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What is NoFap and Why the F is Everyone Talking About it?!

what is nofap

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Good question. If you are as impatient as a cat near an open can of tuna you can jump to the ‘what is NoFap’ section by clicking the link.
Sean Russell
Founder, CEO | Menprovement

Before I am going to answer that question, I want you to read these some of these common statements we often hear from people in modern societies. 👇🏼

  • Sex before marriage is very common.
  • Watching porn is very common.
  • Masturbation helps you relax.
  • There is no harm in watching porn movies and masturbating.

Our modern society is normalizing things, such as pornography and masturbation, which used to be taboo before in traditional societies. They try to make pornography, a harmless thing, by giving plenty of rational statements. Internet pornography has massively grown due to the easy access to porn websites. 1

According to the statista, one in every ten searches is porn. Make that one in five on mobile. 2

Statista chart how much of the internet is porn

You will hear people talking about the benefits of watching porn and so on, but you will hardly hear people talking about excessive masturbation side-effects.3

Here is the question to think about:

Is regular porn and masturbation, a good habit?

The answer to this question is a big “No.” and In this article I am going to tell you precisely the reason and why you should do NoFap.

What is NoFap?

NoFap is a community where people support each other in avoiding pornography and masturbation. Followers say avoiding these activities improves mental health, focus, and personal relationships. The name “NoFap” comes from the slang “fap,” which means masturbation.

Currently, there are over 81,000 members who are part of this community, and they prefer calling themselves “fapstronauts4.” These members claim that they have experienced many major health benefits of this lifestyle such as the ones listed by Mr Mind Blowing5.

Negative Effects of Regular Porn, Masturbation, and Orgasm

a guy who is addicted to his phone

Before we talk about the changes that the NoFap lifestyle can bring to your life, I want to talk to you about the harmful effects of regular porn, masturbation, and orgasm.

A recent survey has revealed that men aged 18-30 watch adult content at least once a month.6

Survey pornography addiction

That said, they also found that more than 60% of those people were found struggling with sexual addiction or sexual compulsion.

Overcoming pornography and lust is a steep climb, primarily due to dopamine7, the “feel-good” hormone in our bodies.

This sly hormone gets activated not only by healthy wins like sexual pleasures or major achievements but also by the not-so-great stuff: pornography8, drugs, and gambling – fueling those tough-to-beat addictions.

Ever noticed people can’t quit watching porn or gambling, even when they’re losing out? That’s due to dopamine, a hormone that makes these activities feel irresistible.
Sean Russell
Founder, CEO | Menprovement

Dopamine and pheromones are BIG players in your sex life too.

So are you ready to finally take control?

If a fapping addiction has you stuck, it might be time to try the NoFap lifestyle. It’s a supportive community to help you break free from porn and masturbation, putting you back in the driver’s seat of your life.

Risks of avoiding masturbation

a danger sign in the forest

Before you jump all-in on the NoFap movement, it’s wise to consider the other side of the coin. Not masturbating can have a few downsides too.

#1 Might Mess with Your Mood

Not experiencing the big ‘O’ for a long time?

You might be missing out on those feel-good hormones that typically flood your body post-release. In a recent survey we asked 1.600 guys if they feel more stressed or down when they aren’t having regular orgasms.

Menprovement survey about nofap mood

Most of the guys said they only felt more stress when they didn’t channel their energy. Here is a pie chart for easier visualization. 👇🏼

#2 Potential Prostate Troubles

Here’s something worth noting: studies from Harvard University have suggested that regular ejaculation may help in preventing prostate cancer.9

Harvard study on ejaculation and cancer

So, while the NoFap movement has its perks, it’s important to weigh it against the potential health risks involved, especially if prostate cancer is a concern for you.

#3 Sex Addiction Isn’t Cured

If sex addiction is the challenge you’re facing, avoiding masturbation might not be the magic bullet. Addiction is complex and might need professional help or counseling for real, lasting change.

#4 Relapse into Porn Addiction?

