8 Foolproof Strategies for Staying Motivated to Go to the Gym Regularly

8 Foolproof Strategies for Staying Motivated to Go to the Gym Regularly

8 Foolproof Strategies for Staying Motivated to Go to the Gym Regularly

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Staying motivated to go to the gym is hard and fitness resolutions aren’t always that easy to achieve. There will be days when you’ll feel ecstatic about working out and days when you’ll feel too tired and lazy to even pack your gym back. Without a solid plan with action steps that you can take action on, you are shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to achieving your outcome.

Here are some of the best ways you can keep yourself committed to your gym classes.

Staying Motivated to Go to The Gym Tip #1 –  Make it specific and measurable

It’s a common mistake for most people to set goals that are too vague, like losing weight, gaining more muscle mass, and eating healthier. Although there’s nothing wrong with such goals, the problem is that they can be quite difficult to keep track of. When you can’t see your progress, it’s easy to feel frustrated and stressed out that you end up quitting even before you reach half of your goals.

One good strategy you can use is to break down your goals into milestones. Be specific with each milestone and make sure to include criteria that you can use to measure your progress. For example, if you are planning on losing weight, you can write down your ideal weight and when you want to achieve it. (Though don’t aim to lose more than 1-2 pounds a week as any more than this… without a more disciplined knowledge of fitness, losing more than this a week could be damaging to your health and unsustainable in the long run).

Editors note a fantastic idea to keep you motivated and on track with achieving your goal is to say out loud the outcome of your goal twice a day. Say it in the positive and present tense. For example, I am happy and feel so good that I weigh x pounds by x date. When you say it, also try to get an image in your mind of how you will look. As silly as this sounds; it actually works and programs your unconscious mind to achieve a successful outcome. Here is a video that explains it amazingly: How to stop cheating and get lean for Good, by Radu Antoniu.

Staying Motivated to Go to The Gym Tip #2

Be reminded of your motives

A busy schedule can make it hard for you to stick with your goals. Before you know it, you’re already missing one gym class after another because of work, social commitments, and house chores. This is a common pitfall for people who are aiming to get healthier but can’t seem to make time to work on their goals.

As a solution, you can set up small but powerful reminders of why you want to go to the gym. You can write them down on sticky notes and paste them on your office table, the walls of your kitchen, or even your mirror. You can also add images, too. The more you see these reminders, the more motivated you’ll feel.

Establish accountability

It’s easy to slack off of your exercise routines if you know there’s no one looking. You might even find it hard to resist eating sweets and chocolates just because there’s no one to reprimand you.

One of the best ways to counter your tempting days is to establish accountability. You can ask your friends or your loved ones to check your progress from time to time. It can be someone you often spend time with or a person who also has the same goals. Letting other people know about your fitness goals can also make you feel more responsible and obliged to meet them.

Staying Motivated to Go to The Gym Tip #3

Know your capabilities

Going to the gym can be an intimidating experience, especially if you aren’t really familiar with the machines there. However, instead of completely writing off exercises and machines, you should try exploring first. You’ll never know what types of exercises will work for you if you won’t give them a try.

As a rule, however, never do an exercise that you know is way beyond your capacity. Other than it can frustrate you, it can also put you at risk of injuries, like straining and tearing your muscles. When you first go to the gym, studying the exercises and pieces of equipment is as essential as gauging yourself.

Gyms usually have exercises and pieces of equipment with varying levels of difficulty. Start with the easiest ones first if you are a beginner, such as doing different pull-up bar exercises. After you’ve mastered them, you can progress to harder and more difficult routines.

Staying Motivated to Go to The Gym Tip #4

Keep a journal

Seeing your actual accomplishments in print can make you feel more motivated and encouraged to continue with your hard work. One good way to keep track of them is by keeping a journal with you at all times. Take it with you to the gym, your office as well as your home. This way, you won’t have a hard time recalling and writing down what you’ve achieved for the day and how you were able to accomplish them.

Aside from milestones, you can also use your journal to write down your thoughts and feelings that are directly affecting your motivation and progress. By writing, you’ll be able to recognize your problems and find solutions to end them. This way, you’ll be able to pick yourself up faster so you can continue working on your goals.

Editors Note: Keep track of your workouts. Every time you exercise, take a very quick note of what you did; how much weight you lifted, how many sets, reps, etc. How far you ran and how fast. With each workout, try and beat the previous time. This ensures that you are always progressing, without a doubt, and it gives you the extra motivation and competitive enjoyment of sticking to your fitness routine.

Staying Motivated to Go to The Gym Tip #5

Reward yourself

Every time you reach a milestone, like hitting your target weight loss for the month, be sure to give yourself a treat. Rewards don’t always have to involve food or even expensive items. It can be a short trip to your local salon or getting that dress you’ve been thinking of buying for several weeks already. A good book can also do the trick.

Getting fit and maintaining your shape doesn’t mean restrictions. If you deny yourself of your passion, it can easily kill your motivation to work hard for your goals. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. There are plenty of ways to make fitness a lot more enjoyable.

Staying Motivated to Go to The Gym Tip #6

Find motivation

Read books and magazines about people who have successfully achieved the physique they wanted. Look at their pictures and imagine yourself achieving the same results they got. You can also lookup a few success stories over the internet or find someone in your area who’s had success in his fitness goals.

These things can sound simple and unimportant but they can actually do a lot when it comes to motivation. You’ll find yourself pumped up and ready to hit the gym after reading good stories and meeting successful people.

Using your own milestones can help, too. If you ever feel unmotivated to go to the gym, take a good look at your photos before and compare them to what you’ve achieved so far.

Staying Motivated to Go to The Gym Tip #7

Get professional help

If you are finding it hard to see results despite all the hard work that put in, you’re probably doing your exercise wrong. To make sure that you don’t waste your time, energy, and effort for nothing, try getting professional help. Although it can come with additional costs, you can expect to see results.

Aside from their skills and knowledge, professional trainers can also push you hard to achieve your goals. They’ll motivate, encourage and even inspire you. Another great thing about hiring a professional trainer is the reassurance that the exercises they’ll be asking you to do are safe and fit for your body’s specific requirements. 

Staying Motivated to Go to The Gym Tip #1

Invest in cool fitness gears

The wrong type of clothes and shoes can make you feel really uncomfortable when working out. If you are really serious about adopting a healthier lifestyle, consider investing in proper fitness gear for your comfort and safety.

For your shoes, make sure your pair offers great support so you won’t end up with strained muscles in your lower extremities. Pick clothes that are breathable, light, and can absorb sweat well. Your pants must be flexible enough to allow you to do full-range leg workouts. Make sure that your clothes aren’t too tight or revealing as well.

Buying new gear also helps get you to start seeing yourself as the sort of person who does exercise regularly and has made it a part of their life. However, be very wary about buying expensive home equipment or overpriced gym memberships. You will likely be able to find a reasonably priced gym in your city and equipment such as shoes and T-shirts don’t have to cost very much.

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