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My Synctuition Review: Is This The Best Meditation App on Earth? (2024)

Synctuition Review

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Synctuition logo

Synctuition App

  • Helps to focus and relax the mind
  • Offers over 20 hours of deep relaxation audio tracks
  • Suitable for people with short attention spans

My Personal Synctuition Summary:

Synctuition is an innovative meditation application that intensifies your relaxation with 3D, rhythmic, and binaural sounds (also known as binaural beats) that have been precisely calibrated to the ~40Hz gamma wave frequency. Consider it a sonorous spa for your brain.

Its personalized rhythm feature creates a unique meditation journey just for you. Don’t just take our word for it, experience the mental clarity and focus that it can bring.

Even if you’ve struggled with meditation before, the Synctuition app could be your game-changer.

Hit the button, start your 7-day free trial, and let the Synctuition app elevate your meditation game.

Ever pondered the marvels of meditation but never been able to get on board with the whole “sitting still in the dark” thing? Well, join the club. Like many of you, I’m a digital native with a goldfish-esque attention span and a no-love relationship with traditional meditation.

Enter Synctuition – the nifty app that’s redefining my mindfulness game. With its immersive 3D audio, it’s turned my shambolic 10-minute meditations into seamless 25-minute zen cruises. Intrigued?

You should be.

Buckle up, as we dive into an honest, hold-nothing-back review of Synctuition, the app that might just be your meditation app game-changer.

Top things I look for when reviewing

Ease of use Easy to navigate and user friendl
Quality contentVariety and high-quality meditations
PersonalizationCustomizable meditation experience
Pricing and valueGood price compared to competitors

What Is Synctuition?


Synctuition is a meditation app similar to HeadSpace and Calm. This meditation app is available in the play store and app store.

Where Synctuition differs itself in its presentation and audio tracks. The audio is 3D, rhythmic, and binaural beats, perfectly tuned to the ~40-hertz gamma wave frequency, which basically translates to it feeling like an ear orgasm. Another cool feature unique to Synctuition is that the sounds are based on a personalized rhythm.

When you first download the app, after the signup process, you will be given the option to record your own voice as to adjust the sounds to the rhythm of it. This means that the audio tracks and sounds will be modified to match the cadence and rhythm of your own voice.

Pretty cool, I mean I’m not sure how much of a difference it will make if you skip this option, but just knowing that these sounds have been modified to my own personal cadence, and tone of speaking just amplifies the whole experience in my eyes. The app contains over 20 hours of deep relaxing audio tracks.

Infographic that shows the 3d sounds of synctuition

However, you must unlock these tracks by using the app. Each time you finish a journey you will unlock the next one within 12 hours.

The great thing is once you unlock a journey it is infinitely replayable as long as your subscription is active. Now, this all sounds fine and dandy, but how the hell does Synctuition actually work?


  • Engaging and enjoyable 3D audio meditation
  • Helps to focus and relax the mind
  • Uses personalized rhythms and gamma wave technology


  • Requires monthly subscription after a free trial
  • Full benefits need stereo headphones and regular usage

Who’s It Made For?

Woman meditating with headphones

The Tech-Savvy Meditator

If you’re an individual comfortable with tech and hungry for a fresh take on meditation apps, Synctuition was crafted for you. This app uses cutting-edge binaural beats and gamma wave technology, optimizing your meditation sessions in a way that traditional practices can’t.

The Focused but Frazzled

For those who live life at a fast pace and have trouble stilling their mind, Synctuition offers a way to decompress without traditional methods. If you’ve got the focus of a goldfish due to your busy life, this is your chance to find calm amidst the chaos.

The Meditation Struggler

Always wanted to meditate but never been able to quiet your mind enough? Synctuition’s got you covered. This app is designed to gently guide even the most restless minds into a state of tranquil mindfulness.

Who’s It Not For?

A robot which is partially human

The Tech-Averse

If you prefer your meditation sessions gadget-free, Synctuition might not be your cup of tea. It relies heavily on technological tools, such as 3D audio and frequency tuning, to enhance your experience.

The Traditionalist

For those who enjoy classical meditation methods, like focusing on a candle’s flame or a repetitive mantra, Synctuition may feel too high-tech. Its innovation lies in its difference from traditional methods, which may not appeal to purists.

The Budget-Conscious

While Synctuition offers a unique and high-quality deep meditation experience, it comes with a price. For those looking for free or low-cost alternatives, this app might not be the best fit.

How Does Synctuition Work?


