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9 unbelievable Health Benefits of Not Ejaculating For 7 Days, (and Beyond)

benefits of not ejaculating for 7 days

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A gigantic boost in energy, laser-sharp focus, and a stronger mind. Sounds too good to be true?

It ain’t pawl.

All it might take is some semen retention aka, not ejaculating for 7 days. Imagine your sexual energy as a power source, waiting to be used productively.

But watch out – without the right outlet, this energy could lead to frustration. Need guidance? Our Menprovement X course can help.

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And here’s the best part – the health benefits don’t stop at a week but can extend to 30 days, 90 days, or more.

If you think you have what it takes, and are ready to experience a period of rapid change, and growth, keep reading as I go over these 9 incredible health benefits of not ejaculating.

key takeaways

  • Practicing semen retention boosts your mental game.
  • Semen retention can make you a disciplined dude.
  • Retaining semen will lead to better skin and hair.
  • Holding back ejaculation revs up your competitive drive.
  • Backing down on sexual activity will increase your sperm quality

What Are The potential Benefits Of Not Ejaculating?

  • Reduced erectile dysfunction (ED) 🛡️
  • Decreased anxiety 🧘‍♂️
  • Higher self-esteem 💪
  • A surge in sexual energy ⚡
  • A general increase in energy levels 🚀
  • More restful sleep 🛌
  • Deeper personal relationships ❤️
  • Increased ejaculation volume 🌊
  • Better sperm quality ✅
  • Improved mood and overall happiness 😊
  • Better fertility and increased sperm count 🧬
  • Elevated serum testosterone levels 🐂
  • Enhanced mental clarity and focus 🧠
  • Physical changes like better skin and hair health 💁‍♂️
  • Greater self-control and discipline 🥇
  • A powerful sense of accomplishment and confidence 💯

The potential benefits of not ejaculating vary from neat, to life-changing.

And before you even ask yes, nofap and semen retention are very similar. However, there’s one big glaring difference between the two self-improvement practices.

You are allowed to ejaculate on no fap as long as it is not by your own doing, whereas with semen retain one nut and you’re back to square one.

No fap is meant to help cure PMO addiction, while semen retention is meant for peak performance

You can still have sexual activity while on semen retention, you just can’t cum.
Josh Hudson
Licensed behavioral Therapist | menprovement

Learn More >>> NoFap Timeline: Full Breakdown.
Learn More >>> Semen Retention Timeline: Full Breakdown

I would suggest checking out the easy ejaculation control course on Menprovement X, before you one pump all of your benefits down the drain.

Trust me if you’re serious about this, the last thing you want to do is be 2 months deep into your semen retention journey, just to mess it up with a 6/10 you met at the club.

Alright, enough chit-chat, let’s get into the first benefit of not ejaculating.

#1 Increased Energy

a man that radiates energy

let’s break this down a bit. We’ve been talking a lot about this energy boost you get from semen retention, right? Well, there’s a good reason for that.

The perks you get from not, well, letting go, all come from this build-up of your sexual energy.

Give it a week of holding back, and you’ll feel your energy levels going through the roof.

This energy? It’s potent. It’s powerful. It feels like it can just keep going forever. If you’re the go-getter type, always on the move, you’ll love this side effect of semen retention. It’s all upside for you.

But, if you’re the type who’s stuck in a rut, not doing much, this energy overload might come across as more of a curse than a blessing.

The deal is simple. You’re either putting this energy to work, or it’s working you over.

To get the best out of this, you’ve got to learn how to direct this sexual energy elsewhere – a concept called sexual transmutation. That’s how you’ll tap into these newfound abilities, and really make them work for you.

Find good, positive ways to spend this extra energy.

And if you’re scratching your head over what to do with all this new-found vitality, don’t sweat it. I’ve got some ideas for you.

How this pent-up sexual energy can be put to use

The Gym

Going to the gym, or resistance training is non-negotiable at this point. Instead of sitting on your couch complaining about how hard semen retention is, go lift some heavy ass weights. 


