9 Incredible Benefits of Not Ejaculating For 7 Days, 30 Days and Beyond

9 Incredible Benefits of Not Ejaculating For 7 Days, 30 Days and Beyond

9 Incredible Benefits of Not Ejaculating For 7 Days, 30 Days and Beyond

benefits of not ejaculating 7 days

If there was a way to increase your energy, focus, and mental fortitude, that was highly affordable, safe, and legal, would you do it?

What if I told you it was as simple as not ejaculating for 7 days?

Yes, ejaculation is a VERY good thing. Without it, you would not exist. But due to porn, we are a society of overejaculators. And if you’re not planning to have children, then there are many benefits of not ejaculating.

These benefits stem from a build-up of sexual energy.

Because you’re no longer habitually releasing your life force, through sex, or masturbation, there will be an excess of it in your body that must be transmuted into an external source, whether it be the gym, the keyboard, or even the workshop.

And note, we don’t want to avoid sex – we want to build as much sexual energy as possible (like Dr. John Gray, who is in his 60’s and has sex with his wife twice a day for hours – #Legend), even learn to orgasm without ejaculating – AND then pull that energy up the spine and transmute it.

This energy must find a place to go, as energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred.

That’s why many men find this process difficult – as they have no way to vent this build-up of chi (energy). The sexual transmutation of this energy is vital.

If you neglect the transmutation of this sexual energy you may end up walking around all day agitated, frustrated, and ready to EXPLODE!

And if you don’t know how to go about this process of “sexual transmutation”, and have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry – we’ve got a 12-part HD video course on Menprovement X which will streamline the entire process.

One suggestion I can give you, see this pent-up, energized state as an opportunity for exponential growth. If you’ve struggled with self-improvement in the past, semen retention may be your golden ticket to the promised land.

Tiredness and lack of drive will not be an issue or an excuse anymore. Not ejaculating for 7 days plus will give you enough energy to power a small country, however, energy is useless if it has no direction.

If you want to have a successful semen retention experience, your schedule must be full, every day all day. This will cure any insomnia, agitation, or urges you may have, as eventually, you will drain your gas tank, no matter how large it may be.

Research a habit, or activity you want to add to your life. The gym, a side hustle, a sport/martial art, the art of dating, it’s your time, and your energy use it for whatever your heart desires.


Keep this in mind also:

When it comes to semen retention the benefits don’t just stop at 7 days. They’re many proven benefits of not ejaculating for 30 days, and beyond.

It doesn’t just stop at 30 days either, many sources suggest several scientific benefits of not ejaculating for 90 days plus.

If you think you have what it takes, and are ready to experience a period of rapid change, and growth, keep reading as I go over these 9 incredible benefits of not ejaculating.

What Are The Benefits Of Not Ejaculating?

benefits of not ejaculating

The benefits of not ejaculating vary from neat, to life-changing.

And before you even ask yes, no fap, and semen retention are very similar.

However, there’s one big glaring difference between the two self-improvement practices.

You are allowed to ejaculate on no fap as long as it is not by your own doing, whereas with semen retention one nut and you’re back to square one.

No fap is meant to help cure PMO addiction, while semen retention is meant for peak performance

You can still have sex while on semen retention, you just can’t cum.

I would suggest checking out the easy ejaculation control course on Menprovement X, before you one pump all of your benefits down the drain.

Trust me if you’re serious about this, the last thing you want to do is be 2 months deep into your semen retention journey, just to mess it up with a 6/10 you met at the club.

Alright, enough chit-chat, let’s get into the first benefit of not ejaculating.

Benefit of Not Ejaculating #1: Increased Energy

Ok, so I know we’ve already talked about this increase in energy for quite a bit now, but that’s for good reason.

This build-up of sexual life force is the root cause for most of, if not all the benefits of not ejaculating.

After not ejaculating for 7 days plus, you’ll notice a quite substantial increase to your energy reserves. 

It’s a very potent, powerful energy that doesn’t seem to have an end. If you’re a very busy, productive person you will be very pleased with this benefit of not ejaculating, as you will only experience the positive aspects of this new change.

