9 Ways Being A Male Escort Has Increased My Confidence

9 Ways Being A Male Escort Has Increased My Confidence

9 Ways Being A Male Escort Has Increased My Confidence

being a male escort

Confidence is like money.

It’s hard to develop, making it sought after by nearly every man on the planet. Develop confidence and your life will improve tenfold.

Better relationships, business opportunities, and improved happiness all follow as a result.

While most men focus on weightlifting, style, and social skills when trying to develop confidence

What if we told you that being a male escort also does wonders for your confidence levels?

In this article, we will discuss 9 ways which becoming a male escort can skyrocket your confidence levels.

9 Ways Becoming A Male Escort Increases Confidence

Let’s get into it.

#1: You Gain Life Experience

Most men overlook life experience when trying to build a solid foundation of confidence. The more trials and tribulations you have been through, the more confident you will be in overcoming future challenges.

Becoming a male escort will open the floodgates to new challenges and experiences. Going on dates with strangers and experiencing new restaurants, events, and environments pushes you out of your comfort zone.

It won’t take long before you find yourself wanting to put yourself out there and overcome obstacles in your personal life.

#2: Learn How To Interact With Women

Let’s be honest…

Most men don’t have the first clue about how to interact with women. It’s not so much about what they say, but rather how they say it.

Women have a sense when somebody is trying too hard. These types of guys are so focused on impressing the girl that it normally has the opposite effect.

being a male escort


If you’re nervous around the opposite sex, working as a male escort will force you into socially uncomfortable situations with women, allowing you to practice your social skills and make you a smoother talker!

This doesn’t only apply to talking with women. Instead, your social skills and confidence will skyrocket when talking to both sexes. It won’t be long before you’re striking up conversations with strangers without even thinking about it!

#3: See The World Through Other People’s Eyes

Trying to be brash, loud, and arrogant is not going to take you far in social situations.

Instead, the most confident people are great at seeing life through other people’s perspectives. This way, they can relate to people and provide valuable feedback on certain situations.

That’s how you make people feel comfortable.

So how does this relate to being a male escort?

When using a male escort service, It’s not uncommon for women to vent their problems. This helps you understand what people are going through. You will carry these lessons with you forever, allowing you to be a better listener and provide great feedback in social situations.

#4: You Make Women Feel Good

Have you ever helped somebody and felt on top of the world all day?

This is dopamine flooding your brain by doing something good for somebody else. When a woman hires a male escort, she’s normally looking for companionship and somebody to talk to.

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When you talk to her, listen to her problems, and make her happy; it also increases your levels of happiness. It’s a well-known fact that happiness is directly correlated to confidence levels.

#5: You’re Paid Well

Money is not everything when it comes to building confidence, but it sure helps!

When you’re walking freely without money stress on your mind, life flows more freely. Not only does this improve your ability to interact with people, but also your self-esteem.

Some male escorts can be paid upwards of $500 per hour. The amount of money you’re paid as a male escort depends on the area, type of escort, and the service required. The good news is that most male escorts set their prices, giving you complete control over your income.

#6: You Get Positive Feedback

When you first start as a male escort, it’s going to be a rocky road. If you haven’t done anything similar before, your confidence will not be at an all-time high.

The good news is that most of your clients understand and will guide you in the right direction.

You will begin building up positive reviews and getting repeat clients over time. After a certain period, your confidence will grow as a result.

And not just in the escorting business…

You’ll be able to walk into any social situation feeling relaxed, accomplished, and confident.

#7: Networking Builds Your Confidence

When you start working as a male escort, you’re going to be hitting up some big events with your female client.

Because your job is to blend in and interact with everybody, there is an opportunity to network with successful businessmen.

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While your client may not hire you forever, you can still maintain the connections you make on the job.

It doesn’t take long before you have a successful network that you can call up for business opportunities and favors.

#8: You Become Comfortable With Sex

Not every male escort provides sexual services. If they do decide to have sex with the client, it’s 100% their own decision.

In the instances where male escorts provide sexual services to clients, they become very comfortable with sex.

Sexual confidence is very important for overall self-esteem. If you are a good talker but feel embarrassed about sex, it will show in the way you come across when interacting with women.

#9: You Have Control Over Your Time

When you’re constantly clocking into a 9-5 job every day, your stress level increases (even if you are happy at work!).

In some instances, it’s not the job that’s causing stress, but being tied to a strict schedule.

When our stress levels increase, our confidence declines.

being a male escort


When working as a male escort, you can choose your hours. Of course, you still need to trade your time to keep clients happy, but you have much more control over your schedule.

This also opens up new windows of opportunity to practice your social skills and gain life experience outside of work, which also does wonders for your confidence.


If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to boost your confidence levels, becoming a male escort may be the answer. You will get to put yourself in social situations that develop your self-esteem, allowing you to live life more freely…

All while getting paid!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out some more articles you may like to continue your self improvement journey!

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