Stop Fapping! The Amazing Benefits of Not Jerking Off

Stop Fapping! The Amazing Benefits of Not Jerking Off

Stop Fapping! The Amazing Benefits of Not Jerking Off


What is Fapping?

Fapping is a new term in the internet porn community. In simple terms, it means masturbating, A.K.A jerking off or jacking off. More than likely in a ferocious manner to your favorite porn scene. We’ve all done it. I can admit I am no angel.

But what most guys don’t realize is that this comical phrase, which is now an inside joke between most groups of guys, is actually turning them into the joke. Making it easier for guys who took that program to advance and swoop up all the beautiful girls out there.

But the main problem lies in lack of awareness. To most guys, there is nothing wrong with fapping. It’s as natural a brushing your teeth. On second thought, it’s probably a lot more prevalent than brushing your teeth. But I am here to say straight up that unless the fapping sound you hear is your ballsack against the skin of a beautiful woman, then fapping is destroying you as a man.

Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you. Just open your mind, read this article, and then feel free to bash me (if you still want to). Or you can thank me, as thousands of men have already. Why Fapping, Jerking Off And Jacking Off Are Destroying Your Life.

So what’s wrong with fapping? It feels great right?! No need to leave the house. Go to the gym. Or impress a girl. What could be wrong with that? Well for starters, porn doesn’t affect your brain like sex. Many people don’t know this. Let me explain…

The Shocking Similarities Between Porn And Drug Use

(For this section, I’m going to assume that when you’re fapping you’re not doing so to the sensual feel of your hand while cultivating energy for multi-orgasmic practices. You’re more than likely beating your meat to the latest Amy Reid cum shot compilation.)

Here’s a fun fact: Porn affects your brain in the exact same way an addictive drug does. In a study done at Cambridge University (For a synopsis you can understand go here), it was observed that the brain reacts to porn in the exact same way it reacts to drugs when you’re addicted to them.

In other words, you react to porn cues the same exact way a heroin addict responds to heroin cues. And on top of that, compulsive fappers craved porn (greater wanting) but did not have a higher sexual desire (liking) than the group who didn’t watch porn. Essentially you seek porn because you want it, not because you like it. It is the same for drug addicts, which is why so many want to quit – but cannot.

And when the study compared brain scans of the compulsive porn users (everyday users) and the control group (where did they even find these guys?!) the results were scary. The brain scan showed that during orgasm the porn users’ brains lit up the same pathways that the brains of drug addicts lit up when they shot up. The control group orgasmed from having sex, and the brain lit up completely different, healthy pathways.

The last major finding in this study was that 50% of the subjects (average age 25) had difficulty achieving an erection with real partners, yet they had no issues achieving erections with porn. Let me just pause for a second.

If you have no trouble with erections when jerking off, and when you finally bring a hot girl home, and you can’t get a boner – then you can stop reading this and head to our program for quitting porn right now. There is no time to waste. But if you’re still unsure, or interested in learning why you react this way to fapping and porn, then read on.

Your Brain on Porn (Fapping)

Again, for this part of the article, we are assuming that you are jacking off to porn since this will relate to 99.999999% of readers.

There is plenty of evidence that porn addiction and jerking off, in general, is detrimental to the human brain.

It’s like we’ve been part of a big 15-year experiment, and now all the test subjects are experiencing the negative side effects from extended use. So what’s important to understand when it comes to porn and the human brain? Let’s start at the very beginning.


Internet porn is a superstimulus like nothing our brains have ever seen before. Our brains, which are the same as they have been for thousands of years, have never been exposed to the stimulating effect of internet porn, or anything else like it. It is only 15 years old, after millions of years of evolution.

When you see a girl, your primal brain is programmed to want to reproduce. Naked woman in sight? Reproduce. This is because evolution’s top priority is to make babies. And in the modern-day, the brain is now exposed to more sexual partners in 1 week than it would usually be exposed to in a lifetime. The brain doesn’t know you’re looking at a computer.
It sees boobs, it wants to reproduce. And the catch it, there is no off button. This is known as the Coolidge effect.

The Coolidge Effect:

An Australian experiment shows that it’s not the mere nudity that gets people aroused, but instead, it is the “unending novelty.” When men were subjected to viewing porn, the switch in porn videos was what created a huge spike in arousal and erection circumference.

penis circumference while masturbating
This can also be seen in a study done on male rats. Drop a male rat in with a female and he will mate with her, then he will lose interest. Drop another female in, and he will liven up and mate with her, then go uninterested. Drop another female in, and he’s up again for more. This will continue for as long as the mouse can last.

jerking off and the coolidge effect
Like the rat, this is your natural programming, which is why many people see marriage as unnatural, but I’m not going near that subject.

Rats mating with the same female also takes much longer to ejaculate than with they are with multiple females. This is called the Coolidge effect.

Essentially, the Coolidge effect causes declined sexual interest in the same sexual partner and increased sexual desire with multiple sexual partners. It also overrides ejaculation every time you are presented with a new partner.

And to your brain, the 2D women on your screen are new partners. This absence of a cognitive filter allows viewers to continue to seek out porn at endless amounts to satisfy their primal needs.

There is no escaping it and this is why jerking off to porn is so addicting.

Unending Novelty:

While watching porn, your primal brain (the limbic brain) gets more and more and more and more sexual partners in only 20 minutes than it ever should. New videos, new girls, new scenes, and endless fapping. The brain will never get enough and the only thing that stops it is ejaculation. (like the lucky lab rat above)

This is insanely pleasurable, we all know it.

