Do Pheromones Actually Work? My Tests And Results (WOW)

Do Pheromones Actually Work? My Tests And Results (WOW)

Do Pheromones Actually Work? My Tests And Results (WOW)

Do Pheromones Work

Most of you have probably seen the Ocean’s 13 scene where Matt Damon uses a pheromone called “The Gilroy” to seduce the older hotel chick.

If you haven’t, check it out below before you read on.

This video sparked a lot of interest in me because who doesn’t want to be able to put on a chemical and have girls drool over you.

So I put my big-boy pants on, did some research, read some books and it seems that the majority of people believe these pheromones are bullshit and are a just certain companies way of trying to make money selling you snake oil.

But there are a few sites out there that really genuinely believe pheromones actually work. I mean there is science behind it, it is not just appearing out of thin air. Pheromones are seen everywhere in life, from dogs to bees, why would it be any different in humans? At the end of the day, we are just mammals.

So I have embarked on a journey to figure out once and for all if pheromones are legit or if they are really just a big waste of money, to give an answer to the age-old question, “do pheromones actually work?”

How do pheromones work?

How Pheromones Work
Essentially pheromones are secreted by men, women, animals, and tons of other species. These pheromones are detected by us through the nose in the Vomeronasal Organ. This organ has receptors that are extremely sensitive to pheromones in the air.

Once the pheromones are detected by this organ they travel through the nose and stimulate the hypothalamus in the cortex of the brain. This is the area of the brain that is responsible for producing emotions and emotional response, hence pheromones apparently making girls want to rip your clothes off.

These pheromones are subconsciously detected, eliciting an internal sexual response. The pheromones literally send signals to the hypothalamus to elicit attraction, sexual desire, and arousal.

Both men and women secrete these pheromones, just in different forms. Based on these facts alone, it easily to see that pheromones are real and they definitely have an effect on human emotions.

That’s not the question though.

The question is whether you can intentionally manipulate these pheromones through colognes and oils to receive a targeted outcome on your target mate.

The answer to this question

Like I said, this article is intended to determine the answer to this question.

Can you manipulate your pheromones, using colognes and oils, to have the desired outcome on your target mate?

There are a large number of websites that say yes, and a large number of websites that say no. The websites that say yes are usually the ones who are making money off you purchasing them, and the ones that say no are usually stupid, close-minded, assholes who post on about things they never used.

I am neither. So this going to be a no bullshit determination whether these products are worth your hard earned money.

How will I test these pheromones?

Simple really, I am going to purchase a certain pheromone. Go out in the field and approach women without the pheromone one weekend, and then approach women with the pheromone on, with the same routine, the next weekend.

There are many pheromones out there and I don’t think I am going to waste my time on the commercial ones that seem to be overly advertised nonsense.

I am going straight into the underground world of pheromones., by Androtics Direct, is a website I stumbled upon and they seem to be the PUA community of pheromones. They have a large community and are a company that offers a lot of pheromones/pheromone mixes, down to the most basic compound. They seem to be the most legit company and the reviews on the forums are surprisingly positive.

The forum is filled with real customers like myself since by signing up for the forum I received money off of my first order.

They are not a huge company, do not advertise in stupid magazines, and seem to be the underground world of pheromones.

Seems pretty cool to me and I’m actually excited to see what it’s all about. This is what I live for!

What pheromones I received

I placed my order for their Mixes Ammunition and T.U.T.H (Turn up the heat). These are there staples essentially for sexual attraction.

I received those, along with 2 free bottles of Instant Openness and P-102.

Do pheromones work


“It’s a pheromone cologne that’s really easy for you to use. No thinking is required… you can literally just “spritz n’ go.” It has a balanced blend of 3 human pheromones in a unique, top notch cologne (FF21).

The cologne was designed for us by no less than the world’s #1 fragrance designer. They’re the secret designer behind many of the award-winning brand names colognes you’re familiar with. You could easily find this cologne in the department store, next to all of the other bottles that cost between $65 to $90.

The pheromonal blend in AMMUNITION has been shown to get you friendly and, yes, even sexual attention. All without being excessive or overbearing. Just spray some AMMUNITION on to your wrists, and maybe a shot to the chest (exact instructions below), and you’re ready for a date or a night out clubbing or bar hopping.

