The Top Sex Toys for Men in 2021

The Top Sex Toys for Men in 2021

The Top Sex Toys for Men in 2021

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You may be wondering, why do I need a sex toy when my hand does such a great job?

While I don’t doubt that you’ve got your technique down, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the wonders the sex toy world has to offer. After all, can your hand vibrate, pulsate or connect to a long-distance partner? I didn’t think so!

Sex toys for men can allow you to experience sensations that not even the most skilled of lovers can create and open up a whole new world of orgasmic power. What’s more, enjoying sex toys during solo play can help you embrace sex toys during partner sex, giving you a whole lot more pleasure to explore with your partner. Some sex toys can even help improve your erections and sexual stamina.

And lastly, the physical and mental benefits of masturbation are pretty impressive — improved sleep, mood, and self-esteem, and reduced stress. With so many amazing benefits, why not give your masturbation the attention it deserves. Make it a part of your self-care routine, and treat yourself to a new sex toy or two!

There are so many incredible options for male sex toys, but it can be difficult to know where to start, which is why is dedicated to helping people choose their next sex toy!

Whether you’re looking for some lifelike lovin’ or want to treat yourself to a high-tech toy, we’ve got you covered.

1: Manta from Fun Factory

The Top Sex Toys for Men in 2021 1

The soft silicone wings of the Manta wrap around your penis to deliver 12 speeds and patterns of vibration, with small grooves that evenly distribute the lube to keep things moving smoothly.

This Manta is also so versatile it’s like the swiss army knife of male masturbators. You can use it as a stroker, for targeted stimulation of your frenulum (a.k.a. the banjo string), or to add some thrilling vibrations to partner sex.

On top of that, it is USB rechargeable and fully waterproof, making it a perfect shower companion.

2: Fuck me Silly 2 from Pipedream

What a name, huh!

This is perfect for anyone who loves lifelike sensations and wants to get as close as they can to the real deal. Sex dolls have come such a long way in recent years and feel so much more realistic! The Fuck Me Silly 2 has bouncy breasts and a vaginal and anal opening, giving you three ways to play. Similar to a pocket pussy, the Fuck Me Silly 2 has a textured canal with bumps and ridges to tease you with each movement. Not to mention her butt has a great jiggle!

Our sex toy expert, Edwina, got her hands on one to try out. She gave it a great review, and you can see in her video that it’s even realistic in terms of size! Sex torsos aren’t only good for solo sex; they can be a fun way to have a threesome without having to get another person involved!

3: Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid

Of course, we couldn’t talk about male sex toys without mentioning the iconic Fleshlight! These are probably the first thing to spring to mind when you think of male masturbators, and there’s a good reason they are so popular!

This one is modeled on adult actress Riley Reid, bringing the fantasy off the screen and into your hands. The sleeve is lined with pleasurable ribs and bumps that make each movement feel incredible. This one got a near-perfect score of 4.9/5 in this Bedbible review! Fleshlights and pocket pussies are an ideal way to add a little more excitement to your solo sessions.

If you aren’t into the realistic look, the Fleshlight Ice range offers the same intense pleasure but in a see-through design, allowing you to watch the action. We even picked out our favorites from the Fleshlight Ice series to help you find the perfect match.

4: Lelo Hugo

Lelo Hugo

The prostate gland holds the key to a whole new way to orgasm. There’s a reason it’s known as the male g-spot! Did you know that you can have a prostate orgasm and ejaculate? This gland can be stimulated externally by massaging the perineum (or taint) or internally through the anus.

The Hugo does both!

With two powerful motors that massage your prostate with vibrations internally and externally, this little vibrator packs in some serious orgasmic power. Luxuriously designed and with a handy remote, the Hugo is perfect for partner or solo play, and it’s a great way to discover the power of your prostate. Try this sex toy for men if you’re looking for a new adventure.

5: Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux

Sex Toy: Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux

This high-tech male vibrator actually uses oscillations rather than vibrations to stimulate your frenulum, which is full of wonderfully sensitive nerve endings. Many men don’t know they can orgasm from frenulum stimulation alone!

The wings are made from smooth, flexible silicone, meaning they can adjust to fit most penises. This model even comes with a remote control so you can enjoy hands-free masturbation or let your partner take control of your pleasure.

One unique advantage of the Hot Octopuss Pulse is that it can be used on a flaccid penis. This is great if you want your toy to take you all the way or you suffer from erectile dysfunction due to age or medical issues. Interestingly, the technology it is based on was originally developed to help men with spinal cord injuries reach orgasm!

6: Erection Enhancing Sex Toys For Men

So far we’ve covered some fantastic penis, and prostate, pleasing sex toys, but there are also some sex toys that can help enhance your sexual abilities. Penis rings and penis pumps can be a great way to add a little more oomph to your erections!

While they won’t make your penis bigger in the long run, penis pumps can help get the blood pumping and create bigger, harder erections, and some men find they improve their stamina. We rounded up the best electric penis pumps on the market to take the headache out of choosing which one to buy.

Sex Toys For Men: Cock Rings

Another great way to get a little boost in the bedroom is with a cock ring or penis ring. These are the non-vibrating variety and are nothing more than a silicone ring that is worn at the base of the penis to help keep your erection harder for longer. This set from Lovehoney is made from soft stretchy silicone and has three different sizes for you to play with.

You can even use a penis pump to get your erection to your desired strength and then slip on a penis ring to help the results last longer! A match made in heaven!

I hope now, you are a little more excited to get out there and sample the delights of the men’s sex toy world. Many sex toys can be used both alone or with a partner and once you discover the uniquely satisfying pleasure they can offer, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get involved sooner!

While it’s been socially acceptable for women to openly discuss their sex toys since the rabbit vibrator made a guest appearance on Sex and the City, the stigma around male sex toys seems to have prevailed.

Thankfully, that stigma is being smashed, one sex toy at a time! With the rise of high-quality and high-tech male sex toys, more men are embracing sex toys, with some pretty explosive results! Not only that, sex toys are becoming a regular part of self-care, with regular masturbation becoming part of many people’s self-care routines. Now that’s a habit I think we can all get on board with!

Over at, we are all for smashing sex toy stigmas, and it’s our life’s mission to provide people with the information they need to find their next sex toy and get the most out of it.

Not only can we hook up with the best sex toy for men to match your desires, but we’ve also got educational guides on everything from how to use a Fleshlight (there are so many more positions than you think) to how to put on a chastity cage. Thanks for reading, and have fun!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out some more articles you may like to continue your self improvement journey!

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