But you can’t have this synthetic pleasure without a downfall.

The Limbic Brain:

The limbic brain is the primal part of your brain (the emotional instinctive brain). It’s where the sexual desires and The Coolidge effect come from. And it is the origin of all addictions. While the pre-fontal cortex controls our thought and understands the consequences of actions, the limbic brain does not.

The limbic brain is all about avoiding pain and feeling pleasure. Boiling water bad, porn good. Inside the limbic brain, you will find the reward center or circuit. This is very important. When you are addicted to something, like porn and masturbation, this is where it starts. The rule of the brain is when you do something, you must be rewarded. It wants you to seek reward and simple pleasures, to eat, bond, fall in love, and things like this.

Enter dopamine:

Dopamine is a feel-good neurotransmitter. You get it when you eat, when you see a hot girl, and yes when you watch porn.

Dopamine is the gas that turns the reward circuitry on. And at the core level, you don’t crave the food or porn but you crave the dopamine spike that it produces. It’s behind all motivation to do anything. And the bigger the surge of dopamine a stimulus gives you, the more you want it.

Novelty is dopamine’s best friend. (The newest movie, overeating and never-ending porn scenes). Dopamine is the whole driving force for the Coolidge effect. In the rats, the reward circuits were stimulated more and more with each new partner. And they don’t have a pre-fontal cortex to stop it.

With each new video you watch, a new boost in dopamine is excreted. This feels great, but it’s unnatural. Like a never-ending source of free drugs in your hands, it causes intense overindulgence in the form of jacking off. It’s your brain’s primary instinct to do so.

What this causes is eventual dopamine in-balances. Yes, like drugs, gambling, and other addictions, porn addiction changes your brain in the exact same way. Porn raises dopamine, higher than eating (and sex), and while you can’t just eat forever, you can watch porn for as long as you physically can (or until you come). Porn also keeps your dopamine elevated at this higher level for much longer than sex ever could. See the image on the next page.

porn addiction
Picture courtesy of See the full infographic here.

Highly Stimulating + Novelty + Unlimited Supply + Ignorant Fapping = Porn Addiction

The Result: Desensitization

As men become sensitized to porn and multiple partners on the screen, men become disinterested in real-life sex with one woman. Like watching the same porn scene over and over, it’s just boring. The reward circuitry and dopamine levels become numb. In the synapses, the large volumes of dopamine being released cause the dopamine receptors to down-regulate to account for it. Over time, this becomes the norm and receptors die off.

This leads to a numbed pleasure response. This lack of receptors causes a need for unnatural dopamine surges. This is seen in Meth addicts, Cocaine addicts, and yes, chronic fappers. This leads to to the need for more. Better porn, more scenes, more girls, kinky shit & more (some of my clients even turned to gay porn)!

And eventually, without it:

1. You can’t get an erection.

2. You can’t come.

3. Or you’re just plain bored.

Time for more porn, which is why in the Cambridge study at the stop guys could get an erection with no problem which fapping and jerking off, but 50% could not do so with a real woman. But it doesn’t end here. This trickles off into everyday life. Things become bland. Life becomes dull.

Your dopamine receptors are so fried that nothing has any joy to it anymore. This is where the lack of motivation and lust comes from. Most guys who stop watching porn talk about this huge zest for life they get back. You’ll feel it soon. It’s all chemical. It’s the brain restoring to its normal sensitivity level (rebooting).

This is why so many porn users experience depression and anxiety. And not realizing what the real problem is, they go on dangerous medications that mess them up even more. It’s a disaster. And until the dopamine receptors bounce back after a period of healing or withdrawal, the pleasure will not return. And the earlier you start watching, the worse it is.

If you start at 14, you will have chemical imbalances in your brain at 22. And according to Canadian researcher Simon Lajeunesse Ph.D., most boys start viewing porn and masturbating around the age of 10! How this will affect you is all based on the individual.

For many, it results in anxiety disorders and depression. This results in more fapping, completing the vicious cycle. If you’re feeling guilty for watching porn, don’t. Scientists in Montreal tried to launch a study, but first, they needed to find men in their 20’s who never watched porn. The problem was, they couldn’t find any. Almost everyone watches porn and jerks off. So don’t let this get you down. Let this be your greatest advantage.

The Results of Not Fapping or Jerking Off

The results of not masturbating are phenomenal. For starters, all that addiction stuff we just talked about. Gone. All that not being able to get an erection with a real girl. Gone. All that social anxiety, anxiety, and depression. Gone.

This is all true, and yes – it can take a long time, but once you stop jerking off, your natural sensation and sexual desire come back. I like to say that most men in our generation have never had true sex. They have never had sex while being completely free from porn. Since porn down-regulates your dopamine receptors and desensitizes you to not only sex but life, then sex as you know it now – is not sex at all.

Once you are a year free from porn and masturbating, sex will be a whole new thing to you. The intimacy, the passion, and yes the sensation. Just touching a woman’s skin will be enough to get you aroused. Not bad if you were one of the guys who couldn’t get a boner with a real woman because of his addiction to masturbating to porn. It’s no joke, which is why I’m spending hours of my time writing this article. I want to help as many men improve their lives as they can. It’s my life mission, along with becoming the best possible version of myself.

