Maca Coffee: The Game-Changing Brew You Need to Try

Maca Coffee: The Game-Changing Brew You Need to Try

Maca Coffee: The Game-Changing Brew You Need to Try

maca coffee

There I was, standing in my kitchen, bleary-eyed and exhausted, reaching for yet another cup of coffee to kick start my day. β˜•οΈ

That’s when it hit me – there had to be a better way to feel energized and focused without the inevitable caffeine crash. 

That’s when I stumbled upon maca coffee, and let me tell you, fellow men, it has been a game-changer.

Gentlemen, I know how important it is for us to stay at the top of our game, both mentally and physically. 

That’s why I want to share with you my experience with maca coffee for men (and women) – a natural energy booster that not only keeps you sharp but also supports your overall health, including your sexual performance. 

Trust me, you’ll want to hear this. πŸ‘‚πŸΌ

Maca Coffee: What’s the Buzz About?

maca coffee

Maca “energy” coffee is a delicious twist on the traditional cup of joe.

Maca coffee consists of adding maca root powder to your coffee, or using ground maca root as a caffeine free alternative to traditional coffee. Both are extremely powerful due to the star of the show; maca.

Maca is an incredibly powerful adaptogenic root vegetable with dozens of science backed benefits for both men and women. This wonder plant has been grown for centuries by our chill buddies in the Andes Mountains of Peru, who’ve been in on the secret of its amazing health benefits.

Drinking this with, or as your coffee is like drinking lightning in a bottle.

As I said before, there are 2 ways to brew maca coffee:

#1: Maca + Coffee

This version of maca coffee is like a love potion made by Cupid himself, blending regular coffee with maca powder from the magical maca root.

When you toss some organic maca powder into your daily cup o’ Joe, you’re not just getting a caffeine fix; you’re also fueling your body with a truckload of nutrient-packed awesomeness.

#2: Maca as a Coffee Alternative

Although the first method is the traditional maca coffee blend, some choose to use maca as an alternative to coffee, creating a coffee like brew consisting of maca and other herbs if desired.

We’ll let you know exactly how to execute both methods and where to buy pre made maca coffee blends or pure maca powder to add to your morning brew below.

Maca Coffee Benefits: A Powerhouse of Perks

maca coffee benefits

Allow me to share some of the awesome health benefits of maca coffee that are especially handy for us dudes. The following benefits go for adding maca into your coffee or using maca as a coffee substitute, since they all come from the magical maca root itself.

And their all backed by science.

1: Energy Boost with a Witty Twist

We all know that coffee can give us that energy kick we need, but did you know that maca coffee can do the same?

Maca energy coffee combines the best of both worlds – the wake-up call of coffee and the reviving properties of maca root (or just a boost from maca if you opt to drink it alone).

In a 2009 study published in the “Journal of Ethnopharmacology,” cyclists who supplemented with maca root for 14 days experienced improved time-trial performance and reported increased feelings of subjective energy. You can check out the study right here.

Trust me, once you’ve tried maca coffee, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

2: Cranking Up Your Love-O-Meter

One of Maca’s most renowned superpowers is turbocharging sexual desire and performance in men.

In 2002, a study published in “Andrologia” found that men who consumed maca root for 12 weeks experienced a significant increase in sexual desire.

Sprinkling maca powder in your coffee or just taking maca straight up can give your libido a natural boost, making it the go-to beverage for those steamy rendezvous with your other half. 😏

3: Sperm Count? Check!

Maca root is known to pump up sperm count, making it a top-tier supplement for men eager to enhance their fertility. 🍌

A 2015 study showed that men who consumed maca root for 12 weeks showed a rise in sperm concentration and motility vs the placebo group.

A daily cup of maca-powered java might be just the ticket to increasing your odds of starting or expanding your family.

4: Hormonal Harmony

Maca root powder is famous for its hormone-balancing talents. βš–οΈ

So, when you blend it with your favorite coffee, you’re scoring a double dose of goodness.

As a hormonal imbalance survivor, I can vouch that sipping maca coffee has had a noticeable impact on my life.

5: A Nutrient Fiesta That Destroys Stress

Opting for organic maca powder means you’re hitting the nutrient jackpot. πŸŽ‰

Maca root is packed with vitamins and minerals like calcium, potassium, and iron, making it the ideal sidekick for your daily escapades.

Plus, maca root is an adaptogen – which means that it helps your body adapt to stress so you can handle whatever the day throws at you. This can help combat the stress increasing effects of caffeine, or if you’re drinking maca coffee as a coffee alternative then you can replace those caffeine jitters with an energized but relaxed and stress resistant vibe.

6: Mood Enhancer: Swap Those Frowns for Smiles

We’ve all had those days when we’re feeling blue… especially when it comes to mustering the motivation to conquer the gym.

The great news? Maca Coffee is here to help!

Maca root boasts mood-lifting properties, making it the perfect pick-me-up when you’re feeling down or need a β€˜gentle’ push towards the gym machines.

