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How Do We Choose The Best Supplements?

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At Menprovement, we aim to use our scores, reviews, and recommendations to help you easily select the supplements that are best for you.

It is through our objective and data-driven tests that we hope to reveal the best-performing AI girlfriend apps that meet the needs of our readers.

Our Process For Choosing The Best Supplements

When picking the best supplements, we mainly use our detailed tests based on lots of data. But there’s more to it. We also consider 4 other important things to figure out which supplements are the best.

#1 Objective & Data-Driven Tests

For each supplement we check out, we do deep dives and run lots of checks to make sure they really work and are worth your money. We look closely at four big things to see how each one stacks up.

Here’s what we focus on:

  • 25% – Taste: We look at what’s in the supplement to make sure it’s good stuff that’s supposed to help you.
  • 25% – Effectiveness: We figure out if the supplement does what it says it’s going to do for your health.
  • 25% – Brand Reputation: We check out the brand making the supplement to see if they’re trustworthy and liked by customers.
  • 25% – Value For Money: We see if the price of the supplement makes sense for how well it works and what it offers.

Below, we’ve got two charts that shows you how important each part is when we add up everything to give the supplement its final score. The chart on the right (secondary rating) shows our scoring system without the taste rating since this is sometimes not applicable, for example with capsules and pills.

#2 expert Insights

At Menprovement, we place a high value on firsthand insights from field experts or actual supplement users, more so now than ever before. Unlike other review platforms, we ensure each supplement is personally tested by our in-house specialists, who then share their authentic experiences and opinions.

Additionally, we actively engage with online communities related to these supplements, collecting user feedback and experiences to provide a well-rounded perspective. This approach allows us to offer detailed and reliable reviews based on direct usage and community insights.

#3 Price & Value

When we pick our favorites, how much it costs and what you get for the money are really important. Let’s say one supplement gets a score of 4.7 and is $10, while another gets a 4.9 but is $50. We’d usually suggest going for the first one because it offers better bang for your buck.

So far, we’ve tested 3 supplements, but we plan to review more in the near future.

This approach helps us figure out how good a deal you’re getting with any supplement.

#4 Brand Trust

We only suggest supplements that we and other people trust. If we start doubting a supplement’s reliability for any reason, like bad customer service or sketchy advertising, we’ll stop recommending it, no matter its performance.

Many of the products we review are new trends or innovations in the healthcare field. Often, these supplements haven’t gathered many reviews yet or established a strong brand presence. We keep this in mind when assigning our brand trust rating, understanding that newer products may need time to prove their reliability and earn user trust.

#5 Periodic Updates

The supplement industry is always changing, with new products and updates appearing all the time. This can include new ingredients, improved formulas, or even shifts in the companies making these supplements.

To keep our reviews fresh and relevant, we’re constantly revising them.

Every six months, we revisit our list of recommended supplements to confirm they’re still worthy of our endorsement. Any supplement that doesn’t live up to our high standards gets removed from our suggested list.

We’re also on the lookout for new or revamped supplements that might make the cut for our “best of” lists.

Our aim is to make sure you’re always getting recommendations for the best and most up-to-date supplements from trusted brands.

#6 Highly Specialized Supplements

The world of supplements includes products designed for specific needs, like supplements tailored for erectile dysfunction. While unique features like these don’t always impact the overall score directly, they’re spotlighted in our targeted “best of” lists for those looking for something specific.

Me holding do not age NMN Supplement
Do Not Age NMN Supplement

#7 Subjective Asessments

In the end, the Menprovement team is behind every recommendation we make. Our goal is to rely on solid facts and in-depth analysis to guide our choices.

Sean and Sara Russell
Menprovement CEO, Sean Russell
Evander Nelson
Menprovement Head of Content and NASM CPT, Evander Nelson

However, there might be occasions where a supplement meets our scoring criteria but doesn’t make our recommendation list. This could be due to a variety of reasons, like close calls, differences in cost versus value, how well the supplement works, its quality, the reputation of the brand behind it, how much we trust it, and whether there are any special offers.

On the flip side, if a supplement doesn’t quite hit all our marks but we still think it’s worth your attention, we might include it in our suggested picks.

Got questions about our top picks or how we decide what makes the list? Feel free to get in touch with us here.

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