Powerful Sex Secrets For Becoming a Multi-Orgasmic Man

Powerful Sex Secrets For Becoming a Multi-Orgasmic Man

Powerful Sex Secrets For Becoming a Multi-Orgasmic Man

multi-orgasmic man

What if I told you that as a man you are only tapping into 5% of your sexual abilities.

It is an extremely unknown fact that men of all ages can experience multiple orgasms, not only intensifying their sexual pleasure but satisfying their partner to levels they have never imagined.

Imagine being the only guy she’s been with that has the ability to give her mind-blowing orgasms for hours at a time. Let’s just say your sex life is going to take a turn for the best.

Below I have detailed the steps and methods it takes to become this perfect lover, this “sexual god.”

The best part of all, it’s not hard at all.

Before we begin…

What brought me into this journey of learning about ways to uncover my true sexual potential was stumbling across a book on the web called The Multi-Orgasmic Man. The title obviously intrigued me instantaneously, sparking a journey that will likely be one of the most fun I have had in years.

The Multi-Orgasmic Man is essentially a how-to guide for any man to experience multiple orgasms and dramatically enhance his sex life.

Here are a few testimonials from the book itself from men who have taken up these techniques:

In the normal, everyday sort of ejaculation my pleasure is quickly over with. Not so in multi orgasms. The pleasure generated here seems to stay with me throughout the day. There seems to be no peak to this pleasure, either. I am just never tired. Now I can have as much sex as I want and I can control it rather than have it control me. What more can a man ask for?

Basically I have slept with three women since starting to practice these techniques, and all three have told me that I was their best, literally said to me while we were in bed: ‘This is the best I’ve ever had.’

So before you go on to start your journey to becoming the best she’s ever had I recommend you purchase the book.

Regardless, I will offer you the free advice of what I read in 1/5 of the detail below.

Both will get you there, but I really do recommend getting the book.

It not only is a good read but having this chilling on your nightstand when your lady friend comes over is going to help things steer in the direction you want.

What does it take to be a multi-orgasmic man?

Anyone can become multiorgasmic. No matter what age you are, this power is lying inside you. The key to it all is in the fact that ejaculation and orgasm are actually two completely separate phenomena, that with the right training can be separated.

It is this separation that allows you to experience orgasm after orgasm without ejaculation and the dreaded refractory period (loss of an erection).

This practice comes from thousands of years ago in Chinese Culture. The Chinese are known for their Taoist practices. The Taoists were a group in ancient China who were devoted to the practice of health and sexuality. They developed these techniques outlined below to improve health and longevity because that’s exactly what they do.

It is not until the 1940’s that this idea of male multiple orgasms made its way to the west through the pioneering sex researcher Alfred Kinsey. Kinsey knew that male sexuality in the west was fixated on the goal of “disappointing ejaculation” (I’ll explain later) instead of the orgasmic process, and still is today.

Why is ejaculation so bad?

Obviously, ejaculation is not bad. It creates children, it’s natural, and it feels really good.
But the whole issue is that the goal of sexual pleasure should not be to ejaculate but should be to orgasm unless you are actively trying to reproduce.

The fact is that ejaculation completely drains you of your energy and life force.
If you are not trying to reproduce, ejaculation is simply expelling extremely powerful complex enzymes out of your body that is capable of creating human life.

When you ejaculate your body thinks it is getting ready to create a new life. All of your body’s organs give their best energy to expel this powerful orgasmic energy, having an extremely taxing effect on the body.

Muhammad Ali himself has stated that if he were to have to fight after coming he wouldn’t be able to fight for two minutes. And I am sure you know how much better the pillow looks than your gf after finishing the job.

To further illustrate this point, Dr. Van Voorhies did a study involving nematodes, which surprisingly have the same genes and biochemical processes as humans when it comes to sex.

There were three groups, one who was allowed to mate at will, another that wasn’t allowed to mate, and the third group of multi-orgasmic nematodes (don’t ask me how they managed to pull this off) who were allowed to mate without ejaculation and having to constantly produce semen.

