The Best T Shirts With Longer Sleeves: Top 5 Brands Compared

t shirts with longer sleeves

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Alright gentlemen, gather ’round, let’s have a good old-fashioned chinwag about the Great Sleeve Scandal of our time. I’m looking at you, Steve, you’re a tall drink of water and those T-shirts you’ve been wearing… well, let’s just say your biceps have been craving a bit more of a cozy hideout.

Now, you might’ve been wondering, “Where on God’s green Earth can I find a T-shirt that treats my arm huggers with the respect they deserve?”

Fear not, gentlemen, for I bring good tidings from the glorious land of t shirts with longer sleeves. I’ve taken to the streets to find the best t shirts with longer sleeves so you can rock that relaxed fit and feel as good as you look.

Below are my picks on the top ten brands who sell t shirts with longer sleeves for men. Let’s get started.

The Top 5 T Shirts With Longer Sleeves

Alright here are my picks for the the best t shirts with longer sleeves for men. We’ve got something for everyone, whether short or tall and all these brands are top notch.

#1: Coolibar Men’s Morata Everyday Shirt

Alright broski’s, gather ’round and pull up a chair. I see those T-Rex arms flailing about in those toddler-sized T-shirt sleeves and I’ve got just the antidote for you. We’re embarking on a journey to the sunny shores of Coolibar. Grab your short sleeves, gents, it’s about to get real comfortable around here.

Coolibar is not your run-of-the-mill T-shirt joint. It’s a haven, a veritable Eden for those of us graced with the wingspan of a well-fed albatross. Their Men’s Morada Everyday Short Sleeve T-Shirt, my friends, is the answer to our prayers. This isn’t just a shirt, this is the very epitome of a sartorial sanctuary for our over-extended arms.

t shirts with longer sleeves from coolibar

Now, let’s dive into the specifics, shall we? The Morada Everyday T-Shirt is designed with longer sleeves to keep those manly appendages well-covered. No more chilly elbows or sunburned forearms, fellas. And speaking of the sun, did I mention this shirt has a UPF 50+? That’s right, it’s like a personal shady tree you can wear.

But that’s not all. This shirt is a jack of all trades. It’s lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying. You could be strutting through the Sahara desert and you’d still feel as cool as a cucumber.

I choose this shirt for the #1 pic on this list because it’s made for every guy. It’s not about style, it’s not only designed for tall guys. It’s just a t shirt with longer sleeves than usual that looks good, feels great and also protects you from the sun.

They’ve got the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation, which means they’re serious about their stuff. They don’t just claim to care about your skin, they’ve got the creds to prove it.

So if you’re looking for a basic t shirt with longer sleeves, coolibar is a solid choice coming in at only $39.99 a shirt.

Perfect For:All body types
Highlights:A basic t shirt with longer sleeves that is good for everyone & everyday wear
Pros:Exceptional quality, extremely comfortable, has SPF and keeps you cool
Cons: Not so form fitting
Price:$39 per Tee

#2: One Golden Thread (The Most Stylish)

Alright guys – if you want t shirts with longer sleeves then look no further than this truly epic clothing brand. And while we’re here, we’re not just solving the age-old puzzle of the “Why-Do-My-T-Shirt-Sleeves-Look-Like-I’m-Prepping-for-a-Flood” dilemma, but we’re also setting out to save the world while we’re at it. 

You heard me right! Buckle up, boys, we’re headed to the magical land of One Golden Thread.

one golden thread has t shirts with longer sleeves

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “One Golden what now?” Well, hold on to your half-sleeved hats, gents, because One Golden Thread isn’t your average tee-mill. Oh no, they are on a mission. And not just a “let’s make some cool clothes” kind of mission. Their goal is to quite literally “reTree the planet.” For every item sold, they plant a tree. Buy a tee, plant a tree. That’s a rhyme even your three-year-old nephew could remember.

Not only will you get that well-fitted, long-sleeved T-shirt that you’ve been dreaming about, but you’ll also help reforest Mother Earth. So, while your arms are finally enjoying their newfound coziness, you’ll also be giving a big ol’ hug to our dear planet. Sounds like a win-win to me!

But seriously, the t shirts are beautiful and the sleeves are right down to the elbow, perfect for those guys looking for t shirts with longer sleeves.

t shirt with longer sleeves
t shirt with longer sleeves

And while you’re looking sexy, you can feel good about it because these folks are all about feeling good by doing good. They believe in creating clothes that make you feel great inside and out, all while having a positive impact on the environment. They call it “conscious comfort.”