While AMMUNITION is ideal for men club and bar going men 18-35, it’s what inside the bottle the counts, and even men older than 35 have enjoyed both the pheromonal effects and the fragrance- From the manufacturer website.[/quote]

2) TUTH (Turn Up The Heat)

“Tuth is a sexual Pheromone For men. It gives you a clear signal that it’s on. Turn Up The Heat works exactly like a thermostat. 1 spray is smoldering, 2 sprays intensely hot, 3 you’re on fire… 4 sprays… ouch!”

A little does a lot, so always start low when using Turn Up The Heat. At bars or nightclubs, we recommend using just 1 or 2 sprays, applied to the chest, behind the ears, or on the wrists. Turn Up The Heat can help attract women looking for a sexual encounter at these venues.

When dating, only use Turn Up The Heat when the woman is comfortable enough with you to take things to the next level (this usually requires a minimum of 4-7 hours spent together at different venues). After you’ve spent some time together building comfort (which you can do with Instant Openness and Instant Shine), you can then literally Turn Up The Heat. Start by using just one spray.

If necessary, add one additional spray every time you meet, up to a maximum of 5 sprays total. Using Turn Up the Heat in this manner will Turn UP the SEXUALITY, and help to MELT last minute resistance. Guaranteed.” – From the manufacturers website.

3) Instant Openness

“Want something to help break the ice, and lighten social tensions? Maybe even make things a little less serious and more carefree, more fun?  Then try Instant Openness, the friendly, feel good pheromone formula.”

As it says on the bottle, Instant Openness  is “A great way to get things started.” It allows you and those around you to just “Relax and watch the barriers melt away. ”  Usable at work and with friends, new or old, Instant Openness helps to lighten the mood and increase the flow (quantity) of communication.

Large amounts of Instant Openness can even feel help create a playful, euphoric atmosphere, reported as similar to having a glass of champagne. If you’re at all intimidating (or are using an intimidating pheromone mix), Instant Openness can also be used to help “soften” your image and make you easier to talk to.” – From the manufacturers website.

4) P-102

There’s no information on this one. They send it out to customers and we are supposed to test it and let them know the effects. Kinda cool.

First impressions:

I put in a pretty big order last week and it came literally in two days. That was nice.
It was in a regular USPS bubble wrapped the package with a receipt and order invoice. Basically, it didn’t seem like it came from someone’s basement.

What was really awesome was that they sent me two free samples of pheromones that I didn’t even order! That’s pretty legit, so now instead of getting to try 2 different pheromone mixes for you, I will get to try 3 mixes and 1 basic compound.

More First Impressions:

To start off, I can say right away that you will not be wasting your money ordering these products. Not because they work, but because they smell fucking awesome.

I would absolutely buy these colognes just for the scent. They are very musky and I love that. It’s hard to find a good musk now a days.

So if they don’t work who cares I got some nice cologne. But maybe they will get me laid too 😉

Test 1: The bedroom

Product Used: TUTH A.K.A Turn Up The Heat

This is a purely sexual pheromone meant to display sexual feelings.

Today is Saturday, June 22nd and I am writing about last night.

I just received these pheromones a few days ago and last night I got a call at 4:30 AM from a girl I hook up with on time to time. She always calls me drunk while on her way home from places since she has to pass my house to get home. Plus, she only lives 5 minutes away.

Usually, she comes over, we hook up, she won’t let me take her pants off, and it ends at kissing. Essentially, she’s a good girl, and I would have to date her to get in her pants. Not interested.

Anyway, she comes over last night after calling me at 4:30 and I decide to see what T.U.T.H (Turn Up The Heat) can do.

I hit myself with one spray on the neck/chest. It smells so fantastic I think it even turned me on a little bit. But seriously, I did notice immediate self effects in the form of confidence and looseness. Kind of like a small buzz, probably the placebo effect, who knows.

So I sneak the girl in and she is in a sexy little black dress, she has a perfect tan body, and we lie down on my bed.

Long story short, I was hardly able to get a sentence out before she lunged at me, starting our makeout. Things escalated FAST! Plus, she was breathing so heavy and was all over me.