In a 2006 study published in the journal “BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine,” rats exposed to chronic unpredictable stress showed a significant reduction in depressive-like behavior when given a maca extract.

Though this study was conducted on rats, it provides an exciting glimpse into maca root’s potential to improve mood and decrease depression.

To learn even more about the benefits of maca coffee for men – check out this article we did, Including 2 recipes you won’t see here.

Maca’s Origin Story: A Journey Through Time

maca coffee background

Let me take you on a little journey to the origins of maca. ⏳

Picture this: the Andes Mountains of Peru, with their breathtaking vistas and vibrant cultural narratives. That’s where the maca plant thrives. πŸ”οΈ

I remember my first maca encounter. I was meandering through a health food store, on the prowl for natural dietary supplements.

The shopkeeper, noticing my curiosity, began to chat about maca’s extraordinary perks and its legendary status in Peruvian culture. πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ͺ

Now, maca comes in various flavors, like black maca powder, red maca powder, and the crowd-favorite yellow maca powder.

Each type boasts its own unique superpowers and benefits, but they all share the same roots.Maca has been cultivated and used for eons, not just as a scrumptious treat but also as a natural remedy for a range of health woes.

Maca Coffee Safety: Can You Drink It with Confidence?

maca coffee safety

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “This all sounds great, but is maca actually safe to drink?” 

Trust me when I say that I had the same concern when I first discovered Maca. πŸ”

Well, I’m happy to report that maca is generally considered safe and is widely used as a natural dietary supplement. βœ…

However, as with any new supplement, it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor before adding it to your routine.

To make maca coffee, all you need to do is mix powdered maca with your favorite coffee drink. 

My personal maca energy coffee recipe involves blending black maca powder, cacao powder, oat milk, and a sweetener of my choice. 

The result is a delicious, nutrient-rich coffee that gives me the energy boost I need to conquer the day.

Of course, it’s essential to remember that everyone’s body is different, and what works for me might not work for you. 

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are taking medications, it’s best to check with your healthcare provider before consuming Maca.

Maca Coffee’s Winning Traits:

  • Natural energy boost: Maca coffee gives you that much-needed pick-me-up, without the jitters that can come from regular coffee.
  • Hormone balancing: Maca root is known for its hormone-balancing properties, making it an excellent addition to your daily routine.
  • Packed with nutrients: Organic maca powder is rich in vitamins and minerals, providing a nutrient boost in every cup.
  • Versatile coffee substitute: Maca coffee can be tailored to your preferences, whether you like it with yellow maca powder, oat milk, or any other variations.

Maca Coffee’s Not-So-Sunny Side:

  • Taste: Some people might find the taste of maca powder to be a bit strong or earthy, although this can be mitigated by experimenting with your maca coffee recipe.
  • Allergies or sensitivities: As with any new food or supplement, some individuals might have allergies or sensitivities to maca.
  • Interactions with medications: It’s important to consult with your healthcare provider before adding maca to your diet, especially if you are taking medications.

Maca Powder Magic: How to Use It in Coffee

how to make maca coffee

Now that you know the pros and cons of maca coffee, let me share how you can incorporate maca powder into your coffee. β˜•οΈ

It’s really simple. 

  1. First, brew your coffee as you usually would. 
  2. Then, add a teaspoon (or the desired amount) of organic maca powder to your cup. 
  3. Stir it well to ensure the powder is evenly distributed. 

You can also add sweeteners, milk, or other flavorings to create your perfect maca coffee recipe.

Where to Buy Maca Coffee: Your Personal Guide

As a maca coffee aficionado, I’ve had my fair share of trying various maca powders and blends. 

After countless cups of coffee and plenty of experimentation, I’ve found two products that I believe are worth sharing with you. 

So, let me introduce you to my top two maca powder recommendations. πŸ’―

#1: Alpha Grind Instant Maca Coffee

alpha grind maca coffee

The first product that has made a notable difference in my life is Alpha Grind’s Instant Maca Coffee, specifically designed with men’s health in mind.

I was initially drawn to it because it combines roasted maca root with high-quality coffee, raw cacao powder, and a hint of cinnamon.Β 

This powerful blend not only enhances the maca taste but also adds an extra layer of antioxidants, which help combat free radicals in your body. 

And let’s not forget, maca is known to support men’s libido and sexual health. 😏

Drinking maca coffee with Alpha Grind feels like sipping on a delicious maca latte, especially when you mix it with your favorite plant-based milk, like oat or almond milk.

Plus, it’s one of the easiest maca lattes I have ever created.

Just add hot water, and you’ve got yourself a coffee drink that’s both delicious and specifically tailored to support men’s health.

One more thing I appreciate about Alpha Grind is that it’s available in most health food stores, making it easy to find and enjoy. 

And don’t worry about leftover maca coffee; I’ve found that it keeps well in the fridge, so you can enjoy it later on.

