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What is Fapping? Myths vs. Facts That Will Shock You!What is Fapping?


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When I first heard the word “fapping,” I thought it was a new method of clapping with one hand. 🤔👏
Sean Russell
Founder, CEO | Menprovement

Little did I know that it was a private, intimate concert where the audience, performer, and critic were all the same person.

If you are scratching your head wondering what the F fapping is, let me enlighten you. 👇🏼

What is Fapping?

Fapping is a new term in the internet porn community. In simple terms, it means masturbating, A.K.A jerking off or jacking off. More than likely in a ferocious manner to your favorite porn scene.

So to give you more of a perspective, here are some common phrases you might hear the word “fapping” in:

  • I couldn’t hold myself and fapped hard yesterday.
  • To all the fappers out there, this is what you can do to overcome your urges
  • I’m doing the NoFap challenge

Where did the Term “Fapping” Come from?

It started like every street language term. With a Japanese manga in 1999. A man called Kizudarake No Tenshitachi published Heartbroken Angels which is known for its bizarre scenes.1

Heartbroken Angels Vol 1.

One of those scenes (on the right, or below if you are on mobile) was about a guy asking the “video girl” if she could get him a new VCR just so he could watch porn and masturbate.

The guy then said:

Hee hee! Having a girlfriend is great!


The internet and internet porn was on the rise in the 90s and this scene, although presented in a funny way, was a warning on how some people will see internet porn as a replacement for an ACTUAL girlfriend.2

Video Girl Etchi 1

Heartbroken Angels Vol 2.

The second manga is even more bizarre – the story explains how the main character sees a naked woman with a sign that says “Free sex.

Instead of actually having sex with the woman the guy goes home and tells himself:

… WOW… and I saw her naked breasts and OH those thighs!

The memories will last me many a lonely night.


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Video Girl Etchi 2

fapping added to Urban Dictionary

After that, the word “fapping” started to gain some serious attention and in 2002, users requested it to be added to the urban dictionary.3

fapping Became A Meme

In 2004 – the word “fapping” became so popular that it was added to YTMND a popular meme site4. All memes with text *FAP* *FAP* *FAP* started to pop up.

The character you see on the right turned into the “fap meme” and there are tons of gifs, videos, and memes about him.

He even has his own fapping sound effect. 👇🏼

fap fap fap meme

“fap” more Popular Than “Masturbate”

And then in 2006, seven years after Heartbroken Angels was published, the word “fap” became so popular that it even surpassed it’s competitor: “masturbate” on Google Trends.

The Media Began to Notice

It took some time for the mainstream media to pick up on fapping. In 2010 the D.C. political blog Wonkette put the word “Fap” in one of their headlines.5 👇🏼

Wonkette headline with fap

Eventually, other media sites like The New York Times started to use it.

No Nut November

Ever heard of No Nut November?

With the rise of online pornography and “fapping,” more and more people felt like masturbating was becoming normalized and they wanted to stop fapping for good.

steering clear of watching online porn and masturbating can give you health benefits.

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Thus No Nut November (NNN) was created – a community of men who abstained from porn and masturbation during the entire month of (you guessed it) November.6

The birth Of The noFap Community

So with the rise of No Nut November, an anti-porn activist named Gary Wilson started NoFap – a community strictly against porn and masturbation.

Just like NNN, the community helps other people (mostly men) stop fapping with a supportive community that tries to help each other through difficult times.

The only difference here is that the NoFap community was against porn and masturbating during the entire year and NNN only during November.

According to Wikipedia, NoFap had over 330,000 members in 2022.

NoFap members as of 2022

I personally think the vision of NoFap is great:

Taking control of your urges and abstaining from porn and masturbation

There are so many stories of guys who had a porn and fapping addiction for years and due to NoFap they were able to take back control of their lives.7

Unfortunately, in the last couple of years the NoFap community has got some serious criticism. There is a study published in Sage Journal where they joined the NoFap community and found that 73% of all the members are Misogynistic. 8

Fapping Today

Moving into 2024, “fapping” is just one of many words the porn industry uses. Here are a few more examples. 👇🏼

  • Self-pleasure
  • Self-love
  • Solitary sex
  • Jacking off (often used for males)
  • Jerking off (often used for males)
  • Wanking (British slang, often used for males)
  • Jilling off (often used for females, less common)
  • Self-stimulation
  • Manual stimulation
  • Touching oneself
  • Self-satisfaction
  • Playing with oneself
  • Going solo
  • Rubbing one out
  • Hand-to-gland combat (humorous slang)
  • Beating the meat (often used for males)
  • Spanking the monkey (often used for males)
  • Flicking the bean (often used for females)
  • Petting the kitty (often used for females)
  • Polishing the pearl (often used for females)
  • Flying solo

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