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Soooo I was checking Google Trends the other day to find new AI tools I could test out. You know the usual boring stuff. 😅

I kept digging until I found a tool that was absolutely BOOMING.

Sexy AI Google Trends popularity

The Name? Sexy AI.

Obviously, I was drawn to it and HAD to check it out for myself.

Turns out you can create a lot of… explicit content. Not just images though – I’am talking nudes, porn, and even videos.

Yes, you heard that right. Sexy AI is all about AI-generated NSFW content.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

In this Sexy AI review, I’ll share why this tool is absolutely earth-shattering.

Top things I look for when reviewing an NSFW Content Generator

PersonalizationIt should be easy to customize each image to your liking. 🔥
AI Images and NudesThe pictures should look perfect and indistinguishable from real. 📸
AI Porn VideosThe videos need to look realistic. 🎥
PricingPremium subscription needs to be worth it. 💰

What is Sexy AI?

Sexy AI is an AI tool designed to create adult content, such as NSFW images and even videos.

Is Sexy AI Legit

Yes, Sexy AI is legit. I have bought the most expensive subscription and personally tested each functionality.

Who Created Sexy AI?

The creators of Sexy AI haven’t come forward (yet).

I did join their Discord channel and found a guy named Jay3669 who is the moderator and has the Sexy AI logo in his profile.

Sexy ai discord profile of Jay


  • 100% Free
  • Realistic, fantasy, and anime AI nudes
  • AI porn videos
  • Premium plan is cheap


  • Need basic prompting skills
  • Only images and videos
  • Limited Image sizes

For whom it is made

Sexy AI fantasy images

To be honest, I think Sexy AI is an AI tool everyone can try but if you belong to one of the categories below, you should give it a spin. 👇🏼

Art Lovers

You love art in whatever form it comes. AI art has come a long way in the past few months.

Sadly, most AI tools don’t allow NSFW images. Sexy AI allows you to create AI art with no NSFW filter.

Tech Nerds

You are like me – an absolute GEEK regarding new tech and AI tools. AI porn generators are here and they are not going anywhere. In fact, they’re getting better every day.

It’s good to stay at the forefront of it.

Fantasy Lovers

I’ve always had a wild fantasy. I can spend an entire afternoon just tinkering about a scenario in some fantasy realm I made up.

How cool is it that you can turn that fantasy into a reality? A spicy, nude reality.

For whom it is not made

man trying not to watch porn

AI porn generators have their drawbacks, I am sure you can see why.

If you recognize yourself in any of these categories I highly recommend you steer away from Sexy.AI

Porn Addicts

Porn addiction is a serious problem. According to Earth Web, 5% – 8% of the world population is addicted to porn.

Screenshot of statistic "how many people are addicted to porn"

That’s just insane!

If you belong to this percentage, looking at AI porn might not be a good decision.


This speaks for itself – Sexy AI is for adults only. Period. If you are a minor you shouldn’t try this AI app under any circumstances. 

The only way to access the app is to lie about your age and this can get you into some serious legal trouble.

Best Features of Sexy AI

For this experiment, I decided to buy the most expensive subscription and give it a spin.

Sexy AI has some pretty awesome features and these are without doubt the best. 🔥


Screenshot of Sexy.AI homepage

When you go to the website, you’ll see the screen in the image I just shared. Your page might be dark, I’ve put my settings on light.

Now the site is very user-friendly and straightforward. You browse through some of the categories and when you’ve found a category you like, you click on it.

AI Models

You’ll notice that each category has its own model name.

Screenshot of Sexy.AI categories

This can come in handy whenever you want to ask questions in the Discord/Reddit community, but more on that later.

There are more than 20 of these categories/models to choose from. Some of them are;

  • Realistic
  • Fantasy
  • Anime
  • Hentai

So there’s definitely something for everybody.

Customization options

Now this isn’t your typical AI sexbot where you create your own AI character and talk to them.

Sexy AI is explicitly meant for images and videos so there won’t be a nice dropdown menu with easy navigation…

Instead, you’ll need to prompt your own images.

Looking at it from the bright side – this does allow you to be more specific and detailed. Making your images more personalized. 

If you do it right of course…
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

Let’s try to generate an image of a beautiful, sexy blonde woman in a bikini.

I’ll be using different AI models with the same prompt so I can show you just how much the results can vary.