Synctuition uses 3D, surround sound audio that has been specifically designed to positively affect the neuroplasticity of your brain. These sounds are designed to get your imagination going, and improve brain wave activity, specifically gamma wave activity, as gamma waves significantly affect mood, cognitive function, and overall mental clarity.

Binaural Audio

Binaural sounds are used heavily in Synctution. It is said that binaural beats at certain frequencies promote feelings of deep relaxation and positivity, while other frequencies will help with things such as focus, alertness, problem-solving, and memory. Binaural beats is most commonly used as a remedy for stress and anxiety, as the sounds are incredibly calming, and relaxing when done right.


Synctuition uses something called brain entrainment technology.

The app heavily recommends using stereo headphones, as that will be the only way to experience the full benefits of the binaural 3D audio. It will be a pretty cool experience the first time you listen to one of the tracks as the sounds will circle you, and reverb like crazy almost like you’re in a movie theatre.

Gamma Waves

Now the thing that brings this whole process together is gamma waves. They are what puts your brain into that feel-good state. High Gamma wave activity is often associated with higher IQs, better focus, and higher levels of happiness. Low Gamma wave activity is associated with learning disabilities, low concentration, and memory problems.

Safe to say, you wanna make sure you have high gamma wave activity, as low levels can be highly detrimental.

How Synctuition Uses Gamma Waves

Synctuition uses a particular frequency of gamma wave, the ~40-hertz range. This magical range is responsible for the stress-relieving and mental clarity-boosting effects of Synctuition. Synctuition claims that one of their 25-minute audio tracks is the equivalent of a 4-hour deep meditation session.

This claim may sound outlandish at first, but once you start to learn about gamma waves and their effects on the brain, it all starts to come together and make sense. It lives up to its claim of acting like a mental shower, as every time I finish the music, I feel very mentally fresh and ready to go.

So What Do Real Customers Say?

Of course, on paper, it all sounds great, but does Synctuition actually work? I have done research on how other people experience intuition, especially those with mental health and well being problems and I must say, I am surprised by all the positive comments.

Synctuition review 1: Susie M.

I suffer(ed) severe sleep problems for a long, long time and for almost every day a week. As a result, my whole life got worse. Somehow since I use Synctuition my sleep AND life got so much better. I literally feel the asmr/gamma waves/beats crisping through my brain – as a physique sensation.

Sooo satisfying!

I am up to my second round now as I’ve finished all 7 levels most of which I fall asleep, so looking forward to enjoying them while I am awake
Suzie m.

It’s fantastic to hear how Synctuition has transformed Susie’s life and helped her fall asleep. Susie’s experience of actually feeling the gamma waves indicates how powerfully this app works. It’s exciting that she’s starting a second round – it really speaks volumes about Synctuition’s positive impact. Honestly, her story is an inspiration and a testament to the app’s potential.

Synctuition Review 2:

This app is fantastic. I would say every track of this Sound journey has its uniqueness.
The movie star journey was incredible and one of the more powerful sessions so far.

My whole experience was so relaxing and i achieved some sort of inner peace. Mostly I use synctuition during the night times to get better sleep. I would recommend this app to those who find it difficult to meditate for longer periods.
Sri Saminathan

It sounds like this app has genuinely impressed Sri. It’s great that Synctuition can actually help you fall asleep faster at night and it could be a real game-changer for those who struggle with long deep meditation sessions.

What About Pricing?


Now the big question on everyone’s mind is how much does the Synctuition mind spa meditation cost? Can you use Synctuition for free? Well no. But you can give it a test drive before you fully commit to a monthly subscription, as Synctuition does offer a  7-day free trial.

After the free trial, it will cost you around $16 per month to keep using the app, which is not bad. You can also opt for an annual subscription where you will pay $96 up front, which over the long term, will end up costing you 50% less than the monthly option.

Synctuition logo

For those of you who absolutely love this amazing app and can’t get enough of the mind blowing audios, you can get lifetime access for $399.00, which would be the equivalent of around 4 annual payments.


This is the best Synctuition discount that I know of on the market right now.

Synctuition – Final Verdict

Woman meditating with headphones

Ease of Use

Synctuition’s platform offers a seamless user experience that’s friendly for both beginners and advanced meditators. With a clean interface and clear instructions, it’s a breeze to navigate. You’ll find the track you want with just a few taps. Plus, the quick setup process means you can jump right into meditating without unnecessary delays. Even if you’re new to the modern world of meditation apps, you’ll find your footing with Synctuition in no time.

For its excellent usability, I’m giving Synctuition a 4.5 out of 5.0 star rating.

