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How we Test & Score Supplements

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At Menprovement, we’ve dedicated a lot of time to figuring out the best way to evaluate and critique supplements. Our goal has been to provide transparent and unbiased reviews, which is tricky since everyone has their own tastes, preferences, and ideas about what makes a supplement stand out.

We’ve narrowed our evaluation down to four main criteria, which we’ll go over in the following section.

We currently use this rating system for the following types of products:

  • Protein Powders
  • Pre-Workouts
  • Libido Enhancing Supplements

Scoring Factors

Our overall score is based on a weighted average of 4 scoring factors.

  • 25% – Taste
  • 25% – Effectiveness
  • 25% – Brand Reputation
  • 25% – Value For Money

It’s important to note that these criteria serve as our basic framework for rating. However, there might be instances where not all criteria apply, such as the taste of a supplement when it’s in capsule form. In such scenarios, we’ll evenly redistribute the 25% allocated to taste among the remaining criteria.

  • 33.33% – Effectiveness
  • 33.33% – Brand Reputation
  • 33.33% – Pricing

understanding Our Scores

In our supplement reviews, we look at how good each part of the supplement is and give it a score. We add up these scores to get the final rating. The more points a supplement gets, the better it is.


This is the best score. It means the supplement is amazing in every way.


This is a great score. It means the supplement is really good and does what it says it will do for most people.


This is a very good score. It means the supplement works well but might have a small thing or two that could be better.


This is a good score. It means the supplement is okay and does its job, but it's not perfect.


This is an okay score. It means the supplement is just average. It works, but it might not wow everyone.

When we look at each individual performance factor of the supplement, we give it stars for how good it is. These stars go from 3.0 to 5.0, and they can be half stars too, like 3.5, 4.0, or 4.5. The final score we give can have half stars as well but not necessarily.

Scoring Methodology

We might update how we test supplements to make our advice even better. This could mean changing what we look at or how we score things. Our current way of doing things, version 1.0, comes from what our experts think and reliable information we find online.

If we change our scoring system, we'll update our older reviews too. This means you'll always know which set of rules we used when we rated a supplement because we'll tell you right at the beginning of each review.


Since everyone's taste is different, it's hard to judge flavor in a way that everyone will agree on. But we try our best by considering:

  • The initial taste of the supplement
  • The aftertaste it leaves
  • If the supplement claims to be a certain flavor, we check if you can actually recognize that flavor

If it's relevant, we add another factor to our taste evaluation called "blend." We use this when a supplement is meant to be mixed with other things. For example, protein powders are often blended with water, yogurt, or other ingredients, so we'll see how well it mixes and tastes in different combinations.

Here’s the scale we use to determine taste scores:


Outstanding flavor - Tastes amazing with a perfect aftertaste.


Great flavor - Delicious and the flavor matches what it says on the label.


Really good taste - Nice initial taste and decent aftertaste.


Good taste - It’s enjoyable but nothing too special.


Okay taste - It’s just alright, might not taste like its supposed flavor much.


For our effectiveness rating, we check if the supplement really works as promised. We aim to be as fair and factual as possible by considering several aspects:


We dive into the science of the supplement, looking at what ingredients it uses and why they're supposed to help. We often refer to reliable scientific studies, such as those found on NCBI, to see if the ingredients have been proven to work. This helps us understand the supplement's theory and potential.

For a complete list of trusted sources we may use to test and score supplements, please read our editorial guidelines.

Ryse pre workout supplement facts
Ryse pre-workout supplement facts

Expert Experience

One of our experts will personally test the supplement and note down his experience. The expert may use the supplement multiple times, like at different times of the days or if possible, with different blends to give a more objective review.

Fact Check

While we can't have another expert replicate the exact personal experience of the first reviewer, we do ensure a second expert reviews the supplement details, especially the ingredient list. Making sure the ingredients are listed correctly and completely is crucial to avoid any mistakes. The expert chosen for this fact-checking task varies depending on the supplement type. For instance, a review on protein powder is likely to be fact-checked by a personal trainer, while a nootropic review would be checked by a healthcare professional.

You can find out which of our experts reviewed a particular article by looking for the name next to the magnifying glass icon at the top of each article, just like in the screenshot shown on the right.

For a deeper dive into how we ensure the accuracy and reliability of our reviews, you can check our editorial guidelines.

Example of a fact-checked article
Example of a fact-checked article

Here’s the scale we use to determine effectiveness scores:


Outstanding effectiveness - The supplement delivers exceptional results, exactly as promised.