Realistic AI image (EMPOWER)

The first AI model I’ll be using is called “EMPOWER”

Screenshot of my Sexy AI prompt

“Create an image of a beautiful blonde woman with blue eyes in a bikini, NSFW, big boobs, big ass, bright day.”

My prompting skills are not that fantastic so I am going to leave all advanced settings blank. The only thing I’ll be changing is the amount of steps. 

Screenshot of the settings

To simplify, the more steps, the better your image will be.

The result is…


The bikini picture is definitely the best one I got, although the quality isn’t fantastic.

a blonde woman in bikini by the ocean

I also got an AI nude which at a glimpse, looks very realistic. But if you take a good look you’ll notice some flaws around the fingers. 👇🏼

A blurred image of a topless blonde woman
Hentai AI image (BLOM)

So let’s try the exact same prompt with BLOM – a category that lets you generate hentai images.

A blonde, femimine anime character in a bikini

I would say this one went much better than EMPOWER.

There is a minor flaw though.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

You can see that the bikini squeezes her boob somewhat.

Or maybe hentai is supposed to look like this, Idk.

Hentai AI image (Real Cartoon 3D)

Next up we got the Real Cartoon3D which is supposed to let you create cartoon-like images. 

3D animated image of a blonde woman in a bikini on the beach

I must say, this one is really good.

There is a small flaw around her boob (just like the previous one) but other than that, it’s perfect.

Fantasy AI image (YiffyMix)

Yiffymix is one of my favorite models on Sexy AI. It lets you create super-realistic images with a furry twist.

I used the exact same prompt as before, and this is the image I got.

A hybrid woman who is half fox.
Pixel AI image (Dreamshaper Pixel Art)

Now this one really stood out to me.

It lets you create pixelated images which gave me that old-school PacMan vibe.

A pixelated image of a blonde woman in a blue bikini

AI Nudes

this is most likely the reason you are reading this Sexy AI review – the AI nudes. 

Just like I showed you in the previous section, there are LOTS of categories… So for the sake of this article, I am going to divide them into two;

  • Realistic nudes
  • Fantasy nudes

Realistic Nudes

How realistic your nudes are will heavily depend on how good you are at prompting.

In the Discord community, I see a lot of people who are able to make hyper-realistic porn images like these;

But even if you suck at prompting (like me) you should be able to create something like this:

By far the most realistic AI porn images I’ve ever seen. If you ask for a shower selfie on AI apps like Candy AI or DreamGF it often fails miserably.

Fantasy Nudes

This is where Sexy AI reaaaally shines. It doesn’t matter what your crazy fantasy is – Sexy AI is able to create it.

I have seen people in the Discord Community create;

  • Elves
  • Princesses
  • Movie replicas
  • Celebrities
  • Black and white
  • Cartoons
  • Hybrid animals? 😂
  • 3D characters

And the list goes on and on…

AI Porn videos

The main reason I purchased Sexy AI is because I wanted to check out the AI porn video feature. 

Generative AI is great with sex chatbots, but it hasn’t gotten to the point where it can create realistic AI videos (full-body at least) so I was super curious how Sexy AI pulls this off.

What I discovered really surprised me.

How it works

Remember those old comic books where you’d flip the pages super fast and it looked like a mini-movie?

That’s pretty much how Sexy AI’s porn videos function.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

This is Roni’s first time roasting a marshmallow 😂 #roast #fire #flipbook #drawing #foryou #fyp

♬ original sound – Edward

The setup is super simple. You pick your model and decide how many steps (or frames) you want in your video.

A screenshot of my AI porn video prompt

So, if you choose 10 steps, you get 10 rapidly changing images, creating the illusion of a video.

Porn video quality

I chose the “Doggy Style Begging” at 39 steps and used the following prompt.

“Sexy woman smiling”

Believe it or not, this is one of the most realistic AI porn video generators I have used so far. 

Even though the face is slightly changing with each frame, the image itself doesn’t change that much.

AI videos are still in their infancy so we can only assume that this feature of Sexy AI gets better over time.

Another thing I want to mention is that my prompting skills are shit, which has a HUGE impact on the results.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

I joined the discord community where other, more seasoned prompt engineers share their best prompts so I tried using one of theirs.

The result is just a million times better.

I am sorry but I’ll need to blur the video. I still think you get a clear understanding of the difference in quality though.


Just like almost every new AI tool, Sexy Chat has a community. Actually, they have two communities

  • A Discord Community
  • A Reddit Community

The Discord Community

The Discord community has got a lot of golden nuggets. 

