Glen Sycamores All Natural, Low Cost Regimen For Unlimited Energy

Glen Sycamores All Natural, Low Cost Regimen For Unlimited Energy

Glen Sycamores All Natural, Low Cost Regimen For Unlimited Energy

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Recently, I was fortunate enough to connect with Glen Sycamore of He’s a badass dude who travels the world doing pretty much whatever he wants. Upon talking we discovered we both have had problems with chronic fatigue in the past, but he has not only fixed his problem – he now has a regimen that allows him to have nearly limitless energy and work 16 hour workdays on his businesses. I was intrigued. After talking we ended up with this article, Glens protocol for limitless energy. Take what you want from it, I certainly did. – Sean

Glens All Natural, Low Cost Regimen For Limitless Energy:

Do you have big dreams without a clear path to turning them into reality? Chances are, you get awfully excited when you envision what life could be like if you did X, Y, and Z.

Oftentimes men talk about their dreams without ever taking action. These same men often spill out their big plans when they’ve been drinking, smoking, or taking illicit drugs. You know why? Because their true self makes them sick.

They’ve degraded during adulthood to become settlers, the type of men who would rather stay in a comfort zone to make ends meet then roll the dice, or better yet have faith in their own paths. I know this because I used to be torn between being that guy and my true self.

At one point, I was a skinny stoner struggling with chronic fatigue. It got so bad that one day I had to crawl on the floor from my bed to the kitchen to grasp for an orange on the counter without knowing why I was so exhausted.

Now, fast forward to today. Since then, I’ve sobered up, gotten into the best shape of my life, and built an online business 100% on my own.

In this article, I outline my special regimen for sustained energy — the one that helped me expand my business more than tenfold this past year.

To give you an idea of how much work that entailed, it partly required writing 3,000 to 4,000 words a day and 10 to 16-hour workdays with no days off.

Why did I do it? Because nothing frightens me more than mediocrity.

Part #1 – Mental & Physical Preparation

Before embarking on this regimen or your journey to complete your goals, you must mentally and physically prepare because you’re going to be pushing yourself to the limit day after day.

Believe me, I battled chronic fatigue – still do – and adrenal fatigue. Without this regimen, I wouldn’t have gotten to 25% of my max output.

So, the first step is to bulk up because there’s a very high probability of losing weight while following this regimen. In Part #4, I’ll tell you how I do it to ensure minimal muscle loss.

The second step is to lay out your plan. You have to figure out how much daily production you need to complete your goal(s). Plus, it’s imperative to set the bar high to a point you might not believe is possible.

Third, it’s time to sober up and get into good shape. For any man who wants to perform his best, this is one of the fundamental steps that goes without saying.

Fourth, get as much deep, sober sleep as possible before you begin. During the preparation stage, there’s no reason to feel bad about staying in bed extra hours because once you get rolling, you’ll keep a stricter sleep schedule.

Part #2 – The Key Supplements

For me, cordyceps is an essential ingredient. It’s the best supplement for chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue that I’ve ever taken, and I’ve been taking it for close to a decade now.

Recently, I was featured as a credible source in an article dedicated to cordyceps.

Essentially, cordyceps is what recharges me to prevent adrenal fatigue while I’m engaged in the regimen. It’s best to start taking it during the preparation phase because it makes sleep much deeper and more restorative.

Once engaged in the regimen, cordyceps only needs to be taken 1 to 2 times per week when you start to feel gassed, and believe me, you will.

Usually, I take it before bed and sleep longer than usual that night until I feel like getting out of bed. Since I’m working 10 to 16 hours a day, these sleep sessions sometimes last up to 12 hours or more.

Consequently, the work days after taking cordyceps can be shorter. However, for cordyceps to work properly, it’s critical to rest until you know your body is ready to go again. If not, you’ll struggle to work through burnout, which is something you want to avoid at all costs.

Eleuthero Root

I’ve tried many adaptogens, and eleuthero root aka Siberian ginseng works the best for me. As I write this, I took eleuthero root about thirty minutes ago, and I’ve already written close to 700 words in just over 30 minutes.

Currently, my favorite brand is Paradise Herbs eleuthero root extract. Typically, I don’t take extracts, but this one works quite well. It’s a 50:1 extract and very affordable.

Unlike cordyceps, I take eleuthero at least five times a week and once a day while engaged in the regimen.


Of the elements in this regimen, caffeine is the closest you’ll get to cheating, yet it is all-natural. In my case, green tea and oolong tea is what I drink to get my caffeine because coffee gives me the jitters.

The key ingredient in tea is the amino acid L-theanine, which has a calming effect. This is what prevents the jitters, despite the fact that I drink at least one very strong, large cup of green tea every day.

Additionally, I don’t drink the green tea bags you find in most US grocery stores. Over the past five years, I’ve lived in Southeast Asia. As a result, I’ve found brands and types of potent loose tea that work the best for me.

