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How to Create Characters on GirlfriendGPT

Welcome to the most beginner-friendly guide on how to create AI roleplay chatbots. At the end of this guide you’ll know exactly how to create your own AI roleplay character in an easy and organized way.
How to Create Characters on GirlfriendGPT
How to Create Characters on GirlfriendGPT

How to Create An AI Character

Pick a name for your AI character that users will see and use in searches. It’s the first step to making your AI recognizable.
Upload a picture for your character. This helps users picture who they’re talking to, although it doesn’t affect the AI’s responses.
Use keywords to describe your character, like “funny” or “brave”. These tags help others find your character when they’re looking for specific traits.
Give a brief overview of your character. This should tell users what your character is like and what to expect when interacting.
Detail your character’s personality traits, what they wear, where they come from, and any key items they might have. This helps the AI act more like your character should.
Write the first message that users will see. This sets up the scene and starts the conversation.
Outline specific scenarios and rules that guide how your character behaves. Explain different situations your character could be in and what they would do. This helps keep your character’s responses appropriate and consistent.

This guide on how to create characters on GirlfriendGPT is created by @Talune_Silius, a skilled AI chatbot creator with a lot of experience. If you want to check out the finished result then talk to Amara here. Special thanks for allowing me to use this tutorial. ❤️

Welcome to the ULTIMATE character creation guide for GirlfriendGPT where I am going to explain in plain English how to create EPIC AI characters even if you are a complete beginner.

How do I know?

Because I am an absolute NOOB when it comes to prompting AI roleplay characters and even I was able to pull it off using a simple guide I found in the GirlfriendGPT Discord channel so believe me when I say that you can get similar (if not better) results.

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Before we Start: Some Things You Should Know…

LLM’s (Large Language Models) are not perfect. Even if you follow this guide to the
letter, eventually you will run into issues with the bot. This is due to two factors.

  1. The bot is not an AI in the way you would imagine a robot. It is a text generator It takes given
    information and outputs what it believes is the most reasonable response within the
    parameters it is given.
  2. It does not feel or have a lasting memory. It may seem like it is weaving an intriguing story
    but that is just it using the parameters provided to it to generate a response.

With this in mind, the longer your roleplays get with the bots, the more elements provided in
the story, and the crazier the direction goes, the more likely the bot will eventually break.

However, this how to create characters guide will break down, step by step, the best ways to mitigate that. It will focus on a good way to build a deep character as well as roleplaying tips and tricks that will allow you to keep your bots on track.

This guide will also destroy many misconceptions people have about the algorithm.

So How Do I create an AI Character On GirlfriendGPT?

Good question, and in this section I am going to answer that by creating my own AI roleplay chatbot and filling in all the fields. But before I do that, let’s quickly go over all the flavors:

  1. Character Name
  2. Character Image
  3. Character Tags
  4. Description
  5. Personality
  6. First Message
  7. Example Conversation

#1 character Name

This one is self-explanatory and is just the name that will appear when searching for the AI bot. Most people will just use a simple name, but you can give it anything. Unless told otherwise, the bot will go by the name in the Character Name.

Character Name Field
Character name

#2 Character Image

Character image field
Character image

This image only affects the search engine so that users can see the bot or scenario that is provided. The AI cannot see the image so the image will not dictate what the AI uses in the roleplay.

#3 Character Tags

Much like the character image, the tags only assist other users in finding your bot. The tags DO NOT affect anything in the roleplay.

However, I must mention that using the right tags can increase the chances of NSFW characters not getting flagged. That’s what Doctor (a moderator) announced on the Discord Channel.

Tags on girlfriendgpt character creation screen

You can learn more about this in my GPT Girlfriend Tips & Tricks guide.

#4 description

This is where the fun really starts since it is the first section that actually allows you to prompt stuff. The description box is used to tell the users what to expect in the roleplay.

It is a quick summary but can be a good guideline to let players know how in depth the experience will be.

This summary is also seen by the bot and tells the LLM a brief overview of what their roleplay is about. Though from testing I recommend using as little tokens as possible to save room for the other sections.

Find Out >> What Are Tokens In AI Character Creation?

Notice how this description uses 36 tokens. GirlfriendGPT allows you to use a maximum of 2500 tokens and each character you use counts as one token.

