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9 Ways Being A Male Escort Has Increased My Confidence

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Confidence is like money.

It’s hard to develop, making it sought after by nearly every man on the planet. Develop confidence and your life will improve tenfold.

Better relationships, business opportunities, and improved happiness all follow as a result.

While most men focus on weightlifting, style, and social skills when trying to develop confidence…

What if we told you that being a male escort also does wonders for your confidence levels?

In this article, we will discuss 9 ways in which becoming a male escort can skyrocket your confidence levels.

key takeaways

  • As a male escort, you’ll make important friends.
  • Being comfortable with sex boosts your self-confidence.
  • Escorts earn good money, which helps you feel good.
  • You choose your work hours, which can reduce stress.

9 Ways Becoming A Male Escort Increases Confidence

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It might seem unconventional, but the sex industry can offer invaluable life lessons, social skills, and personal growth.

Here are nine compelling ways male escorting can turbocharge your confidence.

#1 You Gain Life Experience

It’s no secret – confidence grows with experience. Men often underestimate the value of life experience in building confidence. The more challenging situations you’ve faced and conquered, the more self-assured you become.

Becoming a male escort, or a male prostitute, offers a world of new experiences and trials that push you out of your comfort zone. As you immerse yourself in the world of sex workers, dealing with new people and environments, you naturally grow more comfortable tackling challenges in your personal life.

#2 Learn How To Interact With Women

cartoon of a funny guy talking to a group of women

Let’s be honest…

Many men struggle when it comes to interacting with women. It’s not just about what you say but how you say it.

Women can sense when a man is trying too hard, which often leads to counterproductive results. Working as a male escort within the sex industry thrusts you into socially challenging situations with women, allowing you to hone your communication skills and ultimately become a smoother conversationalist!

And it’s not just about communicating with women. Your overall social skills and confidence will take off, making you feel more at ease with people of all genders.

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Where was I?? Right – confidence!

Confidence doesn’t only apply to talking with women. Instead, your social skills and confidence will skyrocket when talking to both sexes. It won’t be long before you’re striking up conversations with strangers without even thinking about it.

#3 See The World Through Other People’s Eyes

Trying to be brash, loud, and arrogant is not going to take you far in social situations.

Instead, the most confident people are great at seeing life through other people’s perspectives. This way, they can relate to people and provide valuable feedback on certain situations.

That’s how you make people feel comfortable.

So how does this relate to being a male escort?

When using a male escort service, It’s not uncommon for women to vent their problems. This helps you understand what people are going through. You will carry these lessons with you forever, allowing you to be a better listener and provide great feedback in social situations.

#4 You Make Women Feel Good

john wick talking to a gorgeous woman at the bar

You know it isn’t all about self-improvement. You can actually help others. The other day there was a women in line at the supermarket. She forget her wallet and had that awkward situation where she had to put everything back.

I decided to pay for her. She was so grateful, I felt like I was on cloud nine all day.

That’s the feel-good hormone, dopamine, rewarding you for your kind deeds. Now imagine being a male escort – it’s not always about sex work. Women often seek male escorts for companionship and engaging conversations.

In the world of sex workers, when you give her your time, listen to her concerns, and brighten her day, it naturally boosts your mood. It’s no secret that happiness fuels confidence.

#5 You’re Paid Well

While money isn’t everything, it does ease many worries.

Living without the constant dread of financial stress on your mind allows you to be more present, enhancing your interactions and boosting self-esteem.

The sex industry, especially male escorting, can be quite profitable. Some straight male escorts even pocket more than $500 per hour.

Your earnings as a male sex worker largely depend on your location, type of services, and you mostly get to dictate your rates, giving you complete control over your income.

#6 You Get Positive Feedback

male escort receiving feedback from woman

Starting as a male prostitute or a sex worker can be a bumpy journey. It’s unlikely your confidence will be sky-high right away.

But here’s the silver lining – your clients are usually understanding and will steer you in the right direction. As you gain experience in the sex industry, positive reviews and repeat clientele will start rolling in. This positive reinforcement will gradually bolster your confidence.

The beauty of it all? This newfound confidence isn’t confined to your work as a male escort or within the realms of sex work. You’ll find yourself stepping into any social scenario feeling poised, proud, and self-assured.

#7 Networking Builds Your Confidence

As a straight male escort, you’ll find yourself accompanying your female client to swanky events. Remember, your role here isn’t just to be her companion but to blend in and interact with everyone around you, which can often include successful business folks.

Though the client may not need your male companionship indefinitely, the contacts you make while working can stay with you forever. You’ll soon realize you’ve built up an impressive network of individuals you can reach out to for future business opportunities or just to call in a favor.

#8 You Become Comfortable With Sex

Couple having sex

Now, let’s be clear here,

Not every male escort provides sexual services. That said, if a male sex worker chooses to engage in sexual activities with a client, it’s wholly their decision.

In those cases where a straight guy in the escort business does provide such services, they tend to get pretty comfortable with the intimate side of things.

Now, this sexual confidence is crucial in boosting overall self-esteem. If you’re a great conversationalist but blush at the mention of sex, it’s going to come across in your interactions with women.

#9 You Have Control Over Your Time

traveling the world

Most people live by the rule of a 9-5 job, which can be quite stressful—even if you enjoy your work! Sometimes, it’s not the job that stresses you out but the rigid schedule that comes with it, leading to a dip in confidence.

The good news?

As a male escort, you call the shots. While you may need to spend a few hours keeping your clients content in a hotel room or making dinner reservations, you still have a much better handle on your time.

This control over your schedule offers plenty of opportunities to flex your social muscles and gain life experiences outside of work. Being a good escort is not just about the job, it’s about using the flexibility it offers to boost your confidence in all aspects of life.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a surefire way to boost your confidence levels, becoming a male escort may be the answer. You will get to put yourself in social situations that develop your self-esteem, allowing you to live life more freely…

All while getting paid!

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The proper term for a male escort is simply “male escort”. Other terms might include “companion” or “gigolo”, although the latter can carry certain connotations, and is not always used professionally.

A male escort job involves offering professional companionship services to clients. It can involve attending social events, providing emotional support, or in some cases, offering sexual services if agreed upon and legally permissible.

An escort is a professional companion offering time and company, with no inherent expectation of sexual activity. A gigolo is typically a male escort specifically servicing female clients, and often includes a sexual component, though definitions can vary.

Duties of an escort include attending social events as a companion, engaging in conversation, being courteous, and sometimes providing emotional or physical intimacy based on agreed terms and local laws.

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