I truly see porn as a success inhibitor. In my eyes, it is a test. A test to separate the men from the boys and a filter to operate the 1% of men who achieve greatly, with epic sex lives and the 99% of men who fantasize about doing it. So all I can do is present the information in the best way I can. To show you the door. You have to walk through it. (Just do it! There’s sex, beautiful women, and happiness on the other side!)

How to Stop Fapping and Jacking Off

Quitting porn and masturbation is one of the hardest things to do. There’s a science behind it, which is why 99.9% of guys fail to do so. As we learned before, fapping to pornography is an addiction. There is no hiding from it and you can’t argue with science.

Can someone fap once a week and have a healthy sex life? Of course. But this is rarely the case. Usually, men are masturbating more than once a day. Like we said before, jacking off is more prevalent than brushing your teeth for most. So how can we stop? Essentially you have to reboot and rewire your brain.

In the last 10 years, you have built up powerful addiction pathways and a need for high levels of dopamine through daily masturbation.  You have to close these pathways, rewire your brain and open new healthy pathways.

So I could tell you what most other sites tell you when it comes to quitting masturbation, but then you would likely fail like most guys do and are back to jacking off in a few months’ time. I prefer not to waste your time, and to direct you to a program that is proven to work, 100% guaranteed.

But I will share some great resources that are 100% free if that is the course you want to go to. Because if you are one of the very few who have the willpower to remove porn and fapping from their life, these can help you get there.

The Best Resources to Help You Stop Jacking Off

Yes, we have one of the best resources for helping guys stop jacking off. But it costs $29.95 and a lot of guys don’t like that. Of course, if you are part of The Menprovement Academy this program and any other program we have is at no cost to you. If you want to go the free route, there are some awesome resources to help guys stop fapping out there.


Probably the best and most informative website on porn addiction and quitting porn. I learned all I know from these guys. They have a community and pretty much anything that is out there about porn can be found on this website.

2) Reddit NoFAP

A huge community of like-minded “no fappers” who will support you and answer any questions you have. You can read some inspiring stuff on here.


Another website for fighting the new drug, porn. These guys are committed to educating guys about the dangers of porn addiction. They have some stellar resources.


Marc Summers is a big advocate against fapping. He credits his abstinence from masturbation for his wild sex life and incredible success with women.

When Masturbating Can be Healthy

I get a lot of guys who tell me that this is nonsense because doctors show that masturbation can be healthy, so let me cover this quickly before we close off. Masturbating is not what is healthy. Ejaculation is what is healthy for your body. (Although Taoists have found that withholding masturbation is one of the most powerful practices for health and vitality). And masturbating isn’t a one size fits all term.

There is fapping, which can be described as ferociously jerking off to internet porn. There is masturbating, that you do lying in bed thinking about the neighbor’s daughter (much better but still not ideal). Then there is self-cultivation. The only form of masturbation that can make you a better man.

It’s used in practice to become a multi-orgasmic man (which is awesome BTW) where you self cultivates or touch yourself to really connect with your sexual energy and master it. You can progress this to orgasmic meditation and tantric sex. Self-cultivation is all about being present and one with your body, not playing fantasies in your head. It is about going slow and feeling only. Most guys would not be able to keep an erection if they tried this because their brains need porn for dopamine.

And then of course there is sex, which is what you should replace fapping with. Healthy sex. Not sex where you are with your wife and fantasizing about porn just to come. And not sex where you’re watching porn on your phone behind her back (I have had wives tell me their husbands do this).

But natural, beautiful sex where you are present in your body and connected with the other person. Just accomplishing this will make you a better lover than 99% of men. Then you won’t need porn, women will be lining up at the door for your goods.

And you can take it to the next level and become tantric and multi-orgasmic. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you, but first, you’ve got to say goodbye to your old friend the faster.

In Conclusion

I hope I have shed some light on your fapping addiction. No longer should this be a joke amongst friends who laugh about how many times they beat their meat on a daily basis? I was like this, and life may seem all fine and dandy, but let me tell you, that you are missing out on a whole lot.

And there will be guys who read this and give up porn, masturbating and fapping altogether. These men will change and start living the life they deserve to live. And that only leaves the guys who read this and don’t change even farther behind. Which guy do you want to be?

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      • Such a bullshit. You want to charge us 30 dollars for subscription? Instead we could subscribe to ten premium porn web sites)))) ok i dont know about rats and bats and no shit about reward center. But i know that i quit watching porn for a year. And the life is the same boring life. And the sex is the same boring sex. The advantages that you describe dont exist. The only advantage maybe is that after a year when you watch porn again the first time it is so good you can hardly breath)) it does not help in anything. Absolutely the same bulshit. Like you watch it and like you sont watch it. It is like to say of you brows facebook and you dont brows facebook. Same shit. I quited smoking for 2 and a half years. And yes again same shit. Believe me. If you would not get cancer from smoking then smoking is not bad. It is not good but it is not bad. I quited drinking coffee for 2 years same shit. If the addiction does not have any serious health risks then dont even bother paying him 30 bugs. The results of not jerking or not smoking or jot drinking coffee are not going to impress you believe me. It does not even worth 3 dollars per month. I quited smoking only because of the cancer risk. And you cant beat it so hard to get a cancer. Increased energy is only first month after that everything becomes again flat like when you jerked

  1. Keep informing people about this stuff you have no idea how bad this stuff messed me up and i see it in other guys too just keep pushing this info you have a stronger platform then most to get this out there! may the force be with you

  2. Hey Sean,
    Great article.
    I would like to see you expand on Self Cultivation.
    I have a few male friends that don’t have wives, girlfriends, or boyfriends for that matter that feel it safer and maybe the only way they will have sex for one reason or another.
    It would be great to direct them to a place where they are still seen as wanting to be better men without being sexually active with another person.