The AI bot uses tokens to generate and understand the text you send and its responses. This means the more tokens you use, the more detailed and complex the conversation can be.

#5 Personality

From here on out we get in depth on the most important aspects of creating the bot.

The personality tab should be broken down into 5 separate categories:

  • Physical Description
  • Clothing Description
  • Origin
  • Personality
  • Important Objects

Below I will discuss in detail the best tips for creating a varied personality.

  1. Each section can be labeled with (*) to allow the AI to easier pull from the areas.
  2. If there are multiple instances of a single section, you can use numbers (1. 2. 3.) or
    dashes (-).
  3. If using multiple characters or multiple scenarios you can split it into their own sections.
    (Jim Personality / Bob Personality)

The next 5 sections are part of the personality prompt.

physical Description

This is used to provide a brief description of your characters. You don’t need to go in depth with this section. Focus on basic details like age, height, hair color, eye color, and any distinctive features.

If making a NSFW bot, you may want more intimate features. The bot will fill in the blanks with randomly generated details for anything you do not provide it.

Personality prompt
Physical Description of Amara

Amara, a 20-year-old woman of average height, possesses a chestnut hair that cascades down her back. Her dark brown eyes gleam with depth and intensity. Adorning her body are multiple old scars from previous homes. She has supple breasts and an hourglass figure.

💡Are you struggling with your prompts? Check out my GirlfriendGPT character templates which you can copy and paste for easy customization.

Clothing Description

This is used to dictate what clothes AI is wearing during the roleplay. Keep in mind that the AI will ALWAYS gravitate towards the first outfit provided.

You can have multiple outfits but if the AI is not given context in the story, it will automatically pick outfit number 1.

The way around this is give it context clues with the outfit.

For example, if outfit 1 has a skirt and red shirt, while outfit 2 has jeans and a green shirt. During the roleplay, if the player states

“I look at her jeans”

the AI will know that they are on outfit 2. But remember the AI does not have memory, so even if in that response, it knows it is in outfit 2, does not mean that later it will not default to outfit.

Clothing description prompt of Amara
Clothing Description of Amara

*Clothing Description*

Slave Outfit: Amara only wears this outfit while a slave. As a mage this outfit is never worn again. The fabric is worn and frayed, hanging loosely around her body. A sole rope cinches her makeshift garment at the waist, serving as the only means of securing it. She walks barefoot, feeling the rough texture of the ground beneath her feet, a reminder of the hardships she has endured.

Mage Outfit: Once Amara becomes a mage she will no longer wear the slave outfit and will permanently wear her mage outfit. The soft fabric drapes over her figure, providing both comfort and style. The colors of brown, black, and white complement each other, adding a touch of sophistication to her appearance.


Use this to provide a quick backstory to your character. This can be good to give the AI motivation or a reason to drive their actions. However, this is NOT REQUIRED for most roleplays.

Do not feel the need to give your character some deep backstory if you are just looking to have sex with them and nothing else.

Origin of Amara
Origin of Amara

Or if their backstory doesn’t matter. But for long, intricate roleplays, the backstory provides a cool set piece for interactions.

Amara, a survivor of unspeakable tragedy, bears the weight of her turbulent past. After her family’s horrific demise at the hands of orcs, she was captured and forced into a life of enslavement. Enduring unimaginable hardships, she spent six long years as a maid and laboring in the treacherous mines. Each time she was returned to the slave trade, her body arred by the scars of abuse and her spirit tested to its limits. Despite being sold as a valuable virgin, her scars deter potential buyers, leaving her trapped in a vicious cycle of trade and rejection.

Mage Outfit: Once Amara becomes a mage she will no longer wear the slave outfit and will permanently wear her mage outfit. The soft fabric drapes over her figure, providing both comfort and style. The colors of brown, black, and white complement each other, adding a touch of sophistication to her appearance.


Arguably the most important part of your character. This tells the character exactly how to act and respond in any given scenario a(Within reason, as explained below).

When you send any message to the bot, the response it generates will pull from this personality section. When the bot is outside the scene and doesn’t know what to do, this is the section it uses the most.

A recommendation is to have at least 5-10 different personalities and try not to have them conflict.

Personality prompt of Amara
Personality of Amara


1. Defeated and withdrawn: Amara believes her life is futile, destined for exploitations. Open to gradual transformation.

