26 Natural Aphrodisiacs For Men Who Want a Boost

26 Natural Aphrodisiacs For Men Who Want a Boost

26 Natural Aphrodisiacs For Men Who Want a Boost

natural aphrodisiacs for men

The buzz about natural aphrodisiacs has been around since the dawn of time:

The French King, Henry IV, drank a shot of cognac with egg yolk every morning to increase his “man powers.”
To increase potency, early Italians ate chili peppers, chocolate, caviar, and oysters. 
The Indian Kamasutra even states that before sex you should eat a meal of rice.

These are just a few examples of how throughout history, there have been hundreds of foods & drinks that were believed to have special abilities for making men (and women) more “powerful” in bed.

Still, to this day, men are always looking for natural ways to increase their potency. Sometimes, to enjoy sexual contact at its peak, you have to restore the mental balance, get rid of the stress, and produce some endorphins in the gym. However, you can also increase or awaken your desire, sexuality, sexual attraction, and sex drive by eating certain foods known as aphrodisiacs.

From a scientific standpoint, many historically “powerful” aphrodisiacs may have had such strong results due to mere belief or their powers by users. While nowadays, because of science, many foods are considered to be helpful in your sex life because of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which they contain. Also, many herbs have now been scientifically proven to increase desire and much more. They improve your mental and physical health and can also help boost your testosterone levels naturally.

In this article, you will find a list of 26 natural aphrodisiacs for men, and women, that you can use to increase your sexual health & potency. First, we will go over the herbs which can be purchased if you are looking for immediate effects. Then we will dive into 24 foods that you can incorporate into your diet to see a steady increase over time. Enjoy.

First, the 2 most powerful herbs that act as natural aphrodisiacs:

Before we jump into our list of foods, there are two herbs that cannot go unmentioned. These herbs are proven to improve sexual desire in men and women and are indeed all-natural. What are they? Check it out:

1) Tongkat Ali Extract

Tongkat Ali extract is one of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs known to man. This Southeast Asian herb has been repeatedly proven to help boost sexual potency. Not only does it do this, but it also increases men’s testosterone levels, sperm count, sperm quality, ejaculatory power, and has even been known to enlarge the male sex organs (even if only slightly, it’s pretty damn cool!). It even increases well-being and athletic performance.

The best part about the Tongkat Ali extract is that it’s all scientifically proven to work. For studies click here.

To buy reputable Tongkat Ali extract use HerboLab.com.

We wrote an incredibly in-depth article on Tongkat Ali extract, check it if you want to learn more.

2) Maca

Maca is the second herb that has been proven to be a natural, but powerful aphrodisiac.

Maca, which grows in South America, has been used since the time of the Incas to ignite desire, support your hormonal balance & even boost energy and vigor. Unlike Tongkat Ali extract, it does not boost your testosterone, just your desire.

In 2001, the Asian Journal of Andrology published a study showing that Maca increased the seminal volume, sperm motility, and sperm count in men (source). A year later, they released a 12-week study on males between the age of 21 and 56 which showed that after the 12 weeks all men not in the placebo group noted an improvement in their sexual desire (source).

Go here to buy the best Maca powder on the market.

If you are not into taking pills, no worries! You can 100% get a huge boost in your sexual prowess through food alone. Below is a list of 24 foods that all act as natural aphrodisiacs. Dig in!

3) Ashwagandha

This is one of the oldest and best natural remedies for increasing not only sex drive but sexual performance and enjoyment. An added benefit (a huge one) is that it works extremely well for women as well, so you can share this with your partner. Ashwagandha works on many different mechanisms for sex drive and performance. Check out the incredible results of this recent clinical study on one particular type of ashwagandha. Also, it’s an overall great supplement for guys.

Again, to our knowledge the best Ashwagandha on the web is available at HerboLab.com.

24 household foods that will shift your sex drive up a notch

These 24 foods are not only delicious, but they are incredible natural aphrodisiacs. Most of them you probably have sitting right in your fridge! Some of them, you better go out and buy! Check it out:

1) Almonds

This king of nuts has a great amount of vitamin B2, protein, vitamin E, and calcium. Indians, Arabs, and Chinese have eaten almonds for centuries to increase their sexual powers.

Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine, even notes that almonds are a great food for brain activity and help to awaken sexual desire. Plus Tim Ferris states in his book The Four Hour Body that he used almonds as a supercharger to boost his libido and sperm count around 4 hours before sex. This is a real good place to start when it comes to aphrodisiacs.

2) Marzipan

This almond paste is a common gourmet dessert that helps to increase sexual desire. As we spoke about above, almonds are a killer aphrodisiac and enjoying the paste as a desert is a nice way to end the night with your lady. Almonds are grown in the East, Italy, Spain, and California – where they have the same reputation as delicious, nutrient-dense food.