    • Hey Kyle,
      Yeah it’s an epic subject with Sexual Kung Fu, multi-orgasmic practices and taoist/tantric practices. It’s something I 100% will be diving deep into but right now I am just too swamped putting together The Menprovement Academy. It launches March 30th so after that I will have it on the list.
      Thanks man.

  3. Hi, I’ve seen a lot of these kind of articles by different sites like this. I can’t help but notice the focus always seems to be on focused on porn and compulsive masturbating. Are these articles more aimed at people who have an addiction ot porn and like, jerk it several times a day to porn rather than just someone who does it every now and then, because that’s the vibe I’m gettng

    • Yes, these article are for guys that are really held back by porn, socially and sexually. Some men can watch porn with no problems. God bless em, and I have no judgements towards anyone.

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    Glad to have read this one.
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  5. Hey sean
    Great article,
    I have learnt a lot,am startung from today,a porn n a fap free life.
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  6. What are the ‘dangerous medication you refer to? That claim stroke me as quite pseudoscientific…
    Anyway, there are some good points in here. We rely too much on porn for dopamine. It becomes a daily escape from dealing with the true issues in your life. Porn has made it easier than ever to be sex addicted.
    However, I still have a huge urge to have sex with women. It’s simply not comparable having sex and masturbating. The joy of fucking a girl has ALWAYS been much greater than fapping in my bedroom – and I have been a pornwarxher reguelarly for 10 years. You may be right in the sense that rather than seek out a sexual partner, I google porn to satisfy that urge. Still, I have not become brain-numb; if anything my porn watching has made me even more eager to have sex with REAL women. It’s just a matter of not giving in to the substitute; instead of jerking off, we should seek to have sex.

  7. Seriously!? no i mean really, seriously!?!?!! This is some of the most non-sensical crap i have ever read, and frankly cannot believe you would put that much thought into it unless you were trying to sell something or are a bible thumper. Thank you, for the enlightenment that sex is better then jacking off….besides the fact that any basement dweller with any kind of lobito could tell you that. ALSO thank you for the apiphany that when it comes to anything that is pleasurable, and i mean anything, there are people that make take it too far, get a dependency just like anything else that stimulates. Boy, there are alot of things that are far worse then jacking off that could become an addiction(as long as u keep it in doors), but seriously, why the hell do you care if guys are beating their meat or not? is this something you fancy on your own time!? cause the fact of the matter is, typically guys who can get pussy…are, and guys who have abit more difficulty…are probably jacking off, and the guys who are gettin pussy are also jacking off,AND EVERYBODY is jacking off… so what is your point exactly? i couldnt get through the first few paragraphs before realizing what nonsence this is. I mean seriously, anybody whos head isnt firmly placed up their ass could tell you that anything that stimulates could become an unhealthy addiction. that does not apply to all people; everyone has their own poison. So frankly you’re kind of twisted for dwelling on the subject, and it really isnt any of your business or your concern who is jerking off unless you are some sick and twisted weirdo who obsesses about it. If you have a probelm with touching yourself, dont go to great lengths to tell people what it is they are supposed to be doing in their life within such vague parameters.

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      But thanks for your lack of compassion, empathy, sympathy, and brains. We’ll be sure to put your insults into deep consideration.

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  10. Hey Sean
    Porn from me was very addicting , I limited my consumption to once a week ,I assume that good ? After Reading your article ,saying that most man can’t. But I accomplished it ! With your understanding ,would you approve or stand against me, watching porn once a week.

  11. Hi, I’m Patryk, and I come from Poland.
    All I want to say is that your great, you helped me. I haven’t been fapping for about one week, I relize it’s just the beginning but I feel diffrent, it’s a great feeling!
    Before, when I felt sad i immediately fapped, and I didn’t care anymore. Now, I thik what I can do to fix what I did wrong. Yes, men, it would’ve been much easier just to fap and it’s done. But you have to show yourself that you can by strong! God bless YOU

    • Glad to hear this is helping you brother! The benefits are tremendous on all accounts, keep strong and keep your hand out of your pants 😉 you’ll be glad you did.

  12. Hi Sean.
    That was a great article. I stopped masturbating by May and it has helped me alot. Reading your article also enlightens me more about the effects of porn and masturbation. Dunno if you guys heard about a muslim clergy who talks about masturbation, he said afterlife, our hands get pregnant. It touchs every part of me. How I wish I could share my masturbation experiences, it sucks. But thank God I am living my life like a real man. Gone are those days when I get scared of ladies… Thanks once again Sean for this great article. I pray it helps young guys who are addict to porn and fapping.

