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Test Boost Max Reviews: I Tried It For 30+ Days (2024)

Test Boost Max

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Test Boost Max

  • Enhances muscle growth
  • Can support weight loss
  • Improves confidence and energy levels
  • Supports healthy sex drive

My Personal Test Boost Max Summary:

Diving into the pool of Test Boost Max reviews, it’s clear this testosterone supplement draws mixed opinions. Combining a unique blend of natural ingredients, it is designed to safely boost testosterone levels over time. 🔥

Some users praise its efficacy, highlighting improvements in energy, athletic performance, and libido. However, not everyone is sold. The formulation has drawn criticism for its under-dosed ingredients and for missing key natural testosterone boosters like zinc and magnesium.

While it’s acknowledged for its novelty, it seems the product still has room for improvement. This testosterone booster might not be the best fit for everyone. If you want to learn more, just buy it and try it for yourself.

Testosterone – it’s the lifeblood of every man. It builds muscle, does some fat burning, helps with weight loss, boosts confidence, and much more. Keeping it high is essential but not always easy. Despite our best efforts, life can get in the way. Enter Test Boost Max, a natural testosterone supplement.

Not a steroid, not a SARM, but a tool to help support your body’s testosterone levels. So, what is Test Boost Max and how can it boost testosterone levels?

Read on to find out. 🧐

Top things I look for when reviewing

IngredientsHigh-quality and natural ingredients
BenefitsNoticeable boost in
testosterone levels
Price/ValueAffordable and worth the money

What Is Test Boost Max?

Testboost max

Test Boost Max is an all-natural testosterone-boosting supplement formulated and sold by Sculpt Nation. It’s a blend of all-natural ingredients that increase your body’s rate of testosterone production, along with other beneficial effects.

It’s closer to a multivitamin than it is to anabolic steroids.

Test Boost Max looks to steadily increase your T levels over the long term rather than instantly boosting them for a short period of time.

However, as you will read in this review – although Test Boost Max will give you benefits – we believe there are better alternatives out there.

If you want to save time I’ll just go ahead and say it.

Jayden’s Tip

If you are looking to boost your testosterone naturally, I do not recommend you use Test Boost Max but I would personally recommend either Testogen or Prime male. I think these formulations pack a little more punch and have better testosterone levels. Of course, they are 100 % natural as well – so you can check them out using those links.

But if you’d like to learn more about Test Boost Max and make your own educated decision, I’m going the tell you everything you need to know.


  • Enhances muscle growth and weight loss
  • Improves confidence and energy levels
  • Boosts mental health and competitive spirit
  • Offers a natural and safe alternative to steroids and SARMs


  • No guarantee it will work for everyone
  • Requires consistent intake for potential results
  • May be unnecessary if you already maintain a healthy lifestyle

For Who It Is

Confident young guy walking towards school

For the Gym-Goer Who Wants More

Are you regularly at the gym but not seeing the results you want? If you’re pursuing enhanced muscle growth and increased energy, Test Boost Max Safe is your ally. It’s designed to give your workouts the boost they need.

For the Overwhelmed Multi-tasker

If life’s curveballs have you overwhelmed and struggling to maintain healthy routines, Test Boost Max can be your support system. These testosterone boosters are designed to supplement better health routines, helping you cope with the ups and downs of life.

For Who It Is Not

A vegan man

For the Naturalist

If you’re someone who believes in boosting testosterone levels solely through a healthy lifestyle – regular workouts, nutritious diets, ample sleep – then Test Boost Max may not be for you. It’s a booster supplement, not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. 🤷🏽‍♂️

So if you are this kind of guy, just stick with your green tea and not a testosterone booster.

Test Boost Max Ingredient Breakdown

test boost max ingredient infographic

Here’s a quick overview of the ingredient label (Each of these numbers are per 3 capsules or one daily serving of Test Boost Max).

  • Ashwagandha root extract (KSM-66) 600 mg 
  • Tribulus whole herb extract 500 mg 
  • Epimedium grandiflorum leaves 160 mg 
  • Eleuthero root 100 mg 
  • 3,3 -Diindolylmethane 100 mg
  • Hawthorn berry extract 40mg
  • Eurycoma longifolia root 20 mg 
  • American (panax) ginseng root 20 mg
  • Cordyceps mycelium extract 20 mg

The Test Boost Max ingredient selection is interesting, to put it lightly. There’s no zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, boron, or D-Aspartic Acid (an essential amino acid) in sight; what they have instead is Tribulus, hawthorn berries, cordyceps, and horny goat weed of all things. The formula is definitely unique, hopefully, this uniqueness is a good thing.

