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Magnesium testosterone: does it really work?

magnesium and testosterone

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Picture this: a natural powerhouse, not masked by mysterious chemicals or peppered with health warnings, yet potent enough to stir your manhood’s vigor. Enter magnesium – a mundane mineral metamorphosed into a compelling testosterone catalyst.

this no-nonsense guide is about to transform your understanding of testosterone and magnesium. Get ready to dive headfirst into the science, untangling the complexities of this unassuming powerhouse.

key takeaways

  • Magnesium bisglycinate is the best form for boosting testosterone due to its superior absorption.
  • Combining exercise with magnesium supplementation can maximize testosterone levels in men.
  • Magnesium deficiency hampers testosterone production, making supplementation crucial for optimal levels.
  • Zinc and magnesium work together synergistically to enhance testosterone levels and overall athletic performance.

Does magnesium increase testosterone?

an old masculine man with high testosterone levels

Absolutely, yes!

Magnesium indeed cranks up your testosterone levels. The sneaky villain here often is a magnesium deficiency, which can quietly sabotage your testosterone.

Moreover, magnesium keeps in check the ‘sex hormone binding globulin’—a potential handcuff to your testosterone. So, boosting magnesium is like giving your testosterone a VIP pass to soar.

How does magnesium work to increase testosterone?

magnesium factory

Magnesium is an amazing mineral and it’s often cited to aid in over 300 important biochemical reactions in the human body. It would be a monumental effort to explain exactly how magnesium achieves this. It’s incredibly complex.

Evander’s Note:

I’ll end off by pointing out some facts on the topic of magnesium testosterone to get you thinking about how this all works and why you may want to try out supplementing with high-quality magnesium.

Magnesium aids in sleep and also lowers anxiety (perhaps by blocking cortisol, the body’s stress hormone). Long healthy sleep and low levels of cortisol are associated with higher levels of free and total testosterone.

So magnesium can help facilitate the reactions associated with building testosterone directly, and it can also help increase testosterone indirectly by blocking cortisol and improving sleep. So in addition to becoming stronger and having higher levels of testosterone, you’ll also likely experience better and longer sleep, less stress, and less anxiety.

Magnesium and testosterone: The science

There have been many scientific studies showing that magnesium supplementation increases testosterone in men. Here we go into the 3 most important studies on the topic.

Study 1:

This 4-week study looked at the blood levels of both free and total testosterone in 3 groups of men. Group 1 was a group of sedentary men who took magnesium supplements (10mg per kg of body weight per day)

So for example, an 80 kg male would take 800 mg of magnesium per day for 4 weeks. He was “sedentary”, which means he basically just took the magnesium supplementation each day and did nothing else. Not bad. Group 2 was a group of tae kwon do athletes. They also took magnesium supplements each day (10mg per kg of human body weight per day) AND did tae kwon do exercises for between 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hours each day. Group 3 was another group of tae kwon do athletes. They did the same tae kwon do exercises as group 2 (90-120 minutes per day) but took ZERO magnesium supplementation.

The results were interesting:

ALL 3 groups of men saw increases in their levels of both free and total testosterone after the study. The group which took magnesium AND did tae kwon do saw their testosterone levels increase the most. The group of sedentary men who sat around taking magnesim supplementation still saw significant increases in testosterone.

NASM, CPT Personal Trainer | Menprovement

Study 2:

Let’s dive into the nuts and bolts of a 7-week double-blind study that put magnesium supplementation under the microscope, looking at its influence on muscle strength. While pumping iron isn’t the same as directly measuring testosterone levels, it’s a pretty solid indirect measure, and let’s be honest, flexing bigger biceps is a goal many of us men can get behind.

The study enrolled a team of 26 young guns, all males between the ripe ages of 18 and 30. They split into two packs: 14 guys in the control group who popped a placebo (sugar pill dressed up as a supplement), and 12 troopers in the experimental group, supplementing with the star of the show, magnesium.

Here’s an interesting point:

magnesium deficiency wasn’t an issue here, because the experimental group loaded up on magnesium – 8mg per kg of human body weight per day to be exact. And yes, any magnesium they got from chowing down their usual grub was included.

All these guys hit the gym three times a week, cranking out 3 sets of 10 reps each of leg extensions and leg presses. Not exactly an Ironman training routine, but we’re here for the testosterone levels, right?

After 7 weeks, the outcome was clear as daylight: Both groups beefed up their strength, but the fellas from the magnesium crew outpaced the control group, packing on noticeably more muscle mass. This suggests that magnesium may play a pivotal role in testosterone production by fueling protein synthesis at the ribosomal level.

Translation: Magnesium supplementation makes you stronger in at least 2 ways from the first 2 studies. One is from a direct increase in testosterone. The other is from an improvement in protein synthesis.
NASM, CPT Personal Trainer | Menprovement

Study 3:

Another interesting study, this time looking at a group of 399 gents aged 65 and up. The researchers were on a mission to find any connections between magnesium levels, testosterone, and other potent muscle-building hormones like Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1).

Armed with a plethora of blood level data, they crunched the numbers, sifting through for any meaningful relationships between magnesium and testosterone, as well as IGF-1.

What did they find?

It’s as clear as a summer sky: higher levels of magnesium were buddies with higher testosterone levels (both free and total), and our good friend IGF-1.