All in all, if you’re looking for stylish t shirts with longer sleeves then One Golden Thread is definitely an amazing option.

Perfect For:All body types
Highlights:Most stylish on the list
Pros:Exceptional quality, sustainably (& regeneratively) made
Cons: Most expensive on the list
Price:$88 per Tee

#3: Navas Labs (Designed For Tall Guys)

Navas Lab, my friends, is a magical place where your guns can finally feel at home, comfortable and snug. Picture this, a T-shirt that actually covers your elbows without choking the life out of your midsection. They’ve specifically designed these wares for us – the tall, the lanky, the “I hit my head on door frames” among us.

t shirts with longer sleeves at Navas Lab

But it’s not just about the longer sleeves, folks. They don’t slap some ragtag extra fabric on their T-shirts and call it a day. No, sir. Their stuff is quality, the kind of top-notch threads that feel like a kitten’s purr against your skin.

Now, even if you’re not a 6′ 7″ giant,  Navas Lab is a great fit for anyone looking for t shirts with longer sleeves. A size medium is what they recommend for 6′ men. So if you’re 5’8″, then this tee is going to give you that longer look in the sleeves that you are craving.

t shirts that have longer sleeves

And Navas Lab doesn’t stop there. Get ready to fall head over heels for a brand with a conscience! Navas Lab is all about sustainability. They’re as committed to Mother Nature as we are to finding those elusive long-sleeved T-shirts. Every item they produce, they do so in a way that makes the least dent possible on our dear old planet. 

And let me tell you, they take this commitment seriously.

And their values? Transparency, responsibility, and quality. They won’t keep you in the dark about their operations, they accept responsibility for their impact, and they’re hell-bent on providing quality that’d make your grandma’s homemade apple pie seem second-rate.

So, tall & short fellas alike, bid farewell to those half-sleeved monstrosities and step into the wonderful world of Navas Lab. Believe me, your arms will thank you.

Perfect For:Tall & slim men – or men who want a longer fit
Highlights:Created to be longer in every aspect, but still to fit snug
Pros:Exceptional quality, great pricing – sustainably made
Cons: May be too long for shorter men
Price:$38 per Tee

#4: (For Tall Slim Men)

Alright guy’s next up is tall slim tees, and site with clothes designed for tall, slim dudes.

Now you may not be tall (or slim), but that’s ok. While these are designed to fit tall guys like a normal t-shirt, if you want a t shirt with longer sleeves and a longer look in general then this may give you the look you are going for.

Just buy the smallest size and try it out. If it’s too long then return it.

t shirts for tall skinny guys
tall slim tees size chart

If you are looking for just regular sized tees with longer sleeves that aren’t designed for tall guys, then the coolibar tee above may be better for you. But if you’re a tall guy looking for t shirts with longer sleeves and a longer fit, the Tall Slim Tees is an awesome (and inexpensive option).

Perfect For:Tall & Slim Men
Highlights:Created to be longer in every aspect
Pros:Exceptional quality, great pricing
Cons: May be too long for shorter men
Price:$24 per Tee

#5: ASOS Oversized Tees (Least Expensive)

When it comes to t shirts with a longer and oversized fit, ASOS has a lot to choose from.

First there’s the Berksha oversized tonal print t-shirt, which is a real nice looking t shirt at a very low price. In runs around $15.00. Have a look:

ASOS t shirts with longer sleeves
ASOS t shirt with sleeves down to the elbows

They’ve also got the River Island oversized t-shirt at around $15.00:

River Island oversized t shirt

Honestly, they have so many choices starting at $10 per tee.

The Best T Shirts With Longer Sleeves: Top 5 Brands Compared 1

This makes a great place for finding t shirts with longer sleeves. Just search for oversized t-shirt and you’ll see what I posted above.

Perfect For:Every body type
Highlights:Lots of variety
Pros:Great pricing and lots of options
Cons: May not be the highest quality or made in the USA
Price:$12-20 per Tee

In Conclusion

There you have it guys – 4 amazing options for men looking for t shirts with longer sleeves. I’ll keep adding to this list if I find anymore good ones, and if you have any suggestions – please feel free to let us know in the comments below!

And check out our comprehensive style guide for more tips on looking your best. Peace!


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