However, if you’re a lazy, unmotivated individual, with not much going on, you’ll only experience the negatives of this energy overload.

You’re either using this energy, or it’s using you.

Only through sexual transmutation, and mastering one’s life force, will you be able to fully harness your newfound abilities, to their fullest potential. 

You must find healthy, and positive outlets for your pent-up energy. 

If you’re still hung up on what to do, I’ve made a list of some ideas.

How this pent-up sexual energy can be put to use:
  • The gym. Going to the gym, or resistance training is non-negotiable at this point. Instead of sitting on your couch complaining about how hard semen retention is, go lift some heavy ass weights. 
  • Self-education. Go learn something. Instead of using the internet for porn, use it for learning. look up any topic you’re curious about, and diligently research it. After about an hour or two of this, your brain will need a break. You’ll notice that any urges or feelings of frustration have subsided due to you properly venting this energy. Check out MenprovementX if you’re interested in learning more about self-improvement. We have everything you need from well-written articles such as this one, all the way to professionally filmed videos.
  • Income. Hey, is your day job not enough to distract you from the sexual thoughts, well, pick up a side hustle, ask for extra shifts, hell maybe you should finally start that business, anything that puts money in your pocket, and keeps your hands out of it.
  • Learn a skill. How about instead of laying in bed thinking about relapsing, you learn how to play an instrument? Ok maybe music isn’t your thing, what about cars, why don’t you try and learn how to change your own oil? Just keep your mind stimulated and occupied, hey maybe one of these skills can turn into a career one day, you never know.
  • Martial arts. Ok, what’s more, badass than learning how to fight? If you’re looking for something to distract you from your urges, try getting punched in the face. Well, it doesn’t have to be that extreme, maybe start off with some bag work, and build your way up to a light sparring session.

As long as you’re using your newfound energy for healthy, productive activities you’ll most likely only the experience positive side of this first benefit of not ejaculating.

Benefit of Not Ejaculating #2: Elevated Test Levels

It’s true. Not ejaculating for 7 days has been proven to increase test levels in men by 145.5%.

This sudden increase in testosterone is one of the more well known benefits of not ejaculating for a week, as lots of self-improvement Youtube channels have talked about, and made videos about this specific benefit.

This sudden spike will be very noticeable, as a 145.5% increase to testosterone is A LOT! For context if your T levels were in the normal range, let’s say 500mg/dl, they would shoot up to 727.5mg/dl after not ejaculating for 7 days.

You would essentially be going from normal, to high normal levels of testosterone. If you’re already in the high normal range, well good for you man, in one weeks time you’ll be looking to turn into a real life demi god.

A lot of men will actually fold at this point in the journey due to the increase in testosterone super charging their sex drive.

If you find that you have trouble getting past this day 7 choke point, are life force mastery course has a whole section dedicated to teaching you how to effectively deal with, and handle any urges to watch porn, or masturbate.

You will also learn how to orgasm without ejaculating, so when you do eventually get to that day 7 sticking point you can embrace this amped up sex drive with open arms, and give your lucky candidate the night of her life.

Just keep in mind, these stronger urges you’ll be receiving are heavily over shadowed by all the benefits you’ll be receiving from the higher T.

The Perks Of Higher Testosterone 

If you’re not too sure what testosterone is, it’s the male sex hormone.

A lot of your favorite professional athletes inject synthetic versions of it into their ass, due to the competitive advantage higher T levels offer.

Testosterone regulates things such as:

  • Sex drive
  • Muscle mass
  • Bone health
  • Mood
  • Sperm cell production

And an array of other physiological functions within the male body.

To put it simply, in 99.9% of cases higher T levels will equate to more money, women, muscle, happiness, and just a better life in general.

Learn more: How to Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

Benefit of Not Ejaculating #3: It Builds Discipline

The third benefit of not ejaculating is actually the fact that this practice builds crazy discipline and mental fortitude.

I mean not ejaculating for 7 days is a task for most people, and is quite a milestone the first time you do it.