#2: Youtheory Men’s Maca Advanced 

Youtheory Men's Maca Advanced

My second recommendation, and another favorite, is Youtheory Men’s Maca Advanced.

This maca root powder is specifically designed for men, providing a unique blend of maca powders, including black, yellow, and red maca, each with its own benefits, such as supporting energy levels, stamina, and sexual drive.

It’s an excellent choice for those looking to reap the benefits of maca as an herbal medicine while also enjoying it as a tasty coffee drink. 

To make maca coffee with Youtheory Men’s Maca Advanced, simply mix a scoop of the powder with your coffee and your preferred plant-based milk, like oat or almond milk. 

The result is a rich, creamy maca latte that’s perfect for starting your day or enjoying it as a midday pick-me-up.

What sets Youtheory Men’s Maca Advanced apart from other maca products is its focus on providing a balanced blend of maca powders, targeting specific health benefits for men. 

Plus, it’s available in most health food stores, so you won’t have to search far and wide to find it. 

With Youtheory Men’s Maca Advanced, you’ll be well on your way to harnessing the full potential of this powerful superfood.

Maca Coffee Recipe: A Symphony of Flavors

maca coffee recipe

Speaking of mouthwatering maca coffee, I need to share with you my go-to maca coffee recipe that’ll surely give your regular cup of coffee a run for its money:


  • 1 cup of freshly brewed ground coffee
  • 1 teaspoon organic maca powder (yellow or red maca)
  • 1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 cup of your favorite plant-based milk (I love using almond milk)
  • Sweetener of your choice, to taste


  1. Brew your cup of coffee using your preferred method.
  2. While the coffee is brewing, heat your plant-based milk in a saucepan over low heat or in the microwave.
  3. In your coffee cup, add maca powder and cocoa powder.
  4. Pour the hot coffee into the cup, stirring well to ensure the powders are fully dissolved.
  5. Add the warm plant-based milk and sweetener to taste.
  6. Give everything a good stir, and enjoy your delicious maca coffee!

Crafting a Mean Maca Latte

Creating a maca latte is as simple as replacing the ground coffee in the previous recipe with an equal amount of hot water. ♨️

This will give you a coffee-like flavor without the actual coffee, which is perfect for those looking to replace coffee with a nutritious and energizing alternative.

Maca Coffee Taste Test: What’s the Verdict?

maca coffee taste

When you first taste maca coffee, you’ll notice a unique herbal flavor combined with a subtle hint of earthiness. 

It’s quite different from your typical cup of Joe, but it’s a taste that grows on you.

The addition of cocoa powder helps balance the earthy tones of the maca, while the plant-based milk provides a creamy texture.πŸ₯›

The result is a delightful beverage that not only satisfies your taste buds but also offers potential health benefits, from amino acids to sexual health support. 

Maca’s Hidden Talents: More Ways to Use It

maca energy coffee

Maca is a versatile little root that goes beyond just being a delicious addition to your morning coffee. 

Let’s dive into some other uses of maca and discover how it can benefit you in various aspects of your life.

Sweeten the Deal: Maca as a Natural Sweetener

When it comes to sweetening your favorite beverages or dishes, maple syrup is a classic choice. 

But did you know that you can also use maca to naturally sweeten your recipes? 

Black maca, in particular, has a slightly sweeter taste compared to red maca, making it perfect for adding a touch of natural sweetness to your meals while also providing numerous health benefits.

Energize Your Day: The Maca Way

As I mentioned earlier, maca is an excellent energy booster. πŸš€

If you’re looking to cut back on caffeinated beverages, such as coffee or energy drinks, maca can be a great alternative. 

It can help you avoid the jitters or high blood pressure that often come with too much caffeine, while still giving you the energy boost you need to tackle your day.

Boosting Your Bedroom Game

One of the best-known benefits of maca is its positive impact on sexual health and performance. 

Studies have shown that maca, especially black and red maca, can improve sperm motility and overall sexual performance.

 So, whether you’re trying to conceive or simply looking to spice things up in the bedroom, incorporating maca into your diet can be a game-changer.

Maca’s Role in Dietary Supplements

If you’re not a fan of the taste of maca, you can still enjoy its benefits by taking supplement capsules

These capsules typically contain maca extract, allowing you to reap the health benefits of maca without adding it to your meals or beverages.

The Grand Finale: My Love Affair with Maca Coffee

After exploring the world of maca coffee, its benefits, recipes, and various uses, I can confidently say that it’s a game-changer in my daily routine.

I started incorporating maca into my coffee a few years ago, and the impact it has had on my energy levels and bedroom game is just mind-blowing 🀯

Not only has maca coffee become my go-to morning beverage, but it has also led me to discover other creative ways to use this incredible superfood. 

So, if you’re looking for a way to give your coffee a healthy twist, or simply searching for a powerful superfood to add to your diet, maca coffee might just be the answer. 

Give it a try, experiment with different recipes and maca products, and see for yourself the wonders it can do for your health and well-being.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out some more articles you may like to continue your self improvement journey!

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