If you’ve struggled with porn addiction, going cold turkey with NoFap might set you up for a potential relapse. Abstaining can build up sexual tension, leading you back to old habits. It’s crucial to find a healthy balance and possibly seek professional advice.

#5 It’s Not One Size Fits All

We’re all different.

For some, the NoFap movement might be the answer to porn addiction. For others, avoiding masturbation entirely might bring a different set of challenges. So, listen to your body and maybe even consult with a pro to find what truly works for you.

benefits of NoFap

A god sitting on his throne talking to two gorgeous blonde women

If you made it this far, the thought of trying NoFap yourself must have crossed your mind. Buckle up because I am about to tell you the incredible health benefits you can potentially get from trying NoFap.

#1 Increased Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is key to a man’s sex drive.

Did you know a week without masturbation can actually ramp up your testosterone levels? That’s right! This hormone, crucial for sexual behavior, gets a natural boost, enhancing your muscle strength and sexual health.

Here is one interesting fact.

scientific Fact:

Boxers are asked not to masturbate before a boxing match. It’s because an increased level of testosterone leads to better strength and increased muscles. If you are struggling with the problem of low testosterone, adopting a NoFap lifestyle can definitely help you out.10

#2 Say Hello to a Vibrant Social Life

PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm) might be a silent culprit sabotaging your social life. Spending hours alone, hunting for the perfect adult content, can make you drift away from friends without even noticing.

When you ditch PMO with NoFap, you stop pushing people away.

Suddently, hanging out with friends becomes way more fun than being stuck in a room watching porn. This change means more than just a good time; it’s about mental health benefits, positive sexual behavior, and just living better.

#3 Say Goodbye to Sexual Dysfunction

Sex should be fun, but for many, it’s stressful due to issues like erectile dysfunction, which affects over 18 million American adults.11

Other sex roadblocks include premature ejaculation and more.

scientific Fact:

Research says guys who watch a lot of porn and masturbate often are more likely to struggle with these issues.12

Just imagine the situation of you not being able to satisfy your partner in real life. Your partner will feel that either she is not attractive or you are not a person with good sexual health.

This situation will eventually lead to miserable sex life...

#4 Confidence on the Rise

If you have been a fan of the Menprovement blog, you’ve probably heard this a million times – confidence is KEY in every part of life, including sex.

Regular porn watching might be chipping away at your confidence, making real-life sex feel daunting and less enjoyable.

Ready for a change?

NoFap can help rebuild that lost confidence. With less anxiety around sex (because real sex isn’t like porn), you’ll start feeling more sure of yourself and enjoying sex more.

And when you’re confident, sex gets a whole lot better.

#5 Fall in Love with Your Hobbies Again

Porn addiction might have you feeling too lazy to enjoy music, books, or art anymore. With NoFap, you’ll find yourself loving these things again!

For instance, I started reading more, something I hadn’t done since my masturbation addiction started. Suddenly, books were thrilling again, and each page turned was a small victory over porn.
Sean Russell
Founder, CEO | Menprovement

You’ll want to invest time in hobbies and skills instead of being holed up watching adult content.

#6 Get That Energy Boost

Post-porn, you feel like a deflated balloon, right? I’ve felt that too – zero energy or motivation. With NoFap, it’s like you’re recharged.13

One of the greatest physical health benefits of NoFap is that you’ll wake up eager to run that extra mile or prep for that work presentation with enthusiasm. Personally, ditching porn gave me the spark to not just get through my day but actually enjoy it.

#7 Feel More, Connect More

Marriage life and relationship is not all about sex and sexual experimentation. There is an important thing that plays a big role in maintaining a relationship and emotional attachment.

The NoFap lifestyle helps in making you more sensitive to emotions. You will no more see women as just sex objects.

#8 Better Marriage And Sex Life

You might’ve thought porn was like sex-ed, but in reality, it messes up your views on sex and relationships, leaving many unsatisfied in their marriages and suffering financial losses due to pornography addiction.

