Stop Fapping! The Amazing Benefits of Not Jerking Off

What is Fapping?

Fapping is a new term in the internet porn community. In simple terms, it means masturbating, A.K.A jerking off or jacking off. More than likely in a ferocious manner to your favorite porn scene. We’ve all done it. I can admit I am no angel.

But what most guys don’t realize is that this comical phrase, which is now an inside joke between most groups of guys, is actually turning them into the joke. Making it easier for guys who took that program to advance and swoop up all the beautiful girls out there.

But the main problem lies in lack of awareness. To most guys, there is nothing wrong with fapping. It’s as natural a brushing your teeth. On second thought, it’s probably a lot more prevalent than brushing your teeth. But I am here to say straight up that unless the fapping sound you hear is your ballsack against the skin of a beautiful woman, then fapping is destroying you as a man.

Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you. Just open your mind, read this article, and then feel free to bash me (if you still want to). Or you can thank me, as thousands of men have already. Why Fapping, Jerking Off And Jacking Off Are Destroying Your Life.

So what’s wrong with fapping? It feels great right?! No need to leave the house. Go to the gym. Or impress a girl. What could be wrong with that? Well for starters, porn doesn’t affect your brain like sex. Many people don’t know this. Let me explain…

The Shocking Similarities Between Porn And Drug Use

(For this section, I’m going to assume that when you’re fapping you’re not doing so to the sensual feel of your hand while cultivating energy for multi-orgasmic practices. You’re more than likely beating your meat to the latest Amy Reid cum shot compilation.)

Here’s a fun fact: Porn affects your brain in the exact same way an addictive drug does. In a study done at Cambridge University (For a synopsis you can understand go here), it was observed that the brain reacts to porn in the exact same way it reacts to drugs when you’re addicted to them.

In other words, you react to porn cues the same exact way a heroin addict responds to heroin cues. And on top of that, compulsive fappers craved porn (greater wanting) but did not have a higher sexual desire (liking) than the group who didn’t watch porn. Essentially you seek porn because you want it, not because you like it. It is the same for drug addicts, which is why so many want to quit – but cannot.

And when the study compared brain scans of the compulsive porn users (everyday users) and the control group (where did they even find these guys?!) the results were scary. The brain scan showed that during orgasm the porn users’ brains lit up the same pathways that the brains of drug addicts lit up when they shot up. The control group orgasmed from having sex, and the brain lit up completely different, healthy pathways.

The last major finding in this study was that 50% of the subjects (average age 25) had difficulty achieving an erection with real partners, yet they had no issues achieving erections with porn. Let me just pause for a second.

If you have no trouble with erections when jerking off, and when you finally bring a hot girl home, and you can’t get a boner – then you can stop reading this and head to our program for quitting porn right now. There is no time to waste. But if you’re still unsure, or interested in learning why you react this way to fapping and porn, then read on.

Your Brain on Porn (Fapping)

Again, for this part of the article, we are assuming that you are jacking off to porn since this will relate to 99.999999% of readers.

There is plenty of evidence that porn addiction and jerking off, in general, is detrimental to the human brain.

It’s like we’ve been part of a big 15-year experiment, and now all the test subjects are experiencing the negative side effects from extended use. So what’s important to understand when it comes to porn and the human brain? Let’s start at the very beginning.


Internet porn is a superstimulus like nothing our brains have ever seen before. Our brains, which are the same as they have been for thousands of years, have never been exposed to the stimulating effect of internet porn, or anything else like it. It is only 15 years old, after millions of years of evolution.

When you see a girl, your primal brain is programmed to want to reproduce. Naked woman in sight? Reproduce. This is because evolution’s top priority is to make babies. And in the modern-day, the brain is now exposed to more sexual partners in 1 week than it would usually be exposed to in a lifetime. The brain doesn’t know you’re looking at a computer.
It sees boobs, it wants to reproduce. And the catch it, there is no off button. This is known as the Coolidge effect.

The Coolidge Effect:

An Australian experiment shows that it’s not the mere nudity that gets people aroused, but instead, it is the “unending novelty.” When men were subjected to viewing porn, the switch in porn videos was what created a huge spike in arousal and erection circumference.

This can also be seen in a study done on male rats. Drop a male rat in with a female and he will mate with her, then he will lose interest. Drop another female in, and he will liven up and mate with her, then go uninterested. Drop another female in, and he’s up again for more. This will continue for as long as the mouse can last.

jerking off and the coolidge effect

Like the rat, this is your natural programming, which is why many people see marriage as unnatural, but I’m not going near that subject.

Rats mating with the same female also takes much longer to ejaculate than with they are with multiple females. This is called the Coolidge effect.

Essentially, the Coolidge effect causes declined sexual interest in the same sexual partner and increased sexual desire with multiple sexual partners. It also overrides ejaculation every time you are presented with a new partner.

