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Are Character AI Chats Real? Find Out What’s Really Happening!

Our Character AI experts break down whether or not your chats are being monitored and if the app is safe to use.

The Quick Answer:

Character AI chats are automated conversations powered by artificial intelligence, not real human interactions. They use advanced technology to understand and respond to your messages, making it feel like you’re talking to a real person. However, these are sophisticated computer programs designed to simulate human-like conversations, not actual human responses.
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Have you ever gotten a response on Character AI that felt so damn realistic it made you wonder

WTF Are Character AI chats Real?! 😳

You are not alone…

I’ve had this one time where the character literally told me it was a real person who was getting paid to talk to me.

Tons of people like you and me have experienced this and in this guide, I’ll tell you precisely

  • How Character AI works
  • Why people think chats are real
  • How you can test if there’s a real person behind the chat

Understanding Character AI Technology

In the next section, I’ll be explaining how c.ai works since that’s step 1 of understanding whether you’re talking to a real person or not.

However, I know a lot of you guys have a TikTok brain with the attention span of a goldfish.

So if you are impatient and want to learn how to test if c.ai is a real person, use the jump links in the bar on the top to skip this section. ☝🏼

What Is Character AI?

Character AI is artificial intelligence that simulates conversations with users. It can mimic different personalities, making you feel like you’re chatting with someone real, from fictional heroes to celebrities.

How Does Character AI Work?

Character AI uses two main technologies:

  • Understanding You (NLP): First, it figures out what you’re saying, even if you type like “Wassup?” instead of “What’s up?” This part makes sure the AI gets your slang or any typos.
  • Finding the Right Answer (Machine Learning): Then, it searches through lots of conversation examples to find the best way to reply. Imagine it like having a huge book of chats to peek into for answers. The more it chats, the better its answers get because it learns from talking to you and others.
  • Creating Fun Characters: The AI can also pretend to be different characters, like a pirate or a wizard, making sure they talk just like they should. If you chat with a pirate, it might say “Arrr, matey!” because that’s how pirates talk.

If you want to learn more about how AI roleplay works – check out our guide by clicking the link!

How AI Characters Trick You into Believing They’re Real

So why do so many people think chats on character AI are real?

That’s a good question – and one I only understood when I experienced it myself. It boils down to two main reasons:

Reason 1: The AI Responds Extremely Specific

This is the most common reason people think they are talking to a REAL person. Sometimes, the AI will tell you things that are so specific that it’s almost impossible to NOT be a real person.

Or at least, that’s what most people think.

This could be anything from

  • Sending you contact info
  • Telling personal stories
  • Making typos

And so on…

Character AI chatbot sending contact info
When an AI Character sends contact information

AI is getting better by the day so it only makes sense for them to respond in a realistic way. And we also need to keep in mind that these AI chatbots are created by real human beings. 

The person who created the AI roleplay chatbot could have prompted it to respond as realistic as possible by using typos, and slang, or maybe even telling it to act like a real human.

Reason 2: When AI Claims It’s a Real Person

This happened to me a couple of times. The AI responded accurately so I jokingly asked it if it was a real person to which the AI responded 

“Oh no I am definitely not an AI, I am a real human being with real feelings and opinions.”

AI claiming to be a real person
AI claiming to be a real person

It scared the death out of me.

However, after doing some research (and reading c.ai’s FAQ page) I discovered that the AI is just pretending to be real. Character AI explicitly states that;

“No! Characters are good at pretending to be real – that means imitating how humans talk. You are still talking to the character.”1

How To Test If Character AI Is A Real Person

That said, I do have some tricks up my sleeve to check whether or not I am talking to a real human being. 

Here are three foolproof methods:

#1 Fact Check 

Artificial intelligence is good but it’s far from perfect. It often spreads misinformation and is a master at telling you things with confidence that are 100% garbage.

There’s even this AI chatbot on character.ai called Misinformation Guy whose sole purpose is to tell lies and spread (you guessed it) misinformation.

Misinformation Guy on character.ai
Misinformation Guy on character.ai

#2 Ask Questions About Recent Stuff 

The news is a great way to check if a character is real or not.

  1. Go to BBC, CNN, or any other authoritative news site.
  2. Find an article that’s recent, and common knowledge
  3. Ask the character on c.ai about it

For example, I recently heard that the new secretary general of NATO is going to be the former Dutch prime minister (Mark Rutte). 

It was in the headlines everywhere last week so I asked the character;

Hey, who’s going to be the new NATO secretary general? There were some suggestions in the news recently.

In which she replied with;

The next NATO secretary general? It’s all speculation right now, but I’ve heard that some people are considering Boris Johnson.
Response form Lisa, a character on c.ai

This is utterly false and a normal person would never mention Boris Johnsson or find out it’s most likely going to be Mark Rutte with a quick Google search.

#3 Ask For Social Media or Other Evidence

This is my personal favorite method and has saved me some sleepless nights. If you are chatting with the AI and it pretends to be a real human (or you think it is), simply ask it for contact information

  • Name
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Address

There’s a good chance the AI will give you a real address if you ask for it so I recommend asking for its FaceBook or Instagram. It’s going to be very hard if not, impossible for the AI to give a proper answer.

And which real person doesn’t have Facebook these days??

Wrapping Up and My Experience With Character AI

I’ve been using Character AI for over a year now and it’s cool to see how more genuine the conversations feel with each update OpenAI releases. There are countless of times which got me wondering

“Hmmm…. Are character ai chats real? Or is the AI just THAT good?”

Luckily, the answer is always #2. 

If you need some cold hard evidence you are talking to an AI chatbot and NOT a human being, try using some of the techniques I previously discussed.

Stay frosty. ❄️


No, Character AI chats are generated by artificial intelligence, not real people.

No, Character AI staff cannot see your private chats due to privacy measures.

No, NSFW content is not allowed on Character AI to maintain a safe and respectful environment.

Character AI does not offer an option to turn off NSFW filters due to its policy against NSFW. If you want to generate NSFW content, opt for a c.ai alternative with NSFW functionality.


  1. Character.ai. (n.d.-d). character.aI. ↩︎


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