Go learn something. Instead of using the internet for porn, use it for learning. look up any topic you’re curious about, and diligently research it. After about an hour or two of this, your brain will need a break.

You’ll notice that any urges or feelings of frustration have subsided due to you properly venting this energy.

Check out Menprovement X
Menprovement X _ Online Courses For Men _ Menprovement X

if you’re interested in learning more about self-improvement. We have everything you need from well-written articles such as this one, all the way to professionally filmed videos.


Hey, is your day job not enough to distract you from the sexual thoughts, well, pick up a side hustle, ask for extra shifts, hell maybe you should finally start that business, anything that puts money in your pocket, and keeps your hands out of it.

Learn A Skill

How about instead of laying in bed thinking about relapsing, you learn how to play an instrument?

Ok, maybe music isn’t your thing, what about cars, why don’t you try and learn how to change your own oil? Just keep your mind stimulated and occupied, hey maybe one of these skills can turn into a career one day, you never know.

Martial Arts

Ok, what’s more, badass than learning how to fight? If you’re looking for something to distract you from your urges, try getting punched in the face. Well, it doesn’t have to be that extreme, maybe start off with some bag work, and build your way up to a light sparring session.

As long as you’re using your newfound energy for healthy, productive activities you’ll most likely only the experience positive side of this first benefit of not ejaculating.

#2 Elevated Testosterone Levels

Epic image of primale men wwthat eare extremely muscular

Yep, you heard me right. Not ejaculating for 7 days has been proven to increase testosterone levels in men by 145.5%.1

This sudden increase in testosterone is one of the more well-known benefits of not ejaculating for a week, as lots of self-improvement Youtube channels have talked about, and made videos about this specific benefit.

Pro Tip:

This sudden spike will be very noticeable, as a 145.5% increase in testosterone is A LOT! For context, if your T levels were in the normal range, let’s say 500mg/dl, they would shoot up to 727.5mg/dl after not ejaculating for 7 days.

You’d essentially be elevating from average to high testosterone levels. Now, if you’re already on the higher side, well, kudos to you, mate! In a week’s time, you could be on your way to resembling a bona fide demi-god.

However, many men cave in at this stage of the journey as the testosterone surge significantly amps up their drive to have sexual activity with someone.

If you find yourself struggling to push past this day-7 hurdle, our life force mastery course offers a whole module on effectively managing and controlling urges to watch porn or masturbate.

You’ll also pick up the skill to orgasm without ejaculation. So, when you eventually hit that day-7 stumbling block, you can welcome this revved-up sex drive with open arms, ensuring a memorable night for your lucky partner.

life Force Mastery
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Remember, these intensified urges are largely outweighed by the health benefits that come with heightened testosterone levels.

The Perks Of Higher Testosterone 

If you’re not too sure what testosterone is, it’s the male sex hormone.2

A lot of your favorite professional athletes inject synthetic versions of it into their asses, due to the competitive advantage higher T levels offer.

Testosterone regulates things such as:

  • Sex drive
  • Muscle mass
  • Bone health
  • Mood
  • Higher sperm quality and cell production

And an array of other physiological functions within the male body.

To put it simply, in 99.9% of cases higher testosterone levels will equate to more money, women, muscle, happiness, and just a better life in general.

#3 It Builds Discipline

a disciplined soldier in the rain

One of the big wins of holding back from ejaculation, or semen retention, is the incredible level of discipline and mental toughness it develops. I mean, holding off for 7 days? That’s no small feat for most of us, and the first time you do it, it feels like a real achievement.

The potential benefits of not ejaculating for a month, or even longer, aren’t just about physical stuff. You’re putting yourself to the test, battling against your body’s natural urges.

Even with proper sexual transmutation, and keeping busy and productive, there’ll be nights when sleep is hard to find, all thanks to those strong urges.

If you can stand up to those sexual thoughts and find a way to drift off, despite being horny, that shows real grit and mental strength, and it’s something that’ll reflect in other areas of your life.