The benefits of not ejaculating for 30 days, and beyond are more than just physiological, psychologically you’re pushing yourself to the brink, trying to fight off your brain’s biological urges.

Even if you’re using sexual transmutation properly, staying productive, and busy, you will still have nights where sleep feels damn near impossible due to the urges.

If you can fight off the sexual thoughts, and find a way to get yourself to sleep, despite how turned on, and horny you are, that takes a certain level of grit and mental fortitude that will carry over to other aspects of your life.

Your body’s desire to procreate is stronger than your desire for food, water, and any other essential resource.

If you can control your sexual urges, your discipline and mental fortitude will be off the charts. You will be able to control every other aspect of your life with ease.

Having the grit to go against your primary biological function will build an unconquerable will. 

Benefit of Not Ejaculating #4: More Focus (Flow State)

Have you ever felt so focused on a specific task, or activity that it feels as its the only thing in that you can think about?

You find yourself so focused in that particular moment that you are almost unconscious, as your body feels like it’s on auto pilot.

That’s what’s known as the flow state.

Getting, and staying in the flow state is an invaluable skill, as it can mean the difference between you making 6k a month, to 10k a month. 

If you’re an avid porn user, you’ll find that the flow state is hard to come across, as you lack the focus, and concentration to achieve it.

However once you quit porn, and masturbation, you’ll find that getting into a state of flow is as simple as finding a nice quiet environment, and putting on a good playlist on Spotify. Eventually once you do this long enough you will be able to access the flow state on command.

Why Porn Kills Your Focus

See when you’re constantly indulging in PMO(Porn, masturbation, orgasm), especially porn, you’re frying your dopamine receptors. When you watch porn, do drugs, or even play video games, your brain will produce dopamine molecules.

When you receive dopamine from these artificial sources of gratification, you’re essentially telling your brain that “we don’t need to go out into the real world, and achieve dopamine hits the hard way, i.e completing goals, challenges and accomplishments, as we can get the same dopamine hits just by playing X box, or in this case watching porn.”

When you quit PMO, and cut off any other sources of instant gratification, your dopamine system will begin to regulate, and go back to normal.

Once your dopamine levels return to baseline your focus, and concentration will feel limitless, as you will find even the most basic of tasks enjoyable.

Benefit of Not Ejaculating #5: Cures ED

This 5th benefit will kill any, and all performance anxiety you may be experiencing. If you struggle to get it up, due to porn use you will be pleasantly surprised with the results of this benefit.

If you go 7 days without ejaculating, your member should be sharp enough to cut glass, by the time that seventh day comes around.

Getting hard will be the least of your concerns, after a week or 2 of semen retention. I mean you may bust too quick the next time you bed down a chick, but its better then just standing there with a wet pool noodle.

If you’re concerned about busting too quickly, or are trying to have sex without ejaculating (in order to retain your semen retention benefits), are easy ejaculation control course on Menprovement X will set you straight.

2 weeks of that, and you’ll have the stamina of a porn star.

What Causes ED?

They’re many different causes of ED, ranging from heart disease, all the way to a dick injury.

But a lot of erectile dysfunction, especially in young men stems from porn addiction.

According to an article by everyday health, the over consumption of porn can cause a man to only get hard when presented with pornographic content.

See, if you consume too much pornographic content it will start to mess with the way your brain functions.

This explains why ED is becoming more of an issue with younger men.

So if you suffer from ED, and wish to cure your ailment, give no fap, or semen retention a try, you won’t regret it.

Benefit of Not Ejaculating #6: Competitive Edge/ Higher Levels of Aggression

This 6th benefit of not ejaculating will vary depending on what your baseline personality is.

I believe this increase in aggression, and competitive drive is caused by the higher testosterone levels. It could also be from the extra energy, or if you aren’t properly sexually transmuting your urges that may be the cause.

Whatever the reason is, just expect to be a bit more “lively”.

If you’re ok with turning a few people off, and love to compete, this benefit will be a god send.

I remember I actually did semen retention for this reason specifically, as I was playing high school basketball at the time and wanted every advantage I could get.

I mean, it worked.