Whenever I hook up with this girl in situations like this, we always talk for 10 or so minutes, break in a little awkwardly for the first kiss and then she resists as I move my hand around her body.

Not this time.

I felt like we were animals. No words were said, we were just going at it intensely, ripping each others clothing off. At one point she was just sucking on my neck where I sprayed the TUTH, and five minutes later she was giving me a blowjob. Well worth it.

I truly do have to say this encounter with her was completely different than the last five.

1) We have never engaged in Oral Sex.

2) It always takes her a little while to warm up, while this time she basically assaulted me.

3) She never lets me get her naked. But tonight it was like she was possessed and her clothes couldn’t come off fast enough.

I have to credit it to the TUTH. The reason I say this is because this is the second time I have had an experience like this with TUTH.

Like I said above, 3 years ago I ordered AMMO and a small bottle of TUTH. Never really used it, but at one point I was having sex with my best friends, best girl friend. They weren’t dating, but were just great friends. Whenever we would go out I would end up banging her when we got home every night. Beautiful girl, perfect tits, really great situation.

One time out of the many, I sprayed myself with the TUTH and she was like an animal.

No words were said, clothes ripped off and we had sex for ages.

Even though I didn’t have sex with the girl last night it was so similar.

These were the only two times I used TUTH, both where I was one on one with a girl in a guaranteed hookup.

I will never go without it again.

Test 2: Out & About

Test 2 consisted of going out and talking to girls in the bar.

What I noticed was nothing like test 1. I did not have any superman like results. Girls were not fighting over me at the bar trying to get me to take them home and I wasn’t getting any crazy looks . Not anymore than usual anyway.

So as discouraging as that sounds, I still did notice that I had a little more confidence while wearing them because I assumed that I was wearing some magic special scent that could get me any girl. It opened me up a lot more and the placebo effect is a very powerful thing.

So I have nothing exciting to report on while going out with pheromones and trying to pick up chick. Sorry guys.

BUT..this did lead me to a really great understanding and theory on how pheromones actually do work. So check that out in the verdict section because I think it will explain things clearly.

The Verdict

So what’s the verdict, do pheromones actually work?

The verdict is….Pheromones do work, but not as much as you want them to. I will explain.
From the last few months, living my life under the influence of pheromones, I have come to a conclusion which I think makes perfect sense.

Pheromones exist. Period. They come out of our bodies and affect women’s emotions. Its nature. It’s a fact.

Down to the core, we are all just organisms. Extremely smart and complex organisms whose brains have the capacity to override instinct and use thought and reason. Bees and other animals that don’t have that ability to overrule their instinctive reaction rely on pheromones everyday for mating and much more.

Since its a fact that we give off these pheromones too, there must be a part of our instinctive personality that’s affected by them.

I just think most people can overcome this reaction with thought and reason, which is why I don’t believe that you can go out on the street and use pheromones to pick up a girl you’ve never met.

But, for sexual situations, where both parties are trusting and at ease, I think instincts truly start to take over. Which is why I think TUTH had such a strong effect on the girls I was with.

It made them drop all their inhibitions because they were in a situation to do so. They could let go and let their animal instincts take over in hot passionate sex.

A girl you just meet on the street is not going to let these inhibitions take over whether she is affected by the pheromones or not. She is going to be a rational thinker and come to the conclusion on whether she likes this man or not by using her thoughts and reason.

So while T.U.T.H works, straight up, you are probably not going to have much luck going to bars and trying to win girls with pheromones. After all, everyone has them so it’s not like you have that much of an unfair advantage.

But one thing is for sure, if you know you’re going to get with a girl, she is coming over, and she trusts you enough to let loose, T.U.T.H will allow you to have one hell of a night.
It will make her maul you. I am not kidding, it definitely made these girls horny and just ripped away any inhibitions.

So have fun with this stuff man, And if it doesn’t work for you, who cares, it smells awesome.

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0 thoughts on “Do Pheromones Actually Work? My Tests And Results (WOW)”

      • I have not tried it. It seems to have been out of stock ever since I heard about it (from this website, about 3 month ago). I signed up on the website to NOTIFY ME when it becomes available…they still haven’t.
        How often do you use TUTH?

