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AI Sex Bot Statistics

AI Sexbots are becoming a big deal, popping up faster than unexpected ads online.
AI Sex Bot Statistics
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It seems the more people feel lonely, the more they’re curious about these high-tech AI companions.

But really, how popular are they?

We’ve dug into the industry to uncover some surprising AI sex bot statistics.

Stick around for the numbers!

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Key AI Sex Bot Statistics

  • Search Surge: “AI sex bot” searches increased 300%, adding 2,000 in December 2023.
  • Popular Apps: Chai app peaked in October, ‘tavern ai’ in June as top 2023 apps.
  • Explosive Growth: Spicychat reached 78,000 searches by November; Crushon AI grew 8600%.
  • Global Interest: Chai app is most popular in India, Crushon ai in Mongolia, and Spicychat in Russia.
  • Public Opinion: 47% think AI robots could replace partners; 41% see AI sex as cheating.
  • Emotional Concerns: 58% would be upset by partner’s sexual messages with AI bots.

How Popular Are AI Sex chatbots?

In December 2023, the phrase “AI sex bot” was searched 3,000 times, marking a significant increase of 300% or 2,000 additional searches compared to December 20221

A full breakdown of our research can be found in the methodology section.

What are The Most popular AI Sex Bots?

In 2023, chai app and tavern ai were the most searched AI sex bot apps. Chai app hit its highest popularity in October, while tavern ai was most popular in June. 2

These two online AI sex bots were the top choices for users throughout the year.

Chai App & Tavern AI are the most popular

On the other hand, spicychat showed the most growth. It started the year with hardly any searches but skyrocketed to 78,000 searches by November.3

Crushon AI has also experienced significant growth, marking an explosive growth rate of 8600%. ​​

Spicychat skyrocketed to 78,000 searches by November

This huge increase shows that SpicyChat and Crushon are quickly catching up and becoming a favorite among AI sex bot users.

Chai app soared to 46% popularity in India. Crushon ai shot up to 100% in Mongolia, and Spicychat jumped to 59% in Russia, showing significant growth in these regions.4

As of 2024, there’s been an even bigger surge in AI sex robots, with big names like Meta and OpenAI being linked to the trend. What’s more concerning, as reported by Fortune.com, is that among these digital companions, there are those designed to resemble children.5

AI is kind of in a wild west phase when it comes to rules, which means the spike in NSFW sex robot popularity might lead to some serious issues.

What Do People Think About AI Sex Bots?

A study from BedBible reveals that a significant number of adults are interested in sex with an AI robot.

Nearly half of the people (47%) think AI sex robots could replace human partners in the future. Also, 48% are curious about sex robot brothels. However, 41% view sex with an AI as cheating, up from 27% in 2020. Surprisingly, more than half (50.7%) believe they could develop a real romantic connection with a sex robot.6

47% Think AI sex Robots could replace human relationships

When we looked into AI girlfriends, we asked folks if they thought these AI partners could ever replace real human relationships

Only 40% thought it was possible, which is actually less than what BedBible found when they asked if AI sex robots could replace people in relationships.

Read More >>> 15+ Mind-Blowing AI Girlfriend Statistics.

This hints at the idea that people might be okay with the idea of being intimate with AI robots, but when it comes to real, deep connections, they believe you need a real person.

Survey Reveals Adult Attitudes Towards Messaging AI Sex Bot

According to a recent YouGov poll in the UK, over half of the adults surveyed (58%) said they would be upset by the idea of their partner exchanging messages with an AI sex bot.7

“How would you feel if a romantic partner of yours was exchanging sexual messages with an AI chatbot?”

How would you feel if a romantic partner of yours was exchanging sexual messages with an AI chatbot? survey

methodology: Our AI Sex Bot Research Process Unveiled

In our research we broke down the entire AI sex chatbot industry.

Here’s how we did it.

Investigating App Popularity: In our research, we examined over 90 AI chatbot applications known for facilitating NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content to identify the most popular ones. Our methodology involved assessing search volumes across various online and social media platforms, including Reddit, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Choosing and Representing the Leading Apps: Through our comprehensive analysis, we pinpointed the top five applications based on their digital footprint and frequency of searches. To illustrate and compare their popularity trends over time, we utilized Google Trends for visual representation.

Data Collection Methodology: This approach enabled us to discern which AI sex bots are capturing the highest level of user interest and engagement across different online channels. It provided a well-defined overview of the market’s frontrunners.

Conclusion: is The Rise Of AI Sex Bots a Good Thing?

AI sex bots are here and from the surge in search volume it looks like they are only getting more popular.

If the supply of AI sex chatbots will go up and down heavily depends on the actions governments and other institutations will take.

One thing is sure, the fact that some of these sex bots resemble minors is a huge problem and something that can’t be ignored.


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