The first group lived an average of 8.1 days, the second an average of 11.1 days, and the third an average of 14 days. Almost twice as long as the first ejaculating group!

The Taoists knew about the benefit of not ejaculating as described in the book the Discourse On The Highest Tao Under Heaven:

“If a man has intercourse without spilling his seed, his vital essence has strengthened. If he does this twice his hearing and vision are made clear. If three times, all his physical illness will disappear  The fourth time he will begin to feel inner peace. The fifth time his blood will circulate powerfully. The sixth time his genitals will gain new prowess. By the seventh time, his thighs and buttocks will become firm. The eighth time his body will radiate good health. The ninth time his lifespan will be increased.”

Now, this is clearly not an exact science, but it is a testament to how strongly the Taoists feel about lovemaking without ejaculation.

Instead of ejaculating out this powerful orgasmic energy, you can use this energy to improve your health, grow spiritually, and strengthen your body and mind. This is what Taoism is all about.

Can not ejaculating hurt me?

This is a common question. The Taoists have been using techniques for thousands of years with no side effects, and actual improvement in health and longevity.

The point is just to listen to your body. If you want to ejaculate then ejaculate. It’s a natural thing and most men take part in this ejaculate every 10 days or so regardless.

So you can also ejaculate after your 5th or 6th orgasm or you can choose not to and try to keep that sexual energy in the side. It’s really up to you.

Done with theory, time for practice

So now we have a distinct understanding of the Taoist practice and theory behind becoming multi-orgasmic, it is time to move on the steps. But before we dive into it, there are a few “pre-steps” per say that will really help you to achieve success. They are almost more ideals that you need to understand.

Pre-Step 1: It’s all in the energy

The method to experience these multiple and full-body orgasms has a lot to do with the flow of energy throughout your body. It has always been well known in Taoist culture that you have physical energy that is constantly circulating through every cell of your body. This energy is what the Chinese call Chi.

Maintaining the proper circulation of this bioelectric energy through the body is the basis of Chinese medicine.

This knowledge is slowly making its way over into the western world, and for good reason. Controlling this energy is the secret behind experiencing multiple and full-body orgasms.

Sexual energy is one of the most powerful types of bioelectric energy in your body. What we perceive in the west as getting aroused is what the Taoists perceive as generating sexual energy.

Sexual Kung Fu (a branch of Taoist medicine dealing with sexuality) is all about cultivating this sexual energy and using it to increase your overall energy and health, rather than just ejaculating it out.

“Sexual energy is available to men twenty-four hours a day, but most men starve themselves because they believe they can satisfy sexually only during a few minutes of intercourse. The most liberating thing for men is to realize that they have total access to and control of their sexual energy at any time.”

When you feel you have a basis of this bodily energy you are ready to move on to the next step. You will learn to harbor full control of it later.

Pre-Step 2: Becoming the master of your arousal

To be successful in becoming multi-orgasmic you will need to become aware of the speed of your arousal. You are probably like most men in the fact that you go through your arousal stages in light speed, from erection to ejaculation as fast as you possibly can. It’s not your fault, you didn’t know any better. Until now.

Your previous knowledge of either being horny or not needs to go out the window, and you need to fully understand your sexuality and arousal.

There are four stages of erection

1) Firmness

2) Swelling

3) Hardness

4) Heat

This may seem silly or even obvious but understanding and controlling these stages of your erection is key in becoming multi-orgasmic. It is much easier to avoid ejaculating when you stay in stage 3 and do not crest over into the fourth stage of heat. Instead of entering the fourth stage and eventually ejaculating you can pull your sexual energy up into your body.

You may already do something similar already by distracting yourself when you are close to coming by thinking of baseball statistics. When you do this you are ignoring your arousal and stopping yourself from going into stage 4.

The key is to not ignore the arousal, but instead to stay completely aware of it and control it.

Knowing when to let go of our sexuality and when to control it is the essence of Sexual Kung Fu, and the secret to male sexuality.

