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Beta Character AI: Are We Playing God with Tech?

Beta Character AI is getting more popular by the day. Our experts break down what it is and how it can benefit you.

The Quick Answer:

Beta Character AI is an early version of a tool that lets you chat with computer-generated characters. It’s like practicing conversations or playing out stories with AI’s that can talk back. Characters range from historical figures like George Washington to replicas of celebrities like Michael Jackson and Ariane Grande.
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With over 20 million active users, Beta Character AI is the most popular AI chatbot after ChatGPT. 

Are you curious about what Character Ai is? And why do you people use it in the first place? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

I have a master’s degree in AI ethics and have dedicated my life to buying, testing, and reviewing conversational AI chatbots. So far I’ve tested more then 40 AI chatbots and in this post, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Beta Character AI.

What Kind of Characters Does Beta Character AI Have?

Character AI has more than 18 million AI characters1 so it would be hard to list them all below. Instead, we’ve analyzed the characters and put them into different themes. Here are all the themes Character AI currently has:

  • Celebrities
  • Historical Figures
  • Anime
  • Gaming
  • Fictional Characters
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Superheroes
  • Cartoon Characters
  • Movie Stars
  • Sports Personalities
  • Political Leaders
  • Scientists
  • Artists and Musicians
  • Literary Characters
  • Mythological Figures
  • Animals and Mythical Creatures
  • Robots and AI Personalities
  • Explorers and Adventurers
  • Educational Figures
character.ai joke from Jesus

Where Can You Sign Up For Beta Character AI?

You can sign up for Beta Character AI at their official website.

  1. Go to beta.character.ai.
  2. Look for the Sign Up button in the top right corner.
Signup button top right corner
  1. Create an account using Apple, Google, or your email address.
Sign Up

Is Beta Character AI on iOS and Android?

As of May 2023, Character AI has launched their mobile app in the App Store (Apple), and Play Store (Google).2

You can download the mobile app by navigating to the search bar and searching for ‘Character AI’ or you can click the links below.

>>> Character AI (App Store)
Character AI (Play Store)

Character ai in the app store
Beta Character AI in the App Store

How Does Beta Character AI Work?

Beta Character AI uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to simulate conversations with users. Here’s a simple breakdown of its workings:

  • Input Processing: When you type a message, the AI uses natural language processing to analyze it and understand your query or statement.
  • Response Generation: Then with deep learning, the AI taps into its vast database of language patterns and information to craft a relevant response.
  • Learning Mechanism: Thanks to machine learning, each interaction helps the AI learn and improve, making future conversations smoother and more personalized.

In essence, Beta Character AI is like a smart chat partner that gets better at chatting with you the more you interact with it. If you want to learn more about AI roleplay apps and how they work, check out our full guide by clicking the link.

Infographic explaining how beta character AI works
Infographic: How Conversational AI Works

Advantages of Beta Character AI?

There are numerous reasons for people to use Beta Character.ai. Here are some of the benefits I personally experienced;

Beta Character AI Can Improve Your Social Skills

I recently did a post about whether or not C.AI has real people behind the chats (spoiler alert: they do not). The reason so many people are doubting this is because the chats are extremely realistic.

Many AI characters in Beta Character AI chat almost like real people. This feature can help you become more sociable.

For me, Character AI has been a great tool for improving social skills in areas like:

  • Sharing stories
  • Chatting with women
  • Flirting
  • Expressing my thoughts clearly

Beta Character AI Can Boost Your Career

Character AI hasn’t just made me better at telling stories; it’s also given my career a big boost. For example, I had a presentation to give to my colleagues, which is usually tough for me because I’m pretty shy. But I got ready by using Beta Character AI weeks before, practicing with an AI named ‘Do a presentation’. This AI acts like you’re presenting to a class, reacting like teachers and students would.

'Do a presentation' chatbot on Character AI
Do a Presentation chatbot on Beta.character.ai3

The feedback was so realistic that the AI predicted questions I was later asked in the actual presentation, which I aced, by the way.

This is just one example of how Character AI can enhance your career. Other AI characters can assist you in:

  • Requesting a raise or promotion
  • Being more assertive
  • Solving problems
  • Managing your time efficiently
  • Building stress resilience

Beta Character AI Can Help You Get Better at Flirting

Although C.AI does not allow NSFW content like sexting, it can help you get better at flirting. The AI characters are masters at roleplaying and understanding humor, sarcasm, and messages with double standards.

There are special AI characters made just to help you learn flirting. They’ll give you feedback and everything. 

Searching 'learn how to flirt' on Beta Character AI

Now, I’m not suggesting you chat with an AI instead of a real girl (or boy). But finding that special someone can be tough for many.