        • Hey george how much is it on the site? Maybe I can sell you my second bottle for half the price if you would be into that. I believe its full, I would have to check the shelf life of them as it is probably 6 months old.

          • Hi Sean, okay, maybe I’m down for that. I just checked and it’s $29.95 on the website, and it’s AVAILABLE again. Would you consider selling it for $15 with shipping included already?

        • All depends on the quality of the Pheromones. It’s worth checking out Dr Amend’s ‘Pheromone Advantage’ for quality.

    • my husband wears RX attraction cologne from . It smells so good! I know buy this for him instead.

    • Sean,
      I have a question about pheromones.
      now I see some ones you tried, I also looked at and one other one, and one that rated them all said something called “edge” works in all situations and was at 90% effective. it is hard to really know.
      But here is the question, and based on your article here I believe maybe it will work.
      I am looking to purchase pheromones to try to get this girl, one very specific girl.
      the girl is hot as hell, and I am a 41 yr old virgin, which meant that I missed some opportunities due to my inexperinence level of thinking I had mixed signals. she did invite me to her bedroom a few times,and one time I even started caressing her and almost kissed her but not quite, and for 2 months she was always brushing against me either leg to leg or whatever. but I think I may have missed that for the moment, because her ex who she wasdone with forever after getting together and leaving 100 times in a few eyar span, sudently got back to her and I know they are having sex I am sure of it. but the touching stopped right at that exact moment, I have a feeling they will break up again soon, and she trusts me with important things more than she does him and she is already slowly starting to show cracks that she thinks he may be a loser or not chanign etc.. she even called me back to ask me to meet her all 3times since then, and that was after she was so pissed at me she sounded like she texted me a dear john letter practicall. so essentially I had something she liked about me, I messed up that, but she still clearly has a huge amount of trust in me, and likes spending time, it is always normally just us anyway, and she still likes me hugging. do you think if I get a good pheromone, I can get her emotional cortex truned on to have her lead me to the bedroom again so tshe is aroused? the mixed signal I am talking about from before is she always turned the body away but the onetime I did start massaging and caressing and she truend towards me a few times. I want her, and I think if I can get her laid by me, that would probably solidify in her mind that I am for her, and I would obviously be over my fears by finally getting this done. but If the pheromone can help retrigger her attraction to me, that seems like it would be good. do you think this situation would be suited to your test?

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  1. This is an interesting article because I’m wondering if it’s just a coincidence or if it’s actually legit. There are so many mixed reviews on whether these colognes work but it sounds like you had a good experience. I’ll be conducting my own study like you Sean here and hopefully I’ll get some good results!

    • Honestly I agree I do believe in coincidence because its crazy to think a cologne can have an effect like this.
      But I also believe that down to the core we are all just organisms. Extremely smart and complex organisms who’s brains have the capacity to override instinct and use thought and reason. Bees and other animals that don’t have that ability to overrule their instinctive reaction with thought rely on pheromones everyday for mating and much more.
      Its a fact that we give off these pheromones too, so there must be a part of our instinctive personality that is effected by them. I just think most people can overcome this with thought and reason, which is why I don’t believe that you can go out on the street and use pheromones to pick up a girl you just met very well. But for sexual situations, where both parties are trusting and at ease, I think instincts truly start to take over, which is why I think TUTH had such a strong effect on the girls I was with.

      • Yes I definitely agree Sean… I spent the day reading scholarly articles (and the rest of this blog pretty cool stuff) on the subject because you got me so interested in this behavior. There is no doubt pheromones work.
        For example, we’ve all heard that when girls live together and become good friends, their periods match up. This is due to pheromones which is crazy! So smelling can have an effect on human biologically.
        With what I wrote on my post was that it definitely works, but don’t expect it to do all the work for you… at the end of the day you’re still gonna have to talk to a girl… cool hearing back from you Sean and if you’re cool with it, I’m gonna cite you in my post as well.

  2. Thanks for the effort, but I can’t take you seriously if you can’t go more than two sentences without messing up your grammar.
    You’re supposed to be a writer here, right? Then write properly.