3) Honey

Honey or the food of the gods, is a sweet elixir produced by bees from pollen. There are thousands of aromas of honey which all depend on the flowers from which the bees gathered nectar. All of these scents are unique; from heavy, deep chestnut honey flavor to a light lavender and wild thyme smell. Alongside the aromas, honey is especially appreciated for its effects on one’s sexual life. It is one of the best re-generators of sexual energy. Together with nuts, fruits, eggs, and meat it creates some of the best “turn-on” dishes. Avoid heated or filtered honey and instead opt for natural & raw honey, which has all the powers and aromas you need.

4) Artichoke 

The mysterious hearts of artichokes are great aphrodisiacs, especially valued by the French. They believe that artichokes “warm-up” the genitals. An artichoke stuffed with marinated shrimp is an extremely sensual dish, providing an unforgettable experience. (These are the things that will impress any lady.)

5) Asparagus

Asparagus is a time-tested drug for prostate diseases. Even its shape recalls the form of a phallus. It is also rich in asparagine – a widely known diuretic, which increases urinary activity. Since asparagus is rich in vitamin A, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium, it is officially classified as a booster of sexual desire. To get the most benefit, you should eat young shoots which are cut in spring. They have a mild taste, just do not cook them long. 

6) Avocado 

The name was given by the Aztecs, literally meaning testicles. This is due to the form of the fruit hanging on a tree resembling the male testicles. Other than looking like a man set, avocado is a very nutritious fruit rich in protein, vitamin A, potassium, and non-essential fatty acids. These fatty acids will help your body produce testosterone, while the combination of all the nutrients provides a strong sexual boost. This sexual boost has been known and used for years.

7) Banana 

The hero of many jokes (because of its phallus form), is also a great booster of that male sex organ. Bananas are a great natural aphrodisiac that is rich in potassium and natural sugars. Indian traditional medicine actually classifies bananas as a “turn-on” food. A great recipe to spice them up a little bit is to take a bit of curry and butter and pour it over a banana. Sprinkle on some walnuts and you are good to go. Otherwise, you can just grab one for breakfast and it will give you a good sexual appetite throughout the day.

8) Flower pollen

Flower Pollen is more than just-food. It has an incredible amount of nutrients including amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and superoxide dismutase, which has been shown to slow down aging. While athletes from around the world use the flower pollen to enhance strength and endurance, it is also shown to be one of the most effective passion-boosting products.

9) Coconut

Coconut has fantastic effects on the body. Indians say that coconuts increase the amount of sperm and cleanse the urinary bladder while eastern doctors recommend a coconut diet for tiring chronic diseases which take away all your energy. Combining coconut milk with honey is a nutritious drink, improving digestion and increasing sexual appetite. Another great breakfast/anytime recipe is pineapple juice, fresh papaya, and grated fresh coconut mixed into a drink. It is rejuvenating and refreshing, refilling enzyme reserves and stimulating sexual desire.

10) Dates

Dates are known as the sweetest fruit on earth. They grow in Africa, Central Asia, and Southern California. Dates are the staple diet of many tropical and desert regions. According to Ayurveda, dates purify the blood and increase the amount of semen in men. The sugar from dates also gives enough energy for long, passionate sex. Because of this, dates are considered “sexual” food. An easy recipe is to take finely chopped, crushed dates, roll in shredded coconut, and fill them with blanched almonds. That’s a triple threat sexual booster.

11) Eggs

Eggs, a gift full of protein, have been considered a sexual stimulant throughout the ages. So much so, that Casanova ate them before every love adventure. Sheikh Nafzajus, the author of “Perfume Garden” recommended eating as many eggs as possible. (Don’t overdo it!) Eggs fried in butter, in his opinion, give “fuel” for an endless love marathon. Scientifically this is because of the great boost in testosterone that is provided by the good cholesterol that the eggs and butter provide. For a sensual desert to get any woman in the mood, try some eggnog (egg mixed with milk, cream, honey, vanilla, and nutmeg). This, and starting your day off with a few eggs, is a sure-fire way to keep your sexual energy at its peak.

12) Garlic 

That smell? Yes. Especially since the smell of garlic is considered to be one of the “turn-ons”. Garlic helps to regulate the blood flow in your body, especially in your pelvic area. It is also widely used in Eastern and Indian medicine because of its natural antibiotic properties & is an irreplaceable tool in Italian cuisine (have you ever heard that Italians are very good lovers?). If you want to eat a bit of garlic before the night, the only thing you have to remember is to give a piece to your partner. Thus both of you will have the same breath ; ). In Eastern tradition, a good dish before the night is some garlic, fried in butter with eggs. You get the same benefits of the eggs listed above plus a kick from the garlic. Go get ’em.

