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Is She into You? 16 Subconscious Signs a Girl Likes You

subconscious signs a girl likes you

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A recurrent issue many men express to me is their difficulty in discerning when a woman is attracted to them.

And guess what?

Many women tell me that guys often miss the hints they drop.

Quite the mismatch, right?

Ladies might sometimes seem like mysteries, but there’s a key to this puzzle. Over 80% of a woman’s communication is non-verbal, and that’s based on science, not just a hunch. In this article, we’ll dive deep into deciphering subsconscious signs a girl liks you.

key takeaways

  • Pupils dilate when she’s into you; it’s science, not just vibes.
  • Body language talks louder than words; learn to read her moves.
  • Nervous gestures often mean she’s genuinely invested in the moment.
  • Subtle touch or fidget? She’s probably feeling that spark, too.

How to know if a Girl Likes You

woman looking flirty while wearing sunglasses

Okay, sit back and soak this in, gentlemen. This is how to know if a girl likes you. These signs are classic and universal with ALL women, as they are subconscious. So look out and get reading. 👇🏼

#1 She Makes Strong Eye Contact

You’ve probably heard that age-old saying that eyes are a mirror to one’s feelings, right? While it sounds cliché, there’s a kernel of truth there. So, the next time you’re chatting with a girl, focus on her eyes.

When she maintains solid eye contact as you speak, it’s a clear sign she’s interested. Something you’re saying or doing has sparked her curiosity.
Sara Williams
Hopeless Romantic | Get-a-wingman

Here’s a tip from a woman’s perspective:

Many of you guys unintentionally shy away from direct eye contact. Embrace it! Stand confidentlyly and hold that eye contact.

Often, when a woman like myself tries to connect through eye contact, signaling she’s engaged, it goes unnoticed. So, consciously make an effort to hold and return that eye contact. If she can’t seem to take her eyes off you and occasionally checks out your lips, that’s a BIG HINT she sees you as more than just a friend.

However, if she keeps glancing elsewhere or seems lost in thought, she’s shy or perhaps she’s categorizing you as just a friend. If she seems disengaged, maybe it’s time to switch up your conversational game.

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#2 The Mystery Behind Her Dilated Pupils

Another subconscious sign to look for is dilated pupils. When we see something (or someone) we find attractive or interesting, our pupils naturally expand. 

Scientific studies back this up, revealing that dilated pupils are often a biological reaction to excitement or attraction. If you’re chatting with a lady and notice this, it might be an indicator she’s single and open to knowing more about your personal life.

#3 The Telltale Signs of Her Fidgets

We all know someone who can’t sit still when they’re nervous, right? Fidgeting, like twirling hair or not having her legs tightly crossed, can be a good sign she’s comfortable spending time with you. 

It might sound counterintuitive, but these tiny movements can be a subconscious sign of interest. 
Sara Williams
Hopeless Romantic | Get-a-wingman

In fact, research has shown that physical contact or even the mere anticipation of it can cause these restless behaviors. So, if she’s playing with her jewelry or tapping her foot, she might just be into you.

#4 When Her Voice Takes a New Tune

The pitch and pace of a woman’s voice can reveal a lot about how she feels. Scientific studies have found that when someone is attracted or interested, their tone often becomes slightly higher and may vary in speed. 

This isn’t her trying to serenade you, but a subconscious sign of her excitement and comfort. 

If she’s discussing her personal life and her voice becomes notably softer or more animated, that’s another good sign she’s comfortable spending time and opening up to you.

#5 When She’s Your Reflective Twin

You know when you’re with someone and, without realizing it, you both start to adopt similar postures, or even use the same phrases? 

That’s mirroring in action. 

Scientifically speaking, mirroring is a subconscious sign that someone feels connected or in sync with you. It’s the brain’s way of saying, “Hey, I’m with you on this.” If she starts to mirror your behaviors, it’s an indication she feels a bond.

For example, during one of my coffee dates, I noticed that whenever I took a sip of my drink, the guy opposite me did the same. 
Sara Williams
Hopeless Romantic | Get-a-wingman

We laughed about it, but deep down, it revealed our comfort levels. When she subtly imitates your actions or speech, it’s a good sign she might be single and genuinely interested in diving into your personal life.

#6 The Subtle Twists of Her Facial Expressions

While a full-blown smile is an obvious indicator of interest, it’s the little, almost imperceptible changes that can be more revealing. 

Research has shown that when someone is genuinely attracted or emotionally engaged, their facial muscles react in split-second movements. Maybe it’s a fleeting twitch of the lips, a slight flaring of the nostrils, or the tiniest lift of an eyebrow. 