Our body’s drive to reproduce is more powerful than our cravings for food, water, and other essentials. If you can rein in your sexual activity urges, your discipline and mental strength will hit the roof. You’ll find yourself controlling other aspects of your life with ease. Standing up to your basic biological urge? That’s building unbeatable willpower in my book.

If you can rein in your sexual urges, your discipline and mental strength will hit the roof. You’ll find yourself controlling other aspects of your life with ease.
Josh Hudson
Licensed behavioral Therapist | menprovement

Our body’s drive to reproduce is more powerful than our cravings for food, water, and other essentials. Standing up to your basic biological urge? That’s building unbeatable willpower in my book.

#4 Better Focus (Flow State)

an old men focussing his camera

Ever been so absorbed in something that you can’t think of anything else? So caught up in the moment that it feels like you’re almost running on auto-pilot?

That’s what you call being in a flow state.3

Getting into, and staying in, this flow state is a fantastic skill to have. It could mean the difference between making $6k and $10k a month.

If you’re a regular porn user (like I was), you’ll find it hard to hit this flow state, as it’s tough to concentrate and focus.

Josh’s note

But once you beat your porn and masturbation addiction, reaching a flow state can be as simple as finding a quiet spot and putting on a good Spotify playlist. Keep at it, and you’ll be able to tap into this flow state whenever you want.

Why Porn Ruins Your Focus?

Porn Addiction Research Graph

When you regularly indulge in PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasms), particularly porn, you’re overloading your dopamine receptors.4 When you watch porn, do drugs, or play video games, your brain produces dopamine.

When you get dopamine from these instant-gratification sources, you’re telling your brain that there’s no need to put in the hard work, like achieving goals or finishing challenges, when you can get the same rush from playing Xbox or, in this case, watching porn.

But when you quit PMO and cut out other sources of instant gratification, your dopamine system starts to regulate itself and gets back to normal. Once your dopamine levels are back to baseline, you’ll feel like your focus and concentration are limitless, and you’ll find joy even in the most basic tasks.

#5 Skyrocket confidence

a confident man feeling amazing and charming a woman

Ever felt like you could move mountains? Like you’re the king of the world? That’s the vibe you’ll get when you dive into the world of avoiding ejaculation. It’s like giving your confidence a high-octane fuel boost.

Science has got our back on this, too. Studies show that sexual activity can boost your mood, but taking a break and holding back on the big ‘O’ can improve your sperm quality and make you feel like a champ.5

Here’s why – each time you keep your ‘little soldiers’ in check, you’re demonstrating control. It’s you who calls the shots. That feeling of power doesn’t just stay in the bedroom, it struts its way into your daily life, pushing your confidence through the roof.

And the cherry on top? The self-discipline you cultivate from avoiding ejaculation can massively elevate your sex life. When you’re the master of your urges, you tune in more to your body and to your partner’s desires. So, when you do get down to business, it’s fireworks!

#6 Competitive Edge & Higher Levels of Aggression

This sixth advantage of practicing semen retention could be a little different for each guy, depending on who you are to start with.

I’m Convinced That This Uptick In Assertiveness And The Spirit Of Competition Comes From The Testosterone Boost. It Might Also Be Because Of The Extra Pep In Your Step, Or Maybe It’s If You’re Not Correctly Handling Those Built-Up Sexual Urges.
Josh Hudson
Licensed behavioral Therapist | menprovement

No matter the cause, get ready to be a bit more fired up than usual.

If ruffling a few feathers doesn’t bother you, and you’re the type that thrives in competition, you’re going to love this health benefit of semen retention.

I recall practicing semen retention back in my high school basketball days to give myself an extra edge – and man, did it work!

You’ll definitely find yourself morphing into a more driven, assertive version of yourself. But for me, I pushed it too far and started rubbing people the wrong way. I even nearly sparked a brawl at a team practice and turned into a cocky, difficult guy.

So if you’re usually a laid-back kind of guy and aren’t used to being a bit more feisty, this might catch you off guard.

