint.

Hot Sex Conclusion

Alright guys, thanks for reading. I know you’re on your way to giving your girl the hottest sex of her life.

If you have a lot to learn, join us in Menprovement X with the Sexual Mastery Bundle (LINK!!!!!) and we will get you to where you want to be.

I’m gonna go practice what I preach now. Peace.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out some more articles you may like to continue your self improvement journey!

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