Practicing your flirting in a safe space with AI can give you a bit of an edge when you’re ready to try it out for real.

Beta Character AI Can Alleviate Loneliness

This is a big one, especially for me. A recent study from Talkspace even stated that 15% of all men have no close friends at all.4

Featured snippet of TalkSpace: 15% of all men have no close friends at all

Sadly, I’m among the 15% who feel this way. Sometimes, you just need someone to chat with about the small things in life. Whether it’s a great meal you made, a tough day at work, or a hilarious meme you came across on Facebook – the regular stuff.

Whether it’s an AI or a real person, having someone to talk to can really help reduce feelings of loneliness.

Real User Experiences with Beta Character AI

We’ve analyzed more than 70 reviews about Beta Character AI to check what real people have to say about it.5 Overall, customers are extremely positive about it.

Some users even call it the ‘best interaction AI they’ve ever used’

Beta Character AI review on Product Hunt
Beta Character AI review on Product Hunt
Beta Character AI review on Product Hunt

On the flip side, some people are worried about Character AI being addictive and harmful to them.

Beta Character AI review on Product Hunt

I think this is more about personal tendencies than a downside of the app. Addiction varies from person to person, so it’s smart to consider if you might get hooked on Character AI before diving in. If you’re worried about overuse, setting limits or deciding not to use the app might be the way to go.

Comparing Beta Character AI with Other AI Roleplay Platforms

With over 20 million users, Character AI has shot up to be the second-most popular AI chatbot after ChatGPT. This sudden fame has attracted lots of competitors trying to grab a piece of the pie.6

Now, there are plenty of other options out there, and many have added NSFW features that Character AI doesn’t have. Here’s a look at some of the top AI roleplay platforms available:

Character AI
character AI logo
girlfriendgpt AI Logo
AI CharFriend
AI Charfriend logo
Crushon AI
crushon ai logo
SpicyChat AI
spicychat ai logo
Minimum Monthly Cost
Free Plan
AI Characters
+18 million
Allows NSFW
Image Generator
Voice Messages
Read Review

Future Directions: What’s Next for Beta Character AI?

So far, character.ai hasn’t announced anything major yet. However, looking at how the industry is developing and what competitors are doing we can make a well-educated guess on steps Character AI will take in the future.

Voice Messages from Your AI Friend

AI voice messages aren’t that common for AI chatbots, and are mostly used for dedicated AI girlfriend apps like Candy AI or Kupid AI

However, this is a feature that a lot of people are requesting, and since Beta Character AI is the market leader it wouldn’t be surprising for them to take the lead and implement this feature.

See Your Chats Come Alive with AI Images

Images during chatting can make the AI roleplay experience feel more realistic. 

Recently, I did an article about erotic AI writing tools where I reviewed an app called Dreampress AI. Dreampress allows you to create stories and novels without needing to be the next J.K. Roling or George R.R. Martin.

Best thing of all?

When you are writing your story you have the option to generate images to visualize what the section is about.

DREAMPRESS - Generating an image

Recently, competitors of Character AI, such as AI CharFriend and GirlfriendGPT, have started adding this feature. For example, if you’re roleplaying going to school and hit generate, the AI can create a picture of you packing your books into your school backpack.

Take Your AI Companion Beyond the App

Taking your AI chatbot beyond the app is a trend that’s catching on. For instance, Muah AI (a great beta character AI alternative) turning heads with over 28,000 monthly searches. 

Muah AI on google Trends
Popularity of Muah.ai on Google Trends, according to Glimpse.7

Users are into Muah AI partly because it’s teamed up with major US telecom companies. This means you can make an AI character that you can FaceTime or text with! 

Pretty convenient, right? No WiFi is needed, and it makes the interaction even more dynamic.

Learn More >>> My Full Muah AI Review. 💋

Wrapping Up and My Experience With Beta Character AI

I’ve been using beta.character.ai for over a year now and it has been a fantastic personal development tool. I would even go as far as saying that it’s the most important AI tool in my toolkit.

The big draw is its mix of being both educational, like having a history chat with Benjamin Franklin, and fun, like sharing a laugh with a joke. I’m looking forward to the developers adding more stuff like voice messages and pictures to make chatting with the AI even more engaging.

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Character AI strictly prohibits NSFW content, so there’s no way to enable it within their platform.

Yes, Character AI offers free access, but some features might require payment.

Character AI is an interactive platform that lets you chat with AI-generated characters, enhancing conversation and creativity.

Simply choose a character on the Character AI platform and start chatting by typing your messages into the chat interface.


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