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PornX AI Review: What They Are NOT telling You (2024)

PornX AI is getting a lot of traction lately, but is it actually any good? or a better question: is it worth the price?
PornX AI Review
PornX AI
Editors Rating: 4.8 /5
Our quick PornX AI review

What We Like About it:

What We Don't Like About it:

Bottom Line:

PornX AI is top-notch for making your own adult stuff. It lets you change everything just how you like it without needing a double PhD. in prompt engineering. The video’s are the most realistic I’ve seen thus far. Sure, the image generator is a bit slow, but the cool stuff you can make is totally worth the wait. I say go for it if your interested in trying one of THE best AI porn generators that are currently on the market.

The moment ChatGPT launched I knew that it had more to offer than boring AI writing tools and endless debates about whether robots would steal our jobs or just make better coffee than us.

And man, was I right. 😂 

Gentlemen, AI porn generators are here and one of those bad boys that has been getting a lot of traction lately is called PornX AI.

 I’ve bought it and spent the entire week (for research purposes obviously) testing so I can confidently say I know every nook and cranny of this AI porn generator app.

In this PornX AI Review you’ll learn exactly:

  • What’s good about it and what sucks
  • If it’s worth your hard-earned money

Let’s get to it.

Top things I look for when reviewing an AI Porn Generator

AI Porn Generator: I need to see if the images look good.
AI Undress FeatureThe photoshop needs to look extremely realistic.
AI Porn LibraryI’ll check how organized and helpful the library is.
PricingI am after good value at an affordable price.

What is pornX AI?

PornX AI is a tool that uses AI to create porn images and videos just how you want them. You can change how the characters look and what’s happening in the scene. It’s like making your own adult movies or images easily on your computer.

Who Created PornX AI?

We don’t know. PornX AI only launched a couple of months ago and the founder/CEO hasn’t come forward yet. 

On the flip side, PornX AI is growing extremely fast so it will only be a matter of time before the media catches up on it.

Search volume of PornX AI on Google Trends


  • Highly customizable
  • Image and video generation
  • Large user-generated content library
  • Active community support


  • Slow image generator
  • No AI sexting feature

PornX AI Is Made For…

If you recognize yourself in one of the following categories, I do not doubt that you are going to love PornX AI.

Current OnlyFans Subscribers

I hate OnlyFans.

You pay an insane amount of money to talk to this pornstar while you’re actually talking to Habib from Marrakesh who’s getting paid $3/hour to talk to you.

At least with AI porn, you know what you pay for – a computer.

NSFW Art Lovers

For those of you who want to stay on top of the latest NSFW innovations – PornX AI is definitely your jam. It’s ridiculously accurate and simple to use.

They even released this new feature that lets you create your own AI porn videos by simply pressing a few buttons.

PornX AI Is Not Made For…

On the flip side, Pornx.ai is not for everyone. If you belong to one of the following categories, this might not be your cup of tea.

Those Looking For AI Sexting

PornX AI is specifically focused on creating images and videos. There’s no texting (or sexing) whatsoever.

It would be nice of them to add some AI characters you can talk to and then generate some pics in chat. 

I guess you can’t always throw a six. 🤷🏽‍♂️

If you want to learn more about AI sex chatbots, check out one of the guides below.

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Folks With a Porn Addiction

Porn addiction is a serious problem among men. Wait. Let me rephrase that: Porn addiction is a serious problem in the world.

Recent studies show that 5-8% of the world population is addicted to porn.1

Statistic on how many people are addicted to porn

I encourage you to be 100% honest with yourself and ask yourself the big question

“Am I addicted to porn?”

If the answer is yes, then you definitely want to sit this one out…

Best Features of PornX AI

After spending a lot of time using PornX AI I’ve got a very good understanding of the pros and cons of this AI porn generator app

Here are the best features:

AI Porn Generator

The AI generator is an AI tool that lets you create your own custom AI porn. They’ve recently added a feature that allows you to generate videos, but more on that later.

Let’s talk about the images first.

AI Porn Images

Let me start off by saying that I am a sucker for prompting so I was very happy when I saw that PornX AI uses buttons and menus instead of open fields.

In terms of customization, the guys at PornX AI went all out. You can customize the

  • Model
  • Number of people
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Race
  • Body Type
  • Skin
  • Breast
  • Ass
  • Face
  • Hair Color
  • Hair Type
  • Clothes
  • Cloth Modifier
  • Distance
  • Angle
  • Action
  • Setting
  • Light
  • Style

Each of the things I just mentioned has multiple options. Just the ethnicities boast a whopping 50+. I recently did a review on PornJoy AI and was mega impressed by all the customization options. But to be honest, PornJoy is nothing compared to PornX AI.