  13. I’ve learned a lot from this and I wonder if this is the reason I’ve had times lately where I have a hard time keeping a boner when I’m with a girl which is every once in awhile. So I’ve decided I’m gonna take this route and stop watching porn and use that energy working out and being successful in life. It’s by struck of luck or meant to be I found this article while looking for new porn because I’ve ran through so much I don’t know what is fun to watch anymore plus by coincidence i feel exactly like it’s saying I feel bored with life I don’t get pleasure in anything anymore. All I am I hoping for is to move past the hard time of keeping it up and have a more enjoyable life. Thanks and I hope this helps

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  16. Yeah this article doesn’t make much sense-
    A guy can think about images while masturbating and can ejaculate from that- you don’t need any other source to do so and presumably there would be no difference between that and porn because the images on the screen and what your brain is imaging can be one and the same.
    I’ve done some personal tests.
    The first test I did was not masturbating/ejaculating for a month after seeing this article. Nothing changed in my mood other than a slight irritability due to blue balls. Which is what will happen if you don’t have any kind of sexual activity; masturbation or no for men.
    The second test I took an image of my girlfriend and memorized it, recording the information in my brain however that works- I then recalled it during my sessions. I did this for over a week- both raunchy and non-raunchy photos were used between sessions. I did 2 of each per day. The results “shockingly” had no difference when I did the same to animated picture porn- or just plain people porn. The next two weeks after. Half your sources are from biased studies that don’t show other results. This is worse than Jurassic park. “This information that we gathered on exactly what we thought was there was the information that we’re showing you.” You know what happened when they did that in Jurassic park? There was more dinos than they knew about because they were breeding. Fail-whale.
    I did a couple other tests too since I had plenty of time on my hands clearly. I did a test where I only masturbated to online/cybering stuff with my girlfriend. I did a test to see how easy it was to physically make myself erect by thinking about my girlfriend after everything. And as always my penis/male organ. Whatever you want to professionally call it. Committed to please; stood up after only a few moments.
    I personally think you’re a hack and shouldn’t give out advice when it’s based on information that is only made to be biased in the first place.

  17. Overcoming porn addiction is hard. But it is possible, it will take effort and time. But it is possible. I recommend avoiding triggers. 35-70% of the internet is porn. Triggers are everywhere, and that makes it very hard.
    I would recommend using ColdTurkey.the program will block all porn for your computer. Also I would recommend reading “Your Brain On Porn” It is an essential book for quiting porn.
    If you have other questions feel free to send me a message.
    Have a beautiful day!

  18. Hi Sean, this article really helped. As of today ( February 4th 2016) I will stop masturbating (fapping if you prefer). This article realy helped me see problems with me. I have only been a porn watcher/fapper for 2-3 years but im thinking of quiting now thanks to your article. I have one question though, how long do you think it wouldtake to recover from 2-3 years of fappong? If you could reply ah would be great 🙂 I’m glad OK discoveredtis article now instead of later when it would be too late. ~Galen™

  19. I can understand the benefits of not masturbating and it all makes sense. But there are circumstances in which masturbating, to porn or not, is preferable than the alternative. Not every man out there can have have sex with a woman on demand. Some men hire women to do that. So, if you ever have that impulse, a good fap can save you $400 and a possible STD. Also, say you cannot fall asleep because you have your head full of worries. Fap and you buy yourself a good 15 minutes of time to consolidate your sleep. Say you are not making enough money but feel the urge to go out, buy dinner and coffee and have a chat with strangers because you feel lonely, fap and voi-la, you can stay home and read book. Every prescription has a counter. It all depends on the eye of the beholder.

  20. Thanks for the article, glad there is a probable cause to my problem I’m currently facing. I’ve been pretty much addicted to porn since I was 13 (I’m 21 this year) sometimes I would watch porn 3 times a day and the orgasms I would reach were phenomenal, so you can imagine my suprise and dissapointment when I couldn’t orgasm when finally having sex a week ago , my partner is supportive about it, but still sucks because obviously I would also like to reach that climactic euphoric plain. But what’s worse is that I feel I’m not enjoying sex as much as I always thought I would enjoy it. I Haven’t watched porn for about a month now, and I don’t have those cravings for it anymore at all. I Just wish I had read this earlier so I wouldn’t be facing these intimacy issues right now. Porn has been so normalised that guys and gals think it is natural, acceptable and harmless, but as you have pointed out so brilliantly in your article, it’s not something that should be encouraged, the psychological/neurological/physical damages far outweighs the pleasure you feel for a couple of seconds after busting your nut.

  21. Shouldn’t this be renamed to “The effects of internet porn on men”? Also I’m sure the dopamine issue can be related to many other things as well, not just porn. You’re giving people the wrong idea about fapping, if you actually stop your sperm wont have anywhere to go. Eventually your testicles will inflate and your chance of getting genital cancer will increase too. This will also cause an adverse effect and cause sexual aggression to real women.

  22. I take some time to comment, thank you so much for this article … I must confess that I fap every single day, I’m 27 , never had a girlfriend, never had real sex, and I’m diagnosed with Asperger. Besides, all girls I approached rejected me, So these many rejections make me believe unwillingly that I can never have a wife/gf… I just don’t see myself with a woman. I guess my personality is inherited from my father … he’s very insecure. I spend my time fantasizing, programming, reading, learning languages, and of course fapping !.
    But, Yesterday, I checked a channel of a guy who started NOFAP project, and I decided to stop fapping starting with today, not because of religion (I’m an atheist actually). But because, I just want to see if this will make any difference. I’m sure I’ll change to the better, but not to the point where I can interact and socialize normally with people ( I don’t understand jokes, I can get other people’s feelings, I can’t determine if someone is serious, and hell ! I everything is just fuzzy and noisy …etc) …
    Anyway, yesterday was my first day, it’s now about 24 hours I didn’t do anything… I’m watching porn on a daily basis, I didn’t do that today so far.
    Thank you again bro,
    Mohamed, Morocco

  23. Tl;dr. Bad and so highly biased. When you try to do persuasive essays or pussy rants on the Internet, you should at the very least adress the opposing side’s argument and not use bold assumptions and haphazardly descriptions of the source material you found. That article on drugs and masturbation was so blatantly clear about the correlation being weak that it’s almost like you believe that drinking diet cola gives you cancer.
    You’re a fucking idiot and there’s nothing wrong with masturbation, even in the slightest bits. Even Afroman had to go home and jerk off when the pussy was out of his reach. Kill yourself.