When I kicked the porn habit, I saw my girlfriend differently – as the beautiful, real person she is, not comparing her to anyone else.
Sean Russell
Founder, CEO | Menprovement

Quitting PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm), I started to truly enjoy and appreciate sex, feeling closer and more connected to my girlfriend.

scientific Fact:

A study shows that people addicted to pornography have miserable sex and marital life. Plus, it is also seen that porn addicts suffer from financial losses due to their porn addiction.14

#9 Better Stamina

There are plenty of people, complaining about low stamina and not being able to last long in bed with their partner. If you watch porn movies on a regular basis, you will never have an optimum level of stamina needed for satisfying sex.

In fact, I have experienced this personally. I was feeling like I was running a marathon in the Sahara Dessert.

When I kicked my porn addiction habit, I notice my stamina soaring.

No more of those post-PMO blues; instead, I felt happier and even noticed less body fat (primarly because I was able to workout harder).

#10 Clear Mind, Happy Life

Porn messes with your mind, making you feel trapped in a world of unrealistic sexual fantasies. I noticed my thinking was confined and clouded due to my pornography addiction.

The reason I wanted to quit pornography and compulsive sexual behavior was because I reached the point where I liked porn more than sex.
Sean Russell
Founder, CEO | Menprovement

After I decided to quit, it was like taking off blinders. I was free from the stress of trying to live up to fake scenarios, and my mind started to chill out as dopamine levels began to even out.

scientific Fact:

It is also seen that the people who are addicted to porn movies are more vulnerable to negative emotions, such as anger, stress, and mood swing. NoFap lifestyle means clarity of mind and elimination of brain fog.15

#11 Enjoy Sex More

One of the major side effects of excessive masturbation is reduced sensitivity, also known as the “Death Grip Syndrome16“.

You will feel much better if you avoid masturbation for a long period of time. And, you will also feel much better if you do not masturbate

Masturbation is an addictive habit. If you masturbate after a long period of time, you will feel extra pleasure. But, you will not realize that you will also lose your sensitivity after you masturbate.

Joining the NoFap community can help you achieve a stronger erection. You can carry on for a longer period of time, which ultimately leads to satisfying sexual intercourse. Better sexual intercourse means you will want to do more in the future, which again leads to active sex life.

scientific Fact:

There are various studies that proves a person with an active sex life experiences better job satisfaction.17

NoFap vs. semen retention

A man thinking and looking to the sky

So, you’ve heard of NoFap and semen retention, but what’s the difference? Let’s break it down real simple.


NoFap is all about kicking the porn and masturbation habit. If you feel like you’re kinda addicted to porn and it’s messing with your life, NoFap is there to help you take back control.

Semen Retention

Semen retention is different.

It’s when guys avoid ejaculation to keep their energy levels up. Some believe it makes them more focused, energized, and even healthier. It’s not just about quitting porn; it’s about holding onto that life force.

What’s it about? NoFap Semen Retention
Main Goal Quit porn Don’t ejaculate
Why do it? To break free from porn addiction Keep energy levels up
Community Support? Yep Not so much
Focus on stopping compulsive sexual behavior? You bet Not really
Main Benefits Clear mind, better relationships More energy, better focus

Is NoFap Worth Doing?

Yes, yes and yes again! I tried NoFap myself and I have experienced most of the health benefits listed in this article myself. It is a bummer there isn’t enough scientific research on all the health benefits, but NoFap is relatively new so I guess this will take some time.

Now you might be convinced about the health benefits of NoFap and want to try it yourself.

However, it’s extremely difficult to quit the old bad habits. With that said, it’s not impossible to adopt NoFap Lifestyle. Y

ou can take the help of people who were able to leave pornography. That said, there are plenty of resources that can actually help you quit pornography and masturbation and adopt NoFap Lifestyle. Jakub Wulffe, one of our experts has developed a technique that will make it 100x easier to quit porn.

Check it out below. 👇🏼

life Force Mastery
  • Quit Porn Effortlessly – No Willpower, No Therapy
  • Transform Urges – Channel Porn Cravings into UNLIMITED energy
  • Confidence & Drive – Boost Confidence and Motivation


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