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8 Powerful Life Skills All Fathers Should Teach Their Children

things to teach your kids

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All families are unique. You might have one kid or ten. You may have had the same partner for years, or you might never have been married. Regardless of your family situation, parenthood is a big responsibility that never changes. Fathers play an essential role in their children’s lives, and your family doesn’t have to adhere to strict gender roles for this to be true.

Your wife might be the one who changes tires faster, or you might be the stay-at-home parent who prefers to take care of them at home than work. Still, most men are taught specific skills and face different societal expectations than most women do.

While every family situation is different, teaching your kids, regardless of their gender, some useful life skills makes a big difference. Teaching these skills also provides good opportunities to bond with your children and get to know their personalities even better.

1: Teach Them About Food

At a certain age, it is vital to teach your kids about the food they eat.

They should know that what they eat determines their energy levels, how well they can learn and their mood.

Teach them about healthy fruits and vegetables, how important it is to get meat from responsibly sourced farms and how you can make sweets & treats from healthy whole food ingredients. Cooking these together can be a lot of fun.

Teach them about how food is medicine.

This will set them up to be in control of their health and to live a healthy, thriving and prosperous life.

2: Teach Then Self Belief

Every night I remind my little ones how truly incredible they are.

I often have them repeat affirmations with me.

I am beautiful. I am smart. I am funny. I am strong! And I always let them know how loved they are.

Teach them that anything is possible.

They are infinitely powerful beings who are capable of anything, let them know it.

3: How To Clean A Bathroom

While some people might think that cleaning is something only moms should teach their kids, it’s a skill everyone should know and learn. All adults benefit from knowing how to clean, and children should also learn how to do helpful life skills as they get older.

Teaching your kids the value of keeping things clean and caring for their space is valuable. Of course, you’ll want to ensure you teach them age-appropriate tasks and chores, but involving them in the care of the house from a young age will help them learn more easily.

4: How To Start A Fire

While most of us are used to modern conveniences, such as fireplaces and outdoor fire pits, knowing how to build a fire is still practical. If your family spends any time outdoors, teaching your children basic safety and survival techniques matters a lot. But, even for people who spend more time in the city than anywhere else, knowing how to start a fire may come in handy in an emergency.

5: How To Change A Tire

Knowing how to change a tire is a skill most people will need at one point or another. Once your kids get old enough to drive, make sure they know more than just how to navigate the vehicle. Along with good driving skills, you’ll keep them safer by teaching them how to change a tire and other vehicle skills, such as checking the oil.

6: How To Show Compassion

While practical life skills like how to change a tire or start a fire are essential for everyone to know, there are other useful things you can impart to your children. Kids of all ages need to learn compassion from a young age. No matter the makeup of your family, having adult role models that show kindness and compassion for others will help your children grow up to be healthy, well-adjusted adults.

7: How To Take Critique (And Compliments)

If you want your kids to succeed in life, ensuring they have good self-esteem and a solid foundation is crucial. While you don’t need to be critiquing a toddler, helping your child and teen understand that critique from other people isn’t always a bad thing. Instead, teach them to know who they are and to learn the value of growth.

On the other hand, teaching your children to take compliments and embrace their strengths is also critical.

8: Teach Them The Importance of Taking Care of The Planet

When I worked at my last company, I noticed the people who were 40-70 years old – most of them did not care at all about recycling. They really did not give a shit. Throwing their plastic in the garbage without a second thought.

When this generation was growing up, things were different.

There was no issue with sustainability, plastic in the oceans or climate change. And it shows now, because it’s just not in their nature. (In most cases)

But things are different now, and these kids are going to be the ones who fix the problems we have accumulated over the years. Teach them about sustainability, recycling and the importance of nature. They will thank you later.

In Conclusion

As parents, there are so many vital things you need to teach your kids. From emotional regulation to practical life skills, being an involved dad and imparting your wisdom is something your kids will appreciate for their entire lives.

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Table of Contents

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