  24. I started looking at porn more because I when I did get laid more I was afraid of catching STDs or having children with a women I don’t love. Getting laid was not the obstacle, saying no was. When I did come across a girl I felt very strongly for guess what she was fuckin a former friend the whole time. Now I jerk it.

  25. A motivating discussion is definitely worth comment.
    I think that you should publish more about this subject, it may not be a taboo matter but generally folks don’t talk about such subjects.
    To the next! Cheers!!

  26. As of 01/07/17, I am kickingg off nofap – Let my new year be filled with energy, presence, confidence and some amazing real life intimate connections.

  27. The whole issue on fapping is most dependent on the person herself. forxample i could go on and on without fappening, but i don’t usually, call me an addict, however i don’t feel the side effects (unable to get aroused, being bored with sensual stuff, being porn dependant…), really i don’t. it takes about mind maturity and will to not be effected by fapping the way it “naturally” does, as such it is about 1 in boys for that (luckly i am the 1).
    i mostly fap to help my brother, unfortunately he does suffer from porn issues, and well… acts unnaturally towards me and my middle brother (i’m the youngest), so far he went to “breakdowns” (that is acting in a hostile manner) with me and my middle brother, also his addiction is so severe that he often “stalks” on us. to the point of again, breaking down, calling us names for not fapping. god tis awful. yes i went over a year without fapping, problem is his breakdowns… if he does not “confirm” that we are fapping (by stalking on us), the probability for him to break is high.
    it may seem as i am trying to dig up excuses to fap. however being name called by your brother just because “you didn’t fap” is a downer. and beating the crap outta him does not seem as a good idea either.
    to make things even worse, he does not accept his addiction nor wants any help… we tried, alot. it’s rather embarassing because me and my bro needs to keep porn material in our phones because he checks for it in them, and again, if nothing is found. he breaks to the point of using the whole Alpha/Beta bullshit (what sane person uses that?)

  28. You charge money for this..I see it turned out to be a good business for you..Guiding some Idiots.
    I just want to say that it’s all in one’s head you can quit any thing it’s about will power.
    I tried almost every drug but never got addicted to any of those shit. I never felt like going to rehab or something.
    I want to tell all the people who will be reading my comment that sexual energy is the most superior and potent form of energy because it’s responsible for creation instead of spilling it blindly conserve it and learn to channel it..There are many methods and techniques in Tao and tantra teachings which describes channelling this energy to the higher chakras where it will nourish your energy nodes and also revitalize your nerves and inner organs as well as complete endocrine system
    Only 2 things are required to achieve this decipline and routine.
    Once you are Abe to do this you will see all your positive characteristics increasing exponentially there is a thing as aura of a man it directly relates to ones subtle energy as your subtle energies increase aura will increase exponentially
    More deeper you go in this path you will feel your consciousness increasing your perspective to look at life and relations will be transformed.
    I am writing all this crap because I have personally felt this in my life I thank Almighty because I was guided by the right person at a right time in my life
    All things are worth trying.
    Wanking at the pixcles of your screen and getting few seconds pleasure out of it seems very illogical an absurd to me now.
    Just give a thought over it and remember it’s all in your head.

  29. Hi I was an involuntary virgin until 38 then I married and then she left. I am now 60 and have been an involuntary celibate for the past 15 years. I attempted suicide at 27 because I couldn’t find a girlfriend or lose my virginity. I have type one diabetes and suffer from depression and anxiety also I have been in psychotherapy for over 30 years. I even tried sex therapy and a surrogate. I never watch porn. I started fapping when I was about 25 very infrequently because that is my only outlet sexually. I am educated and not ugly but I always had a problem meeting women. Fear and panic set in when I am around a beautiful woman. Even alcohol or drugs cannot relax me. Cannot even look at them or touch them. Sex is pretty much unavailable to me. I basically do fapping not for pleasure only to avoid prostate or testicular cancer.

  30. News Flash – some of us masturbate because we are single and lonely and would stop masturbating tomorrow if we had a girlfriend to have sex with. I myself am very aware of my porn use, and some of what you said is true, but there are reasons why we do this, and not masturbating is not going to magically help us meet women. You can talk about masturbation like you do because you have someone sleeping next to you every night, while some of us haven’t felt the warmth of another humans skin in years. Get off your high horse and realize that life isn’t kind to all of us, but we still have sexual needs just like everyone else, and some would rather watch porn than stoop so low as to hire a whore or sleep with someone we don’t even know or like.

