The Art of Sexual Communication & Attraction

The Art of Sexual Communication & Attraction

The Art of Sexual Communication & Attraction

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The art of sexual communication is hard to pinpoint. Since the dawn of time, the laws of attraction between opposite sexes have been constantly observed. But, there has never been a definitive, generalized explanation of why women are attracted to some men more than others. There are psychological and physical factors at play here.

Physical attraction is usually important in the early stages of striking a relationship, according to psychologist Nigel Barber. Later, after the physical attraction test has passed, the woman looks for psychological factors such as personality traits, mental strength, and intelligence, particularly in a long-term relationship.

So, physical attraction and behavior do play a major part in the initial stages. Appropriate body language and cues can get women hooked to men even without the latter saying a word. Want to know how to strike the best first impression? There is no definitive formula here, but these tips generally work.

Eye Contact

The first thing, when you meet the woman, is to maintain eye contact. Get yourself locked in eye contact with the lady. Hold her gaze, and while you’re doing that, smile at her warmly. While gazing and smiling help release any tension or apprehension, it also shows the woman that you’re confident.

Confidence means a lot to women. So they look at your eyes and say to themselves, “here’s a confident guy who’s also warm and friendly.”  On the other hand, it’s a subtle expression of your sexual desire for that woman. Be relaxed so it appears your eyes are smiling.

Body Language

Once you’ve held the woman in your gaze, the next thing she notices is your body language. You need to be relaxed and confident. Stand tall, with your shoulders held back and head held high. This shows you’re confident. What you absolutely need to avoid are fidgeting and excessive movements that indicate you’re restless and fearful.

Always remember, be confident. Let that be seen even when you’re walking, with a sense of direction and purpose. The way you walk says a lot about your personality and for some women, it’s an instant turn-on. For instance, a confident sexy walk can signal that you’ll perform well in bed and make her go nuts.

But when you’re sitting, ensure that you don’t appear intimidating. Leaning back slightly would help indicate a relaxed but confident demeanor. Make sure you don’t cross your arms.  

Seductive Voice

As the woman feels attracted to you, you can position yourself in such a manner as to make her lean in or put in significant effort to grab your attention and talk to you. If she does that, it shows you’ve succeeded in attracting her.

It’s now time to maintain that attraction level with your voice. A deep and calming voice raises the seduction level. Speak slowly and make sure your words are emphasized. That helps captivate the woman’s attention since it appears you’re telling her a story or something interesting.  

Tongue-in-cheek Conversations

So, what do you need to talk about without making her feel bored? To master the art of sexual communication, make sure that you stay away from asking bland questions such as “where do you work?” or “where do you stay?” Don’t even compliment her blindly.

Instead, tease her by commenting on her dress, not by saying “your dress looks hot”, but something more like “you’ll pop a few eyeballs with that top!”  Women enjoy such tongue-in-cheek conversations. A sense of humor attracts them more than you think.

Confident, But Not Bragging

Sound confident but make sure you don’t brag about your possessions or achievements. It really turns women off. You can tell them what you do, what your interests are. Women like men with unique passions and interests.     

Upping the Desirability Factor

You can also be more open and frank about your feelings for the woman. Women crave being desired by a man. So tell her that confidently. You can also ask her some questions that would make her want to qualify herself to you. Ask her, “Why should I be having dinner with you tonight?”

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Non-verbal Banter to Make Her Receptive

Apart from the verbal banter, you can also try non-verbal banter to attract her and get her interested in you. Making funny faces and crossing your eyes are expressions you can carry out to make her receptive to starting a conversation. Now, this is important. As much as you need to speak the right stuff to keep her attracted, you need to be a good listener too. Remember what we said about maintaining eye contact? Well, don’t break that, and get engrossed in her conversations.

Don’t get distracted. Women love it when they realize you give them your undivided attention. No matter what happens around you, fix your pleasant gaze on her.

It’s Not Always about Verbal Communication

Don’t talk too much, since that gives a feeling that you’re desperately trying to impress. According to dating expert Dr. Christie Hartman, a woman needs to feel the connection with you, and not necessarily be impressed. As we saw above, communication isn’t just about verbal communication. Also, make sure you don’t ask too many questions and make her feel she’s being interrogated.    

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Don’t Stand Before Her Drunk

If you’re drunk, don’t even think of trying to sit before a woman and attract her. Most female relationship experts surveyed on consider this a turnoff. The liquor breath, the clumsy movements, and behavior caused by the drunkenness, and the slurred speech are not something women feel comfortable with, particularly when you’re meeting them for the first time. You need to earn their trust. Getting drunk at your first meeting isn’t the way to do it.

Dressing to Impress

Part of the art of sexual communication is communicating with what you wear. We talked a lot without stating the most obvious. Dress well. Women like tastefully dressed men. We don’t necessarily mean suits and full formal attire. Just make sure what you wear is well-pressed, clean, and stylish. Why is this so important? Because your clothes define you and form the first impressions about you in the woman’s mind.

You wouldn’t get attracted to a sloppily dressed woman, would you? It’s quite the same with women too. And remember, you need to dress like a man and not a boy. Make sure your fingernails are trimmed, and your hair is well kept. And keep those Bermudas and flip-flops away. Don’t be too conscious about these tips in a way that appears you’re acting according to a guidebook. Be natural and ensure the tips we mentioned above come to you naturally. Good luck!  

Author Bio: Axel is the founder of SchoolofSquirt, a blog aimed to help both couples and singles improve their performance in the bedroom through the art of squirting.

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  1. This is the first article I read on this site. I have to say there are some solid advices.
    I have lost many girls before because I was not aware of some of these.
    Women are built for decoding your character. If you aint real, she is gonna feel it.


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