Experiencing multiple-orgasms

So we have gone through a lot already. But I assure you it is all necessary.
What we already know

1) Orgasm and ejaculation are 2 separate occurrences

2) Orgasm lies on the precipice of ejaculation

If you go too fast towards orgasm you are likely to fall over the edge and ejaculate.

These are the two most important aspects to remember as we move forward.
So below you will find the steps to becoming a multi-orgasmic man and reaching your sexual potential.

Step 1: Control Your Breathing

Controlling your breathing alone will help increase your sex life dramatically. When you get close to ejaculation your breath rate greatly increases. If you can slow down this breathing during any point of lovemaking you can prevent problems of premature ejaculation and last as long as you want.

Controlling this breath rate is also key to becoming multi-orgasmic. When we are born we come out of the womb breathing correctly, deep into our diaphragms. Over the years due to stress, most of us adopt a more shallow chest breathing style. This way of breathing increases anxiety and has a negative effect on your health.

Just changing to belly, or diaphragmatic breathing will have a huge impact on your overall health. To master belly breathing practice makes perfect.

1) Sit on a chair with your back straight

2) Relax your shoulders and place your hands on your stomach

3) Inhale through your nose deep so that your navel extends outwards

4) Exhale out your nose or mouth outwards pulling your lower abdomen back in as if you are pulling it towards your spine. You should feel your testicles being pulled up during your exhale.

5) Each breath in and out should both be at least 3 seconds long

6) Repeat this deep breath 20 – 50 times

Once you have mastered the breath you can do it anywhere. Driving, walking or working. As you continue your practice daily you will naturally start to breathe this way during everyday life. This will have an awesome impact on your health and stress levels.

Now when you are at your peak of passion you will be able to use this belly breathing to ward off early ejaculation. When you notice you are getting close become aware of the speed of your breathing and slow it down. Just this alone is an incredible tool that your lady friend will certainly notice.

Step 2: Increase Your Concentration

Concentration is very important during the multi-orgasmic lovemaking process. During average man sex, you usually get lost in lust and pleasure until it’s all over way too soon.

Increasing your concentration will allow you to become more aware of your energy and arousal without having to take your mind off the sex, which as we mentioned above is key in becoming multi-orgasmic.

To increase your concentration there is nothing better than meditation. But don’t worry, you are not going to have to sit in silence for hours at a time.

That’s where the century count comes in. Essentially you are just going to sit and relax and count to 100 inhalations and exhalations.

1) Sit and relax somewhere. Can be at home, in the park, in the sauna, doesn’t matter. Just somewhere where you won’t be interrupted.

2) Slowly inhale and exhale (belly breathing style). Each complete inhalation and exhalation count as one.

3) Continue this counting from 1 to 100 concentrating only on your breath.

4) If you get distracted at all like you notice you start daydreaming or thinking about work, start over!

5) Do this until you can reach 100 without losing concentration on your breathing.

This may sound simple, but it’s actually not.

You will find that when you first start this you are going to struggle to get to a count of 10 without letting thoughts in. But mastering this will get you one step closer to mastering the bedroom.

Step 3: Strengthen The Sex Muscles

Since the key to having multiple orgasms is separating orgasm and ejaculation you are going to have to strengthen your “sex muscles”. The main muscle that we need to target here is the PC muscle or Pubococcygeus muscle. To locate this muscle next time you are in the bathroom try and stop your urine mid-flow. This muscle that you are activating is your PC muscle.

How do we strengthen the PC muscle?

Like any other muscle in your body. Work it out.

Exercise 1: Start, Stop

Like I said before when you stop your urine mid-flow you are activating your PC muscle. But it has been found that starting and stopping your pee is, or can be, dangerous. So just use a stop of the urine to locate your PC and learn how to control it. Then proceed to do the exercise below.

1) Every morning and night stop and start your flow at least 10 times. Just to get used to controlling it

2) There is no 2 that’s really it. Just get used to tensing this muscle. This may sting at first but should subside in a few minutes.