And to your brain, the 2D women on your screen are new partners. This absence of a cognitive filter allows viewers to continue to seek out porn at endless amounts to satisfy their primal needs.

There is no escaping it and this is why jerking off to porn is so addicting.

Unending Novelty:

While watching porn, your primal brain (the limbic brain) gets more and more and more and more sexual partners in only 20 minutes than it ever should. New videos, new girls, new scenes, and endless fapping. The brain will never get enough and the only thing that stops it is ejaculation. (like the lucky lab rat above)

This is insanely pleasurable, we all know it.

But you can’t have this synthetic pleasure without a downfall.

The Limbic Brain:

The limbic brain is the primal part of your brain (the emotional instinctive brain). It’s where the sexual desires and The Coolidge effect come from. And it is the origin of all addictions. While the pre-fontal cortex controls our thought and understands the consequences of actions, the limbic brain does not.

The limbic brain is all about avoiding pain and feeling pleasure. Boiling water bad, porn good. Inside the limbic brain, you will find the reward center or circuit. This is very important. When you are addicted to something, like porn and masturbation, this is where it starts. The rule of the brain is when you do something, you must be rewarded. It wants you to seek reward and simple pleasures, to eat, bond, fall in love, and things like this.

Enter dopamine:

Dopamine is a feel-good neurotransmitter. You get it when you eat, when you see a hot girl, and yes when you watch porn.

Dopamine is the gas that turns the reward circuitry on. And at the core level, you don’t crave the food or porn but you crave the dopamine spike that it produces. It’s behind all motivation to do anything. And the bigger the surge of dopamine a stimulus gives you, the more you want it.

Novelty is dopamine’s best friend. (The newest movie, overeating and never-ending porn scenes). Dopamine is the whole driving force for the Coolidge effect. In the rats, the reward circuits were stimulated more and more with each new partner. And they don’t have a pre-fontal cortex to stop it.

With each new video you watch, a new boost in dopamine is excreted. This feels great, but it’s unnatural. Like a never-ending source of free drugs in your hands, it causes intense overindulgence in the form of jacking off. It’s your brain’s primary instinct to do so.

What this causes is eventual dopamine in-balances. Yes, like drugs, gambling, and other addictions, porn addiction changes your brain in the exact same way. Porn raises dopamine, higher than eating (and sex), and while you can’t just eat forever, you can watch porn for as long as you physically can (or until you come). Porn also keeps your dopamine elevated at this higher level for much longer than sex ever could. See the image on the next page.

Picture courtesy of See the full infographic here.

Highly Stimulating + Novelty + Unlimited Supply + Ignorant Fapping = Porn Addiction

The Result: Desensitization

As men become sensitized to porn and multiple partners on the screen, men become disinterested in real-life sex with one woman. Like watching the same porn scene over and over, it’s just boring. The reward circuitry and dopamine levels become numb. In the synapses, the large volumes of dopamine being released cause the dopamine receptors to down-regulate to account for it. Over time, this becomes the norm and receptors die off.

This leads to a numbed pleasure response. This lack of receptors causes a need for unnatural dopamine surges. This is seen in Meth addicts, Cocaine addicts, and yes, chronic fappers. This leads to to the need for more. Better porn, more scenes, more girls, kinky shit & more (some of my clients even turned to gay porn)!

And eventually, without it:

1. You can’t get an erection.

2. You can’t come.

3. Or you’re just plain bored.

Time for more porn, which is why in the Cambridge study at the stop guys could get an erection with no problem which fapping and jerking off, but 50% could not do so with a real woman. But it doesn’t end here. This trickles off into everyday life. Things become bland. Life becomes dull.

Your dopamine receptors are so fried that nothing has any joy to it anymore. This is where the lack of motivation and lust comes from. Most guys who stop watching porn talk about this huge zest for life they get back. You’ll feel it soon. It’s all chemical. It’s the brain restoring to its normal sensitivity level (rebooting).

This is why so many porn users experience depression and anxiety. And not realizing what the real problem is, they go on dangerous medications that mess them up even more. It’s a disaster. And until the dopamine receptors bounce back after a period of healing or withdrawal, the pleasure will not return. And the earlier you start watching, the worse it is.

If you start at 14, you will have chemical imbalances in your brain at 22. And according to Canadian researcher Simon Lajeunesse Ph.D., most boys start viewing porn and masturbating around the age of 10! How this will affect you is all based on the individual.

For many, it results in anxiety disorders and depression. This results in more fapping, completing the vicious cycle. If you’re feeling guilty for watching porn, don’t. Scientists in Montreal tried to launch a study, but first, they needed to find men in their 20’s who never watched porn. The problem was, they couldn’t find any. Almost everyone watches porn and jerks off. So don’t let this get you down. Let this be your greatest advantage.

The Results of Not Fapping or Jerking Off

The results of not masturbating are phenomenal. For starters, all that addiction stuff we just talked about. Gone. All that not being able to get an erection with a real girl. Gone. All that social anxiety, anxiety, and depression. Gone.