But let me tell you, this fiery competitive spirit can be a real game-changer, especially if you’re in the process of carving out your own path. It’s going to motivate you to go the extra mile.

If you’re finding it tough to keep a lid on your temper and feel like the negative aspects of this newfound assertiveness are outweighing the positives, I’d highly recommend you check out the life mastery course over at Menprovement X.

This course is designed to help you balance your energy system, allowing for a smooth and steady flow of energy.

And if you’re looking to connect with a group of guys who are on the same journey as you, the Menprovement community is the place to be. It’s a supportive space where you’ll find others who understand your path toward self-improvement and the practice of semen retention.

#7 Cures PMO Addiction

a man in underwear watching his phone looking pathetic

Ok if you have an addiction to PMO, semen retention, if practiced for a long enough time, will help cure you of this destructive habit.

This rewiring of your brain is a benefit of not ejaculating for 30 days plus, as it will take at least a month for you to recover from the harmful effects of PMO.

If you’re familiar with the no-fap space, you should already know how harmful, and addictive porn can be.

Scientific evidence:

Experts say porn, heroin, and alcohol activate very similar pleasure circuits in the brain, the only difference being porn doesn’t alter brain chemistry as it’s not a chemical substance.6

So every time you open up the hub, and bust a nut to Johnny Sins banging some poor broad, you’re essentially doing virtual heroin.

It would be a lame drug like heroin too, because you deserve no cool points for sitting in the back of an alley chasing the dragon, just like you get no cool points for opening up your computer and busting all over your keyboard to some barely legal 5/10.


I’m not saying any drugs are cool, but heroin is the most bitch made substance of them all.

So if you ever feel like your porn consumption is getting out of hand semen retention may be the way to go.

Yeah of course you can do no fap, but going completely cold turkey from any, and all sexual activity for a while may be the best course of action.

Most porn addicts who decide to go on no fap end up just doing semen retention anyways, due to their porn addiction stemming from the fact that they couldn’t get laid in the first place.

There is absolutely no shame in this

Many fellas find this tough and believe me, I was one of them. But then Menprovement came along and turned things around for me. The supportive community and the fact that there are other guys dealing with the exact same issues was a game-changer. I’m confident it can make a difference for you too. After all, you’ve got nothing to lose, right?

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#8 Physical Changes

Muscular man on a beach

Here’s an interesting thing about semen retention – it can actually lead to some cool physical changes. Now, I know it might sound a bit unusual, but stick with me.

When you’re holding back from a masturbation-induced orgasm and practicing semen retention, you’re essentially keeping your life force intact, right?

So, by preserving this powerful energy over time, your body might start responding in unique ways. You could notice your hair growing faster7, your skin looking healthier, and even your voice sounding deeper.

This aspect of semen retention isn’t too well-known, mainly because it’s a relatively new finding, and most of the proof we have is based on personal experiences.

But when you think about it, semen is full of essential nutrients that directly influence the health of your skin and hair.

So, isn’t it reasonable to expect that by retaining such a strong, life-giving energy, benefits like faster-growing hair, better skin, and a deeper voice might follow? It doesn’t seem like too much of a leap.

Personally, I’ve experienced these changes. My hair, once frizzy, thick, and hard to manage, transformed into a softer, more luxurious mane.
Josh Hudson
Licensed behavioral Therapist | menprovement

As for my skin, while I didn’t struggle with severe acne, I did have some pesky pimples and blackheads from time to time. Since practicing semen retention, my skin is not only completely clear but also has a radiant, golden-brown glow, a far cry from its previous dull gray tone.

#9 Improved Mental Health

art of a young guy with mental heatlh problems

Every day you steer clear of solo fun, you’re building a better you. Even on bad days, just recalling your streak in semen retention can lift your spirits.

Usually, you start feeling mentally stronger after about a month without ejaculation. It’s all about your brain tuning itself differently. But sometimes, just a week of semen retention can make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

The pride of achievement and the testosterone kick will have you waking up each morning feeling like a superhero, ready to take on anything life’s got to throw.