Exercise 2: PC Pullup or Kegel

1) Inhale deeply concentrating on your PC muscle

2) As you exhale, contract your PC muscle and hold for the entire exhalation

3) Then inhale and relax your muscles

4) For the first month start slow. Do once the first day. Take a day off. Twice in the next session. Take a day off. Then continue to increase every other day.

4) At peak and when you have worked up slowly, repeat for 10 – 50 times depending on your level. When you start off do not overdo it. This is a muscle, and like any other muscle so you need to work up your reps and strength, or else you can strain it, and that can set you back weeks.

As you continue your practice you can start to do these Kegels anywhere, anytime. While watching TV, while driving to work, whenever. You can do long holds for a minute or so, or short quick contractions. W.e feels right.
Just be careful and remember, work up to this level slowly. 

An injury to the muscles that control your dick is the last thing that you want. While it is not dangerous and won’t cause impotence, it is a hassle and you will need to rest from the sex for a few weeks.

Many men find that their PC muscle sometimes becomes tight from overuse and stay in a contracted position all the time, or even spasm from time to time.

If this happens to you start incorporating reverse Kegels into your routine. Instead of clenching you push outward and hold for 30 seconds. It will take you a few sessions to be able to really isolate this muscle being pushed outwards but it will loosen everything up and restore the balance.

So remember:

1) Go slow and work up to increasing reps and time weekly

2) Give yourself rest days like you would working out your biceps. Muscles need rest to grow strong.

There’s no rush. Soon you will be able to lift a towel up and down on your manhood with ease. Just have patience.

Step 4: Self Cultivation

Step 4 is self-cultivation. While it is not 100% necessary it will help. This step is essentially self-practice, aka masturbation w/o ejaculation.

But it is much different and deeper than masturbation. Self-cultivation is about becoming one with your sexuality and sexual energy. It’s about learning all the stages of your arousal and truly gaining control of it.

Instead of a shameful sitting behind the laptop in a locked room feeling that western masturbation offers, this self-cultivation is seen as a beautiful thing by the Taoists. It is known by them as actually making love with oneself.

While this sounds bizarre and homoerotic, there is a lot to it and it will help you achieve your goals.

If self-cultivation is something you will not do then you can do this with a partner. But they need to be understanding that you are attempting to become in tune with your body and arousal levels. If they are cool it can be a great and deep experience.

So the steps are as followed:

1) Lubricate yourself and pleasure yourself however you like.

2) It is important to stimulate every area of your penis and even your balls.

3) Pay close attention and take notice of your increasing arousal levels. Notice your heartbeat speeding up and your 4 stages of erection we spoke about earlier.

4) When you get close to ejaculation stop and rest. Try to get as close as you can and try to notice the contractions of your PC muscle as you get close to orgasm.

5) Rest until your arousal has subsided slightly and started again.

6) Continue this as long as you want.

It is important to note that you shouldn’t watch porn during this. You need all your focus to be on your bodily sensations so you can learn exactly when you need to subside from pleasure to ward off ejaculation.

Also, do not be discouraged if you go over the edge and ejaculate. Just enjoy it and start again tomorrow.

Step 5: Controlling Ejaculation

So by this time, you should have already mastered controlling your breath and you should have a powerful PC muscle. The more you practice the exercises so far the easier this step will become.

During this step, you are going to essentially be continuing step 4 but going a little bit further to the point where you physically have to ward off ejaculation, and not just let it subside.

Again you can do this with a partner or by yourself.

1) Start self-cultivating as we discussed in the previous step.

2) This time, slowly take yourself to a level farther than just being able to release your hand or stop thrusting to avoid ejaculation. Stop only a few strokes or thrusts before you ejaculate.

3) In order to ward off this ejaculation use the deep breathing techniques that you’ve adopted. Control your breathing when it starts to get heavy and you will control your arousal.

4) Contract your PC muscle around your prostate.

When involuntary contractile orgasms begin you can squeeze your PC muscle you can help yourself avoid ejaculation.

5) As you practice and get good you will be able to get to the point where you experience these involuntary contractions, aka orgasms, but ward off the ejaculation with your deep breathing and PC muscle.

