The Hidden Risk of Hiding In Your Comfort Zone (Explained)

The Hidden Risk of Hiding In Your Comfort Zone (Explained)

The Hidden Risk of Hiding In Your Comfort Zone (Explained)

sam ryter

If you ever tried going for your dreams you know that this is a treacherous path filled with many obstacles… Your friends, the family will try to stop you. The fear of failure will make you want to quit and there will be a problem after problem just piling away to infinity…
Let me illustrate what I mean with a picture:
sam ryter
This is a subject of Sam Ryter’s newest book, Pico Blanco – White Peak: The Journey of a Boy Who Followed His Dreams.

In Sam Ryter’s own words:

“Since he was a boy, twenty-year-old Pablo dreamed of standing on top of the greatest mountain in the country. The only problem: Everyone thought that he was crazy, stupid, or silly. He had everything.
A beautiful girl who loved him, a family that cared for him, a peaceful life in a beautiful secluded village, and the pain and desire of creating something remarkable in his life.
On a spring morning in 1892, the young man takes a chance and decides to leave. Despite the warnings of his family, fellow villagers, and fiancé, he sets off onto a dangerous journey to follow his dream.
Very soon he realizes that life does not always play out as planned. And so, the circumstances, the road and the people he meets become his teachers.
What he slowly discovers on his quest to the top is, that the greatest strength may not be in his muscles or intellect, but somewhere else.
And that there would lie the power that could help him to accomplish all of his goals – even to get to the top of the ‘greatest of all mountains.”
Anyone who dares to dream big will find himself climbing that metaphorical mountain and will encounter similar types of challenges along the way.

Should you shy away from those challenges?

No! Those challenges are what will ultimately shape you into a person worthy of getting to the peak. And that transformation is the ULTIMATE reward.
The sense of accomplishment that goes along with reaching the peak is in a sense the better than reaching the peak itself. The trick is in knowing what to expect ahead of time so it doesn’t take you by surprise…
But more about this in the podcast itself!

About Sam Ryter

Sam is a Swiss writer and author, currently living in Mexico. I love books that hide a deeper meaning between the lines.
Stories have been used for millenniums, in cultures around the world, to comfort, provoke thoughts, inspire and essentially to elevate consciousness. I believe in stories, and I believe that we all can find our own story within a book – if we dare to listen.
It is, therefore, my wish that each reader of my books can take something from the stories onto their life-paths. If that’s a different viewpoint to life, relief, inspiration, encouragement or just a feeling of gratitude.

Key Takeaways

– Everyone who dreams big will encounter resistance from every possible angle
– Life of comfort and mediocrity will feel meaningless and empty if you heard the calling
– The path to achieving your dreams is unpredictable: the only thing you can be sure of is that things will not go according to plan… and that’s ok.
– If you fail, all you have to do is dust yourself off and pick yourself up, learn the lesson and try again.
– Finding mentors will save you lots of time and energy that would otherwise be wasted on making lots of mistakes that were already made by others.


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