It will definitely turn you into the most competitive, aggressive version of yourself. I took it too far though and just became an asshole, I almost started a fight at a team practice, and was cocky piece of shit with a major inferiority complex.

If you’re not a competitive person, and aren’t really comfortable with being a bit more disagreeable, this benefit may be a shock to the system.

I feel like this more aggressive competitive state is extremely beneficial if you’re still trying to become established as a man, as it will drive you to push yourself, and be the best.

If you’re really struggling with keeping your cool, and are experiencing purely negative outcomes from this new aggressive mind set, I highly recommend you check out the life mastery course on Menprovement X.

This course will help you unblock your energetic system, and allow for a steady, and stable flow of energy.

If you’re looking for a community of like minded men to connect with, and talk to durning this crazy transition period, you join the Menprovement community, and finally find some people that can relate to the journey, and act of self-improvement.

Benefit of Not Ejaculating #7: Cures PMO Addiction

Ok if you have an addiction to PMO, semen retention, if practiced for a long enough time, will help cure you of this destructive habit.

This rewiring of your brain is a benefit of not ejaculating for 30 days plus, as it will take at least a month for you to recover from the harmful effects of PMO.

If you’re familiar with the no fap space, you should already know how harmful, and addictive porn can be.

Experts say porn, heroin, and alcohol activate very similar pleasure circuits in the brain, the only difference being porn doesn’t alter brain chemistry as it’s not a chemical substance.

So every time you open up the hub, and bust a nut to Johnny Sins banging some poor broad, you’re essentially doing virtual heroin.

It would be a lame drug like heroin too, because you deserve no cool points for sitting in the back of an alley chasing the dragon, just like you get no cool points for opening up your computer and busting all over your keyboard to some barely legal 5/10.

*Disclaimer, I’m not saying any drugs are cool, but heroin is the most bitch made substance of them all.

So if you ever feel like your porn consumption is getting out of hand semen retention may be the way to go.

Yeah of course you can do no fap, but going completely cold turkey from any, and all sexual activity for awhile may be the best course of action.

Most porn addicts who decide to go on no fap end up just doing semen retention anyways, due to their porn addiction stemming from the fact that they couldn’t get laid in the first place.

If you find yourself struggling with this process, which you probably will due to porn addictions being similar to drug, and alcohol addictions, I would highly suggest that you check out the dopamine discipline course on Menprovement X.

This course was made by licensed therapist Josh Hudson, who has been helping men overcome porn addictions for over 7 years now.

If you can do this on your own that’s great, but unfortunately for the majority of you, overcoming this addiction on your own will be unfeasible.

Hey, there is no shame in getting help, I mean do you make fun of a drug addict for going to rehab? 

Hell no, and if you do you’re a real piece of shit, so why should you feel ashamed, or embarrassed for reaching out, and getting help for a very real addiction ?

Plus, you may find some undiscovered, and deep reasoning for why you’re actually addicted to such a destructive habit in the first place.

Ok, so however you do this, whether you get help, or try and solo it, once the rewiring process is complete you will start to find any, and everything more enjoyable.

This is due to your dopamine levels being regulated again.

Now if you have a video game addiction, social media addiction, or are addicted to any other harmful substances, your dopamine sensitivity will still be all over the place, and highly irregular.

So I suggest after dealing with your PMO addiction you get those other things under rap.

You will find that activities such as sex, the gym, work, hell even reading book will become extremely fun, and enjoyable.

Benefit of Not Ejaculating #8: Physical Changes

This next benefit of not ejaculating is actually really cool, but kind’ve strange at the same time.

When on semen retention you are retaining your life force, correct ?

And because you are retaining such a powerful source of energy for an extended period of time, you may start to notice some physical changes, such as faster growing hair, better skin, and even a deeper voice.

The physical changes caused by semen retention are one of the lesser known benefits, as this is a fairly new discovery, and most of the evidence is testimonial.

Semen does contain many essential nutrients that do affect things such as skin, and hair health.

I mean it just makes sense too.