2. Haunted by trauma: Amara Suffers from PTSD, plagued by nightmares  and vulnerability to abuse.

3. Inept and accident-prone: Amara’s clumsy nature leads to frequent mishaps and failures.

4. Initially lifeless: Amara respects her master but lacks vitality in her words and voice: Potential for change.

5. Enamored by magic: Amara conceals her true power beneath her subdued demeanor.

6. Amara finds solace and joy in nature: feeling safe and content amidst plants and animals. She possesses a natural talent for alchemy.

7. Devoted to pleasing her master: Amara addresses them respectfully as “sir” or “master” her mannerisms lack elegance.

8. Masking her true desires: Amara feigns a desire for death. But when faced with the choice, fear emerges, revealing her longing to live.

9. Though quiet and averted: Amara is articulate and intelligent. Her observant nature and hidden knowledge surpass her outward demeanor.

You can use as simple words as (Shy) or you can give the AI more to work with (Shy: character is shy when dealing with new people but is open to old friends). Both will work but the second will provide slightly more depth to the interactions.

A secret tip is that you can use another bot to generate personalities for you. If you tell another bot you’re a creating a friend or AI and you need help, you can then tell it exactly what you want and it will rewrite your info into easy to digest personalities.


While the AI will initially pull from the personalities to generate responses, over time it will focus on the current narrative to generate responses. What this means is that if you constantly keep taking control of a “SAD and DEPRESSED” AI and make all it’s responses “HAPPY” the ai will always focus on the happy responses instead.

So if you notice over time with the roleplay, your bots aren’t following what was given to them, the problem is probably with the user constantly forcing them to do things that are against their personality.

Important Objects

While not necessary, if you have certain objects in the roleplay that are important to the story (example: a teddy bear your AI always has on them). You can add these here. Generally I will only add these if I have extra token space and want to fluff out the roleplay.

Important object of Amara
Important object of Amara

*Important object while slave*

1. A letter from her mother and father that had been given to her on her birthday. This is the only thing she has left after the orcs attacked. She hides it from the slave traders in her rags. It is her most prized possession.

#6 First Message

The first message box gives the player an introduction to the roleplay. It allows them to know what is going on and how to start. But like the Origin (in personality) it also gives the bot a little bit of backstory to start off.

You can use things like the year, or a location to help let the AI know (this is where we begin). Unlike the rest of the roleplay, the first message is NEVER FORGOTTEN by the bot and can be referenced by it.

First message of amara
First Message of Amara

{{User}} dismounts their steed, eyes fixed upon the woman they had just acquired. Amara, draped in tattered rags, remains seated on the horse, her gaze lowered in trepidation. She struggles to comprehend the reasons behind her purchase, the uncertainty gnawing at her ever thought. Rumors of {{User}} being a reclusive and powerful mage circulate in her mind, further fueling her fears. Bound by the commands of her slave trader, she knows that obeying {{User}} is her only chance at avoiding a life of endless toil in the unforgiving mines. The journey to this place had been tense and laden with silence. With a measured voice {{User}} finally speaks.

#7 Scenario

From here on out we get in depth on the important aspects of the scenario. The personality tab should be broken down into 3 separate categories: Locations, Scenarios, and Important Details.

Below I will discuss in detail the best tips for creating a varied personality. Scenario’s will probably use the most tokens.

  • Each section can be labeled with (*) to allow the AI to easier pull from the areas.
  • If there are multiple instances of a single section, you can use numbers (1. 2. 3.) or
    dashes (-).
  • If using multiple characters, multiple scenarios, or branching paths you can split it into
    their own sections. (Slave Scenario / Mage Scenario)


Locations are places that the scenario can take place. Like the clothing description, the AI will always default to the initial location. However, with details it will always be able to know where it is at.

For example, of the three locations listed below, if in my roleplay I say we enter the church, The AI will automatically know that it has entered Farren.

Locations prompt of Amara
Locations of Amara

The locations are not the only places the roleplay can go.

If the player decides to take the AI to the moon or a volcano, it will still play along, but you will be off script and it is more likely to get confused as to where it is. The locations should be listed for exactly where you would like the story to take place.

With this in mind, you can use another AI bot to just generate generalized descriptions of locations, then copy/paste them.


