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Can Character AI Ban You? Avoid These Mistakes Now!

Our Character AI experts breaks down what a character.ai ban means and how you can get unbanned

The Quick Answer:

Yes, Character AI can ban users for violating its policies, including sharing copyrighted material without permission, posting harmful content such as viruses or hate speech, and engaging in spamming or illegal activities. Bans can be either full, blocking all access, or shadow bans, reducing visibility.
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Just the other day, I was in the middle of an awesome roleplay session on c.ai. But there was a catch – I was waiting for the bus without any wifi, stuck with a super bad connection. I kept hitting refresh because the chat wouldn’t load right.

And then, out of nowhere, I saw it… 


Bro, I didn’t even know getting banned on c.ai was a thing. My first thought? I was freaking out about losing all my characters.

That freak-out turned into action. I decided to dig deep and figure this out.

Character ai error 1015 notification

And now, I’m here to share the scoop with you, covering:

  • Yep, you can get banned on Character AI.
  • What to do if you find yourself banned.
  • How to avoid a ban in the first place.

Let’s get to it and figure it out together.

The ABCs of Character AI Bans

OK, so you know that Character AI can ban you. But did you know that there are multiple types of bans?

Full Ban vs. Shadow Ban Explained

  • Full Ban: A Full Ban completely blocks your access to your account. You can’t log in, view, or interact with AI characters, essentially cutting off all ties with the platform. Your account becomes inactive, and all forms of participation are halted.
  • Shadow Ban: A Shadow Ban, on the other hand, is less obvious. You can still use your account, but your visibility to other users is greatly reduced. Your contributions might not appear in public searches or feeds, making it seem like you’re interacting in a void.

Whether you end up shadowbanned or fully banned basically boils down to how serious your mistake was. If it’s something small (like swearing in the comments) or you’re just pushing the boundaries, you might get shadowbanned, meaning you can still hang around but won’t be seen much. 

But if you do something really bad, that’s when they’ll fully ban you, cutting off all your access to the platform.

This brings me to the next question; How do you get banned in the first place?

The Rules of the Game in Character aI (Ban Policy)

Character AI has a strict Ban Policy to keep things safe for you and other users on the platform.1

#1 Don’t Steal the Spotlight: Intellectual Property Rules

Sharing or using someone else’s creations without permission is a big no-no. For example, posting a famous cartoon character as your profile picture or prompting characters to share copyrighted books without the right to do so can get you banned.

#2 Keep It Clean: Say No to Malicious Content

Posting anything that could harm others, like viruses, phishing scams, or content promoting violence, is forbidden. An example would be creating a character who sends a link and claims it’s a cool game, but it downloads a virus onto someone’s computer.

#3 Your Privacy Matters: Keeping Things Secure

Violating someone’s privacy or creating security risks isn’t allowed. This includes sharing private information about others without their consent, like posting someone else’s personal photos or addresses. 

It also covers actions that could endanger someone’s safety, such as threatening behavior or sharing instructions on how to do illegal stuff.

#4 Spamming is a No-Go: Stick to Welcomed Chats

Spamming users with unwanted messages or advertisements falls under unauthorized communication. 

For instance, repeatedly sending messages to users promoting a product or service without their consent or creating bots that send bulk messages can lead to a ban.

#5 Stick to the Truth: Avoid Spreading Lies

Creating characters that spread false accusations against public figures or other users, or generating stories that misleadingly alter public perception, can get you banned. 

For instance, if you program a character to falsely claim a celebrity has committed a crime or to spread false health advice, you’re misusing the platform and violating its policies.

#6 Respect Everyone: No Room for Hate

Character AI is a place for creativity, not hate. If you create characters or storylines that promote discrimination or hate speech against any group based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or any other characteristic, you’re likely to face a ban. 

This includes making characters that use slurs, engage in stereotypes, or advocate for violence against specific groups.


I recently did a post on whether or not c.ai is safe – the results were shocking… A lot of hateful, discriminatory, or even fascist characters slip through the eyes of moderators.

A hateful character on c.ai called 'harold the homophobe'

#7 Play Nice: Keep Content Clean and Legal

Hosting or sharing content that’s illegal or deemed inappropriate is strictly forbidden. This includes creating characters involved in illegal activities, like drug dealing or hacking, or generating content that’s sexually explicit or graphically violent. 


Character AI has a very strict zero-NSFW content policy. A lot of people associate NSFW content with sex. This is not entirely true.

NSFW also includes:

  • Criminals
  • Fighting
  • Swearing
  • Scary pictures

Even Villain characters from your favorite superhero movie can be considered NSFW since they often do illegal stuff.

So always ask yourself the question: “Is the character I am going to create SFW or NSFW?” before publishing or you will risk getting banned.

And if you really want to take the NSFW route, try a Character.ai alternative.

How NOT to Get Banned On Character aI

So how do we avoid getting banned and potentially losing all our creations??

1. Play by the Book

Stick to the rules about what you can create and share. This means no posting stuff that’s not allowed, like violent content or anything we’ve discussed in the previous section. 

Think of it like this: 

if you wouldn’t show it to a young family member, it probably shouldn’t be on Character AI.

2. Be Nice

Be nice to everyone. Don’t say or do things that could make someone feel bad. That includes not

  • Bullying
  • Threatening
  • Making fun of other users 

3. Lock It Up

Keep your personal info safe and don’t ask for or share others’ personal stuff either. This means no sharing of phone numbers, addresses, or anything that can be used to identify someone in real life. 

Pro Tip:

If you want to stay anonymous on AI roleplay apps you can use an alias name, a new email, and even a VPN.

4. Follow Usage Policies

Use Character AI the way it’s meant to be used. Don’t try to hack it, spam people, or do anything that messes with how the app works.

5. Master The Voice/Audio Feature

If you’re using voice or audio in one of the communities (like Discord), keep it clean and appropriate. No swearing, no adult content, and make sure anything you upload is something you have the right to use.

How To Get Unbanned From Character aI

If you are reading this section then there’s a good chance you didn’t follow the rules and therefore got banned. Here’s what you should do to unblock your Character AI account:

  1. Find Out Why: Look for an email or message from Character AI to see why you got banned.
  1. Contact Support: Reach out to Character AI support via email ([email protected]) or through their official Discord server, explaining your situation clearly and politely.
  1. Say Sorry: If you did something wrong, say you’re sorry and that you won’t do it again.
  1. Provide Evidence: If you think they made a mistake, send them any screenshots or information that shows you didn’t break the rules.
  1. Wait for a Response: After you’ve sent your message, give them some time to get back to you.
  1. Follow-up: If you haven’t heard back after a while, it’s okay to send another message asking about your appeal.

Wrapping Up and My Experience With Getting Banned on C.aI

That moment I saw the “You’re Banned” message on c.ai, I swear my heart missed a beat. Thankfully, it was just a shadow ban, kind of like a short break, and it was over in 3 hours. Since then, I’ve been extra careful with the characters I make and what I post. 

If you want to learn more about stuff like this, check out our master guide on AI roleplay chatbots. 🔥


Yes, users can be banned from Character AI for violating its terms of service or community guidelines.

Character AI may block you for engaging in prohibited activities such as spamming, sharing inappropriate content, or other violations of its policies.

No, Character AI creators cannot see your private chats due to privacy and security measures in place.

The rules of Character AI include respecting copyright laws, avoiding malicious or harmful content, maintaining user privacy, and adhering to community standards of respect and safety.


  1. Character.ai. (n.d.-c). character.ai. ↩︎


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