#1 Ashwagandha Root 4:1 Extract

Ashwagandha is a very promising first ingredient as it is in the upper echelon of testosterone-friendly plants. This ancient eastern herb has grown in popularity over the past couple of years, as many professionals have praised it for its effects on stress and anxiety. 

Ashwagandha also increases the body’s rate of natural testosterone production as well, due to having potent antioxidative properties. The link between testosterone and anxiety has been well studied, with low testosterone individuals experiencing much more anxiousness than individuals with high testosterone.

I’m not sure if Ashwagandha raises T levels first, which leads to decreased stress and anxiety, or if it’s the other way around. Still, I can confidently say that ashwagandha is definitely something you should look to start supplementing on a regular basis.

Learn More: If you’d like to learn more about ashwagandha, check out this great resource!

-Study: The group taking ashwagandha displayed much lower serum cortisol levels compared to the placebo group while also scoring much lower on the stress assessment scales.

-Study: The group taking ashwagandha experienced significant increases in both DHEA-S and testosterone compared to the placebo group.

#2 Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that can be found worldwide. It has been reported to increase testosterone, libido, and athletic performance. Tribulus Terrestris is also a powerful natural medicine that has been reported to help with an array of health issues, such as heart failure, chest pains, bacterial infections, and kidney stones.

The beneficial effects of Tribulus all stem from Tribulus’s main saponin, protodioscin. Protodioscin is a steroidal compound(not the IFBB pro kind) that helps with testosterone and blood flow by increasing nitric oxide levels. The increased nitric oxide levels play a crucial role in the improved athletic and sexual performance attributed to Tribulus Terrestris.

Jayden’s note

I cannot for sure say that the effects of testosterone will be too significant, but the nitric oxide benefits will lead to improved athletic and sexual performance. To be frank with you I believe this ingredient slot could have been utilized better.

-Study: Studies performed on mammals showed that Tribulus Terrestris extract increased blood androgens such as testosterone, DHT, and DHEAS.

-Study: The bioactive components of TT(Tribulus Terrestris) could improve sexual function and fertility within men.

#3 Epimedium (Epimedium Grandiflorum) “Horny Goat Leaf”

Epimedium, better known as horny goat leaf, is a traditional Chinese medicine commonly used as a remedy for ED(erectile dysfunction). It also has been reported to slightly increase testosterone levels within mammals.

Horny goat leaf, as the name suggests, is a very strong natural libido enhancer that works similarly to the over-the-counter boner pill Viagra. Horny goat leaf has also reportedly improved cognitive function and heart health as well. It’s a nice little libido-enhancing ingredient, but I think they could’ve used this ingredient slot for something more effective.

-Study: The current study suggests that ICA(horny goat weed extract) may have beneficial effects on sexual function.

-Study: This study delves into the effects horny goat weed has on sexual function, bone health, and cognitive ability. 

#4 American Ginseng (Panax Quinquefolius)

Humans have been using (panax) ginseng for thousands of years, it is a natural medicine that has been reported to improve many human body functions, such as:

  • Libido
  • Energy 
  • Immune System
  • Mood
  • Cognitive Function
  • Hormone Production

It does this through ginsenosides, which are compounds contained in ginseng. These ginsenosides increase blood nitric oxide levels, which leads to all of the aforementioned benefits. It’s a welcomed addition to the ingredient list, and a staple in most good testosterone-boosting formulas.

-Study: Ginseng cured erectile dysfunction within 86 participants within just 8 weeks.

-Study: The use of Panax ginseng resulted in a significant increase to the plasma total and free testosterone of each of the participants within the study.

#5 Hawthorn Berry Extract (Crataegus Leavigata)

Hawthorn berries are commonly used to improve heart health, help with high cholesterol, and maintain healthy, not high blood pressure. Hawthorn berries have also been proven to increase energy and reduce the effects of anxiety, suggesting that hawthorn berries may indeed affect testosterone, although indirectly.

