What is NoFap and How Can it Change Your Life?

What is NoFap and How Can it Change Your Life?

What is NoFap and How Can it Change Your Life?


Porn, Masturbation, and Orgasm

Here are some of the common statements that we hear from the people in modern societies.

  • Sex before marriage is very common.
  • Watching porn is very common.
  • Masturbation helps you relax.
  • There is no harm in watching porn movies and masturbating.

Our modern society is normalizing things, such as pornography and masturbation, which used to be taboo before in traditional societies. They try to make pornography, a harmless thing, by giving plenty of rational statements. Internet pornography has massively grown due to the easy access to porn websites.

According to the statistic, around $3000 is spent every second on online porn, and nearly 30,000 people are fapping. You will hear people talking about the benefits of watching porn and so on, but you will hardly hear people talking about excessive masturbation side-effects.

Here is the question to think about. Is regular porn and masturbation, a good habit? The answer to this question is a big “No.”

Negative Effects of Regular Porn, Masturbation, and Orgasm

Before we talk about the changes that the NoFap lifestyle can bring to your life, we will discuss the harmful effects of regular porn, masturbation, and orgasm. A recent survey has revealed that men aged 18-30 watch adult content at least once a month. Moreover, it was also found that over 60% of the Pastors were found struggling with sexual addiction or compulsion.

These facts prove that pornography and lust are extremely difficult to get over. There is a certain hormone called dopamine in our body. This is a hormone, which is responsible for making us feel good and excited. This hormone can be stimulated, both naturally and unnaturally.

The natural stimulation of this hormone could be due to sexual pleasure and big achievement while unnatural stimulation of this hormone could be because of pornography, drugs, and gambling. The worst-case scenario is that this unnatural stimulation of this hormone can lead to an addiction.

You may have seen people addicted to drugs, pornography, and gambling. They keep on doing it despite bearing a loss due to their bad habits. It’s because of this unnatural stimulation of dopamine. Like dopamine, pheromone levels are also linked to the sex life of a person.

Now, you know that unnatural stimulation of dopamine is bad and you should quit porn addiction and excessive masturbation. What is the solution? The solution is the “NoFap” lifestyle.

What is NoFap?

NoFap is basically a concept that promotes men and women to stay away from pornography, masturbation, and orgasm (PMO). Currently, there are over 81,000 members who are part of this community, and they prefer calling themselves “fapstronauts.” These members claim that they have experienced many major health benefits of this lifestyle such as the ones listed by Mr Mind Blowing.

Staying away from pornography, masturbation, and orgasm means that you will avoid the drawbacks of these things. Plus, you will also experience plenty of health benefits of the NoFap lifestyle.

How can NoFap lifestyle Change your Life?

A NoFap lifestyle is introduced to change the life of people, who are struggling with porn addiction and for the people who are struggling with excessive masturbation. Both men and women can join this community and feel the life-changing transformation. Here are 11 ways NoFap lifestyle can change your life.

1. Increased Testosterone Levels

What is NoFap and How Can it Change Your Life? 1

Testosterone is a major sex hormone that is found in men, which plays a vital role in determining the sex drive in men. And, this fact is already proven by a study. The study found that men who abstained from masturbation for seven days saw an increment in the level of testosterone in their bodies.

Here is one interesting fact. The boxers are asked not to masturbate before a boxing match. It’s because an increased level of testosterone leads to better strength and increased muscles. If you are struggling with the problem of low testosterone, adopting a NoFap lifestyle can definitely help you out.

In addition to adopting NoFap lifestyle, you can also seek medical help. Some natural male enhancement pills can also help in boosting the level of testosterone in your body. It is recommended that you consult a doctor before you purchase and consume any kinds of supplements.

2. Improved social life

Is there a connection between PMO and social life? Yes, there is. Most of you out there may not be feeling the negative side effects of the PMO on your social life. It’s obvious that you will not be fapping outside of your room. People often spend hours, searching for new adult content to masturbate. This habit leads to isolation from their social circles.

This isolating activity will eventually become a routine. It will eventually make a person uncomfortable in front of others due to him/her regularly isolating themselves. Adopting an FMO lifestyle means you are saying goodbye to PMO. This means that you will no longer isolate yourself. Meeting other people and interacting with them is better than being in a closed room, watching adult content.

3. Eliminate Induced Male Sexual Dysfunctions

 Many people are deprived of an enjoyable sex life due to various forms of sexual dysfunction. The most common form of sexual dysfunction is erectile dysfunction. In the United States alone, there are over 18 million American adults who are struggling with erectile dysfunction.

Some other forms of male sexual dysfunctions are premature ejaculation, hyposphermia, delayed ejaculation, and so on. According to the study, men who were used to pornography and masturbation were found to be at a higher risk of erectile dysfunction. Just imagine the situation of you not being able to satisfy your partner in real life. Your partner will feel that either she is not attractive or you are not a person with good sexual health. This situation will eventually lead to miserable sex life.

4. Boosts Your Confidence

Without confidence, you can succeed neither in your personal life nor professional life. Watching porn on a regular basis can make you feel less confident about real-life sex. Less confidence in real sex life means less sexual pleasure. You can retain your lost confidence by adopting a NoFap lifestyle.

After adopting this lifestyle, you will experience less sexual anxiety. Most of the people who watch porn tend to think that the real sex life is similar to what is shown in porn movies. However, this is not a reality. Real sex life is different from what is shown in adult movies.

When you realize this fact, you will feel much more confident about your sex life. And, this feeling of confidence will also help in increasing your sexual pleasure.

