The Testosterone Booster That Works Crazy Well (But You Might Not Have Heard Of…)

The Testosterone Booster That Works Crazy Well (But You Might Not Have Heard Of…)

The Testosterone Booster That Works Crazy Well (But You Might Not Have Heard Of…)

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There’s a reason why pine pollen is called nature’s T-booster. And while it’s relatively new to the market, it has been proven effective and safe, unlike many other testosterone booster products out there.

Pine Pollen: The Androgenic Superfood

If you want to raise your testosterone, pine pollen is worth considering.

What is Pine Pollen?

It is rare to find a natural food that contains actual hormones. Pine pollen does. This is a unique food that has actual testosterone.

Yes, actual testosterone hormone — not some compound that mimics testosterone or helps the body produce more. It is of the same composition as the kind of hormone that is present in human blood at any time.

One example is pine pollen from the pine variety Pinus sylvertis. It contains 590 ng/g androstenedione, 80 ng/g testosterone and 110 ng/g epitestosterone.

Aside from that, pine pollen is also a rich natural, complete source of protein. It has all the 8 essential amino acids plus more than 20 other types of amino acids.

Pine pollen also contains other nutrients. It has 30 different kinds of minerals, 15 various vitamins and at least 100 different enzymes.

It also has essential fatty acids. Pine pollen is also one of the richest sources of plant brassinosteroids and sterols that boost testosterone.

How Does Pine Pollen Raise T-Levels?

The main mechanism by which pine pollen raises T levels is through its own testosterone contents. One gram of pine pollen contains around 80 ng (nanograms) of actual testosterone.

Some people claim that that amount is too small to make a significant impact on the body’s testosterone levels. At first glance, that might be true. However, if you calculate the amount of testosterone in a 100-gram serving of pine pollen (around 8,000 ng of testosterone) against the amount circulating in the blood, the ratio is impressive.

An important note about oral intake

If you eat pine pollen as is and allow it to pass through the stomach, a good amount of testosterone will be broken down and won’t have an impact on the body’s T levels. These sensitive molecules can be broken down by the acidic environment of the gut.

This is why it is important to choose the way you take pine pollen.

How to Best Take Pine Pollen in Order to Avoid Breakdown in the Stomach

Tinctures are deemed as the best way to optimize testosterone in pine pollen. Tinctures are created by dissolving pine pollen in a carrier agent. This carrier agent makes it possible for testosterone to be absorbed into the blood quicker without having to go through the digestive process.

When you take a tincture of pine pollen, you place a few drops into the mouth. Within a few minutes, testosterone will be absorbed through the mouth’s mucus membrane and into the blood. This keeps more of the hormone whole, usable, and ready to be absorbed by the target cells.

This method bypasses the destructive activity of the acidic digestive juices. You get more of the pine pollen testosterone for greater effects and faster results.

Powder is also a good pine pollen form to take. This may not promote a significant change in testosterone levels – at least, not as well as tinctures do. However, it still helps boost testosterone levels. It’s still a good way to take pine pollen for its nutritive value.

What Are the Benefits of Pine Pollen?

The nutrient profile alone is one reason to take pine pollen every day. It is rich in essential amino acids and fatty acids needed by the body for health. It is also a rich source of minerals and vitamins that help balance the various bodily processes.

Pine pollen also functions as an adaptogenic. It helps normalize bodily processes. It is especially helpful in enabling your body to cope with stress because it mitigates the harmful effects of stress on your tissues and hormone levels.

For example, if the body is low in testosterone levels, pine pollen will help raise levels to within the normal range. If it isn’t, then it will function for the maintenance of normal T levels. Remember, having too much testosterone levels is just as bad as having too little.

Take note that pine pollen has no known toxicity levels because of its tonic effect. It can be safely taken for extended periods. It does not accumulate in the body so it cannot eventually reach toxic levels.

Active ingredients in pine pollen help the body fight off diseases while enhancing bodily functions. This is important when trying to treat certain conditions. This means pine pollen helps strengthen the body and resume normal functioning while combating diseases that damage the tissues. It’s a one-two punch that helps restore hormonal balance and good health.

One example is pine pollen’s effect on the prostate gland. Pine pollen is adaptogenic. It works in ways that depend on the body’s needs. If the prostate gland is enlarged, active ingredients in pine pollen will help reduce the size of this reproductive organ. If the prostate is smaller than normal, pine pollen will help enlarge it to within normal size. If the prostate is neither, then pine pollen will seek to maintain its good health.

Pine pollen helps strengthen the functions of the immune system while restoring balance to the endocrine system. It also stimulates liver regeneration, which helps the body detoxify more efficiently and get rid of free radicals.

Active ingredients also help in reducing sensitivity to pain. It acts as an anti-tumor agent. It also functions for reducing inflammation. It also helps relieve symptoms of arthritis and halt the progression of this condition.

Pine pollen vs Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Pine pollen is an all-natural way to raise testosterone levels. It does not contain artificial ingredients that can harm the body, unlike some of the medicines and products used in TRT.

This type of therapy uses some artificial products to raise testosterone levels. On the same note, this method does more harm in the end. Sure, some of these medicines give rapid results (i.e., a rise in T levels in a few days), much faster than pine pollen. However, these also carry side effects. Some side effects may even lead to a greater decline in T levels once therapy is discontinued. Some may even promote greater hormonal imbalance than simple low testosterone levels.


Natural is always better than any artificial product, especially when it comes to hormones. Artificial products and supplements do not work in the same manner as natural hormones do. These are quick fixes that carry a lot of risks.

Pine pollen is nature’s answer to men’s testosterone problems. It’s a natural product that contains actual testosterone. This may be effective in addressing hormonal conditions related to T levels.

Try this one now and see how well it works. It is better to try natural ways first before taking a huge risk with artificial products.

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  1. wow what a great article! I will pick some up if I can find it which leads to my question about availability. Is it available in grocery stores or vitamin stores or ca I order it on line. one last q, Im allergic to pine pollen and it drives me crazy sometimes, will taking it in tincture form give me trouble? Thanks again.

    • Hey Rick, sorry for the delay in answering. You can find it online, a good source is Lost Empire Herbs. You can also import it cheaper directly from China (main source) using – all pine pollen sources are wild and clean, even from China. If you have an allergy then you should start very low dosage and see if you get any allergy response, if not you are good to go but increase slowly. I don’t have a specific pine pollen allergy but I have pollen allergies from other trees, but pine pollen works fine for me.


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