  3. Thank you for writing up this review – I’ve personally used Androtics pheromones and there are much better products on the market. They just have their marketing on point, which doesn’t mean they’re the best. I review other products on my blog if you want to check it out:

    • Thanks man,
      That is true, there is ton’s of stuff out there. Hard to tell whats the real deal.
      Nice website. I will be sure to remember to mention is in my next article about pheromones!
      – Sean

      • No worries. Also, I have a spam blocker on my computer (avoiding porn use, which I was pleasantly surprised that you are against too), and your website gets flagged as pornography. I have no idea why. I had to get my password sent to me to reply to your message.

        • Hmmm. That’s funny in a way. A site against porn getting flagged as porn. Good to see we share the same viewpoint. If you ever want to write a guest post about pheromones with a link back to your site let me know.

  4. My experience with pheromones has been this.
    I was seeing this girl for awhile and we never really did anything except make out and lightly rub over certain areas. She was very good at explaining we were NOT going to have sex. The last time she did though I noticed a small bottle that said “Pure Romance” on it. I asked and she explained it was a crap pheromone stuff that was supposed to make men attracted to women. That it smelt different on every person.
    I thought it has to smell awful on a guy so I put some on and we laughed about the girly smell. 45 minutes later we look like we should be on the discovery channel or something.
    Soon after we finished I thought to myself “there’s no way that just worked.”
    It’s not men attracted to women or vice versa but pheromones work, I’m a believer.

    • We leave the adverts to the sidebar. While I do represent many products (if they work), I have zero affiliation with androtics products and receive no money from any of these links.

  5. What do you mean when you say, “They are not a commercial company”? If they make a profit on what they sell, then of course they are a commercial company. Incidentally, how much do you make on your affiliate marketing deal with them?

    • We actually make zero dollars with them Mark, not an affiliate. I have no reason to hide any affiliates we use and anything we are an affiliate of we would recommend for free.
      I wrote this article a while ago, I don’t even know what I meant by that but I will change it because you’re right.

  6. Dude It’s not that I think you’re untrustworthy it’s just that this sounds too good to be true. Can you promise me that everything you said happened to you is true? I’m sure you can understand my suspicion. Also do you think this stuff would work on a girl I’m already friends with? I’m in the friend zone and I hate it. It sounds like it’s only worked on girls that met the guy that night, but I’ve known this girl for a while.

    • They will only add onto your vibe. If you are in the friend zone you are not displaying attraction to this girl and she’s not going to suddenly fall for you because of pheromones. My experiences are 100% true, but I was not in the friend zone I was in the fuck buddy zone.

  7. pheromones have worked for me … they do add to the vibe like other people say … i’ve tried many different ones but PHEROCEPT works really well for me

  8. Just like what I thought, it only works for women that we know 😀 but I think we can get late with this magic pheromone, if we can find the right victims lol 😀
    $25 is very cheap! can TUTH sent outside US, cause I am really curious with this magic lol

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    extend the advantages beyond your first quote.

  10. Wow, I just happened to stumble on this article again after a year or so… I see you have gathered some haters too man :p There are always people who will continue to doubt what you say simply because you recommend something and may or may not make a commission out of it.
    Personally, I think most guys should avoid pheromones, because they can’t get women with or without them. They are only a small add on to your personality, not a replacement for social and seduction skills. Everybody just wants a magic pill.
    The website is looking great btw — I linked my old website above (PheromonePro) but have created a new one which still has work to be done. If you’re still a pheromone user and want to check it out, I have rewritten and added some new pheromone reviews: House Of Pheromones.
    Cheers man!
    The site is looking great btw, no more “porn” warnings which is good!

    • Agreed. You should be able to do it without them. If she really isn’t wanting it and you use the Pheromones- you just hooked her on the Pheromones…. which really isn’t fair. Create your own magic. Learn what women really want. Short cuts are for boys.

  11. After reading this I feel like sharing some of my findings from a couple of experiments a few years back with pheromone cologne.
    So the story is that I bought one of these pheromones to try out, while I didn’t notice any changes in public, When I did eventually invited this girl over to my room she started to complaining about her head getting really hot, the next thing I know I’m getting a handjob. No joke I thought I was going crazy. I used this pheromone a few more times but never got quite the same effect from it. My conclusion is that the author is correct that the person who is interested most likely needs to have there instincts dialed up before it starts to effect them. As for my tests I would put it at 50/50 as to wether it really works or not, I really can’t guarantee anything because I only had one clear instance were I could safely conclude that the girl was much more aroused then I would normally expect.

