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Prime Male Review: The Ultimate Cure For Low T? (Benefits, Ingredients & More)

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Prime Male

  • Scientifically-backed, natural ingredients known to raise testosterone levels.
  • Users suggest it is effective in delivering results
  • Safe to use with no reported side effects
  • Increases sexual performance

My Personal prime male Summary:

Prime Male is a natural testosterone booster supplement made for men, especially those above 40. Its blend of ingredients promotes energy levels, focus, and muscle mass gain. It also helps manage stress.

Although you need to take it four times daily for best results and it may seem expensive, its overall effectiveness makes it worth considering.

Results tend to show after a month of use. When purchasing larger quantities, you also get access to a fitness and nutrition program.

So, if you’re looking for a boost in your energy and overall vitality, Prime Male might be a good choice for you. ✅

Low testosterone is like the plague; you must avoid it at all costs.

It ruins your mood, crushes your energy, and makes muscle gain damn near impossible. Having low testosterone levels sucks, which is why today I bring you Prime Male. Even if you do everything right, e.g. lift weights, healthy diet, and nutrition practices, 8-10 hours of sleep per night, sometimes it just isn’t enough.

That’s where Prime Male comes in. It’s an all-in-one natural testosterone booster that will help fight off the symptoms of low testosterone levels and bring you back to your peak state. Every male, no matter what walk of life they come from, will experience a decline in T as they age. Prime Male looks to slow down and even stop this decline with all-natural, safe, FDA-approved ingredients.

Prime Male is not a steroid! There is no actual synthetic testosterone within the product. You will experience no rebound or shutdown if you decide to come off, as the process is entirely safe and natural.

Top things I look for when reviewing

IngredientsHigh-quality and natural ingredients
BenefitsNoticeable boost in
testosterone levels
Price/ValueAffordable and worth the money

How Does Prime Male Increase Testosterone?

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Prime Male increases testosterone through safe, natural ingredients that, when ingested in specific doses, have been scientifically proven to improve natural testosterone production within the human body. So unlike steroids, where your body’s natural production gets shut down, with Prime Male, you’ll actually be improving your body’s natural rate of T production.

Now, if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, stay put as we break down the Prime Male formula, go over each individual ingredient, and review the opinions of real verified users. We’ll also show you the best place to buy Prime Male  while getting you the best possible deal on the web!


  • Larger supplies of Prime Male come with a bonus fitness and nutrition program
  • Scientifically-backed, natural ingredients known to boost testosterone levels
  • Prime Male reviews are very positive
  • 100% safe to use with zero side effects


  • Consistent daily use, four times a day, is required for optimal results
  • It may take up to a month for noticeable effects

Who is Prime Male Made For?

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Prime Male has a target demographic it benefits most. Let’s delve into these groups:

Older Men

Prime Male is a godsend for older men. With age, testosterone levels naturally drop. Prime Male testosterone booster brings those levels back up, giving older men the energy and strength they had in their prime. It’s like a fountain of youth, in a bottle.


Bodybuilders will find Prime Male testosterone boosters a game-changer. It enhances muscle growth, promotes fat burn, increse blood flow and provides that needed energy boost. If you’re pumping iron, Prime Male can be your secret weapon to getting ripped faster.

Fatigued Individuals

Feel tired all the time? Prime Male claims it can help. Its energy-boosting properties can turn you from sluggish to sprightly. It’s made for those who need that extra push in their day.

Who Isn’t Prime Male For?

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While Prime Male can benefit many, it may not be suitable for everyone. Here’s who might want to steer clear:


Women looking for a fitness supplement should look elsewhere. Prime Male testosterone booster is focussed on testosterone, a male hormone. It’s not suitable or beneficial for the female physiology. 👩

Those with Medical Conditions

Those with certain medical conditions, or those on medication, should consult a healthcare professional before starting on Prime Male. Its ingredients may interact with medications or exacerbate certain health issues. Safety first, always.

Prime Male Ingredients Breakdown

infographic with the prime male ingredients

This is a very solid formula, there is no wasted space as every ingredient plays an important role. They are straight testosterone boosters in here, with support ingredients that enhance the effects of the testosterone boosters. The formula also has estrogen, and SHBG blocking ingredients. 

It’s a great mix of testosterone production, and protection, as even if you have high levels of total T, if 50% of your free testosterone is being bound to SHBG you won’t feel much of a difference.