      • Use my sex drive as a motivation? You mean like an animal? It’s pure sex drive that motivates men to use porn. Sex is something intimate, something both disarming and empowering, something both personal and primal. I don’t just want a warm body to stick my dick into. I want a partner, a person to make love to. You can call me a snob, or insecure, and you’d be right. But masturbation is normal and harmless. Porn on the other hand…I agree that it’s another addictive substance, easily abused, and can ruin relationships. But in my case at least, porn is just a temporary helper, to get me through this dry spell, until I find someone with whom to feel human again.

  31. Ok, I’m nearly 55, have no sex life (haven’t been laid since 2005), I rarely watch porn. Usually when I’m very tired and haven’t popped one off to the point that I’m starting to feel it, but just want to get to sleep I’ll watch some porn , go to bed , pop one off , clean up and then sleep very deeply. I aroused by mutable images, and never watch the same video for more than a few minutes. I view masturbation the same way as taking a dump, something that has to be done. I masturbate a few times a month, mostly without porn. I enjoy looking at good looking women; I just have no desire to hook up with any. And no, men don’t interest me.

  32. Sean,
    Just stumbled on your article. Definitely an interesting read! I did some further research on the Coolidge Effect through my schools library database, and it was interesting to see how the dopamine and reward centers really work.
    What I do wonder is how does the overall concept in your article relate to life in general? What I mean specifically is that people that watch porn become satiated, and from masturbating they feel “No need to leave the house. Go to the gym. Or impress a girl.” What about seeing pictures or videos about luxurious things? Substitute the naked girls for expensive cars, mansions, yachts etc. and the fapping with daydreaming about these items. Will this lead people to become less motivated to achieve these things because they see so much of it that they get tired of it?
    Might be a good idea for an article, if there is any correlation. Should you decide to write it, let me know, I’d love to co-author.

  33. Keep up the good work. This article will help those who addicted and want to has normal life. For those who does has any porn addiction or social life issue, stop criticizing as you don’t understand how terrible to be addicted to porn and how desperate an addicted person to back to normal life.
    Just FYI, I was addicted for 6 years and just stopped after I get married due to problem to intimate with my wife. Due to too much of dopamine surge during those 6 years, I became insensitive person and that cause me trouble to have normal social and marriage life.
    I’ve stopped watching porn almost 2 years and it completely change my life. I am now has better social interaction with my wife and not only thinking about sex all the time when I’m with her. My social life at working place has improvement as I can interact better with female colleague without being shy or scared to them(it’s not scare actually, it’s more like insecurity feeling due to picturing them naked – addict would understand).
    I will admit that this article is 99% true from my past experience. For those who like to stopped, just do it and ignore other people said. It’s your life that’s matter. If you want to change for better, why bother to listen to criticism. It does not matter what is the method, just stopped and you will feel the difference. I would suggest marriage but you will need to be loyal to your love one. Put it as a betrayal to ejaculate by watching other women/men naked. You have your partner for that purpose, and PLUS, you can now practice what your learned from porn in real life. Isn’t that FASCINATING. Hahaha…The good thing I learned from porn is a way to have pleasure sex without making your wife pregnant.
    SO, thank you author for this article. It’s good to learn the science behind it. All the best!

  34. I model just nutted. I have odd, (rebel against everything) societies a joke. I’ve fucked boys and females. Essentially they were all females and wtf who watches porn, if you’re gunna bust one off atleast like cAm 2 cam with some random whore. Every time I webcam my bod and cock for a broad they literally don’t even exit ever and I’ll bust and have no interest. Carelessly exit the browser. I’m 22, and realize some woman are just as sexually deprived lol. There’s just a lot that are addicted to getting slammed on a daily basis. I can’t fuck with that I don’t care

  35. Wow! This article opened up my eyes and has motivated me to not watch porn/masturbate ever again. I really needed this, thank you very much. I’m saving this in my bookmarks. And I’m only a 20 year old guy, so yes, I do have a lot of time in life ahead of me and I hate for it to go to waste. Honestly, I’m on Day 1 without porn/masturbating, I’m doing good so far, can’t complain. I won’t give up, I’ll go on! I can do this, I know I can!
    I’m ready to start living a life without masturbating/porn.
    Masturbating has bought me nothing but fear and shame (and of course a negative outlook on life in general). Not only that, I couldn’t think straight, I couldn’t keep a conversation going and I couldn’t recall certain memories (names, dates, et cetera). Masturbating/porn made me into a very lazy/careless/stupid person especially.
    I no longer want to live my life in fear.
    And guys… don’t let fear define you. Please. Fear is not something you should let take over your life.
    Use your willpower, don’t lose it.
    I can’t believe I used to be fooled by society and was told that “masturbation is normal and healthy”. Nah, fuck that. I refuse and I highly doubt I’ll die from “prostate cancer” (whatever the hell kind of claim you make). I’m not religious by all means, I just don’t want the desire to continue masturbating and watching porn.
    Back to what I said about wanting to live my life without porn/masturbating and I’m sorry for all the unnecessary rants being in the way. I just can’t believe how much time and energy I wasted during my youth/teenage years from all the porn binging/masturbating I been doing. And all those times where I say “no” to spending time with family/friends and lock myself up in the bedroom and “you know what”. Shame on me.
    I’m ready man, I’m ready to start being serious about this. I’m ready to take control over my life and live in the moment. No more porn/masturbation! No more! TIME FOR ME TO STEP OUT MY COMFORT ZONE AND ENJOY LIFE! WISH ME LUCK!