This is the whole point. Everything you have done so far has been to allow you to do this.

An even more powerful technique of warding off ejaculation is to draw your sexual energy away and up into your body which is spoken about in the next section.

6) After you have peaked several times without ejaculation you will feel peaceful and energized.

So if you have gotten this far congratulation, you are having multiple orgasms.
Although at first, they will not be nearly as powerful as they will become you are reaching the contractile phase of orgasms and warding off ejaculation, allowing you to get back to that point over and over having incredible sex as long as you like.

With continued practice…

As you continue this practice, the power and duration of these orgasms will increase dramatically. As will your ability to have them. You will soon be able to go so close to the point of no return where you are having full contractile orgasms and still being able to ward off the ejaculation.

Eventually, you will become so skilled and accustom to it that you no longer have to squeeze your pc muscle and your body will do all the steps naturally without you having to even think about it.

This is when things will really open up. Like thousands of other men you will be able to have orgasm after orgasm, each one more powerful than the last. You can see a diagram from the book below, illustrating this point.



So the more you practice, the better you will get, the more pleasure you will experience. Your partner will be thanking you, and more importantly, you’ll be thanking yourself.

The icing on the cake

This is where things get a little bit spiritual. I urge you to have an open mind because the results will speak for themselves. There is step 6 to this process.

The last and final step in becoming a multi-orgasmic man is to learn to control and pull your sexual energy up and around your body. Doing this will allow you to have full body and brain orgasms that many men claim to last for hours, with a positive feeling that lingers on throughout the day.

That sounds a lot better than falling asleep immediately after ejaculation. Since this practice is very intense and I have not mastered it I urge you to purchase the book and learn for yourself.

You can find a link below or just search it on google.

In conclusion

Becoming a multi-orgasmic man is going to have an incredible effect on your life. I will even go as far as to call it completely life-changing. Not only will you be increasing your overall health through deep breathing, concentration, and energy control, but you are going to be the guy who all the girls know as a master in the bedroom.

You will desire by everyone and have an advantage over 99% of men out there.

A huge reward for a small amount of training and practice.

So good luck on your new journey to sexual supremacy. I promise you will enjoy it.

For a much more detailed look at this Taoist practice grab a copy of The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia & Douglass Abrams.

It’s truly the greatest book I have ever read.

Some more of the stuff the book offers:

1) How to please your female partner and give her orgasms

2) How to Fix Premature Ejaculation

3) Ancient Taoist methods of penis enlargement

4) Much more

A Few testimonials from men who have purchased the book. (From Amazon.com)

“First off, let me say that I was raised Orthodox Jewish in a very conservative and over-protective New York environment..in other words, the LAST THING I ever would give credence to would be some mystical Eastern philosophy on how to masturbate! Jeez, I’d been doing it just fine since age 13 (nothing to do with my Bar-Mitzvah) and I didn’t need anyone telling me in my late 20’s that I could essentially be having “brain orgasms” as well! That was until the night in Berkeley when I picked up the book, opened my mind, pulled down my pants, and went to work… I can remember my physical condition and mindset like it was yesterday. I was fatigued. I was working too hard. I had flown cross-country and was still on East Coast time. And I felt like I was coming down with the flu. I relaxed, started reading the book (had to skim the illustrations first), and started to “go to town” using the techniques described. The first orgasm was the hardest because my natural tendency was to release. I focused. Channeled the energy upwards and felt a sensation I had not really felt for all the years I had been making myself come. Bottom line is, 6 orgasms later — the last one I released — my mental and physical condition had completely changed. I drifted off to sleep and awoke the next morning with a sense of energy, vitality, and health I could not have imagined — like taking a deep breath of air on a cold and sparkling winter’s day. Skeptics beware — this stuff works!!!!”