It’s like comparing a Mercedes to a Bugatti – both are fast but the Bugatti is just in a different league.

Here are some of the images I generated. 👇🏼

The cool thing about PornX AI is that it’s not just your average AI porn generator. You can also generate regular images and fantasy images.

AI Porn Video’s

Lately, I’ve seen more AI porn generators adding a video feature. Creating videos with generative AI can be very expensive so I think it’s cool that PornX AI found a way to offer this feature for free to Gold members. 💪🏼

It works very similar to creating images – just keep in mind that there are a lot fewer customization options and generating a video can take up to 4 minutes!!

You: So Herman, how good are the AI porn videos.

They are jaw-dropping good.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

In fact, I’ve never seen an AI porn generator create more realistic video’s then PornX AI.

I made three videos and each one nailed it. Imagine those old flipbooks where pictures flip quickly to create movement – that’s how these videos work. If you look closely, you’ll notice the transitions, but honestly, the quality is way better than what you get from other AI video makers, including ones like sexy.ai.

AI undress Feature

OK, let me be crystal clear on this – we do not support AI undress apps. These apps often promote themselves as being the future of ‘NSFW Art’ blablabla.

But at the end of the day, people are using these AI tools to download pictures of people they know so they can see them nude. It’s extremely unethical, not to mention illegal.

With that said, PornX AI does offer an Undress feature and it’s super accurate.

Woman, European, Piercing, Big breasts, Thick thighs, Many people, Beanie, Unbuttoned clothes
Woman with top removed

It also allows you to make certain objects bigger or smaller.

AI Porn Library (Hub)

The Hub is a giant library of images and videos other users created. This is great for getting inspiration since you can click on any image and check what prompt is used.

An image with the prompt showing on the right

There’s also a voting system so whenever you have a cool picture and you upload it to the hub your picture can collect votes. Pictures with the most votes will pop up in the Best and Trending tab.


PornX AI has a couple of communities and social media accounts, including

  • A Telegram group
  • Discord Channel
  • Twitter / X
  • Instagram
  • Reddit

Let’s zoom in on the Discord Channel and Telegram Group for a second.

Discord Channel

A lot of AI sex apps are super active on Discord. This is the place where developers can get valuable feedback from its users and users can share tips and tricks.

There’s a lot of stuff going on in the Discord Channel. One thing that I noticed is how fast the PornX AI team is responding to questions.

Comment in the discord community and a response from PornX AI

I’ve been using SoulGen AI for some time and just about a month ago they ran into legal trouble and it became a dumpster fire. 

Users can not cancel their membership and the team is not even responding to their emails. Companies in the adult niche need to react promptly to questions and stuff otherwise they will never gain my trust.

Telegram Group

The Telegram group is not as active as the Discord Channel. It’s mainly used for the developers to announce all their updates.

Unfortunately, it’s only one-sided and you’re not able to ask questions or give comments.

PornX AI Telegram group

What do Customers Say About PornX AI?

Honestly, we don’t know… If I google PornX AI Review All I see are affiliate sites, hammering out ChatGPT content hoping to make a quick buck.

BUTTT I did find some customer reviews within the Discord Channel which are very positive. Some users even call PornX.ai one of the best AI porn generators at this moment. 👇🏼

Customer review
Customer review
Customer review

I tried filtering on Scam and Refund to find any negative reviews. This was the most negative I could find. 👇🏼

Customer review

PornX AI Pricing

PornX.ai pricing

PornX AI PornX AI recently changed its pricing model and only offers its Gold membership which will get you 750 tokens for $24.99/month.

Every feature will cost you an X amount of tokens and additional tokens can be purchased for the following prices:

Tokens  Price
 125  $4.99
 300  $9.99
 800  $24.99
 1250  $34.99
 2050  $44.99
 10000  $279.99

You can also subscribe to their Gold membership which will get you 800 tokens monthly for $24.99. The benefit of subscribing instead of buying a one-time package is bonus features (more on that later).

Of course, this doesn’t tell us much unless we know how much coins each feature costs.2 Which brings me to the next table:

Tokens  Feature
 3  Images
 1  Pose
 5 Face 
 15  Video’s

Videos are free for Gold users. 🔥

PornX AI Review: Final Verdict

Editor’s Rating

Overall Rating

0out of 5
  • You can change pretty much everything about the images and videos, from who's in them to what they're doing.
  • Discord let's you chat with other users, get tips, and share what you've made.
  • Considering all the cool stuff you can do, the price isn't too bad, especially with the amount of content you can create.

