What Cars Do Women Find Most Attractive: the best cars for men in 2023

Whether it’s a sports car or a truck, your car can say a lot about your personality. A sports car may be sophisticated and cool, while a truck could be rugged and tough.

But have you ever wondered what cars women find most attractive? and what er the best cars for men?

Well, there’s a scientific answer to that question, and it comes from a 2013 survey conducted by Insure.com.

The survey asked 2,000 licensed drivers over the age of 18 years (evenly split between men and women) about what type, brand, and color of vehicle makes members of the opposite sex most attractive.

Ready for the results?

key takeaways

  • Fast or rugged, your car can be a bold, head-turning statement about you. 🚗💨
  • Balance luxury with affordability to get your dream ride without breaking the bank. 💰
  • All-wheel drive vehicles like the Subaru Impreza offer reliability in any weather. ☔❄️
  • High-end luxury cars like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class showcase your success and sophistication. 🌟

most attractive car for a man to drive (according to women)

Red lamborghini sports car with blonde sexy woman

Here are the answers that women gave about what cars they think make men most attractive:

Percentage of women
Pickup trucks32%
Sports cars27%
Hybrid or electric9%
UPS truck4%
Mail truck1%

As you can see – the car that makes men most attractive to women is the pickup truck.

If you’re a truck driver yourself, you might be quick to agree. Trucks send the message that you are a rugged and tough guy. And after reading this you might start to notice some signs that she’s into you.

But if you prefer sports cars, you’re not far behind. Sports cars took second place for making guys most attractive.

As for car brands, 16% of women respondents voted for Ford, 13% voted for Chevrolet, and 11% voted for Porsche.

As for car color, women overwhelmingly chose black (53%), followed by silver (16%) and red (13%).

So basically, the car that will give you the best shot at attracting a woman is a black Ford pickup truck. And if you’re a mail truck driver, you might want to consider switching careers!

most attractive car for a woman to drive (according to men)

A man with a sports car and a blonde woman

Curious what the men in the survey voted as the cars that make women most attractive?

Here are the results:

Percentage of men
Sports cars39%
Pickup trucks10%
Hybrid or electric vehicle6%

As for car make, men prefer women that drive BMWs (16%), Mercedes-Benzes (14%), and Porsches (10%).

As for color, men are attracted most to women who drive cars that are red (40%), black (23%), and silver (14%).

In other words, the top car for a woman looking to attract a mate is a red BMW sports car.

Do you agree? It’s a bit subjective. If you saw the recent Top Gun Maverick movie featuring Jennifer Connelly, you might prefer a gal standing in front of a silver Porsche sports car. But to each their own.

12 Best cars for men in 2023

Grab a cold one, kick back, and let’s talk about the best cars for men. There’s something for everyone in the automotive world, whether you’re craving luxury, a need for speed, or you’re all about an off-road adventure. And of course, you’ll find options at an affordable price point. 🚗💨

#1 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

chevrolet camaro ZL1

Alright, fellas, let me paint a picture for you. Remember when we were kids, and we dreamed about the coolest, meanest, most bad-ass car on the block? That’s the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 for you.

It’s got a 650-horsepower engine that roars like a lion. Each time I get behind the wheel, I feel like a gladiator stepping into the arena. There’s no denying the appeal of that American muscle; it’s like a bicep flex on wheels and the best sports car ever created if you ask me. 💪

#2 Porsche 911 Carrera

A red Porsche 911 carrera driving up the mountains

Next up, we’ve got the classic sports car, the Porsche 911 Carrera. This beauty is like that well-aged whiskey you save for special occasions. The Carrera is not just about speed; it’s about class, heritage, and style.

It’s the kind of car that speaks volumes about the man who drives it. Every time I drive mine, I feel like I’m wearing a bespoke suit – perfectly tailored to my style.

#3 Tesla Model S Plaid

tesla model s

If you’re a man of the future, the Tesla Model S Plaid is your time machine. An all-wheel drive, all-electric powerhouse, it combines performance with eco-consciousness. And you know what? It feels like strapping yourself to a rocket 🚀.

The Plaid redefines speed, and when you’re inside, it’s like being in a sci-fi movie – except this is all real.