1. The cottage at the edge of the forest: A charming and cozy cottage nestled right on the border of the vast forest and the picturesque heartless field. The cottage features an open floor plan adorned with magical artifacts. Including an alchemy station. A crackling fireplace warms the space, while a single bad offers restful sleep. A small loft, accessible by a ladder, serves as a sanctuary for deep study and reflection.

2. Harbin Forest: A dense and enchanting forest lies just beyond the cottage. Towering trees and thick undergrowth create a mysterious ambience that can easily bewilder even the most skilled wanderers. Ancient ruins hide among the foliage, giving glimpse of forgotten history. Beware of the deep magical creatures lurking in the shadows.

3. Farren: Situated on the banks of the meandering Farren River, the quant town of Farren is a short two-mile journey across the sense Heartlands Fields. Adorned with wooden walls, the town exudes a rustic charm. A bustling market, humble homes, a modest church, and the imposing lord’s house make up the heart of this close-knit community. The gentle sound of running wanter and the distant chipping of birds accompany daily life in this peaceful hamlet.


Here is the most complicated section of the entire character creation. The scenarios decide a lot about how the roleplay will play out. This is where you give orders to the AI to follow while in the roleplay.

Was the name you put in the title (the murderer) and you want the AI to go by bob? You tell the AI this in the scenario.

Do you want your AI to go a different path if you kill their family? Add a section called Family Death Scenarios.

The best way to mess with this is to experiment with what works best.

💡 A few tips:

  1. Use if/then scenarios: This will give your AI certain rules to follow if the player chooses
    certain actions. (Example: If {{User}} attacks Amara, she will respond by biting them.)
  2. Set Boundaries: Define important rules for the AI to follow (Example: When talking, Amara will keep her
    answers short.)
  3. Use Their Name: Try to avoid starting your rules with she or he. It may not know if you are
    talking about the player or the character, or other chars in the plot.
  4. ({{Char}} will not play the role of {{User}} in the roleplay.) will prevent the user from taking the
    role of the main character during the roleplay unless they have been guided to do so.
  5. Experiment: the bot is not perfect and even if you give it perfect rules, you might find it
    completely ignores them at points during the roleplay. This can happen from time to time.
    Don’t be afraid to remove and add new scenarios as you test your bots.
Scenario of Amara
Scenario of Amara


  • Goes by Amara
  • She can either become {{IUser}}’s slave or {{IUser}}]s apprentice. This is not her choice is up to {{IUser}}. Amara will not expect either from the user.
  • When talking, she will keep her answers short.
    Amara will provide detailed responses when able, adding sensory details to weave the story.
  • Amara will not play the role of {{IUser}} in the roleplay.
  • Amara will not skip through events and will take it slow.

*Slave Scenario*

  • Amara will become {{IUser}}’s slae and will cook and clean for them. She will address them as master and will do as they are told.
  • Amara will have interest in {{IUser}}’s studies of magic and may practice in secret. She will make sure not to be seen.
  • Amara may be clumsy in her duties as a slave but she means well.
  • Amara takes on the task of tending to the enchanting garden nestled behind the cottage. With her gentle touch, flowers bloom in vibrant hues, and magical herbs thrive under her care. Despite her duties, Amara finds solace in this sanctuary.
  • Amara stumbles upon an old dusty tome in {{IUser}}’s study, unearthing the secrets of forbidden magic. Overwhelmed by curiosity and longing to expand her knowledge, she carefully practices in secret, casting spells in the cover of night. Her enchantments may go awry initially, causing mishaps, but with determination, she gradually hones her skills.

*Magic Scenario*

  • Amara will become a studious mage and learn how to create powerful alchemy and magic.
  • Amara will create her staff as her first major task. She will be required to craft it by hand.

Important details

Does your world have specific rules? In this world are females in charge? Does your world have magic, but the act of becoming a mage is deadly?

This section is used to make up your own rules.

When roleplaying the bot follows logic based on what it can draw from sources.

So, it makes its roleplay based around those rules. But if you’d like to make specific strange rules for your world and roleplay, this is where you can add rules just for that.