Hawthorn berries may have antioxidative properties as well, which will help with the protection of Leydig cells(testosterone-producing cells). Other than that it’s an alright ingredient, although I believe they should’ve used this spot for something else, as hawthorn berries will only minorly affect your overall testosterone levels.

-Study: This study found that hawthorn berries effectively treat cardiovascular disease.

-Study: This study suggests hawthorn berries have antioxidative properties, leading to higher levels of free testosterone.

#6 Long Jack (Eurycoma Longifolia) Root

Long Jack Root or better known as Tongkat Ali, is a well-known herbal testosterone booster. It increases your testosterone levels by lowering the amount of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) in your body. SHBG is essentially poison for your body’s free testosterone levels; keeping SHBG low is a must for men!

Long Jack Root/Tongkat Ali has also been suggested to improve body composition and reduce stress. Whether these benefits stem directly from Tongkat Ali itself or are just byproducts of the increased testosterone, well, that’s up for debate.

Learn More: We have an excellent Tongkat Ali article if you’d like to learn more about the legendary testosterone-boosting herb!

-Study: Tongkat Ali supplementation resulted in significant increases in total and free testosterone levels within both men and women.

-Study: This study reported reduced cortisol levels and increased testosterone when subjects were exposed to Tongkat Ali.

#7 Cordyceps Mushroom

Cordyceps are a very interesting ingredient as they aren’t commonly used in testosterone boosters but are more common in nootropic formulas. Cordyceps are most well known for their positive effects on the brain, which include:

  • Increasing dopamine levels
  • Improving cognitive function
  • Increasing adrenaline production
  • Increasing testosterone production
  • Improving memory and learning
  • Reducing mental, and physical fatigue

However, it has been reported that cordyceps do, in fact, increase testosterone levels by improving testosterone production by making luteinizing hormone(LH), which is a testosterone precursor. Cordyceps surprised me with its inclusion and surprised me even more with the number of benefits it brings to the table!

Jayden’s note

Definitely not your average ingredient, but a welcome addition to the formula. Unfortunately, the list of ingredients ends here. 

-Study: Cordyceps extract was shown to inhibit LOH(late-onset hypogonadism) within a group of aging men.

-Study: Cordyceps extract was shown to improve memory and learning capabilities.

Test Boost Max Ingredient Summary

test boost max 3 ingredients

Well, Test Boost Max is far from your average testosterone-boosting formula, that’s for sure, but innovation is a welcome thing in my eyes.

Although Test Boost Max brings good things to the table, such as unique, innovative ingredients and an easy, straightforward method of ingesting said ingredients, it also brings quite a bit of bad to the table, such as some of the ingredient choices seeming ill-advised, certain ingredients not working due to being severely under-dosed, and exclusion of powerful, proven, natural testosterone boosters such as zinc, and magnesium for no apparent reason other than trying too hard to be unique. 

I would rate the ingredient formula a solid 6/10, with the inclusion of Ashwagandha and Tongkat Ali carrying the rating. The poor doses and ingredients, such as hawthorn berries and Tribulus, prevent this rating from being higher than a 6. They really hold this formula back to its full potential.

If they were to revamp this formula and make a sort of 2.0 product, I believe they could easily become one of the best testosterone-boosting products on the market, but for now, as it stands(based on strict ingredients), this formula will remain in the just above average category.

Test Boost Max Reviews, What Do Real Users Think?

Alright, let’s go over some Test Boost Max customer reviews. If you can’t be bothered to read all of the reviews yourself, I’ll tell you now that the overall opinion is mixed, leaning more toward negativity. This is why I would personally recommend either Testogen or Prime Male instead.

Test Boost Max Review #1

The YouTuber kpboix99 did a test boost max review on his channel. Here’s what he had to say.

“So I’ve seen lots of ads lately with this fitness influencer Vince Sant. I saw one for this product called Test Boost Max and was intrigued by the promises of increased muscle, strength, and energy, so I decided to check out the official sculpt nation website to get more info on the product. 

The ingredient section looked unique and interesting. I don’t have access to a gym right now due to the pandemic, and I decided to purchase a couple of bottles in the hopes that it would help me maintain and maybe even gain more muscle. I proceeded to use Test Boost Max for a month straight, to no avail.