5. Renewed Interests

Porn addiction can make a person lose interest in things, which they are supposed to be interested in. Some people feel lazy to read books, listen to music, and in artworks due to pornography. Choosing a NoFap lifestyle helps in gradually regaining the interest in things like music, books, arts, and others. This will help in making you enthusiastic about productive works.

Here is one more fact. When your interests in productive things are spiked, it helps you in continuing your journey with NoFap lifestyle. You will be more interested in increasing your skill or spending time on your hobbies, rather than being in a closed room, watching adult content, and fapping.

6. Boosts motivation

People tend to feel tired and lazy after watching a porn movie and masturbating. Your body will have a lower level of energy due to porn addiction and excessive masturbation. By opting for a NoFap lifestyle, you will have an increased level of energy in your body. You will feel motivated to spend time on things that are productive. If you want a better marital life, career, and social life, it’s highly recommended that you get rid of your porn addiction.

7. Increased Sensitivity

Marriage life and relationship is not all about sex and sexual experimentation. There is an important thing that plays a crucial role in maintaining a relationship, and, i.e., emotional attachment. NoFap lifestyle helps in making you more sensitive to emotions. You will no more see women as just objects.

Slowly, you will start to experience the feeling of empathy inside of you. This will make you understand the struggles and opinions of the people around you. There is no need to hide the sensitive side of you. In fact, expressing your emotions will make you more human than hiding your sensitive side. When you start to express your feelings, you will realize that people will love to spend time with you.

8. Better Marriage And Sex Life

You might have heard people saying that adult content is some sort of sex education. That is not a fact. In fact, the study shows that people addicted to pornography have miserable sex and marital life. Plus, it is also seen that porn addicts suffer from financial losses due to their addiction.

When you get rid of adult content, you will realize that your wife is a normal human being, not a porn star, who is paid for entertainment. The major side effect of PMO is that no matter how beautiful your partner is, you will never feel satisfied.

You want different porn stars like shown in porn movies. After you quit PMO, you will start to feel more sexual pleasure, emotional attachment, and sensitivity. So, it is for you to decide. Do you want a fake pleasure from PMO or a real pleasure with a real human being?

9. Better Stamina

There are plenty of people, complaining about low stamina and not being able to last long in bed with their partner. If you watch porn movies on a regular basis, you will never have an optimum level of stamina needed for satisfying sex.

However, you can drastically increase your stamina if you quit PMO. You will avoid the feeling of sadness, depression, misery after quitting PMO. And, you will have decreased body fat too. After some time, you will start to experience increased strength, muscle mass, and concentration, which are needed for satisfying sexual intercourse.

10. Clarity of mind

The adult content that is promoted on the internet puts your mind in bondage. You will be a slave to an unrealistic sex life that is shown in porn movies. There will be no ability left to expand your mind due to pornography.

After quitting pornography, you can expand your mind. You will get out of unreal sexual expectations, which will help in clearing out the stress. The level of dopamine will gradually start to balance, which will remove the fake pleasure.

It is also seen that the people who are addicted to porn movies are more vulnerable to negative emotions, such as anger, stress, and mood swing. NoFap lifestyle means clarity of mind and elimination of brain fog.

11. Enhanced Sexual Pleasure

One of the major side effects of excessive masturbation is reduced sensitivity. You will feel much better if you avoid masturbation for a long period of time. And, you will also feel much better if you do not masturbate. Masturbation is an addictive habit. If you masturbate after a long period of time, you will feel extra pleasure. But, you will not realize that you will also lose your sensitivity after you masturbate.

Avoiding masturbation can help you achieve a stronger erection. You can carry on for a longer period of time, which ultimately leads to satisfying sexual intercourse. Better sexual intercourse means you will want to do more in the future, which again leads to active sex life. According to the study, a person with an active sex life experiences better job satisfaction.

Final Thoughts:

I believe this article has totally changed your perception of internet porn and regular masturbation. The majority is not always right, and this is true in the case of internet porn and regular masturbation as well.

Some of you might be convinced about the benefits of NoFap. However, it’s extremely difficult to quit the old bad habits. With that said, it’s not impossible to adopt NoFap Lifestyle. You can take the help of people who were able to leave pornography. Additionally, there are plenty of resources that can actually help you quit pornography and masturbation and adopt NoFap Lifestyle. Are you willing to take this challenge? Try it and feel the benefits.

Author Bio:

Shawn Clark is a Health, Beauty, and Fitness Adviser. For the past 5 years, he is providing nutrition counseling, fitness training, and health advice all over Phoenix, Arizona. Shawn is committed to providing modern, relevant and reliable health information in all its complexity, perpetuating positive messages about sexual health, joint pain, diet, and exercise. Connect him on Twitter.

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  1. Great article, thanks for sharing!
    I totally agree with you that masturbation could be a cause of different problems in relationships and with men health.
    Recently I read a research where were said that men should have nothing to worry about when it comes to masturbation. Not minding how often you engage yourself in such act, masturbation will never cause your erectile dysfunction. But that is not to say that too much of masturbation act will not result in the problems in sheets. As you will not need to bother concerning the development of ED because of masturbation, so also your act to keep and sustain your erection in the bedroom is also another story entirely.
    If you are frequently masturbating, you will be addicted to the sensation and starts having flair for this kind of method. As soon as it is time to have sex with your spouse or sexual partner, you could discover that you will no longer enjoy sex because the technique is absolutely different from masturbation thereby making it hard to attain climax.
    To sum up, men should quit masturbation cause it produces a lot of problems, especially if the man is in a relationship.
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  2. One question does our energy and attraction stay the same after sex or does it drop a lot?.
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