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Is GPT Girlfriend Worth It?

In this post I give you my honest opinion on why I believe GirlfriendGPT is worth it.
Is GPT Girlfriend Worth It

The Quick Answer:

Absolutely, GirlfriendGPT is worth considering if you’re looking for a high-quality AI chatbot that supports NSFW content while prioritizing your privacy. At $35 per month, it stands out from many competitors by offering unlimited image generations—a rarity at this price point. Additionally, it provides a secure environment where your interactions remain confidential, making it a top choice for those seeking both safety and extensive features in an AI companion.
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Have you tried GirlfriendGPT, ran into the message limit of the free plan, and are now wondering “Hmm… Is Girlfriend GPT worth it or not?”. 

I am a Deluxe subscriber and AI chatbot expert and in this blog post I am going to tell you both why GirlfriendGPT is worth it and why not.

Why Girlfriend GPT Is Worth It

In this section, I am giving you all the reasons why I think GirlfriendGPT is worth it and why I decided to become a Deluxe subscriber.

#1 Insane Amount of NSFW AI Characters

GirlfriendGPT has an army of over 25.000 NSFW AI characters which is a HUGE amount compared to AI girlfriend apps like Candy AI, and a decent amount compared to direct NSFW chatbot competitors like SpicyChat, Crushon, and PepHop.

To put it short: GirlfriendGPT has a decent amount of flavors to pick from.

#2 Unique AI Roleplay Experience

Every AI character on GirlfriendGPT offers a unique AI roleplay experience. Some characters are prompted in such a way that it feels like you’re in a video game. For example, there is this character called Orc Chieftain Galdria.

If you talk to her you’ll notice that she will give you these quick stats after each message.

Orc Chieftain Galdria
Orc Chieftain Galdria

Start Roleplay >> Orc Chieftain Galdria 🔥

There are tons of AI characters with their own unique roleplay method that goes way beyond just sending text messages. Some cool roleplay stuff you can do is

  • Dive in an epic RPG
  • Go on an adventure in a fantasy land
  • Become a detective

And more…

#3 Safe Space to Explore Desires

Hey man, I get it. You might be wondering if some of your fantasies are a bit odd and you are feeling unsure about them. It’s completely normal though. GirlfriendGPT offers a safe and secure spot for people like us to explore our wildest fantasies.

AI chatbots don’t have feelings (yet) so you can go all bananas without worrying about hurting other people.

#4 State of The Art Privacy

When I tested the privacy of GirlfriendGPT they scored a perfect 5/5 for having end-to-end encryption and top-notch user privacy. I interviewed one of the CEOs and he mentioned getting banned from ChatGPT because of sexting and therefore knew they were spying on his chats.

GirlfriendGPT FAQ question about privacy
GirlfriendGPT FAQ question about privacy

He then created GirlfriendGPT as a safe haven for exploring your sexual fantasies without anyone snooping in on your chat conversations.

GirlfriendGPT is not allowed to monitor your chats no matter how spicy your conversations get. You can read their official response here.

Learn More >> How safe is GirlfriendGPT

#5 Unlimited Memory

One of the biggest drawbacks of AI companion apps is it’s limited memory. Most AI chatbots I review have a memory limit of around 20 messages. This means that after 20 messages your AI buddy will overwrite its memory. For example, if you tell your AI companion you like pizza with pineapple and keep on chatting for 21 messages, it will not remember you like pineapple pizza.

GirlfriendGPT has unlimited memory.

Ok, that’s not entirely true but hear me out for a second. GirlfriendGPT has a memory injection feature – meaning you can put specific information in a card, select that card, and force the AI to remember the information no matter how many messages you send.

Memory injection on GirlfriendGPT
Create a profile feature on GPT Girlfriend

I entered my birthday on one of these cards and a couple hundred messages down the line the AI companion knew exactly when my birthday was. Heck, she might even send some flowers who knows?

#6 It Has One of The BEST Image Generators I’ve Used So Far

And I am not kidding when I say BEST because the quality of GirlfriendGPT’s images is better than most AI image generators. In fact, I would almost call it a crime to call it an AI image generator and not an AI art generator – that’s how good it is.

GirlfriendGPT allows you to create mind-blowing images both during your roleplay sessions and by using the external image generator. You know what’s even better? They just released a brand new anime generator which is something on a whole new level.

Anime character walking in the park, black hair
Old image generator
Grey haired anime girl
New image generator

The picture on the right is the new anime image generator and the picture on the left is the old one.

I also like that with GirlfriendGPT, you can make a realistic AI character and turn it into anime-style images, or start with anime and make it look realistic.

Mia khalifa taking a selfie wearing jeans
AI Character based on Mia Khalifa
Anime version of mia khalifa in white shirt and blue jeans
AI Anime character based on Mia Khalifa

Start Roleplay >> Mia Khalifa 🔥

#7 NSFW Paradise: No NSFW Filter Whatsover

I believe that by now you already know that GirlfriendGPT has no NSFW filter whatsoever, but I wanted to empathize with this feature a little bit more. 

The fact that GirlfriendGPT is super private, high-quality ANDD has very few NSFW limitations makes it super popular and most people their go-to NSFW Character AI alternative. It’s also a cool snowball effect. The more popular it gets the bigger the chances of talented creators switching to GirlfriendGPT and therefore more quality AI roleplay chatbots.