“My wife and I have been passionately in love with each other for 25 years in part due to our commitment to keeping always fresh ideas blooming in our bedroom. I began reading The Multi-Orgasmic Man about two weeks ago and have started portions of the exercises noted in the book. It is easy to read and understand and includes witty notes that cause a chuckle here and there. But this morning I experienced what is described between its covers as a “Full Body Orgasm” for the first time. I have never been drawn so close to my wife or experienced such pleasure for such an extended period of time after the initial orgasm begins(over thirty minutes). My wife began to chuckle realizing I had reached this plateau. I feel so alive, so energetic, so ready to continue on with experiencing each other. The principles outlined in the book enabled me to continue following that unforgettable event with another session of closeness lasting longer than the first full-body event. I love her dearly, this book is exceptional and worth every penny.”

“Don’t let the title scare you…Like many American men, I frequently found myself frustrated with intimacy (experiences, skills, and insights). In this day and age of nearly free information, I was determined to find factual and reliable information sources to help me overcome my perpetual frustrations. I looked far and wide for real tangible solutions to my issues. In short, I highly recommend this book as a factual and reliable information source. The insights and practices in this book will benefit you almost instantly. Admittedly, at the time of this review, I have not mastered the skills and techniques outlined in this book; but by earnestly practicing them I have experienced a marked change in my intimacy for the better.”

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        And during self cultivation I am able to orgasm with out ejaculating by squeezing but the good feeling of orgasm is brief maybe lasting 1-3 seconds then I feel normal again. How can I make it last longer?

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    • Really good point Roger,
      This may not be for someone who has just quit watching porn or has an addiction to masturbation. I stopped watching porn 9 months ago, and personally practice the self cultivation and see it completely different than masterbation and edging, even though it “technically” is the same. It is more spiritual and I am not using porn or fantasizing, but yes there is a fine line.

  3. Sean, I wrote a book, Love Satisfies by Keepitup Johnson (available at amazon.com), to help men become multi-orgasmic. Love Satisfies has a picture on every page. Love Satisfies compares non-ejaculatory orgasms with simple actions, such as sneezing, peeing, and sports we play. After reading Love Satisfies, I think you’ll call it the best book out there on the subject of male multiple orgasms. Please let me send you a copy. Thanks for sharing. http://www.lovesatisfies.com

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    #2 Run a hot bath and have a good soak. Take some music in with you, a book, light some candles or use some scented sticks. Whatever you find the most relaxing is ideal. Take your time to soak and wash yourself slowly whilst gently and purposefully exploring your most sensitive areas.
    #3 After your soak, take a look through some magazines to find pictures of men that you find particularly attractive, watch a film that contains someone that you think looks hot, or simply close your eyes and fantasize about someone in your life that really turns you on.
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      • Thanks I will have to check that out. Been catching up on the podcast and just listened to the one on porn that was great! Think I got a handle on porn but still working on masturbating. Do you think it’s good to go awhile without masturbating before practicing for multi orgasm?

        • I think it would be a good idea. To separate yourself from the porn fantasy and weaken those pathways so you can focus on touch and feel when self cultivating. Glad to hear you are liking the podcast!

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  7. Hey nice post. I read the book four months ago and I practiced some of the exercises for a while, and also the self cultivating. However, I still kept fall over the edge even after a lot of practice. I then tried to tense my PC muscles really hard when I felt like I was about to ejaculate as the book says to do, however this had the weird result that I would ejaculate but without any orgasm, the opposite of what’s supposed to be achieved. Any advice? Cheers

    • Hmm, I have never heard the second part but I know this can be a tough practice. My advice would be learn more about your energy and controlling it and try to get in touch with that sexual energy a little bit more overtime to the point where you can move it around easier. Mantak Chia has many great books on this. Another guy I was helping focused heavily on the PC muscles exercises and squats etc every other day and is seeing good results.
      Thinking about that second part it sounds like you are squeezing your PC and stopping the contractions but not stopping the ejaculation making it pretty lame, which yes is not what you want. I think you may just be past the point of no return and need to keep conditioning your body to orgasm and have the contractions separate from ejaculation. The ejaculation comes after the orgasm technically, so if that is happening you have gone to far.
      Hope that helps man it’s hard to say b/c everyones experience is different!