Taiwanese oolong tea is top-notch, while Vietnamese green tea is basically gunpowder in a leaf. The bottom line is that caffeine or another natural stimulant is necessary to get the most out of this regimen unless you were blessed with a ton of natural energy.

Part #3 – Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is the third key ingredient in this regimen because you’ll only eat when you need to. Usually, I start with 18:6 which is 18 hours fasting. Sometimes, I’ll drift up to 20:4 depending on how I’m feeling.

The reason intermittent fasting is so important is that once you eat, you’ll lose your energy and motivation to work, similar to after sex. Plain green tea is perfect for intermittent fasting since it’s taken during the fasting state while minimally affecting the fast. By doing this, I get a ton more energy from the tea as opposed to drinking it after eating.

Next, it’s wise to get a basic understanding of George Gurdjieff’s teachings laid out by his students in The Fourth Way. Two of the most relatable tenants to my regimen are “Conscious Labor” and “Intentional Suffering” which relates to intermittent fasting since you eat out of necessity rather than eating just to eat.

While I don’t agree with all the tenets, there are several about work that pertain to being completely engaged and present in your work.

Actually, I stumbled upon his teachings when I began to realize that I was getting lost in my work to the point that I had achieved a meditative state where 100% of my focus and attention was on my work.

The exact feeling is hard to explain, but if you reach that point, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Part #4 – Fitness

A major part of this regimen is fitness. However, the difference is that your fitness routine must be incredibly efficient. This means, there’s no chatting on your cell phone, shooting the you know what with your gym buddies, and browsing social media between sets.

Workouts should last no more than thirty minutes, and they need to be high-intensity.

By following this protocol, you’ll maintain your muscle mass while burning a significant amount of fat to get a more ripped appearance. Especially, if you follow Parts #3 and #5 to supplement your fitness schedule.

Up until about four years ago, I was skinny and didn’t care much about physique. Then, one day I suddenly wanted to get fit. Since then, bodybuilding and fitness has become a major part of my life. It’s what helps me to stay sober, curb my sexual addiction, and strive to get more done in less time.

Additionally, you’ll get burned out working 10 to 16-hour days without a consistent workout schedule.

Now, the best workout for this regimen is old-school trainer Vince Gironda’s 8×8 routine. This is a high-intensity workout that’s not for the faint of heart.

To get the most out of it, no session should last more than 30 to 45 minutes (45 minutes until you get used to it), and it must be done a minimum of three times per week.

For men, it’s best to do at least two upper body days and one leg day per week. Follow this link to get a better idea of how to do the routine because it’s not the shortest read.

Essentially, you do 8 reps and 8 sets of specific exercises with very short rests between sets and exercises.

This way, you’re burning fat while building/toning your muscles. Plus, Vince implemented some really effective exercises such as the guillotine press, and he also helped me to realize that traditional squats & bench press aren’t 100% necessary to build a good physique.

Lastly, it’s vital to focus on strengthening you mind-muscle connection while engaged in this program for best results.

Part #5 – Nutrition

To stay in the zone day after day and work 10-16 hour days, your nutrition has to be on point.

My diet consists of chicken, red meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, and healthy fats. Nothing I eat is processed, and mostly all of my carbs come from vegetables, mainly sweet potatoes.

Beyond that, healthy fats are the most important part of this diet. You’ve probably heard of keto.

Well, this is essentially a keto diet with healthy unprocessed carbs. In fact, I’ve done straight keto, and I get the same fat burning results with carbs, though, everyone is different.

In my opinion, the whole ketosis thing is overhyped like most fad diets, but straight keto is undoubtedly great for rapid weight loss.

In my view, the key is the fat sources and the implementation of intermittent fasting. The four main fats in my diet are virgin coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, butter, and animal fat.

I don’t drain fat from meat when I cook. Instead, I drink it or pour it over my dish. While that may sound disgusting, I actually love eating plain fat.

Several of the benefits I’ve noticed are heightened energy, whiter teeth, healthier hair & skin, and an overall better mood. All in all, the two main keys here are no processed carbs and lots of healthy fats to keep you fueled.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind, this is an outline of the regimen I follow with all the most vital parts, not the whole enchilada. Surely, you won’t agree with everything I have to say, nor should you.

This regimen is simply what works for me, and this article is designed to help you turn your dreams into reality, not to tell you to do anything.

One last tip I can afford you is to get in touch with your own mortality. Knowing I won’t be here forever is what motivates me to work the hardest, stay sober, and avoid short-term pleasures that don’t add value to my overall quality of life.

My desire is not to be remembered for what I did but to look back on my own life with deep satisfaction someday.

As Hunter Thompson once said, “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or healthcare professional, therefore nothing in this article should be construed as medical advice, nor do I take responsibility for any of your actions or decisions. This is an opinion piece, nothing more.

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