I didn’t experience any real changes, and eventually, I started to feel dizzy and have my sinuses act up after every dose. Personally, I won’t keep using this product as my body doesn’t react well to it. I have used a few of these ingredients separately in the past, and they have worked; I’m not too sure why I can’t seem to get any effect when I take them now with Test Boost Max.

Overall not my cup of (green) tea. ☕️

Test Boost Max Review #2

Sean Nalewanyj, a popular, and respected fitness personality has some strong opinions on the sculpt nation testosterone booster, stating.

“I would not recommend this supplement. The formula has not been correctly dosed, the ingredient selection is questionable, and I don’t really trust sculpt nation products as a whole. Test Boost Max will not significantly impact muscle and strength gains, but it may help improve sexual function.

So if you’re looking for a boner pill, this may be it; other than that, I would recommend choosing a different testosterone-boosting supplement.

Sean has some harsh words for sculpt nation in this review, which, although it comes off as unprofessional slander, is extremely funny at times. If you’d like to watch the full review, you can click the embedded video below.”

Test Boost Max Review #3

Now I know the first 2 reviews didn’t shine the best light on Test Boost Max, but the sculpt nation website actually has a testimonial page showing survey results from real, verified users sharing their experiences with the supplement. I’ll share some results from the Test Boost Max survey right here,

  • 58% of customers said they experienced increased libido 
  • 72% of customers said they experienced improved athletic performance
  • 76% of customers said they experienced higher energy levels 
  • 60% of customers said that Test Boost Max helped them gain muscle.

So the results aren’t definite, but they’re people who respond to Test Boost Max.

Test Boost Max Benefits

Test Boost Max Reviews: I Tried It For 30+ Days (2024) 1

The reported benefits of Test Boost Max are what you’d expect.

  • Increased Testosterone
  • Better strength and muscle gains
  • Increased Libido
  • More Energy
  • Reduces Mood Swings

Standard stuff for a testosterone-boosting supplement. Now, remember, these are alleged benefits, as some people claim to experience all 5, some claim to experience a few, and some claim no benefits whatsoever.

The only way to determine if the formula works is to try it out for yourself, as the effects vary heavily from person to person.

Test Boost Max Side Effects

For the most part, Test Boost Max is entirely safe to take. You may experience some minor side effects such as,

  • Upset Digestive System
  • Sinus Issues
  • Headaches
  • Minor Dizziness (Extremely Rare

These side effects are rare and few and far between. These side effects are most likely the result of an allergy to the ingredients contained inside the Test Boost Max formula.

How Do You Use Test Boost Max? (Dosages And Directions)

A lot of you may be wondering how to take Test Boost Max. Well, it’s a pretty easy, straightforward process. Each bottle of Test Boost Max will contain 90 capsules or 30 servings.

Jayden’s Tip

To experience the full, intended effects of Test Boost Max, you must take 3 capsules per day. Preferably these capsules will be spread out throughout the day, taken with a meal and a glass of water.

Does Test Boost Max Work? What’s The Verdict?

Muscular man doing pull ups in the rain

Test Boost Max works well sometimes, while other times, it’s no better than taking a placebo. The effects will vary from person to person, with some even experiencing negative side effects. There is no definite answer to this question.

The best I can say is it works but doesn’t work consistently.

I will chalk up this inconsistency to the under-dosed ingredients. The people who do experience benefits are either dealing with some sort of placebo effect or just absorbing nutrients well.

The best answer I can give you is to try it yourself and see if it works for you.

But again, if you are looking to boost your testosterone naturally, I would personally recommend either Testogen or Prime male. I think these formulations pack a little more punch and have better dosage levels. Of course, they are 100 % natural as well.

Where Should I Buy Test Boost Max? Plus Coupon Code

test boost max

The best place to buy Test Boost Max will vary. It depends on if you want to buy a single bottle or if you’d prefer to purchase multiple. If you want to buy a single bottle of Test Boost Max, the best place to buy would be Snapklik.com, as their Test Boost Max bottles will only cost you $35, rather than Sculpt Nations, $49($41 if you enable auto refill).