Great effectiveness - It works really well, meeting nearly all of its claims.


Really good effectiveness - The supplement does what it’s supposed to do, with noticeable results.


Good effectiveness - You’ll see benefits, but they might not be as strong or as quick as hoped.


Okay effectiveness - The supplement has some effect, but it might not live up to all its promises.

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is entirely based on facts and researched by the expert reviewing the supplement. We focus on:

  • Social Media Presence: How active and positive the brand is on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Market Share: How popular the brand is compared to others in the market.
  • Customer Reviews: We pay special attention to the negative reviews to see any common issues.
  • Customer Service: How quickly and effectively the brand responds to questions or problems.

When it's relevant, we also check if the supplement has FDA approval to make sure it's safe for use. This step adds an extra layer of trust and assurance about the product's quality.

Tabs Chocolate FDA registration
Tabs Chocolate FDA registration

Here’s the scale we use to determine brand reputation scores:


Exceptional Reputation - The brand is widely recognized for its excellence, consistently receiving high praise across all areas, including customer feedback and product safety.


Great Reputation - The brand holds a strong position in the market with mostly positive reviews and a solid track record for quality and customer satisfaction.


Very Good Reputation - The brand is well-regarded, with many customers reporting satisfaction. There may be a few criticisms, but overall, the feedback is positive.


Good Reputation - The brand has a decent market presence with some happy customers, though there are areas for improvement, especially in customer service or product consistency.


Fair Reputation - The brand meets the basic expectations with mixed reviews. Some customers may be satisfied, but there are notable concerns or issues that need addressing.

Value For money

When we evaluate a supplement's value for money, we consider several key factors to ensure you're getting a good deal. First, we assess the quality of the supplement, paying attention to its ingredients, effectiveness, and overall performance. Then, we compare it to similar products in the market. It's important to note that the world of supplements is vast, so we specifically compare it to other supplements that serve the same or a very similar purpose, rather than comparing it across the entire supplement spectrum.

Average protein powder cost per serving
Graph of the average protein powder cost per serving

Additionally, since supplements are items you'll be using regularly, we take into account how long the product lasts. This means we look at the serving size and how many servings you get per package. This helps us figure out how often you'll need to buy the supplement again, which plays a big part in determining its overall value. A supplement that's a bit more expensive upfront but lasts longer can often offer better value than a cheaper alternative that you have to repurchase more frequently.

Here’s the scale we use to determine value for money scores:


Exceptional Value - The supplement not only meets but exceeds expectations in quality compared to its price. Customers consistently acknowledge getting more than what they paid for, both in terms of quantity and results.


Great Value - The product offers a strong value proposition, standing out in the market for its quality and effectiveness at a competitive price. Most reviews highlight satisfaction with the purchase, citing it as a smart investment.


Very Good Value - The supplement delivers solid performance and quality for its price, with many customers feeling satisfied with their purchase. While there may be slight drawbacks, the overall consensus is positive regarding the value it provides.


Good Value - The product offers decent value, with benefits that align well with its cost. There are areas that could be better, but customers generally feel that their investment is justified.


Fair Value - The supplement provides an average value, where the quality and effectiveness match its price point. Customer experiences may vary, with some noting satisfaction and others pointing out areas for improvement.

Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Our way of testing and giving scores is really detailed and not easy to do. Because of this, we might sometimes make mistakes, like getting a test result wrong, messing up a score, forgetting to update something, or other slip-ups.

We try really hard to avoid these errors by checking our work carefully. But mistakes can still happen.

If you notice any mistake or something that doesn't seem right, please tell us here. We're always ready to fix errors and clear up any confusion.

Got Ideas?

If you have any ideas on how we can improve our scoring, we'd love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts with us on our contact form.

This article is evaluated using our Supplement Scoring System, Version 1.0.

Rating Factor Explanation
Taste We check if the supplement tastes good and matches its described flavor, ensuring a pleasant use without artificial aftertastes.
Effectiveness We verify the supplement's health claims by examining its ingredients and consulting scientific studies, ensuring promised results.
Brand Reputation We evaluate the brand's market standing by reviewing customer feedback, the quality of support, and any accolades, focusing on reliability and trust.
Value for Money We assess whether the supplement's quality and effectiveness justify its price, considering serving size and cost per serving for overall worth.

To learn more how we rate supplements and how we select the best supplements, explore our detailed explanation guide by clicking the link.

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