Here’s the entire ingredients list (All of these numbers are per 4 capsules):

  • D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate 1600 mg
  • Black Pepper 10 mg
  • Boron (as boron amino acid chelate) 5 mg
  • Korean Red Ginseng 4:1 extract (root) 120 mg
  • Luteolin 60 mg
  • Magnesium (as magnesium citrate) 100 mg
  • Ashwagandha Extract 4:1 (root) 300 mg
  • Nettle Root 10:1 extract 160 mg
  • Vitamin B6 (as P-5-P) 7.5 mg
  • Vitamin D3 4000 IU
  • Vitamin K2 (as Menaquinone-7) 45 mcg
  • Zinc (as zinc citrate) 30 mg

Alright, you can skip over this next part if you just want to put in your order.

However, if you’d be interested in diving into the specifics of the Prime Male formula, keep reading as I break down each individual ingredient, and its role in the formula.

#1 D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC)

D-aspartic acid calcium chelate is the most potent Prime Male testosterone booster on the list, with many studies claiming increases of up to 42% after only a couple weeks of supplementation! This number varies from study to study, as some only claim an increase of 30%, while others say the increase is much higher, being closer to a 60% increase! All you need to know is that after a couple of weeks, you will experience a spike in testosterone.

D-aspartic acid calcium chelate Increases testosterone production by sending signals to the pituitary gland to release more luteinizing hormone(LH). This increase in LH causes your testes to ramp up production, and results in a major uptake in testosterone production.

Study: D-Aspartic acid calcium chelate significantly increased the release of luteinizing hormone(LH) in the subjects, both rats and humans. This increase in (LH) increased testosterone synthesis by a significant amount. 

Study: D-Aspartic acid calcium chelate Acid accumulation greatly increased luteinizing hormone activity within the bloodstream and protein synthesis within rats.

#2 Black Pepper

Black pepper has been proven to improve the rate at which your body absorbs nutrients. It plays a major support role in the Prime Male formula, increasing the absorption rate of all Prime Male ingredients. This increased absorption rate will lead to quicker, more potent results. So instead of waiting 2 months to feel the full effects of Prime Male, you’ll only have to wait.

Black pepper also has other health benefits such as:

  • Great source of antioxidants(helps with testosterone production by protecting leydig cells)
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Improved blood sugar levels
  • Improved gut health

Study: Piperine(black pepper extract) improved cognitive function, boosted nutrient absorption and improved gut health. 

Learn More: What Are The Health Benefits of Black Pepper?

#3 Boron (As Boron Amino Acid Chelate)

Boron is a great estrogen and SHBG blocker. It can increase testosterone levels by as much as 29%, due to its ability to protect free testosterone from binding with SHBG within the bloodstream. Boron also inhibits the process of aromatization, which is the process in which testosterone production is converted into estrogen production

Having low estrogen production, and high testosterone is the ideal state for men, as it leads to:

  • Burn fat
  • More muscle
  • Les mood swings, and better overall mental health
  • Better cognitive function
  • Better overall physical health

Study: Boron supplementation resulted in a significant decrease to sex hormone-binding globulin activity in the bloodstream while also increasing plasma total free testosterone and lowering estradiol levels.

Study: Following boron supplementation, both the male and female subjects showed much-increased levels of sex steroids within the bloodstream. The males experienced significant increases to free testosterone and lower levels of estradiol within the bloodstream.

#4 Korean Red Ginseng 4:1 extract (root)

Korean Red Ginseng is a great testosterone booster and an even better libido enhancer. Ginseng contains compounds called ginsenosides. These ginsenosides cause an uptake in activity in the arousal and pleasure centers of your brain, which causes your dopamine levels to increase.

This increased dopamine will make it so you find everyday activities, such as sex, working out, and even small errands much more enjoyable. Dopamine and testosterone go hand in hand, as they are both responsible for your overall well being, and motivation; Korean Red Ginseng looks to increase both! 

Study: Ginseng significantly improved erectile function compared to the placebo group in an 8-week treatment study.

Study: In a group of 66 men, ginseng was reported to drastically increase both total plasma and free testosterone levels within the group.

#5 Luteolin

The citrus fruit luteolin is the perfect anti estrogen ingredient. Like SHBG it looks to bind with sex hormones in the bloodstream, however instead of binding with testosterone, it binds with estrogen production. Having luteolin floating in your bloodstream hunting down and neutralizing estrogen will increase your overall testosterone levels immensely.