PornX AI gets a 4.8 out of 5. It shines in customization, real-feel videos, a vast library, and accurate undress features, making it a top pick despite its premium pricing.

aI Porn Generator

The AI porn generator is extremely customizable - allowing you to pick from 50+ ethnicities, positions races, and more.

[su_tooltip title="AI Porn Generator" text="PornX ai earned a full 5 out of 5, meaning the images and video's are almost indistinguishable from human" background="#030303" text_align="center" radius="8" shadow="yes"]Menprovement Rating[/su_tooltip]0/5.0

All these options can get pretty overwhelming but PornX AI uses menus and buttons to make customizing your images a breeze.

The AI porn videos are the most realistic ones I’ve seen thus far. 

Although you can still see the cut every now and then, they are miles ahead of the competition.

AI Porn Library

The library boasts thousands of images and videos. 

I really like the rating system it gives a good feeling to create an epic image and see it getting dozens of likes from other users.

[su_tooltip title="AI Porn Library" text="PornX aI earned a 4.8 out of 5, meaning the n" background="#030303" text_align="center" radiusporn library is easy to navigate through and a great addition to the overall tool="8" shadow="yes"]Menprovement Rating[/su_tooltip]0/5.0

It’s also handy that you can see the prompts of all the images so you can simply copy and paste those prompts to replicate them.

Undress Feature

The AI undress feature is very accurate. It goes beyond just ‘undressing’ people and allows you to make body parts bigger or smaller.

Heck, it even allows you to edit your images.

[su_tooltip title="Undress Feature" text="PornX aI earned a full 5 out of 5, meaning the AI undress feature is extremely accurate" background="#030303" text_align="center" radius="8" shadow="yes"]Menprovement Rating[/su_tooltip]0/5.0


As for pricing, PornX AI is on the premium side of things. The cheapest (and only) subscription will cost you $24.99/month and get you 750 tokens.

[su_tooltip title="Pricing" text="PornX aI earned a 4.5 out of 5, meaning it is expensive compared to its competitors. Nevertheless, the quality outweighs the price." background="#030303" text_align="center" radius="8" shadow="yes"]Menprovement Rating[/su_tooltip]0/5.0

You might think that’s a lot, but keep in mind that undressing one image will cost you 5 tokens.

The first two times I used the AI undress feature it didn’t turn out right so I burned 15 tokens just to get one image.

PornX AI Alternatives

Still here??? Good.

I can understand that PornX AI might not be your cup of tea. That’s why I have got some awesome PornX AI Alternatives. I bought and tested each one personally.

#1 PornJoy AI

Banner Pornjoy AI

PornJoy AI has the same features as PornX AI, except for the AI undress feature. 

It’s also much cheaper than PornX AI. You can generate unlimited images for just $7.99/month!

It’s the most user-friendly AI porn generator I’ve used so far since everything works with buttons and it doesn’t feel overwhelming - making it an absolute win in my book.

#2 Sexy AI

Sexy AI banner

If PornJoy is the most user-friendly AI porn generator, then Sexy.ai must be its solar opposite. It uses a lot of prompting fields and getting the hang of it might take you some time.

So why do I think it’s a great alternative?

Because the customization is almost limitless, you can customize everything to the tiny tiniest detail. 

Where PornX.ai only has seven different models to pick from, Sexy AI has more than 40! Including some pretty unique ones like Realistic Cartoon or VR Porn.

For $14.99/month you’ll have unlimited image generations.

Comparison table

Features  PornX AI Pornjoy AI Sexy AI
Customization High Medium Extreme
Content Type Images and Videos Images Images and Videos
AI Undress Feature
User-Generated Library
Community Support Discord, Telegram Discord Discord
Pricing $24.99/month for 750 tokens $7.99/month for unlimited images $14.99/month for unlimited image generations
Video Generation

Conclusion: Should You Buy PornX AI?

To put it short - yes you should buy PornX AI. I would especially recommend it to people who are already paying for OnlyFans or other porn sites. 

After all, why would you pay for something old when you can create your own porn, tailored to whatever crazy fetish you might have?


Yes, but video customization options are more limited than images.

Yes, user privacy is prioritized, but sharing options are available.

Images take seconds to generate, but videos can take up to 4 minutes.

No, it generates content based on user preferences without using real identities.


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