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The Best Supplements For Men Reviewed With Brutal Honesty.

So are you maxing out your potential with lifestyle, meditation, exercise and diet? Great! Let’s see if we can take you to an even higher level using supplements.

I’ll test and review the best supplements for men so you know exactly what you can take to improve every area of you life. Let’s do it!

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The 3 Best Nootropic Stack For Boosting Mental Perfromance

I’ve tried over 20 Nootropic stacks. These are my top 3.

Best Nootropic stack



Who Should Take Supplements?

Supplements are very powerful, but by definition they are only meant to supplement your pre existing health habits. This means before looking to supplements, we should do everything we can.

This means eating healthy, living stress free, being active and connecting with others. This comes first. Then we can think about adding supplements to our life.

That being said, due to the lack of nutrients in our food supply compared to ancient times – I would say that everyone needs some sort of supplementation.

Testosterone Boosters


Before you supplement, figure out your total and free testosterone.

Testosterone Supplements For Men

Below you will find all our our articles on testosterone boosting supplements for men. Testosterone is a critical hormone in the wellbeing of a man and has declined by almost HALF since the 1950’s due to many environmental and lifestyle factors.

Raising your testosterone to a healthy level can have a dramatic impact on your health. Aim for 1,000 NG/DL.


Nootropic Supplements For Men

One of the most common supplement types for men to take is nootropics, or cognitive enhancing supplements.

Nootropics can give you a mental boost and can take your focus, memory and mental output to a whole new level.

Pre Workout Supplements

Pre Workout For Men

If you’re a man on a mission to maximize your gains and crush your fitness goals, you’ve undoubtedly felt the thrill of conquering new personal bests. But let’s face it, we all have those days when the weights seem heavier, and the energy levels just won’t cooperate.

That’s where the magic of pre-workout supplements comes into play – the secret weapon in every dedicated gym-goer’s arsenal.

In this guide, we’re diving deep into the world of pre-workout supplements tailored specifically for men who are passionate about sculpting their bodies and pushing their limits. Get ready to unlock a treasure trove of information on the best pre-workout formulations, ingredients to fuel your workouts, and tips to ensure you’re making the most of every rep and set.

Sexual Enhancement

Sex Supplements For Men

For those men on a mission to take their bedroom game to legendary heights, we’ve curated the ultimate guide to sex supplements.

Whether you’re seeking an extra boost in stamina, a surge in libido, or just looking to spice things up, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to discover the keys to unlocking your full potential between the sheets. This is your go-to resource for exploring the world of men’s sexual health supplements. Let the adventure begin!