8 Tips for Giving More Thoughtful Gifts to Your Partner

Valentines day (and my anniversary – love you babe) is right around the corner, and now is the time to start thinking about gift ideas so you’re not left with a last minute generic gift she’s seen 20 times before.

When it comes to gifts, “it’s the thought that counts,” or so goes the old adage. In other words, your thought process and sentiments are more important than, say, how much money you spend or the precise gift you pick out. If you are just looking for luxury gifts for her, the article in the link is really solid and has some amazing options.

But in this article, price is not in the equation.

So what exactly does it mean to give a thoughtful gift? And what makes one gift more thoughtful than another?

Thoughtful vs. Non-Thoughtful Gifts

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Some gifts are more thoughtful than others, and if we examine extremes, we can easily tell the difference; if you’re a diehard vegetarian, a gift card for a local butcher would be, at best, an act of ignorance, and at worst, a mean-spirited joke. An assortment of fresh ingredients to try would be a much more thoughtful, appropriate gift.

But what exactly distinguishes a thoughtful gift?

Usually, thoughtful gifts showcase the following qualities:

It’s unique

A thoughtful gift is usually one that’s unique. There’s nothing wrong with giving a gift that’s common, as long as it has some element that makes it stand out and shows that you really thought about what you were getting.

For example, it’s common to send flowers to loved ones on Valentine’s Day (and other major holidays). A dozen red roses is a solid and reliable standard, but you can make your gift more thoughtful by exploring alternative flower options, especially if your partner or crush has a favorite flower that’s different.

It’s suited to the individual

Next, a thoughtful gift should be suited to the individual receiving it. As with our vegetarian example above, you should consider a person’s lifestyle, habits, preferences, and personality before choosing a gift for them. Some easy ways to do this are to choose a gift related to a hobby you know this person loves or get them an experience they’ve enjoyed in the past.

It gestures beyond low-hanging fruit

There are always easy gifts available for acquaintances and more isolated people on your shopping list; it’s never hard to buy a gift card or a coffee mug. While these gifts are acceptable in some situations, they’re not the best choice if you want to demonstrate thoughtfulness.

It’s often associated with a story

You can also give more thoughtful gifts by associating them with some sort of story. Does this gift remind you of a favorite memory with this person? Did something interesting happen to you when you went to buy it?

How to Give More Thoughtful Gifts

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With these elements in mind, there are several strategies that can help you give more thoughtful gifts to the loved ones in your life.

#1: Talk to the person for whom you’re buying

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to surprise your gift recipient, but if you have some time to work with, it’s a good idea to talk to the recipient to get a better idea of what they might be looking for. Don’t come out and ask them what kind of gift they want; instead, ask them about new hobbies they’ve taken up, new lifestyle changes they’ve made, or new interests that appeal to them. From this information alone, you may be able to generate some excellent gift ideas.

#2: Shop around

Don’t pick the first thing you see on the first shelf you encounter in the first store you visit. It’s usually much better to shop around, see what options are available, and choose the best option out of all of them. This isn’t always a possibility, especially if you have a tight time frame, but spend the extra time if you haven’t.

#3: Get creative

There are thousands of creative DIY gifts you can make for your loved ones. And you can bet that anything you make yourself is going to mean more than something you bought from a store.

#4: Add a unique twist

If you do buy something from a store, consider adding a unique twist to the item. Write a clever note, purchase a unique card, or wrap the gift creatively to add an extra element of thoughtfulness.

#5: Use both items and experiences

Increasingly, people favor experiences over things. But both things and experience have their place in the world of giving gifts. Consider incorporating both an item and an experience to make your recipient even happier.

#6: Express yourself

Find a way to express yourself genuinely. A considerate card, a handwritten note, or even a brief conversation leading up to the gift can work wonders.

#7: Don’t be afraid to be non-traditional

I totally get the whole flowers, chocolates and jewelry game. Ladies love them and they are a solid go to for any gift situation. But they are not the most thoughtful gifts.

Don’t be afraid to break away from these traditions.

If you’re girl is a goth, then don’t be afraid to get something dark that’s worthy of Wednesday Addams. If you’re girl is a geek, then don’t be afraid to geek out.

My old coworker Andres and his GF were super into movies and comic books and I remember him getting her a Toy Story collectable from Toynk.com. My wife would of looked at me like WTF is this? But his GF absolutely loved it. It was a really thoughtful gift.

#8: Reflect and reassess

Lastly, make an effort to get feedback on your gifts and see how people react; is there a way you can improve in the future? Just doing this is the definition of being thoughtful or full of thought.


As a more thoughtful gift giver, you’re much more likely to bring smiles to the faces of the people you care about most. A.K.A, you’ll have a happier wife! Even better, you’re likely to improve with practice, so the more thought you put into your gifts, the better results you’ll see.

Thanks for reading guys – what are your thoughtful gift ideas and what’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments below. And for more ideas on improving your relationship, check out our guide on 101 fun things to do with your wife or girlfriend.

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