    • EDIT: I can’t believe I used to be fooled by society and was told that “masturbation is normal and healthy”. Nah, fuck that. And I highly doubt I’ll die from “prostate cancer” (whatever the hell kind of claim you make). I doubt it. I’m not religious by all means, I just don’t want the desire to continue masturbating and watching porn.

      • UPDATE 07/16/2017 – I fucked up. Really, I did. No. Joke. Masturbating is making me into a weaker person the more I continue to masturbate and watch porn.
        Not only is it making me into a weaker person, my social skills went straight downhill as well (I can’t keep a conversation going, I’m bad at explaining things and memories by using the right words and I can’t even recall what I did in my teenage years).
        I’m not joking. This isn’t some laughing matter made up story, I’m speaking from my experiences and through my soul.
        You’ll have to excuse my poor grammar and my bad sentence structuring (if there are any). (Stay in school, kids!) I apologize for all that.
        How the fuck am I supposed to improve myself for the better if I’m not taking this challenge (90 day no fap) seriously? Fuck man, I need a job and a life. Maybe consider going back to college and pick up hobbies to do to pass time.
        I’m only 20 years old and I’m over here wasting all my life and time away by masturbating and watching porn. Shame. Shame on me.
        Ya know what… this time, no more fooling around. Time to really be serious about this. I’m so not giving up.
        Guys, if you’re like me struggling to quit masturbating and porn. I’m sure you guys can do far much better than I can. Maybe just maybe you’re ahead of me and living in the moment without regrets/doubts.
        Be someone’s inspiration and motivate others to choose life over porn! No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to choose life over porn! So start living in the moment right now! I know you can do it! Maybe you already are and good on you for doing so! And I’ll do the same!

        • oh shut up, you brainwashed bastard. you’re not fooling anyone. there ain’t nothing wrong with fapping in moderation. you’re a liar and you know it. fapping is good for you bruh, better than getting prostate cancer. speaking of which.. enjoy your prostate cancer and blue balls while i enjoy fapping to porn.. too da loo motherfucker.!!

  36. this article is a load of pseudoscience bullshit. y’all worried over nothin’.. fapping is good for you . enjoy your blue balls and prostate cancer, lil bitches and faggots!!!..

  37. Wow, I loved this article so much! It was so relate-able sadly. But it really made me realize why I am so depressed and it really made sense. I’m making this my new years resolution and quitting it for good. Also, there was this girl I really liked and we finally had sex and I would say she was the hottest girl I’ve ever been with, straight 10. And… it was OK? It really didn’t make sense until I read this article and thank God I did. I have some goals in life and I want to feel more motivated and less held back from porn. Thank you so much! I already feel better reading this and I realize it will be hard stopping, but I will do it simply because there is more at stack than the pleasure of “jerking off”. Thanks again! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  38. While you are likely correct on some of your examples of how porn is addictive, can be easily abused, and may lead to sex addiction I agree with many other commenters that your prescription falsely assumes a “one shoe fits all” approach by suggesting everyone STOP masturbating and instead seek REAL sex. While chronic masturbation can be symptomatic of sex addiction in general, regular masturbation can be relaxing and healthy. I’ve been married for longer than a decade and love my wife–she’s the absolute sexiest woman (to me) I have ever seen, period. I could have sex with her every day continually trying new things. However, she and I though in love and best friends have vastly different sexual appetites. Respecting that I will watch 15 minutes of porn or run through mental images once or twice a week and take care of myself so as not to walk around distractedly horny when she is not interested in sex. On days she is–then by all means I will opt for that instead and I’ve never once been in the midst of real sexual activity wishing for porn instead.

  39. My friend and i stopped watching porn or masturbating. We get together a few times a week, and give each other blow jobs instead.

  40. To all the people leaving harsh comments, ok even if fapping is not bad for you, sexual transmutation can be the most powerful weapon ever. I wrote a great article about it on my site.

  41. You didn’t really prove anything. You’re trying to profit from wankers in your own unique little way.

  42. Thank you a lot… I fell in love with you xD hope you achieved your dreams and became the best version of yourselt my friend 😉 If I would give you a gift for this beautiful article.. it will be Islam..
    you have a good brain… just do your researches about it and I am sure you will believe in it…
    Watch zaker naik videos and peaaace 😉

  43. Thank you so much for this article. It’s a true masterpiece. My journey of fap-stinence has started a week ago, and I already feel better. thank you so much for this confidence!

  44. That is a true lifechanging article , thank you guys. I am on my 41 day of the trip. I hope your message will save a lot of fellows.

  45. Hi Sean I just want to let you know that unless these test were done on cave people they are completely irrelevant, the fact is a full grown male should definitely have the cognitive ability to tell the difference between a woman in real life vs on a screen, the same thing goes for your use of the Coolidge effect as the only solid evidence presented, was a test done on rats or mice you did not specify. Also the amount of words misspelled or misused was astounding to me. This is a persuasive article and after reading my opinion supporting male masterbation has only straightened. The fact that you constantly promote yourself or other services you provide is also disgusting. Some young teenager might find this and genuinely ruin a good and healthy stress outlet all because of some self-promo filled garbage

    • Reily,

      You make some great points. Masturbation can be very healthy and beautiful, but no one told me my daily “fapping” to porn as a teen would turn into a RAMPANT porn addiction. And yes, anyone can tell the difference between a girl on a screen and a real girl – but to “your brain” it’s just stimulation and chemicals. All the same.

      I’ll get this article edited for grammar. It’s an old one.


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