Luteolin has actually been used as a natural remedy for hypogonadism, as the anti estrogen, and testosterone boosting effects can save men from going completely passive.

Study: Luteolin was used to treat hypogonadism within the research group.

Study: This study used luteolin as an aromatase inhibitor, as it greatly reduced estrogen levels.

#6 Magnesium (As Magnesium Citrate)

Magnesium is great for you, regardless of your testosterone concerns, as it is essential for proper men’s health. It is a great testosterone booster and a great SHBG blocker. A large amount of the population is deficient in this mineral, especially the physically active population who have much higher magnesium requirements compared to their sedentary peers.

Proper magnesium intake will drastically increase your body’s natural rate of testosterone production, especially if you’re physically active. You’ll also have a higher level of strength output, more muscle mass, improved stamina, and much better recovery when your magnesium requirements are met.

Study: This study focused on the effects magnesium intake had on training. The group who were administered magnesium experienced much greater strength gains compared to the placebo group.

Study: This study measured magnesium’s effects on the testosterone levels in both sedentary and active individuals. Both groups experienced increases in both free and total testosterone, with the physically active group receiving the biggest increase.

#7 Ashwagandha Extract 4:1 (root)

Many people swear by ashwagandha as the best testosterone-boosting ingredient on the market. Personally, I still believe that title is held by D-Aspartic Acid, and attribute these claims to recency basis, however, ashwaganda is still a very strong, potent testosterone-boosting ingredient.

Not only does ashwaganda increase your testosterone it also greatly reduces the effects of stress. This more relaxed, grounded state will allow for better recovery, increased mental clarity, and a more focused, stable mood. People who suffer from anxiety will love this ingredient, as it will be a huge game changer.

Study: Ashwagandha is a very powerful adaptogen that enhances the body’s ability to handle stress. It also has very potent antioxidative properties.

Study: The group that was supplementing with ashwagandha experienced significantly higher levels of testosterone compared to the placebo group. Testosterone levels lowered(returned to baseline) after 8 weeks of discontinued ashwagandha intake.

#8 Nettle Root 10:1 extract

Nettle root is the best SHBG blocker on this list! Nettle root contains compounds called lignans, these lignans enter the bloodstream and allow themselves to be bound to sex hormone binding globulin in the place of testosterone. Essentially they protect your free testosterone by acting as a replacement.

This will greatly increase your testosterone production, which will make a noticeable impact on your quality of life, even more so than the most potent testosterone-boosting ingredients on this list, as free testosterone is the only useable testosterone within your body.

Study: Complex plant extracts have been shown to greatly inhibit sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). 

Study: Nettle root was shown to significantly inhibit aromatization(the process in which testosterone is converted into estrogen).

#9 Vitamin B6 (as P-5-P)

Vitamin B6 is used to upregulate androgenic activity within the body by stimulating the androgen receptors within your brain. The androgen receptors play a crucial role in the production and use of testosterone, as the androgen receptors are responsible for releasing testosterone into your bloodstream.

Keep in mind – a vitamin B6 deficient diet can absolutely help testosterone production, dropping them by as much as 74.5%! Keeping vitamin B6 levels at an acceptable and preferably high level is crucial for optimal hormone production. Also, vitamin B6 will improve the absorption of important nutrients in the prime male formula, such as zinc and magnesium, which will result in an even stronger formula.

Study: A vitamin B6 depletion significantly decreased overall testosterone levels in the test subjects. 

Study: Vitamin B6 was used to combat feelings of lethargy and fatigue. It was shown to greatly increase energy levels within the subjects immensely. 

#10 Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is not only crucial for optimal hormone production, but it is also crucial for proper human function. It regulates things such as mood, energy, and cognitive function. The majority of people in western society are deficient in vitamin D supplementation as they either don’t get enough sunlight or have a vitamin D-deficient diet.

If you want to prioritize healthy testosterone production, having sufficient vitamin D levels is a MUST! Low vitamin D is a surefire way to mess up your healthy testosterone production and overall health.

Jayden’s tip

Prime Male contains 4000 IUs of vitamin D3 per serving which will cover your daily requirements, however, if possible you should still make time to get outside and receive direct sunlight.

Study: A significant increase in free, total, and bioactive testosterone was observed in the vitamin D group, compared to the placebo.

Study: A group of soccer players used vitamin D3 supplementation and proper sunlight exposure to greatly increase overall performance and testosterone levels over a 6-week period.