  8. I’m having a confusing time pinpointing the PC muscles that I need to strengthen. Perhaps I’m thinking about it too much, but let me explain.
    At first I thought it was the entire muscle group; when I use the entire pelvic muscle group, my testicles and penis raise up, but my anus also tightens up. Using these, it’s very easy to stop the flow of urine; but the ejaculation reflex begins immediately whenever I use this muscle group to attempt to stop or delay it.
    I’ve had more success delaying ejaculation by relaxing and not using any muscle groups. This has led me to believe I haven’t properly located or trained my PC muscle. The other muscle group that I’m beginning to think is the PC group causes just my testicles to raise when I tense it, but nothing else “moves”. Using this muscle group, it’s very challenging to stop the flow of urine; I can only slow it down. Also, the ejaculation reflex doesn’t begin immediately when I try to use this second group.
    I’ve purchased and read “The Multi-Orgasmic Man”, and have done many google searches to make sure I’m using the right muscle group. The searches have turned up with answers such as “the muscles you use to hold in flatulence” or “the muscles you use to stop yourself from urinating”, which would be the first muscle group that I described; however I’m making zero progress using this muscle group when trying to delay ejaculation. I’m trying to remain patient, but it’s been a month of no progress so I want to make sure that I’m at least going in the right direction.

    • Hey man, those are the muscles. When you’re peeing, the new used to stop.
      I can see how flexing those over and over would increase ejaculation. But one strong hold should sop it in time. Will connect with you more on this later. I am actually leaving for vaca in 10 minutes for 2 weeks! Sorry dude!

      • No worries, thanks for the reply! I guess I really do need to strengthen them even more.
        Enjoy the vacation!

  9. How long does this take to master? It sounds like this would take many years to learn. Also, the book is very vague in the things it describes. It doesn’t give you any hints if the body parts described are what i’m feeling. So, I find the book very confusing.
    I think someone would be better off learning from someone else who understands this stuff. Also, concerning milking the prostate I couldn’t figure out how to do that. It didnt turn me on at all. Sticking fingers up my ass doesn’t get my dick hard haha does it for you? just wondering.

  10. how do I deal with blue balls and being in pain all the time? the book teaches us to masturbate but not cumn. so, im in pain all the time? im in no position to date anyone since i cant last long since i quit masturbating everyday. whats your advice?

  11. I am determined to be able to have multiple orgasms, but there is one thing bothering me about this and I’m talking about the thinking behind it.
    You say that not acting on fantasies is the way to go, but what else is going to make a man excited?
    Men get turned on by visual stimuli, it’s just the way human nature works so I didn’t write the rules, but you are saying to get turned on in some other way?
    It just simply isn’t going to happen without looking at someone and women are not going to want to sit there and not touch each other.
    If men shouldn’t be ejaculating, then does the same apply to women?
    If so, then this would contradict your statement of women loving you when the two of you have sex.
    I am still very much interested in being able to have multiple orgasms, but I am sort of annoyed about this whole thing after reading your information that you presented.
    I think it’s the way I am thinking about it, but one thing is very much certain.
    That is, that men get turned on by visual stimuli and there is no way of thinking – no matter how hard anyone tries, that is going to stop that from happening.

  12. Just wanted to inform people that I have just got my course online that teaches men how to become multiorgasmic “for real” by working the refractory period away step by step. Hopefully this will help somebody out there looking for a solution for this mystery! http://www.academyofcum.com is the address!

  13. Its would be a heavenly expirience………….akh it sucks pouring after just twi minutes. It had made me hate myself. Am in kenya…..ua mode of payments for the book are abit hard to effect in the countryside kindly advise me on where l can get a hardcopy of the book in nairobi….am ready to travel there just to collect the book. Want ma darlin wife to enjoy life between the sheets.

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    • Hi Thomas!

      We are very happy that you’ve found this article interesting.

      Good luck on your journey!


  17. Hey its good It’s always good to see a creative mind come up with something new, especially when it’s in the form of a blog. The thing is, not everyone can be as creative as you are. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have some fun and make things happen for yourself. You just have to be willing and open to try new things and not let anyone stop you from doing so.


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