#4 ford mustang

Yellow ford mustang driving through amsterdam

the Ford Mustang – one of the best cars that screams freedom, power, and that unmistakable American spirit. I remember the first time I saw a Mustang. I was just a wide-eyed kid, and it was like looking at a superhero. That growling V8, those muscular curves…

I knew right then I wanted to be a part of that cool club and it is one of the muscle cars that I really want.

#5 Land Rover Range Rover

black land rover range rover in the mountains

Ah, the Land Rover Range Rover. Now we’re talking luxury with a rugged twist. It’s like that old, reliable leather jacket that also happens to look incredibly chic.

This car is designed for the gentleman adventurer. It tells the world you can traverse any terrain, and do it with style and sophistication.

#6 Jeep Wrangler

jeep wrangler epic image next to lake in the forest with a sunset

Are you the guy who loves the great outdoors? The Jeep Wrangler is your faithful companion. It’s like your four-wheeled Swiss Army knife, ready for any adventure you throw at it.

Each time I take mine for a spin, I feel a connection with the wild. It’s all about the thrill of exploration with this one.

#7 Ford F-150 Raptor

Blue ford-f150 raptor in the dessert

Speaking of a wild muscle car, the Ford F-150 Raptor is a beast in its own right. It’s as rugged as a grizzly bear and as powerful as a freight train. If you’re looking for a ride that’s as tough as you are, this is it.

#8 Toyota Camry

toyota camry in red driving through a canyon

Now, let’s talk about the Toyota Camry. Reliable, efficient, and at a price point that’s hard to beat. The Camry is like that trusty old pair of jeans that fits just right. No frills, no-nonsense, just good old-fashioned dependability.

#9 Subaru Impreza

Sky blue subaru impreza

Next in line, we’ve got the Subaru Impreza. With its all-wheel-drive capabilities, this car can handle just about anything you throw at it. It’s like your trusty hiking boots; rugged, reliable, and ready for an adventure.

#10 Ford Focus

A black ford focus in the city

The Ford Focus, fellas, is your everyman’s car. It’s got all the practicality you need with a sprinkle of performance thrown in.

#11 Mazda3

a red mazda3 in the showroom

The Mazda3 brings together performance and practicality at an affordable price point. It’s like that perfect steak; juicy, tender, and just the right amount of spice. It delivers in all the right areas without burning a hole in your wallet. Many guys buys think this is one of the best cars for beginners with a limited budget.

#12 Volkswagen Golf GTI

A red volkswagen golf gti with darkened windows

Last but certainly not least, is the Volkswagen Golf GTI. It’s a hot hatch that combines performance, practicality, and a healthy dose of fun.

Every time I get behind the wheel, it’s like stepping onto a roller coaster – thrilling, exhilarating, and a ton of fun.

How to Choose the Right Car to Make You More Attractive

No matter what you drive, your car is an extension of your personality. It tells some story about you. You can usually spot a bad boy by his car & a safe responsible guy by his.

For example, if you drive an old beater, it means you can’t afford much. Alternatively, if you drive an expensive sports car, it says you’ve got lots of money (or at least enough to take out a big loan).

That said, whatever your car budget is, you can always keep your car looking clean and tidy, which the survey showed was the most important feature to women (45%).

Why? If you take care of your car, it shows that you are responsible and that you are likely to take care of other aspects of your life.

And again, if you’re really at a loss for what car to choose, you can’t go wrong with a truck. Most girls dig it. And even if you can’t afford a pickup truck, you can always work for a company that leases trucks and drive one of them.

Even if you can’t change everything about how attractive you are, you can change some things. And what car you choose to drive is one of them. So choose wisely. It could improve your dating prospects!

My final $0.02

Thanks for reading guys. Even though your car affects how girls see you (like how vitally could pick up girls in a Lamborghini without having to say a single word), remember – the car does not make the man.

Credits: VitalyzTv

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The best car brand for men is subjective, but Porsche combines luxury, performance, and prestige, making it a top choice. 🏁

The Ford Mustang reigns supreme as the most popular car among men, for its power, legacy, and undeniable charisma. 🐎

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the epitome of sophistication and style, making it the perfect car for a true gentleman. 🎩

Pickup trucks like the Ford F-150 Raptor are often considered manly due to their rugged capability and power. 🛠️

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