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What Cars Do Women Find Most Attractive? (Survey results)

Best cars for men

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Whether it’s a sports car or a truck, your car can say a lot about your personality. A sports car may be sophisticated and cool, while a truck could be rugged and tough.

But have you ever wondered what cars women find most attractive?

Well, there’s a scientific answer to that question, and it comes from a 2013 survey conducted by Insure.com.

The survey asked 2,000 licensed drivers over the age of 18 years (evenly split between men and women) about what type, brand, and color of vehicle makes members of the opposite sex most attractive.

Ready for the results?

key takeaways

  • Clean Cars are Key: Both genders prioritize vehicle cleanliness.
  • Sports Cars Turn Heads: Women prefer men in sports cars.
  • Men Love Red BMWs: Red BMWs attract men the most.

most attractive car for a man (according to women)

Red lamborghini sports car with blonde sexy woman

Here are the answers that women gave about what cars they think make men most attractive:

Most Attractive type Of car

As you can see – the car that makes men most attractive to women is the pickup truck.

If you’re a truck driver yourself, you might be quick to agree. Trucks send the message that you are a rugged and tough guy. And after reading this you might start to notice some signs that she’s into you.

But if you prefer sports cars, you’re not far behind. Sports cars took second place for making guys most attractive.

As for car brands, 16% of women respondents voted for Ford, 13% voted for Chevrolet, and 11% voted for Porsche.

Most Attractive Car Brands

And the color? Well, women overwhelmingly chose black (53%), followed by silver (16%) and red (13%).

Most Attractive Car Colors

So basically, the car that will give you the best shot at attracting a woman is a black Ford pickup truck.

And if you’re a mail truck driver, you might want to consider switching careers!

most attractive car for a woman (according to men)

A man with a sports car and a blonde woman

Curious what the men in the survey voted as the cars that make women most attractive?

Here are the results:

Most Attractive Type Of Car

As for car make, men prefer women that drive BMWs (16%), Mercedes-Benzes (14%), and Porsches (10%).

Most Attractive Car Brands

As for color, men are attracted most to women who drive cars that are red (40%), black (23%), and silver (14%).

Most Attractive Car Colors

In other words, the top car for a woman looking to attract a man is a red BMW sports car.

Do you agree?

It’s a bit subjective. If you saw the recent Top Gun Maverick movie featuring Jennifer Connelly, you might prefer a girl standing in front of a silver Porsche sports car. 😉👇🏼

What can I say? I don’t blame you buddy.

What Women and Men Look for In A car

It’s not all about the type and color of your car, you know? The survey went a step further and asked both men and women what characteristic they found most important in a car.

Both men (43%) and women (45%) said that a clean car is the most important characteristic.

Auto-related Turn-offs

And when they asked what the BIGGEST turn-offs are both genders (23%) answered: “cigarette butts in the ashtrey.”

Most Important car characteristics

My final $0.02

Even though your car affects how girls see you, like how vitally could pick up girls in a Lamborghini without having to say a single word. 😂👇🏼

It is very important for you to remember – the car does NOT make the man.

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Survey methodology

For the ones of you who are interested to know how they did it: Insecure connected with 2,000 folks who are licensed to drive and are 18 years or older.

To get a balanced view, they ensured an equal number of men and women participated. Plus, these participants are from various age brackets and different parts of the country.

They carried out this survey online back in December 2013, so the info is neatly compiled from there.

Hope you found this info as fascinating as we did!


Women predominantly prefer men driving black Ford pickup trucks.

Men report that attractive women often drive red BMW sports cars.

Women prioritize cleanliness (45%) and reliability (37%) in a car.

Women find black cars (53%) driven by men to be the most attractive.

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