However, if you want to buy in bulk, the best place to buy would be Sculpt Nations’ official website. Sculpt Nation offers a 6-bottle deal that will have you only spending $32.50 per bottle($195 in total). Sculpt Nation also offers a 3-bottle deal, but you would be better off just buying 3 single bottles off of Snapklik.com, as the 3-bottle pack would have you paying $44 per bottle.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing Test Boost Max, order from Sculpt Nations’ official website, as they have a 100% money-back guarantee policy that will allow you to try Test Boost Max risk-free!



Is Test Boost Max Worth It?

Menprovement Rating


Test Boost Max has a unique blend of natural ingredients, a plus for those seeking a distinct mix. But let’s not confuse unique with better. Compared to testosterone boosters like Testogen, Prime Male, and Testofuel, the quality and formulation difference is stark. Some ingredients in Test Boost Max are under-dosed, and all these ingredients are missing:

  • zinc
  • vitamin D
  • magnesium
  • D-Aspartic Acid

While hawthorn berries may sound cool, their inclusion doesn’t compensate for the missing core ingredients. The inconsistency in results and occasional negative side effects indicate that the formula could use improvement.


There are benefits to Test Boost Max, like a slight increase in libido and energy. But it’s not the game-changer you might hope for.

As a testosterone booster, it falls short, especially when compared to more established products in the market. Despite its unique ingredients, the inconsistent results indicate that it doesn’t deliver as robustly on its promise to elevate testosterone levels.


Although you might save $20-30 buying Test Boost Max over alternatives like Testogen, the value proposition is less compelling when you consider the negatives. The weaker formula, inconsistent results, and some negative reviews mean that the saving might not outweigh the cost in terms of effectiveness.

Test Boost is decent as a general libido and energy booster, but as a dedicated testosterone booster, there are better options available. It’s always essential to consider quality and efficacy alongside price when deciding the value of a supplement.

Test Boost Max Alternatives (What We Suggest You Use)

Confident young guy walking towards school

If you’re looking for a great natural testosterone booster, Prime Male, TestoFuel, and Testogen are your best options. They all have strong, well-dosed, extensive, and research-backed formulas. They have positive user reviews and are very affordable.

Best Overall


  • Improves Natural Testosterone
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
Best For Muscle Growth


  • No Rebound Effect
  • Clinically (FDA) approved
Best For Low-T
Prime Male

Prime Male

  • 100% Natural Testosterone
  • A lot of Additional Vitamins and Minerals

If you’re still adamant about increasing your testosterone production and buying Test Boost Max, at least use code WELCOMEBACK30 on Sculpt Nations’ official website to take 30% off of your next order. Or buy on Snapklik if the code, for whatever reason stops working.

To Wrap Things Up

Alright, hopefully, you guys found this review helpful and informative. If you’ve already placed in an order for any of the above-mentioned testosterone boosters, why not pass the time with a great streaming service?

I’m not talking about Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, or any of those other lame normie sites either. Those should only be used when you have a chick over. I’m talking about Menprovement X, the first-ever self-improvement streaming service built by men for men! All of your self-improvement needs in one place, courses, coaching, community, it’s all there! Don’t believe me, try it free for 3 days, you won’t regret it!

If you’re in the mood to binge more testosterone-booster articles, check out these great posts!

  • How to Boost Testosterone Naturally: The Ultimate Guide
  • 5 Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone


For the most part, Test Boost Max is safe. In rare cases, you may experience adverse side effects such as, an upset stomach, minor headaches and dizziness. These may be due to a possible allergy to the ingredients.

No, Test Boost Max is not a steroid. Test Boost Max is essentially a testosterone multivitamin that increases your body’s natural T production through safe, natural means.

Test Boost Max, when it works, usually takes anywhere from a couple of weeks to 2 months to fully kick in. Increasing your testosterone naturally is a long process that requires patience and consistency. There are no overnight solutions to low T, and anything that claims to be either doesn’t work or is a steroid.  

Test Boost Max is an inconsistent product with both positive and negative aspects. While it is cheaper than most testosterone boosters and has unique ingredients, it suffers from under-dosing, limited effectiveness for most users, and a lack of tried and true testosterone-boosting ingredients. It cannot be classified as a good product due to its drawbacks, but it also has some advantages, making it difficult to label it as bad.

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