These aren’t random twitches; they’re subconscious reactions to feelings.

Recall moments when you’ve shared intriguing parts of your personal life; if she’s reciprocating with these minute facial cues, there’s a high chance she’s interested.



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#7 The Welcoming Dance of Her Body Language

Now, let’s talk about the full-body story. Open body language is like an open book – it shows she’s willing to share and connect. 

When a woman’s comfortable around you, her body will express it loud and clear, even if she doesn’t say a word. 

From my experience, and countless conversations with friends, here are body language signs that shout, “I’m into this conversation and potentially you!”:

  • Uncrossed arms: This signifies she’s not guarding herself, making her more approachable.
  • Leaning forward: If she’s leaning in your direction, it’s her way of saying she wants to be closer to the action and doesn’t want to miss a word.
  • Legs relaxed, not tightly crossed: When she’s comfortable spending time with you, she won’t feel the need to ‘shield’ herself.
  • Touches and physical contact: Maybe it’s a gentle pat on the back or a touch on the arm. It’s her way of bridging the gap.
  • Palms faced up: It’s a universal gesture that suggests openness and honesty.

Look for the legs

woman sitting with her legs crossed

Speaking of body language, what she’s telling you with her legs and feet can sometimes be hard to catch onto since they’re not usually in a guy’s line of sight.

But a girl’s legs are a bit like a compass and you can tell a lot by the way her knees and feet are pointed. For example, if she’s seated with her feet pointed towards you, this is usually a subconscious but clear sign of interest.

If she goes as far as to subtly place her legs or feet between yours, you can take that as a definite sign that she’s sexually interested in you. On the other hand, if her legs are crossed and her feet are pointed away from you, you might have to work harder to catch her attention.

#8 That Unexpected Touch: What’s It Saying?

From my own experiences, I can say that touch speaks volumes. If a girl reaches out to pat your arm or give a light touch on your shoulder, it’s a clear sign she’s feeling connected. 

Pro Tip:

Often, girls will also playfully punch you whenever you tease them.

It’s more than just physical contact. It’s about breaking personal space barriers. One evening, I was particularly worried about a friend, and without thinking, I reached out and placed my hand on the guy’s arm I was talking to. 

That gesture was a silent plea for reassurance. 

So, if a girl touches you, especially when she’s talking about something personal or emotional, (not about that boring 16 hour flight with a crying baby on the plane), it’s not just about a potential sexual encounter. Sometimes, it means, “I trust you, and right now, it’s about this moment, not you.”

#9 The Delicate Art of Her Preening

Girls have this semi-conscious ritual of grooming or ‘preening’ when they’re around someone they’re interested in. I recall countless times I’ve found myself fixing my hair, straightening my dress, or checking my lipstick without even realizing why. 

Preening isn’t vanity; it’s a subconscious way of wanting to present the best version of ourselves.

For instance, if you find her adjusting her necklace while chatting or smoothing out her dress as you approach, it’s a good sign she’s trying to catch your attention.

My Hands Are Always Busy

Now I can’t speak for all women, but whenever I’m really into a guy (I’m a sucker for bad boys), I’ll usually start feeling a little nervous and a little short of breath.

And every damn time I’ll find myself either fiddling with my drink, my jewelry, or whatever else that’s at hand. It’s almost as if it’s a subconscious thing that relieves our tension.

So if you notice the girl that you’re talking to doing this, understand that this is a good kind of nervousness and that it means that she’s very much into you.

However, if a girl’s hand movements are stiff or if she has her arms crossed with her palms in her lap, it’s often an indicator that she’s either bored or uncomfortable and that you should re-calibrate your seduction efforts.



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#10 Why She Can’t Stop Laughing at Your Punchlines

a pretty woman laughing

Genuine laughter is the best icebreaker. Remember when you cracked that corny joke, and you thought, “Well, that’s gonna fall flat,” but she laughed anyway? 

From my perspective, if a girl chuckles at your jokes, even the ones that aren’t stand-up worthy, she’s enjoying your company. I’ve found myself laughing at the most ridiculous jokes simply because I felt a connection with the person. 

It’s not always about the content of the joke. Sometimes, it’s the joy in the shared moment. So, if she’s consistently smiling and laughing when you talk, cherish those moments. It means she genuinely enjoys being around you.

#11 When Her Cheeks Tell a Rosy Tale

Okay, here’s the inside scoop from my side: blushing? 

Totally embarrassing when you’re the one going red, but it’s often a dead giveaway. 
Sara Williams
Hopeless Romantic | Get-a-wingman

Science suggests that blushing is our body’s cute way of saying, “Whoa, feelings alert!” For instance, when a girl loves the moment or is caught off-guard by a compliment, that rush of blood to the cheeks? 