If you’re retaining such a powerful energy, an energy that is used to create life. Faster growing hair, better skin, and a deeper, louder voice don’t sound like too much of a stretch.

I myself had my hair go from frizzy, thick, and knotty, to luscious, and soft. 

My skin has also improved, although I’ve never really suffered from acne, I had a couple pimples, and black heads here and there.

Now my skin is completely clear, while being a nice glowing golden brown, instead of gray.

Benefit of Not Ejaculating #9: Improved Mental Health

Semen retention is quite a challenging process, and will take a lot out of you especially in the early stages, which also makes it a very rewarding process.

Think about it like this, every day you go without playing your flute brings you that much closer to your ideal self. Just keep this in mind every time you have a bad day.

Say to yourself, today was pretty shit, but at least I’ve gone X number of days without ejaculating. Trust me, it will help you keep your head up.

This is usually one of the benefits of not ejaculating for 30 days plus, as this most commonly happens with the rewiring of the brain.

An improved mental state can come after not ejaculating for 7 days also, usually due to the feeling of accomplishment, and increased test levels. Whenever it happens you’ll know.

You’ll wake up one day, and just feel pumped, ready to take on anything life’s willing to throw at you.

So why is having good mental health so important you ask ?

If you want to build something, you must have a solid foundation first.

The foundation of success is well, a great mindset. The key to having a good mindset is having great mental health. 

If your mental health is in check, you can accomplish whatever you desire.

You’ll be able to build good habits, stick to said good habits, push through adversity, and love your life all at the same time.

It will make the effort feel effortless.

Combined with all of these other benefits of not ejaculating you will be unstoppable.

Benefits of Not Ejaculating Overtime

benefits of not ejaculating for 30 days

Obviously ejaculating is a VERY good thing & has all sorts of benefits like pleasure, an increase in health & the opportunity to have children! But if you’re not looking to have kids, the benefits of avoiding ejaculation are extremely enticing.

Let’s look at the positive effects & how they compound over time:

– Benefits of not ejaculating 7 days

If you’re deciding to cut back ejaculating to only once a week, as Mantak Chia talks about here, the main benefits you will see are an increase in sexual sensitivity, more volume in your ejaculations, more energy and everything listed above.

– Benefits of not ejaculating for 30 days

After 30 days, you will feel a HUGE shift in energy levels (assuming you are transmuting the energy correctly). Your dopaminergic system will be restored to baseline (assuming you’re not watching porn) & your mental focus will be at peak.

– Benefits of not ejaculating for 3 months

After 3 months the Taoists say you can smell the semen coming out of your pores. Everything will be amplified and you will be buzzing.

– Benefits of not ejaculating for 1 year

I personally do not recommend avoiding ejaculation for longer than 3 months. I think it’s a good idea to keep everything running & “clear the pipes” every now and then. So I can’t speak to not ejacualting for 1 year, but if you do it – let me know how it goes in the comments below.

Remember, we don’t want to avoid sex – we want to build as much sexual energy as possible (like Dr. Gray, who is in his 60’s and has sex with his wife twice a day for hours – #FuckinGG Legend), even learn to orgasm without ejaculating – AND then pull that energy up the spine and transmute it.


Those were the 9 incredible benefits of not ejaculating for 7 days, 30 days, and beyond.

If you are serious about semen retention, and getting the most out of your newfound abilities, I highly suggest you check out the life force mastery course.

If you wish to avoid the drawbacks of this practice such as insomnia, anger issues, and uncontrollable sexual urges, the life force mastery course will teach you how to properly sexually transmute your pent up chi into controllable, stable energy.

Also, if you’re serious about self improvement and wish to maximize your potential go check out Menprovement X right now.

It’s the first ever self improvement streaming platform

Forget Netflix, Youtube, other social media, and all of those other easy sources of instant gratification. Menprovement X offers practical advice, with actionable steps that you can use to better your life TODAY!

Hey, if semen retention just doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, but you’re still wishing to stop your consumption of pornographic material, I would highly recommend that you check out these high quality nofap articles:

With that, I’m out and hopefully you learned something today.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out some more articles you may like to continue your self improvement journey!

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