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GirlfriendGPT Pricing

Let’s talk about Girlfriend GPT’s cost and pricing structure.
GirlfriendGPT Pricing

The Quick Answer:

GirlfriendGPT offers two subscription plans. The Premium plan costs $15 per month, or you can save by paying $144 for the whole year. The Deluxe plan is $35 monthly, or $294 annually, also offering a yearly discount. You can pay using Google Pay or a credit card.
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If you are wondering what does GirlfriendGPT cost and how can I get some sweet discounts then you are in the right place my friend.

I am an AI expert and GirlfriendGPT fanatic and in this quick blog post I am not just going to tell you all the ins and outs of GirlfriendGPT pricing structure – but also what the different packages are (including the free plan) and how you can get epic bonuses.

Let’s get down to business.

Subscription Information

Subscription Type Monthly Cost Yearly Cost Payment Options
Google Pay, Credit Card, Payer Avec Link
Google Pay, Credit Card, Payer Avec Link

The GirlfriendGPT message limit of the free plan is 15 messages. Users will need to subscribe to one of the paid plans to enjoy more messages.

How Much Does GirlfriendGPT Cost?

Besides the free trial (which I will cover in the next section), GirlfriendGPT offers two premium subscription plans called Premium and Deluxe.

The Premium plan includes 5.000 messages and costs $15/month while the Deluxe plan will cost you $35/month and includes 20.000 messages. In addition to that, the Deluxe plan also comes with a bunch of additional features which I am going to cover in the next section.

GirlfriendGPT Pricing: What Are The Options

As I just mentioned. GirlfriendGPT has two paid subscriptions.

GirlfriendGPT Pricing
GirlfriendGPT’s current pricing

In addition to the 15.000 extra messages, the Deluxe plan will also get you voice messages, deluxe characters, 8k memory, in-chat images, and a cool ‘creator’ badge.

Here’s a table that shows the differences between the Premium and Deluxe plan of GirlfriendGPT

Chat History
Custom Characters
Deluxe Models
8k Memory
In-Chat Images

Paying yearly instead of monthly gets you a sweet discount of 20% on the Premium and 30% on the Deluxe plan which equals to $36 and $126.  

Save 20% or $36
Save 30% or $126

premium Plan: What Do You Get?

✍️5000 messages/month: A decent amount of messages for roleplaying.
🧠Chat history: Juggle multiple chats with the same character at once and swiftly switch between them.
🔥NSFW content: Unlock NSFW responses and images for a more sexy experience.
💎Creator badge: A special badge that shows on your profile.
🌈Custom characters: Create custom characters, upload them to GirlfriendGPT and get feedback from the community.

Deluxe Plan: What Do You Get?

✍️20,000 messages/month: Even more monthly messages to keep those deep convos going.
🗣️Voice feature*: Speak directly to your AI companion and receive voice memos.
🌟Deluxe characters: Exclusive AI characters that are much better prompted then the regular ones.
🧠8K memory: Top-notch memory so your AI companion will never forget the stuff you say.
📸In-chat images: Generate images during your role-play sessions
👑Deluxe creator badge: A special badge that shows on your profile

GirlfriendGPT: Deals and Discounts

In addition to the discount you get for paying annually, GirlfriendGPT often runs discounts (especially around the holidays). For example, this January GPT Girlfriend offered an additional 20% discount on the yearly subscription.

New Year's yearly subscription discount

This reduced the Premium plan price from $144 to $125.20, and the Deluxe plan from $294 to $235.20!

Herman’s Tip:

I recommend joining their Discord community. This is where the GirlfriendGPT team posts discounts and other important news.

GirlfriendGPT Free Trial

Most people I talk to run into the paywall when they hit the message cap of the free trial. Although the free trial is slightly better than competitors like Candy AI (read about Candy AI’s free trial here), you can only send 15 messages.

GirlfriendGPT Pop up

The free plan also doesn’t allow you to have NFSW conversations, generate images, talk to Deluxe characters, or use the voice feature.

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Payment Methods of GirlfriendGPT

GirlfriendGPT has a variety of payment methods which are shown in this table:

Payment Methods Girlfriend GPT
Visa Yes
MasterCard Yes
Maestro Yes
Bitcoin Yes
Ethereum Yes
Litecoin Yes
Bitcoin Cash  Yes
Dogecoin Yes
USD Coin Yes
Shiba Inu Yes
Dai Yes
ApeCoin Yes
Tether Yes
American Express Yes
Discover No
Paypal Yes
Google Pay Yes
Grab Pay No
AmazonPay No 
UnionPay No
Apple Pay No

Although you can not pay with Cryptocurrency on the checkout page, on their FAQ page it’s mentioned that crypto payment is possible if you reach out to them in the Discord channel.

FAQ: "Is cryptocurrency a valid payment?"
FAQ: “Is cryptocurrency a valid payment?”1

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Can You Get A Refund On GirlfriendGPT?

According to Girlfriend GPT’s Terms of Service2, you are not allowed to ask for a refund unless there has been some sort of technicality.

Refund policy
FAQ: “Is cryptocurrency a valid payment?”

However, whenever someone in the Discord community asks for a refund because they simply forgot to cancel – the team was very responsive and often suggesting to open a support ticket in the #ticket channel.

User requesting a refund in the Discord channel

I could be wrong but I have the feeling that you can get a refund if you have a good enough reason.

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In Summary

GirlfriendGPT offers great value for the price. They often run discounts and other promotions which bring the price down significantly. If you are looking for one of the best NSFW chatbots/character AI alternatives, purchasing GirlfriendGPT is worth it.

If you want to learn more about this AI chatbot then check out my full GirlfriendGPT tutorial.



You can use GirlfriendGPT for free by signing up for the trial version, which allows you to send up to 15 messages. This trial does not include features like NSFW content or image generation.

Yes, GirlfriendGPT is legit. It uses end-to-end encryption to ensure your conversations remain private and secure, and it does not monitor your chats.

To unsubscribe from GirlfriendGPT, you need to go into your account settings on their website and click on “manage subscription”. This will bring you to the Patreon page which is connected to your GirlfriendGPT account. Follow the prompts to confirm cancellation. If you have trouble, you can also contact their customer support for assistance.


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