Pure emotion. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I had a magic wand to stop the rosy glow, especially when I was nervous around someone I fancied. 

So if you spot that blush, especially when there’s no reason for her to be flustered, take it as a tremendous subconscious sign that she’s more than just a little interested.

#12 The Intimate Gesture of Her Lean and Tilt

Remember when you shared that story about your weekend, and she leaned in, tilting her head slightly, soaking up every word? That wasn’t just because she wanted a better view of your sandwich. It’s one of those subtle signs that scream, “Hey, I’m listening.” 

From my many coffee chats and brunch dates, I’ve noticed I do this most when I’m genuinely engaged in what someone’s saying. There’s even some science stuff that suggests a head tilt can be a sign of trust

When she leans in, she’s subconsciously trying to close the gap and connect more. So next time she does that, know that she’s entirely into the conversation and, quite possibly, into you too.

#13 Why She’s So Nervous

Credits: SuccessfulDenS

Ever been around someone you’re really into and felt those pesky butterflies doing backflips in your stomach? 

Yep, been there, done that…

From my personal vault, I remember how my hands turned all fumbly, and I’d either talk a mile a minute or go oddly silent when I was around someone I had the hots for. It’s this weird, frustrating mix of excitement and “Oh gosh, I hope I’m not making a fool out of myself.”

So, if you catch her laughing nervously, biting her lip, or maybe even dropping her phone mid-convo (trust me, I’ve had that happen), take it as a tremendous subconscious sign. 

Sometimes our nerves just get the best of us.

#14 The Object She Holds…

I once spent an entire date playing with the stem of my wine glass. By the end of the evening, I didn’t even realize I had been twirling it the whole time. 

The poor stem probably felt like the star of the show.

When a girl gets lost in thought or perhaps a bit distracted by the person in front of her, she might start fiddling with whatever’s handy: a necklace, the edge of her glass, or even her own ring. 

It’s like our hands need something to do while our brains race a mile a minute. If you notice her caressing an object, almost like she’s lost in thought, it’s a good indication that she’s both engaged and perhaps a tad nervous.

#15 She’s Biting her Lips

blonde woman with red lipstick biting her lips

Ah, the good old lip nibble.

We girls are hardly ever aware that we’re doing it, but it ALWAYS seems to happen whenever we’re really into a guy. So if we do take a little nibble at our lips while we’re talking to you, you’ll know that you’re doing something right.

You see, a woman’s lips are one of the most sexual places of her body that’s openly visible, so whenever a girl is interested in you she’ll want to draw your attention to them, even if it’s a subconscious urge.

This is a huge sign a girl not only likes you but is sexually attracted to you.
Sara Williams
Hopeless Romantic | Get-a-wingman

Whatever you’re doing (or whatever cologne you wore that day), it’s working.

And you know what? Sometimes we do get a little bit nervous and dry in the mouth when we’re really into a guy, so we can’t help but give our bottom lips a little nibble and a lick.

#16 She’s twisting her hair

a brunette girl twisting her hair

This one actually has a bit of an evolutionary backdrop to it as well. You see, a nice, shiny head of hair is traditionally seen as an indicator of good health.

So whenever a woman is in the presence of a man that she’s attracted to, her subconscious mind will start telling her to do something to draw his attention towards it.

So the next time you’re flirting with a woman, you’ve passed all her tests and you notice her play with her hair or twist it around her finger, remember that she’s pretty much telling you,

Hey, I’m a healthy, attractive woman, and I’m liking what I see in you. do something about it.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Alright, guys – now you know how to know if a girl likes you.

At the end of the day, reading female body language is kind of like learning French. It takes a fuck lot of practice.

Heck, I’m a girl and sometimes even I get confused with what other women communicate with their bodies. But what’s important is that you approach it with an open mindset.
Sara Williams
Hopeless Romantic | Get-a-wingman

Let go of your egos, don’t think women are only attracted to things like fancy cars and diners and stop looking out exclusively for signs of attraction.

Instead focus on being able to recognize ALL non-verbal communications, good or bad as they come, and sooner or later you’ll be able to subconsciously tailor your flirtations accordingly.


Subconscious flirting is unintentional, instinctual behavior indicating romantic or sexual interest.

A girl may feel attracted due to physical appearance, personality, or shared experiences.

A girl might act more reserved, playful, or self-conscious if she knows you’re interested.

Yes, one can often sense attraction through body language, eye contact, and verbal cues.

Most females are attracted to confidence, kindness, humor, and genuine personality.

Signs include prolonged eye contact, body mirroring, and going out of their way to interact.

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