VigRX Spray vs Promescent Delay Spray: Who Will Take You Farther?

VigRX Spray vs Promescent Delay Spray: Who Will Take You Farther?

VigRX Spray vs Promescent Delay Spray: Who Will Take You Farther?

vigrx spray vs promescent

Alright guys, last week went head to head on two delay sprays: Promescent delay spray vs Dynamo Delay Spray.

Today we are going to compare another big player, VigRX Spray vs Promescent.

Why? Well – according to one study, about 30% percent of men are affected by premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is described by The World Health Organization as the inability to sufficiently delay ejaculation to enjoy lovemaking. 

There are proven treatment options for premature ejaculation (PE) that can help men last longer in bed. One of these is delay sprays, and many men find them very helpful.

VigRX and Promescent Delay Spray are premature ejaculation sprays that use lidocaine to give better orgasmic control to please your partner for longer.

What does delay spray do?

Lidocaine is the main ingredient in most delay sprays. It helps block signals to the nerve endings in the shaft and head of the penis. 

The area is desensitized, allowing men to have more control over their orgasms and be able to last longer.

According to some research, premature ejaculation spray, on average, can prolong climax from 6.81 minutes to 11.16 minutes.

One study found that when participants used premature ejaculation spray, they lasted nearly five minutes longer than when it wasn’t used.

What is VigRX?

vigrx spray vs promescent

VigRX is a delay spray that’s unique in that it’s mainly formulated benzocaine. Other ingredients it features include:

  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Panax ginseng root
  • Sodium hydroxide

The brand has been around since 2007, offering products such as their delay spray and their male enhancement supplement.

VigRX claims that the product not only helps to make the penis less sensitive, but also increases blood flow to the penis for firmer erections. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Absorbs quickly
  • Doesn’t sting or burn
  • Discreet packaging


  • Some users say it didn’t work
  • Other users say it didn’t provide enough numbing effect

What is Promescent Delay Spray?

Promescent Delay Spray is penis desensitizing spray primarily made of lidocaine. It’s FDA-compliant and clinically proven to improve the quality of sex by helping men last longer.


  • Minimal side effects.
  • Clinically tested.
  • No doctor’s prescription required.
  • Desensitization can last up to an hour.
  • Recommended by over 2000 urologists according to Promescent


  • It may take up to 15 minutes to feel the full effects.
  • Can negatively impact sperm count and viability. Avoid if your partner is pregnant or trying to get pregnant.
  • Can cause allergic reactions if the partner is allergic to lidocaine

VigRx Spray vs Promescent:

vigrx spray vs promescent

Promescent Delay Spray and VigRx have some key differences that should be considered before deciding which one to try:

  • Promescent Delay Spray’s main ingredient is lidocaine.
  • VigRx Delay Spray’s main ingredient is benzocaine
  • Promescent Delay Spray has been clinically tested and proven to be effective for delaying orgasm
  • VigRx Plus Delay Spray has not been clinically tested.
  • Promescent Delay Spray is currently more affordable than VigRX.

Will delay spray transfer to the partner?

When the product is used as directed, users will be able to avoid the desensitizing effects transferring to the partner.

Who should use delay spray?

Delay spray is for men who struggle with premature ejaculation. The ingredients in these products, such as lidocaine or benzocaine, desensitize the penis so men can have better control of their orgasms.

How to use delay spray:

Be sure to read the directions on the package for Promescent and VigRX Delay Spray before applying. In general though, most delay sprays are applied in the same way.

  1. Shake the spray bottle well.
  2. Hold it about 2 to 3 inches away from your penis.
  3. Apply three to 10 sprays onto the shaft and underside of the penis.
  4. Distribute the spray evenly by rubbing it in in a circular motion.
  5. To avoid transference to the partner, wash your hands after applying the spray.

As long as your partner isn’t allergic to lidocaine, delay sprays are generally safe to use when engaging in oral sex. After following the directions on the product, make sure to wipe the penis with a damp towel before starting oral sex.

How long do these delay sprays last?

Most sources note the effects of VigRX delay spray lasting around 20-30 minutes. In contrast, Promescent Delay Spray may last up to an hour.

Side effects:

vigrx spray vs promescent

With any premature ejaculation spray, whether it’s lidocaine or benzocaine-based product, there’s always the potential for unwanted side effects.

Despite that, it has fewer adverse risks than other treatments that can be used for PE. One precaution to keep in mind is that using more delay spray than directed can cause complete loss of erection and penis sensitivity.

Topical sprays with lidocaine may also cause skin irritation, burning, breakouts, and itchiness. Users should stop using the spray if they or their partner experiences any of these symptoms. 

If any of these symptoms persist for more than 24 hours, seek medical attention. People allergic to topical anesthetics, lidocaine, or pregnant women should not use Stud100 or Promescent Delay Spray. Use caution if prone to skin issues such as dryness or irritation.

In certain cases, it may be best to consult with a physician before using delay spray. Examples include:

  • Liver disease
  • History of kidney problems
  • Prescription drug interactions

As mentioned earlier, one study showed that Promescent delay spray had a negative effect on sperm. The toxic ingredient can reduce sperm count, mobility, and viability.

Couples who are trying to conceive should avoid using the product.

Which is the best delay spray to last longer?

Given that Promescent Delay Spray has been clinically proven, it may be a better option to try than VigRX. In addition to being clinically proven, it’s also a more affordable option.


VigRX Spray vs Promescent Delay Spray: Who Will Take You Farther? 1

One study found that the prevalence of premature ejaculation among all men was 20% of all men. Fortunately, there are treatments available to help men last longer in bed.

VigRX and Promescent Delay Spray are premature ejaculation sprays that extend the time between penetration and orgasm.

When comparing the two sprays, Promescent Delay Spray is the better option because of its clinical testing.

If penis desensitizing spray doesn’t relieve PE, it may indicate an underlying medical issue that may require medical intervention.

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