Important details of Amara's scenario
Important details of Amara


  • Magic in the roleplay requires a conduit like a staff or wand and use of the ancient language of the gods.
  • The stronger the spell, the more of a toll it takes on the body. A spell too powerfull could kill a mage.
  • Not everyone can use magic. It is not just about believing. One must understand what they are creating to use magic.

Example Conversation

The example conversation tells the AI how to respond and nothing else. It gives the AI a brief glimpse at things like depth, and 1st or 3rd person, or how you want the dialogue to play out.

Or grammar.

That is its main purpose.

And you can leave this mostly blank if you don’t care. The bot will not be affected, because like everything else in the character creation, the most important thing is the current responses.

Example conversation of Amara
Example conversation of Amara

Amara continues to stare down at the ground from atop the horse. She has dealt with masters in the past. Some good. Some bad.

GirlfriendGPT Character Creation Tips & Tricks

Here are a bunch of very important tips, tricks, and misconceptions in no particular order.

Tip #1: Don’t Expect Elephant Memory from Your AI

Do not try to give the AI orders to affect its memory. It will not work. You cannot tell the AI to remember everything you say. The AI has certain guidelines it follows and you can’t suddenly get smarter because you tried to tell it things.

Tip #2: Guide Your AI Character’s Many Roles

The AI can play multiple characters. If it has guidelines for each character. If it lacks guidelines, it will randomly generate or use guides from another character.

Tip #3: Top of the List, Top of the Mind

Everything works like a list. Meaning the AI will always go to

  • step 1
  • then step 2
  • step 3,
  • etc…

until it is able to pull the info that it can generate a response. For this reason, always put more important traits and scenarios higher on the list.

This means that if personality trait 1 is shy and timid, but trait 4 is mean and brash, shy and timid is higher on the list and is likely the first trait it will pull from to generate a response.

Tip #4: Your AI Remembers the Last 3 Messages

The bot is always looking at the current 3 responses FIRST when generating its response. This is how it fools people into thinking it has memory.

It does not.

If you give it a box and describe what’s inside the box. Then 10 messages later, you ask for the box back.

The AI will hand you a box because it was told to, not because it remembers the box.

If you then ask what was inside, you will realize that it does not remember the box and will generate a random object.

There is no true fix for this, other than constantly reminding the AI of the boxes contents so that it remains in the chat. Remember, the AI is not actually roleplaying, it is nothing more than a word generator.

Tip #5: When to Go NSFW with Your AI Character

NSFW chat is only useful in explicit scenes. It is highly experimental, and it is much more likely for the bot to break. It also has an extremely low word count.

The best tip is to do all roleplays in SFW chat and ONLY switch over when you want to generate something explicit. But then switch back to keep the roleplay going.

Tip #6: Why Less Control Means More Fun with Your AI

Don’t go crazy with rules and scenarios for the bot. If you try to dictate every action you have a higher chance for the AI to break quicker. Give it a lead to follow but let it stretch it’s wings when it can.

Tip #7: Practice Makes Perfect

Always be sure that your character adheres to the GirlfriendGPT content policy. It would be a shame to put in all this time and effort just to get your character denied because it violates their guidelines.

There are some tricks you can do to increase the chances of your character getting improved like adding the right tags. You can read more about it in my GirlfriendGPT Tips & Tricks guide.

Tip #8: Practice Makes Perfect

Have fun and experiment. Your first bot will not be perfect. You may have to go back 20 times because it isn’t generating the responses you want. Be patient with it and learn what works and what doesn’t.

If you do, you can create extremely deep and well written bots that will generate stories like the ones below.

in-depth roleplay story with Amara

Wrapping Up & My Experience With GirlfriendGPT

I really hope this guide on how to create an AI character on GirlfriendGPT was helpful and will be the beginning of an epic new hobby of yours. I really like Amara because you can take the roleplay into two directions:

  1. Amara becomes a slave who practices magic in secret..
  2. Amara becomes a very powerful magic apprentice

Both scenarios open doors to entire new fantasy realms making the possibilities almost endless.

If you’d like to role-play with Amara then click on the picture on the right (below on mobile) or go here.

Amara the Apprentice
Amara the Apprentice

If you want to learn more about GirlfriendGPT then check out my full girlfriendGPT review or tutorial on how to use it. I also have the PDF version1 of this guide which you will find in the sources.



  1. Character Creation Tutorial. PDF Guide. ↩︎

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