Ever wondered why good mental health is so crucial?

It’s like building a tower – you need a rock-solid base. For success, this base is a positive mindset. If your mental health is in the right place, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

Building good mental habits and enhancing your life quality makes everything seem like a breeze. And when you club these mental health perks with the physical health benefits of avoiding ejaculation, like improved sperm quality and a more satisfying sex life, you’re moulding an invincible version of yourself.

Benefits of Not Ejaculating Timeline

9 unbelievable Health Benefits of Not Ejaculating For 7 Days, (and Beyond) 1

Obviously, ejaculating is a VERY good thing & has all sorts of benefits like pleasure, an increase in health & the opportunity to have children! But if you’re not looking to have kids, the benefits of avoiding ejaculation are extremely enticing.

Let’s look at the health benefits in a chronological timeline.

Benefits of not ejaculating: 7 days

The main health benefits you will see are an increase in sexual sensitivity, more volume in your ejaculations, more energy, and everything listed above.

  • Energy surge
  • Normalized dopamine levels
  • Sharpened mental focus

Benefits of not ejaculating: 30 days

After 30 days, you will feel a HUGE shift in energy levels (assuming you are transmuting the energy correctly). Your dopaminergic system will be restored to baseline (assuming you’re not watching porn) & your mental focus will be at its peak.

Benefits of not ejaculating: 3 months

After 3 months the Taoists say you can smell the semen coming out of your pores. Everything will be amplified and you will be buzzing with high testosterone levels.

  • Enhanced vitality
  • Heightened senses
  • High testosterone levels

Benefits of not ejaculating: 1 year

Almost 10 months into my semen retention journey and wow, what a ride! I’m not yet at the one-year mark, but I’ve already experienced some powerful changes. When I was stuck in a cycle of non-stop self-pleasure, all I could think about was sex. But now? It’s a different story.

Semen retention has given me a whole new level of self-confidence and mastery over my body. I’m no longer a slave to my desires. Instead, I’ve gained much better control over my physical responses.

  • Boosted self-confidence
  • Mastery over bodily urges
  • Freedom from sexual Obsessions
  • Better control over physical reactions
I’m excited to discover what the future holds. Check back in October, and I’ll give you a complete rundown of the benefits I’ve experienced over a year of semen retention. Trust me, it’s worth waiting for!
Josh Hudson
Licensed behavioral Therapist | menprovement

Learn More >>> What REALLY Happens if You Stop Fapping.

My final $0.02

Wrapping up, these were the nine amazing perks you can enjoy by not ejaculating for 7 days, a month, or more.

If you’re all in for semen retention and keen to master your new powers, give the Life Force Mastery course a try. It’ll teach you how to channel your energy effectively, avoiding issues like insomnia and anger.

And, if you’re on a self-improvement journey, don’t miss out on Menprovement X. It’s a streaming platform packed with advice you can apply right now to start bettering your life. Leave Netflix and YouTube behind, and start truly improving with Menprovement X!

Ejaculation Control Masterclass
  • Last as long as YOU want, and make her think you are A GOD.
  • 10x Your sex life and strengthen your relationship while building UNBELIEVABLE confidence
  • Learn the secrets to a SPECIAL ejaculation control strategy famous porn actors use.


Absolutely, not ejaculating can bring about several benefits like decreased anxiety, boosted self-esteem, increased sexual energy, improved sleep, better relationships, enhanced mood, and even physical changes like better skin and hair health.

Yes, holding back on releasing sperm can lead to benefits such as improved mood, more energy, increased self-control, and even better sperm quality. It’s part of a practice known as semen retention.

While there are many benefits, there can also be drawbacks if not managed properly. Some men might experience insomnia, frustration, or uncontrollable sexual urges. It’s important to use healthy outlets for pent-up energy.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this, as it largely depends on the individual’s health, age, and lifestyle. However, some research suggests that regular ejaculation, say around 3-4 times a week, can be beneficial for sperm health. But for those practicing semen retention, the frequency may be much lower.


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