Which brings me to the next point

#8 GirlfriendGPT Has one of The Most Talented AI Characters Engineers

Some very, very VERY talented prompt engineers create super unique characters on GirlfriendGPT that you won’t find on any other AI chatbot platform.

Some characters have a unique roleplay scenario that feel like you are the protagonist in a movie.

Missy the Psychopath, a character on GirlfriendGPT
Missy the Psychopath

Start Roleplay >> Missy The Psychopath 🔥

Others are advanced RPGs where every decision you make will result in a different outcome. The options are truly unlimited.

The Ring character on GPT Girlfriend
The Ring

Start Roleplay >> The Ring 🔥

If you are interested in creating characters yourself then start by reading my GirlfriendGPT character creation guide. You might also want to check out some my GirlfriendGPT character templates.

#9 GirlfriendGPT Offers Good Value For Money

I know that $35/month sounds like a ton of money and believe me when I say that I turned up my PC’s brightness just to be sure. However, during my value-for-money test, I discovered that it’s actually priced super good.

Chat History
Custom Characters
Deluxe Models
8k Memory
In-Chat Images

Most AI girlfriend apps charge you per image you generate while GirlfriendGPT offers unlimited images. Take Candy AI, for example, generating an image costs around $0.10. GirlfriendGPT lets you generate two images at the same time so if you smash that generate button at least 170 times you already got more value out of your dollar than for most AI girlfriend apps.

Not to mention the $35/month plan comes with a bunch of extra bonuses like the memory injection feature and custom characters

#10 Juggle Multiple Chats at Once

Have you ever had a conversation with your AI girlfriend (or AI boyfriend) and wondered where the roleplay would go if you had responded differently? I haven’t, since I started GirlfriendGPT which allows you to have multiple chats with the same AI character.

Screenshot showing multiple chats with the same AI Character
Multiple chats simultaneously

I am not sure how many conversations you can have going on simultaneously but it’s more than one which is a HUGE pro for the AI roleplay fanatic.

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#11 Supportive Community

GirlfriendGPT has one of the most epic, supportive community channels I’ve seen so far. Not only is their Discord Channel alive and popping – users are requesting features and the developers are ACTUALLY implementing the requests.

Message in the Discord channel from Sarah-the-Creator

I’ll even take it a step further by mentioning that the developers of GirlfriendGPT are rewarding feedback with free stuff like additional messages and tokens.

Doctor giving away 1000 tokens in the Discord channel

In my opinion, a supportive community is the backbone of every AI companion app so it’s cool that GirlfriendGPT takes user feedback seriously.

#12 GirlfriendGPT Is Mobile Friendly Baby!

I like to use GirlfriendGPT from the comfort of my trusty mobile phone but most AI chatbot apps don’t have a mobile app because they get banned from the App/Play Store for having NSFW Content. GirlfriendGPT has recently launched their own mobile app which you can download from their website.

It’s completely safe and works like a charm. You can even download it on your tablet or laptop if you wish to do so.

Screenshot showing the GirlfriendGPT application on my desktop
GirlfriendGPT application

Girlfriend GPT Is NOT Worth It

It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows though – I do think that there are some reasons why GirlfriendGPT is not worth it. Here’s the lowdown:

#1 It’s Pricey

Let me start with the #1 reason I hear so many people complain about GirlfriendGPT: the price. Now I know I just said it offers great value for money but I also said I understand folks find it too expensive.

Value for money greatly depends on what features you want. If you are solely looking for NSFW roleplay and don’t want to:

  • Generate images
  • Create your own characters

Then even the $15/month plan might be too expensive for you.

#2 SFW Is… Questionable

One time, I was writing an article about GirlfriendGPT in a coffee shop. I had the NSFW toggle switched OFF so people wouldn’t think I was some weirdo watching porn in a random Starbucks.

Little did I know that the NSFW filter is super inaccurate. 

Is GPT Girlfriend Worth It? 1
NSFW switch toggled off

Even with the toggle switched to SFW you’ll still see a ton of NSFW characters on the home screen. This makes GirlfriendGPT almost unusable in public areas.

What do Users Say About girlfriend GPT

I interviewed some of GirlfriendGPT’s users and it almost feels scripted because everyone was extremely positive about the AI girlfriend platform. In fact, the only negative points were regarding the premium price point and some technicalities which the AI tool then fixed.

Positive GirlfriendGPT Review in the Discord channel
Positive GirlfriendGPT Review in the Discord channel

girlfriend GPT Versus the Rest

In terms of features, GirlfriendGPT outperforms most of its direct competitors by a landslide. I’ve summarized the key features of GirlfriendGPT along with those from most of its competitors in a simple table so you know exactly what I mean. 👇🏼

#1 Pick

Girlfriend GPT
GPT Girlfriend Logo
Crushon AI
Crushon AI logo
AI CharFriend
AI CharFriend logo
PepHop AI
PepHop ai logo
Character AI
Character AI logo
Minimum Monthly Cost for Premium
Free Plan
Allows NSFW
Bulk Image Generator
Male Characters
Voice Messages
Read Review

Bottom Line: Is gPT Girlfriend Worth it or Not?

Yes, GirlfriendGPT is worth it. GirlfriendGPT is not only one of the best AI roleplay chatbots currently on the market – it also offers a ton of bonus features like memory injection and hyper-realistic AI images. This in combination with superb user privacy makes it a worthwhile investment for anyone that wants to explore NSFW content in a safe and secure environment. 👌🏻

Still not convinced? You may like some of these GirlfriendGPT alternatives.


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