5 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Guys With Tattoos

5 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Guys With Tattoos

5 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted to Guys With Tattoos

Why Women Are Attracted to Guys With Tattoos

There’s no denying that many women are attracted to guys with tattoos. In some cultures, tattoos are often associated with masculinity, dominance, and good health.

On the surface level, women might fall for a guy with tattoos based on the design and meaning of what’s inked on their skin. However, there are various psychological reasons why such attraction is possible, even if some consider tattoos taboo.

If you are considering getting a tattoo to attract more women, then it’s best to understand why this trend is quite popular nowadays.

Short History of Tattooing in the US

Tattoos have been around for over 5,000 years, making them one of the oldest art forms.

Meanwhile, the history of American tattooing goes back to the 1700s. The trend was picked up by travelers to the Polynesian islands and spread everywhere they made port.

The name “tatau” was first used to describe body art by native islanders in 1769, according to a published report of James Cook’s expedition to Tahiti. For English speakers, this swiftly became a “tattoo.”

New York was one of the cities where tattoo parlors boomed during the 1870s. Brooklyn tattoo was popular with sailors who visited the city’s navy yard.

Why Women Are Attracted to Guys With Tattoos?

Did you know that in the United States, nearly 42% of women have tattoos compared to just 29% of men?

It can easily be argued that women prefer guys with tattoos since they want those who also are interested in this art form.

However, there are other reasons women are captivated by men with tattoos. Here are a few of them:

1: Tattooed Men can Endure Pain

Getting a tattoo is painful. Women have high respect for men who can endure pain since tenacity is often associated with desirable men.

Aside from pain tolerance, you must also have the mental fortitude to go through a tattooing session. Hence, a tattoo signals that a man might have the particular qualities that a woman is looking for in their potential partner.

2: Tattooed Men Stand for What They Love

Many men get a tattoo simply because they love the art form and see it as a way to express themselves. Hence, women often associate it with men’s commitment to doing what they love.

Furthermore, getting a tattoo entails various sacrifices, especially in a society that still views it as a way to mark outcasts or criminals.

3: Tattooed Men Reject Traditional Standards

Men with tattoos are often unaffected by other people’s opinions about them. They also fight for the things they love, especially if they live within a conservative culture.

Women prefer tattooed men because of the perception that they, too, can stand for their relationship regardless of familial or social pressure.

4: Tattooed Men Will Accept Your Flaws

Some cultures and societies still have a negative perception of tattooing. However, some women view men with tattoos as people open to showing their vulnerabilities.

After all, people don’t just get a tattoo to make themselves a canvas of this art form. Many do it to help them remember people, experiences, or memories they cherish. Hence, men with tattoos are often viewed as someone who can easily accept other people’s flaws.

5: Tattooed Men Appreciate Art

Many of the most creative people or those whose craft is related to arts have a tattoo. The idea that your body can be a medium for tattoo artists appeals to people who appreciate tattoos.

Women love men who are into art because they view them as someone who isn’t afraid to express their feelings. Furthermore, women are emotional creatures who are more likely to connect with those who aren’t afraid to let out their emotions.

Should you Get a Tattoo to Attract More Girls?

Getting a tattoo has a lifelong effect on your life. Some people often have to alter or remove their tattoos since they don’t want them to be on their skin anymore. For example, many tattoo artists specialize in covering up an ex-girlfriend’s name tattoo.

If you ever want to get a tattoo to fascinate more girls, that depends entirely on you. Sure, there’s a good chance that more women will be interested in you. But it would help if you also considered the pros and cons of getting a tattoo.

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