This is all true, and yes – it can take a long time, but once you stop jerking off, your natural sensation and sexual desire come back. I like to say that most men in our generation have never had true sex. They have never had sex while being completely free from porn. Since porn down-regulates your dopamine receptors and desensitizes you to not only sex but life, then sex as you know it now – is not sex at all.

Once you are a year free from porn and masturbating, sex will be a whole new thing to you. The intimacy, the passion, and yes the sensation. Just touching a woman’s skin will be enough to get you aroused. Not bad if you were one of the guys who couldn’t get a boner with a real woman because of his addiction to masturbating to porn. It’s no joke, which is why I’m spending hours of my time writing this article. I want to help as many men improve their lives as they can. It’s my life mission, along with becoming the best possible version of myself.

I truly see porn as a success inhibitor. In my eyes, it is a test. A test to separate the men from the boys and a filter to operate the 1% of men who achieve greatly, with epic sex lives and the 99% of men who fantasize about doing it. So all I can do is present the information in the best way I can. To show you the door. You have to walk through it. (Just do it! There’s sex, beautiful women, and happiness on the other side!)

How to Stop Fapping and Jacking Off

Quitting porn and masturbation is one of the hardest things to do. There’s a science behind it, which is why 99.9% of guys fail to do so. As we learned before, fapping to pornography is an addiction. There is no hiding from it and you can’t argue with science.

Can someone fap once a week and have a healthy sex life? Of course. But this is rarely the case. Usually, men are masturbating more than once a day. Like we said before, jacking off is more prevalent than brushing your teeth for most. So how can we stop? Essentially you have to reboot and rewire your brain.

In the last 10 years, you have built up powerful addiction pathways and a need for high levels of dopamine through daily masturbation.  You have to close these pathways, rewire your brain and open new healthy pathways.

So I could tell you what most other sites tell you when it comes to quitting masturbation, but then you would likely fail like most guys do and are back to jacking off in a few months’ time. I prefer not to waste your time, and to direct you to a program that is proven to work, 100% guaranteed.

But I will share some great resources that are 100% free if that is the course you want to go to. Because if you are one of the very few who have the willpower to remove porn and fapping from their life, these can help you get there.

The Best Resources to Help You Stop Jacking Off

Yes, we have one of the best resources for helping guys stop jacking off. But it costs $29.95 and a lot of guys don’t like that. Of course, if you are part of The Menprovement Academy this program and any other program we have is at no cost to you. If you want to go the free route, there are some awesome resources to help guys stop fapping out there.


Probably the best and most informative website on porn addiction and quitting porn. I learned all I know from these guys. They have a community and pretty much anything that is out there about porn can be found on this website.

2) Reddit NoFAP

A huge community of like-minded “no fappers” who will support you and answer any questions you have. You can read some inspiring stuff on here.


Another website for fighting the new drug, porn. These guys are committed to educating guys about the dangers of porn addiction. They have some stellar resources.

When Masturbating Can be Healthy

I get a lot of guys who tell me that this is nonsense because doctors show that masturbation can be healthy, so let me cover this quickly before we close off. Masturbating is not what is healthy. Ejaculation is what is healthy for your body. (Although Taoists have found that withholding masturbation is one of the most powerful practices for health and vitality). And masturbating isn’t a one size fits all term.

There is fapping, which can be described as furiously jerking off to internet porn. There is masturbating, that you do lying in bed thinking about the neighbor’s daughter (much better but still not ideal). Then there is self-cultivation. The only form of masturbation that can make you a better man.

It’s used in practice to become a multi-orgasmic man (which is awesome BTW) where you self cultivates or touch yourself to really connect with your sexual energy and master it. You can progress this to orgasmic meditation and tantric sex. Self-cultivation is all about being present and one with your body, not playing fantasies in your head. It is about going slow and feeling only. Most guys would not be able to keep an erection if they tried this because their brains need porn for dopamine.

And then of course there is sex, which is what you should replace fapping with. Healthy sex. Not sex where you are with your wife and fantasizing about porn just to come. And not sex where you’re watching porn on your phone behind her back (I have had wives tell me their husbands do this).

But natural, beautiful sex where you are present in your body and connected with the other person. Just accomplishing this will make you a better lover than 99% of men. Then you won’t need porn, women will be lining up at the door for your goods.

And you can take it to the next level and become tantric and multi-orgasmic. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you, but first, you’ve got to say goodbye to your old friend the faster.

In Conclusion

I hope I have shed some light on your fapping addiction. No longer should this be a joke amongst friends who laugh about how many times they beat their meat on a daily basis? I was like this, and life may seem all fine and dandy, but let me tell you, that you are missing out on a whole lot.

And there will be guys who read this and give up porn, masturbating and fapping altogether. These men will change and start living the life they deserve to live. And that only leaves the guys who read this and don’t change even farther behind. Which guy do you want to be?

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