Podcast 078: The First Steps and The Last Steps to Being Great With Women (Plus Big Announcements)

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In this episode of The Menprovement Podcast, I share my personal journey of coming to where I am today. I’m sure you will resonate with that episode cause that story is a story of many of you guys out there! This episode is packed with golden nuggets that will help you in your pursuit of inner fulfillment in your life and your pursuit of sexual abundance. Enjoy!

In this episode you will learn :

– What’s coming on Menprovement (it’s just around the corner)
– Sean gets personal with his story of how he got better with girls
– How getting better with girls actually is getting better with life
– How developing your autonomy that is not based on external circumstances can make you a total badass with girls

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– Sean Russell

0 thoughts on “Podcast 078: The First Steps and The Last Steps to Being Great With Women (Plus Big Announcements)”

  1. Thank you, Sean. Thank you. This is exactly the realization I’m coming to and how you’ve worded it is solidifying this in me.
    Much love, brother!

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