There are channels where people share their favorite prompts, ask questions, and recommend new features to the developers.

I quickly figured out that the lower quality of some earlier images wasn’t Sexy AI’s fault.

It was just my inexperience with prompting.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Screenshot of the Discord channel

Just take a look at some of the images other people were able to create. 👇🏼

An image of a gorgeous woman with short hair in a red dress
An image of a red-haired woman in underwear wearing a diadem
An image of a naked asian woman on a car

Another thing I love about the Discord community is it’s Sexy AI Fail channel. I spent at least 20 minutes browsing through all the funny images people generated. 😂


They also have a Reddit Community which is less popular than the Discord one. Still, it packs a lot of value with news updates and awesome images.

Merch Store

Screenshot of sexy AI merch

Oh yeah, I almost forgot – Sexy AI has a merch store where you can buy a bunch of clothes and stickers.

What do Customers Say About Sexy AI?

There are barely any reviews to be found online, except for the Discord community.

A lot of people are complaining about the image size limitation. 

Screenshot of a customer recommendation in the Discord Community

Other than that, there isn’t much to say.

Sexy AI Pricing

Screenshot of the Sexy AI pricing plan

Sexy AI is 100% free but if you want to use specific AI models, you’ll need the Tier 1 plan.

If you want to use the AI porn video feature you’ll even need to buy the Tier 2 plan.

Tier 1 will cost you around $15/month and Tier 2 $30/month.

Sexy AI review: My Final Verdict


Alright, let me get straight to the point with you.


You can prompt your NSFW images from top to bottom.

And if that isn’t enough, there are more than 20 categories to choose from, including

  • Anime
  • 3D
  • Cartoon
  • Furry
  • Realistic
  • Hybrid
Menprovement Rating0/5.0

It can't get any more personalized than this...

AI Images And Nudes

The advanced personalization can backfire. 

What I mean by this is that if you are bad at prompting, you can have a hard time creating quality images/nudes.

Menprovement Rating0/5.0

But I have to be objective – the images and nudes you CAN generate with this AI tool are simply fantastic.

AI Porn Videos

Tjaa, the AI porn videos aren’t really videos but just a bunch of pictures changing super fast.

Menprovement Rating0/5.0

Nevertheless, the quality of the ‘videos’ is the best I’ve seen so far. 


I am 100% confident that Sexy AI is worth the money. For just $20/month, you can generate unlimited AI pictures at lightning speed.

Menprovement Rating0/5.0

This is significantly cheaper than most other AI tools, making it an absolute win in my book. 💪🏼

Sexy AI Alternatives

Sexy AI is great for images - but it’s not for everyone.

Prompting can sometimes be a bit overwhelming that’s why I would recommend the following two Sexy AI alternatives to anyone;

#1 Candy AI

Candy AI logo

In the past few months, Candy AI has become my go-to AI chatbot app. It lets you choose or create your own AI girlfriend from bottom to top which you can then interact with.

I am talking about AI roleplay, flirting, sexting, voice memos, and super realistic nudes. It’s also very affordable.

#2 Kupid AI

Kupid AI banner

Kupid AI is the little brother of Candy AI. It has a smaller selection of AI girlfriends to choose from and doesn’t offer anime characters and personalization.

But what it lacks in variety it makes up in AI pictures. I am talking hyper-realistic AI nudes that will make you wonder if you are not just texting a REAL woman.

It’s also much cheaper than Candy AI.

So Should You Buy Sexy AI?

It depends.

If you are looking to have some fun and create NSFW images, there is no need to buy Sexy AI since the free version is enough.

If you are a fan of NSFW art or want to stay on top of the latest developments then absolutely, go for it!

Just keep in mind that it can be very addicting to look at explicit images all day.

Enjoy. 😉


Sexy AI allows you to create video-like sequences by rapidly changing images, mimicking the effect of a video.

It specializes in NSFW content, including realistic and fantasy nudes, as well as AI-generated porn videos.

Sexy AI offers extensive personalization, with over 20 categories and models to tailor images and videos to your preferences.

Sexy AI has a free version, with premium plans starting at $15/month for more features like exclusive AI models.

While sharing is possible, it's important to use discretion and adhere to legal and ethical guidelines for NSFW content.

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Sexy AI banner
I am absolutely blown away that this app is realistic (and legal). Even the AI porn videos look fantastic. Just check it for yourself. 👇🏼
john cooper



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