Quality of Content

In terms of content quality, Synctuition delivers an amazing experience. The 3D audio technology is unique, and it significantly enhances your immersion into the meditation sessions. Each track is crafted with care, with high-quality sound that doesn’t distract but aids in deep relaxation. The use of gamma waves provides an enriching experience that stands out from its competitors.

So, for its outstanding content quality, Synctuition gets a 4.7 out of 5.0 star rating.


Synctuition does well in offering personalized meditation experiences. There’s a wide range of tracks catering to different needs—whether you are looking for some sleep music, need help with stress management improving focus or, just some calming background music. You can tailor your journey according to your needs. And yet, in my experience, there is room for improvement in offering a more detailed and granular customization feature.

Thus, for personalization, I rate Synctuition a 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.

Pricing and Value

Lastly, when it comes to pricing and value, Synctuition may be a bit on the higher side compared to its competitors, but you get what you pay for. The blend of unique 3D audio technology, gamma wave optimization, and quality content justifies the price. Plus, they offer different subscription options to suit varying budget ranges.

Therefore, for pricing and value, Synctuition scores a 4.2 out of 5.0 stars.

Overall, Synctuition provides a top-notch meditation experience that’s worth every penny.

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Synctuition Vs Calm Vs Headspace (Comparison)

A man comparing different apps on his phone

Alright, let’s compare Synctution to its peers Calm and Head Space, 2 of the most popular meditation apps on the market. This comparison will mainly discuss their pricing plans, as in terms of quality and features each app is pretty much equal.

The best part about Headspace is that it is great for beginner mediators and those of you who are looking for guided meditations. Calm is a good all-around mediation app that covers most bases, while Synctution is great for people who are looking to optimize brain wave activity, and a refreshing, energizing audio experience. They all have their uses, and each has features that are solely unique to them.

Now in terms of pricing Calm has monthly, annual, and lifetime options which are almost identical to Synctuitions, although they are slightly cheaper. Headspace is extremely similar as well, expect it only has the monthly and annual plan. However, it does have a family plan that allows for up to 6 active accounts, which is great for families, or friend groups that are looking for a simple self-improvement tool.

Best ForOptimizing brain wave activityAll-around meditation needsBeginners & guided meditations
Unique Features3D Audio & gamma wave technologyVariety of meditationsGuided meditations & Family plan
Pricing PlansMonthly, Annual, LifetimeMonthly, Annual, Lifetime (Slightly cheaper)Monthly, Annual
PreferenceHigh for pure brain functionalityLess due to simple audio tracksLess due to simple audio tracks
Best for brain
Synctuition logo


  • Great for optimizing brain wave activity.
  • Offers a refreshing, energizing audio experience.
  • Focuses on enhancing pure brain functionality with gamma wave technology.
Best overall
Calm logo


  • Covers all-around meditation needs
  • Gets you in a deep mental state.
  • Offers slightly cheaper pricing plans.
  • Provides a variety of meditation experiences.
Best for beginners
HeadSpace Logo


  • Ideal for beginners and those seeking guided meditation.
  • Offers a family plan for up to 6 active accounts.
  • Preferred for its more simplified audio tracks.

Personally, my preference is Synctuition due to its focus on gamma wave technology, and pure brain functionality, but I can see why others prefer the less bombastic, more simplified audio tracks of HeadSpace, and Calm.

Conclusion (Is Synctuition Any Good?)

Man meditating

Alright, is Synctution worth it?

You know what, yeah for only $8 a month I would have to say it’s worth the price. Since I discovered Synctuition I’ve only really had good things to say. I don’t know if it’s a placebo, or if it’s the magical ~40 hertz frequencies but after listening to a track my mind just feels much more relaxed, and clear.

It gives you this feeling of taking a break from the modern world and clarity that’s hard to replicate. I find it much easier to just focus, and think during and a couple of hours after listening to the tracks.

The mature sounds in particular are really helpful since nature sounds are great for studying.

If you want to try Synctuition out for yourself just click the button below, and go start your 7-day free trial! Make sure to come back to this post after a week or 2 and comment your results.

With that said, I’m out. Peace. ✌️


After a 7-day free trial, Synctuition costs around $16 per month. You can also opt for an annual subscription at $96 or get lifetime access for $399.

Yes, Synctuition is the best meditation app. It is highly effective, particularly for those who struggle with traditional meditation and focus.

Michael Burich is the CO-founder and CEO of Synctuition.

Synctuition works by using 3D surround sound audio that positively affects your brain’s neuroplasticity. It heavily uses binaural audio and gamma waves to promote relaxation, positivity, and enhanced cognitive function.

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