NoFap Timeline – Benefits, What to Expect (+GOD MODE)

NoFap Timeline – Benefits, What to Expect (+GOD MODE)

NoFap Timeline – Benefits, What to Expect (+GOD MODE)

nofap timeline

God Mode means completely free from PMO, 10xing your income, finding your dream woman, and more! Is that possible? If so, what day would those benefits even come?

There’s so much incongruity of information from people saying things, so I wanted to give you an honest perspective. After working with hundreds of clients, having so many men go through my NoFap system, and posting in the group their benefits with time frames… From this sample data, I know exactly when you can expect to see benefits if you’re fully committed to NoFap.

Firstly, let’s do a little caveat here – you shouldn’t have to rely on the objective benefits in order to do it. That’s exactly like saying that you want to make a lot of money so people admire you.

Look, climbing the top of the mountain is super cool and the view is amazing up there, but you’re doing it because you love the climb. Do you feel me?

If you see the right benefits and choose them wisely + you use the Slight Edge technique + Compound Effect mixed with GRIT you get the perfect recipe to not only achieve NoFap but success in any field you choose.

So What is The NoFap Timeline?

Let’s get back on track. Here’s the proven timeline of NoFap benefits:

NoFap Timeline: 0 – 7 DAYS IN – EASY MODE

Honestly, this part is super easy. You just came off your last relapse and all the benefits are basically psychological and emotional. It’s all in your head. You are super motivated and you have all the willpower needed. This is great, but make sure you don’t ride that first wave and then crash. That’s what happens to most guys. That’s because you’re not implementing the right steps and strategies deep within who you are to make sure you keep riding that wave.

When you implement these strategies, it leads to more spurts of energy and being more sexually intentioned with women, meaning you get that strong masculine presence that completely rids you of social anxiety and gives you the much-needed confidence.

NoFap Timeline: 7 – 30 DAYS IN – Commendable

Here’s the tricky part – only around 40 percent of men make it past 30 days. Trust me when I say this: you’ll want to be in this percentage. The benefits you get are beyond worth the wait and the struggle. It really pays off.

Massive reserves of energy. More focus, more clarity, and creativity. Attracting high-quality people in your life who respond positively towards you because they can sense how good you feel about yourself.

Women notice your intent and strong masculine presence. It’s good stuff.

NoFap Timeline: 30 – 90 DAYS IN – A King Amongst Men

Only around 7 to 10 percent of men make it this far. Look, your old habits die hard. It’s not easy getting this far in and if you do make it, you should be beyond proud of yourself.

Once you hit the 66-day mark, you’ve reached the scientifically proven amount of time needed to establish new habits and get rid of an old one. At this point, you’ve probably implemented some new habits to replace the needs met by watching porn.

You almost look back at your old self as a stranger and even though you experience some urges from time to time, they are incomparably easier to manage. Your DG (delayed gratification) muscle and dopamine system are completely refreshed and new.

The only reason men fail at this point is that they did not create a complete identity level shift. When the first big stressor comes along in their life, they crumble and start back at day 1.

If you’re one of the kings who keep their streak going, you’ll see benefits like new artistic mastery and business growth, seeing women as equals and not some objects to be obtained, getting completely rid of social anxiety. On top of that, your mood now will be annoyingly positive (on second thought, it’s not annoying, on the contrary – it’s attractive).

Often, alcohol is way less enjoyable since you don’t want to alter your state and numb yourself anymore. The “high” you get when you’re sober is superior to anything else. What really surprised me is that a lot of men will experience a change in their music and food taste – I’ve seen this countless times with my clients.

NoFap Timeline: 9+ MONTHS – GOD MODE!

Less than one percent of guys actually get here. Once you get to this point, your whole life opens up and the compound effect really kicks in. This doesn’t only apply to NoFap, but to anything in life. When you stay strong and stick with the new and improved version of yourself, life rewards you.

Mastering Nofap and getting this far and applying it to every area of your life – to your health, to your heart, your business, to your relationships, to your spirituality, and to everything is what soars you to the next level of the man you want.

If you want to find out more and learn how I’ve been able to reach 1000+ days porn free – watch my free training webinar on how to quit porn for good using the HCT method.

Thanks for reading guys – let us know your nofap timeline in comments below. What did you experience & how long did it take you to see positive results?!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out some more articles you may like to continue your self improvement journey!

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11 thoughts on “NoFap Timeline – Benefits, What to Expect (+GOD MODE)”

  1. So, exactly how are these benefits “proven” and what is the scientific basis? I’ve seen this info before, say on Reddit, but never actual data other than anecdotal….

    • Yes till u reboot i Mean your brain completely reboots and you have all your self control back …… my personal journey what i felt is like having sex or fap = loss of energy And u cant just start loosing your energy after just a small 90 days retention.

  2. I think no fap does not work at all…
    There is no scientific evidence to suggest that not masturbating or fapping leads to any significant benefits. In fact, many people report feeling more irritable, anxious, and stressed when they abstain from masturbation. There is no need to feel guilty or ashamed if you do choose to masturbate- it is a natural and healthy behavior.

    • I agree for sure, it is. It is the ejaculation that can drain so much lifeforce energy if done too often, it all depends on the individual how they feel.

    • I bet U watch porn daily for a year and Fap then then let me Know is it affecting or not? Wait now u will say that doing daily is kind of wrong one should do it in moderation. then i will say Watch 2 to 3 times a week and fap And do Let me know what you are feeling ?

    • No fab works 90day challenge is massive , No fab ,No sex & No beer your energy levels blow out . I recall just 35days into the challenge I was madly developing a new me. More women naturally getting attracted to me , I was developing more products for my business , Guess what on day 92, I upgraded my old c class Mercedes Benz to a new ml 350 w166… How about that for nofab .


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