  12. Hi Sean. Your article intrigues me. However, I don’t want to throw money away. I’m 40, and I married a woman 6 years older than me. We’ve been married almost 13 years, and together almost 15, and we have an 11 year old son. Our sex life used to be better, but now it’s just kind of plain vanilla. I’d like to do more than just missionary in the bedroom, and have sex more often with her, like we used to.
    I don’t want to buy this product (TUTH) and feel like I wasted my money. Do you think this product could really help me “Turn up the heat” in the bedroom?

  13. I just bought some pheromones and will be keen to see if they work for me on a lady in the DREADED …………..”FRIEND ZONE” im going all out with ,TUTH, AMMO AND MX297 , wish me luck.

  14. I have to disagree with Sean about it working on strangers. I bought a bottle of pheromones once and tried it out on some girls much younger than me. One of them was sorta resistant. She knew I was into her because she was hot. So I was following her to this church she went to wearing it all the time, it was Nexus I think. So next thing I know this guy shows up and moves in, I didn’t think it was working well enough so I doused myself good in it. Saw her again with the new guy, she would play eye tag with me a bit, I would look away because I’m shy and I heard her mumble something to him about he smells good and he said maybe he’s gay.
    So the next thing I know she stands up to go to the front to help with something and totally looses her pants and moons her date and I’m staring at her bare ass except for a yellow thong. He’s sitting there with a shocked expression on his face and left afterwards and never came back. Anyway long story short I saw her another time when her friend invited me back there, I sat with her friend but she wouldn’t come sit down. I was fighting a cold and went up to get a drink and she sorted batted her eyes and smiled a bit, but I didn’t feel like making a move then.
    Another experiment with a different cologne, sat down next to this blonde and her current bf interest with his dogs. Next thing I know her cutoffs go south of the border and I see a blue thong and some asscrack. So he leaves and she has an older lady invited me and an older buddy to play bocci with them. So I’m leaving and he comes over and says that she asked him if I had a gf. I’m like what she has a bf?! He goes she said their just friends. Another time she showed up in some crazy skin tight outfit to church and asks my mom if I’m there then hid in the kitchen.

  15. Cool now that I know, I can share this with my women’s group, so they have a heads up on this usage, and you. Humm, not much integrity…. poor thing you have to use these things, your body doesn’t have enough on romantic energy of it’s own. You poor “boys”. Notice I didn’t say Men. This isn’t fair to the woman, unless you tell her. You know that. The games boys play. How is this much different than ecstasy- other than she is conscious?

    • Yeah Lisa, just like dressing up in a short skirt, high heels, makeup that takes hours to put on…and then being a cock tease. STFU…
      Pheromones most definitely work. Some are much better than others. The stuff listed above is above average, but, not the best stuff.

  16. Hey! I really enjoyed reading your article and was wondering if it would be okay with you that I link this article in my blog about sex and relationships. Lmk.

  17. After 3 years of a sexless marriage, and coming out the other side alive to tell the tale; I came out an absolute animal and he came out barely alive. Now it could be because I’m 33 and they say women hit sexual peak in 5 their mid to late 30’s, but I’m not sure. Now mind you that I know absolutely without a doubt that there is no porno problem, really, if anyone is watching too much, it would be me! LMAO!
    Anyway, I bought a little bottle of this righteous smelling stuff that I use to use when I was 19 as a waitress. The strippers that worked across the street swore by it, said they made WAY more money when they started using it, and if she happens to be ovulating at the same time? Forget about it! Men become ANIMALS! Aggressive and take charge, the Super sexy alpha style “pull my hair and spank my ass” sort of wild! (My favorite)
    I have worn it for 3 days straight and I also put my nipple piercings back in after about 9 years without them

  18. I don’t fully believe posts like this when they mention only one product. Only for the fact that the company is most likely paying you for this. But im still going to try this out for myself on the little experiment im doing. Which is with multiple products, not just one.


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