13) Mango 

If you could call any fruit “divine”, it would be the mango. The Indian health book of Ayurveda describes it as an easily digestible, strength-giving, and arousing fruit. This sensual fruit can be used as a dessert and shared between partners. The mango itself also looks like the testicles and this alone stimulates imagination and desire.

14) Mushrooms 

Let’s just say it. The cap of mushrooms looks like the head of the penis. This is enough to stimulate desire. But besides this, mushrooms are rich in zinc & it is believed that they are a great source of sexual energy.

15) Lady‘s Fingers (okra) 

Originally, African slaves brought okra to New Orleans, where the dishes with it became very popular. They believed that lady‘s fingers lit the fire of passion. While In Indian tradition, okra is recommended as a food that rejuvenates, energizes, and turns on sexual desire.

16) Olive oil

Olive oil is the most nutritious and easily digestible oil of all vegetable oils. Since olive oil is rich in essential fatty acids, the healthy sex organs are supplied with all the nutrients they need, while testosterone production is enhanced. In the morning, Greeks drink a sip of olive oil and eat a big spoon of raw honey (honey again, noticing a trend?) to cleanse the bile duct and strengthen the genitals. Natural olive oil is really one of the most useful products out there.

17) Onion 

There are different kinds of onion: red, white, yellow, brown & Spanish. In Eastern tradition, onion is considered a diuretic, tonic, stimulant, cleaner of the blood, and sexual booster. Onions are widely used in Eastern, Chinese, and European cuisine. In these cultures, it is believed that onion helps to keep up sexuality.

18) Pistachios

In central Asia and India, it is believed that pistachios arouse sexuality and cleanse the blood. Combine pistachios with honey and expect a nice, refreshed libido.

19) Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are very nutritious. and are widely used in the East. Sesame seeds are rich in vitamin E and this may be the reason they are called men‘s food. In India, it is believed that sesame seed actually prolongs life. If you want to increase your sexual activity, you should eat sesame oil with honey or halva; a sweet dish made of grounded sesame and honey, which is worshiped as a sexual stimulant in the East.

20) Wheatgrass 

Wheatgrass is rich in vitamin E, which is known as the sex vitamin. If you get it, buy wheatgrass in a vacuum pack, otherwise, in a day or two, it will get a bitter taste.

21) Parsley

Parsley is used around the world as a desire-enhancing food. Put some fresh herbs in salads or make juice and drink a couple of teaspoons three times per day to reap these powerful benefits.

22) Mint and peppermint tea 

(Half a glass twice a day) provides the benefits of acting as an antiseptic, being anti-inflammatory, strengthening the heart, helping with insomnia, alleviating headaches, and acting as an aphrodisiac.

23) Aloe

Also known as the “plant of one hundred years,” the juice from aloe leaves with a spoon of honey (one teaspoon three times per day) will activate your pelvic blood circulation and help you to perform sexually. You can buy liquid aloe vera extract from your local pharmacy & use it with natural and raw honey.

24) Celery

I know what you’re thinking. Celery is boring, bland & only good for making wings look more appetizing. But celery should become your new best friend.

Celery does amazing things for a man. It has been proven to increase your semen volume and provide a boost to your sexual potency through its high amounts of vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. It also contains arginine which increases blood flow to your genitals, resulting in stronger and longer erections.

Also, celery is an abundant source of two pheromones androsterone and androstenol. These boost your natural pheromones when you eat them, which can then be detected by the subconscious of women. It’s a scientific fact that pheromones exist, and even though the effects may be subtle, they also may be there.

So next time you’re at buffalo wild wings don’t forget to scarf down that celery after you are done with your wings.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of aphrodisiacs for you to take advantage of as a man (and woman!). Cultures around the world have been doing it for centuries and now you can do it right from your own kitchen. So whether you’re whipping up a nice dish for your lady friend or just trying to get your mojo flowing before a night out, these aphrodisiacs won’t leave you hanging.

And there are a lot of traditions in many cultures that worship foods for being natural aphrodisiacs. Some of them are because of tradition, while some of them because of their nutritious values & scientific backing. Try some out and see what works for you.

But most importantly, do not expect all aphrodisiacs to work like magic. The mentioned products can definitely help you to improve your sexual life, and overall they can improve your physical and mental health, but some effects may be very subtle. That being said, some may be very pronounced. But the bottom line is a healthy body and soul means lots of great sex. So have fun.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out some more articles you may like to continue your self improvement journey!

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