Now, let’s put on our skeptic hats for a moment. Yes, this study doesn’t directly prove that upping your magnesium intake will skyrocket your testosterone levels or IGF-1 levels. In the same way that high ice cream sales in summer don’t mean that setting up an ice cream stand will guarantee a heatwave.🍦☀️
NASM, CPT Personal Trainer | Menprovement

Yet, when we place this study alongside others, it starts to paint an encouraging picture. It seems that supplementing with magnesium could potentially be like hitting the gas pedal on your testosterone production, especially for the older gents among us. It might even give a boost to other crucial anabolic hormones.

So, while we can’t guarantee that magnesium is the sole superhero in this story, it’s definitely looking like a key player in the squad, helping us keep those testosterone levels on the up and up. 🔬

what we’ve learned from these three studies

a doctor giving advice

Firstly, popping a magnesium supplement could be a significant power-up for both free and total testosterone levels in men. But that’s not all! It’s not just about increasing testosterone production, but it also fuels ribosomal protein synthesis, giving our strength a bonus boost.

Whether you’re the kind of guy who loves the couch or can’t stay away from the gym, magnesium’s got your back. That said, it looks like combining a workout routine with magnesium supplementation hits the testosterone production jackpot.

And guess what? These positive effects aren’t just for the young bucks. They’ve been observed in men aged 18 and up, and there’s a good chance they could benefit those younger too.


In short, magnesium is looking like the Swiss army knife of men’s health. It potentially hikes up testosterone levels, powers up strength, and might even amp up other crucial male anabolic hormones. Who knew one mineral could do so much, right? 💪🏼🔬

what is the best form of magnesium for testosterone levels?

Magnesium elemental form

When it comes to boosting testosterone levels, magnesium bisglycinate is the gold standard. This isn’t just an old gym rat’s tale, but it’s backed by science.

Its high bioavailability, which refers to how well your body can absorb and utilize it, sets it apart from other magnesium forms. In a study published in the journal of “Pharmaceuticals,” it was found that magnesium bisglycinate has a significantly higher absorption rate compared to other types like magnesium oxide or citrate. 🧪

But it doesn’t stop there

The magnesium in bisglycinate form is bonded to the amino acid glycine, which aids in absorption and doesn’t have the strong laxative effect some other forms might give you (and trust me, you don’t want that during a heavy lifting session!).

This makes magnesium bisglycinate the most suitable form for men aiming to elevate their testosterone production.

Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium supplements

Let’s break it down a bit further. Most magnesium supplements on the shelves are more about quantity over quality.


Because they’re cheaper to produce and sadly, most buyers don’t know the difference.

Evander’s Tip:

Steer clear of magnesium oxide and anything that ends in ‘ide’. Your body will absorb as much from it as I can understand quantum physics – not much. 👎

Magnesium Citrate vs Bisglycinate

On the other hand, magnesium citrate is a better bet. But the real gold standard here is magnesium bisglycinate – the MVP of absorption.

The trick, however, is avoiding the dreaded ‘buffered’ form. It’s like finding out that your “pure orange juice” is actually packed with water, sugar, and artificial colorings.

Not what you signed up for, right?

Determining the Right Dosage for Boosting Testosterone production

Scientist doing research

So how much magnesium is too much, or too little?

Good question! It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. Your body weight plays a big role in determining your dosage. More weight equals more magnesium. And since magnesium is a quick exit-er, taking smaller doses frequently beats a single large dose.

The form of magnesium you take also determines the amount you need. Remember, magnesium bisglycinate is king of absorption, while magnesium oxide is the court jester. 👑
NASM, CPT Personal Trainer | Menprovement

Deciphering the Labels: Elemental Magnesium

a hacker

Now, let’s talk about labels. Those milligrams (mg) you see on the bottle?

They refer to the weight of the compound, not the pure magnesium.

For instance, only 60% of magnesium oxide’s weight is actual ‘elemental’ magnesium. In the case of our champion, magnesium bisglycinate, it’s only about 14%. So, 100mg of magnesium bisglycinate only gives you 14mg of the real deal.

Bottom Line: Optimal Magnesium Dosage

Let’s bring it all home. For a 180-pound guy wanting to rev up his testosterone production, 1-2 grams of pure magnesium bisglycinate divided over 2-3 doses should do the trick. That’s about 140-280mg of ‘pure’ magnesium in a highly absorbable form. Team it up with vitamin B6, and you’re in for a win.

But, of course, don’t forget to check with your doc before starting any new supplement routine. They can help you experiment and figure out the best dosage for you.

Other ways to boost testosterone naturally

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Wrapping up

To put it simply, magnesium is no mere sidekick in your quest to elevate testosterone levels and become the best version of yourself. It’s an absolute game-changer, especially when you opt for the highly bioavailable magnesium bisglycinate.

From powering your workouts, supporting testosterone production, to combating magnesium deficiency, it’s got your back!

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Absolutely! Numerous scientific studies have shown that magnesium supplementation can significantly boost both free and total testosterone levels in men.

For an adult man aiming to increase testosterone, a good starting point is approximately 400-420 mg of magnesium per day, ideally in the form of magnesium bisglycinate due to its superior bioavailability. Always consult your healthcare provider before starting any new supplementation regime.

Yes, both zinc and magnesium have been shown to help increase testosterone levels. In fact, they’re often paired together in supplements because they work synergistically to enhance testosterone production and improve overall athletic performance.

Magnesium serves a multitude of functions for males. It aids in muscle and nerve function, regulates blood pressure, supports the immune system, and plays a pivotal role in testosterone production. Plus, it can improve sleep quality, which is essential for optimal testosterone levels and overall health.

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