#11 Vitamin K2 (as Menaquinone-7)

Vitamin K2 is great for healthy testosterone production, and support ingredients, as not only does it directly increase testosterone, but it also enhances the effectiveness of vitamin D3. The increased effectiveness of vitamin D supplement, plus the reported 50% increase in testosterone make it an extremely valuable ingredient that is often overlooked when talking about testosterone optimization. 

Study: Vitamin K2 improves the production of testosterone in the test group by alleviating any testosterone reducing ailments. 

Study: Vitamin K2 was shown to significantly increase testosterone levels compared to the placebo group.

#12 Zinc (as zinc citrate)

Zinc is essential for proper male hormone production. Fixing a zinc deficiency is the fastest way to boost your testosterone production, as when your body is deprived of this essential mineral, you can experience a testosterone downshift of up to 73%!

Your body cannot store, nor produce zinc, so you must be constantly refilling your stores either through diet, or supplementation. If you’re a sexually active individual just know that every time you bust a nut, you lose 5 mg of zinc.

Jayden’s tip

So – if you’re one of these guys who’s on the hub 5x per day, busting nuts left, right, and center you may want to cut that shit out.

Thankfully we have a whole course on semen retention and a whole section on quitting porn within the course. You can either purchase the course outright or get it for free by signing up for Menprovement X.

Study: A low zinc diet lead to a massive drop in testosterone, in a group of healthy young men, over just a 20-week period.

Study: Men with higher zinc levels had much higher testosterone on average compared to those with low levels of zinc.

Prime Male Ingredient Summary

Testofuel vs prime male comparison picture

Prime Male is an extremely well-made, unique, safe formula. They’re testosterone-boosting ingredients, support ingredients, estrogen-blocking ingredients, and sex hormone-binding globulin-blocking ingredients. There are classic tried and true testosterone-boosting ingredients like:

  • Zinc
  • D-aspartic acid calcium chelate
  • Citric acid
  • Vitamin D3
  • Magnesium
  • Ginseng

And there are also less renowned, yet extremely effective testosterone boosters like:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Luteolin

It’s the perfect combination of innovation, and using what already works.

Prime Male Reviews, What Do Real Users Think?

Prime male before and after picture

Now here’s the big question on everyone’s mind, does Prime Male work? Well, let’s go over some Prime Male reviews of real, verified users, and see what they think.

Prime Male Review 1:

Jerome from France left an overall positive opinion of Prime Male. In his words,

“I decided to buy Prime Male after a training layoff. I had severely injured my hand and had to back off on my training for 6 months. After my hand had fully healed, I wanted to get back on the fitness wagon and gain back the size and strength I had lost after the 6-month layoff – which is easier said than done when you’re in your 40s.

I researched natural ways to increase testosterone as I didn’t want to use any synthetic products to achieve my goal, and I stumbled upon Prime Male. Prime Male was a natural testosterone booster designed to help men over 40 gain back their youthful vitality. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Within the first month I was much stronger, with noticeable improvements to my physique. After 2 months, my physique was much improved, with this dense, dry look. Overall a great product, I would highly recommend it.”


Prime Male Review 2:

Paul Hezseltine from the UK used Prime Male vitality complex to help ward off the effects low testosterone levels had on his training. In his words,

“I was busting my ass day in and day out in the gym, seeing no results. It’s the worst feeling in the world, believing that all of your hard work is for nothing. I decided to do some research and browsed the web for a solution to my problem. Eventually, I found that solution in the form of Prime Male.

At first, I thought it was BS and didn’t believe it would work. I took a chance and purchased a couple of months worth of Prime Male and was pleasantly surprised. After a month, my strength had drastically increased, with my energy levels doing the same. This was crazy as I had tried many similar products in the past, and Prime Male was the only one that actually delivered on its promise.”

Paul Hezseltine
Jayden’s tip

If you suffer from lethargy, or low energy or are dealing with any other symptoms of low testosterone levels, I would highly recommend that you give Prime Male a try.

Prime Male Review 3:

The YouTuber RealJoshTV had an overall positive opinion of Prime Male vitality complex, saying, 

“I really like the ingredient selection, especially the inclusion of ashwagandha, as I personally use it as a natural testosterone booster, and for stress relieving purposes. It is very similar to Testofuel, although I would give the edge to Prime Male due to its better ingredient selection. The formula is safe and completely natural.

Every ingredient is correctly dosed, and the boost to things such as energy, mood, sex drive, and strength is very noticable. I can’t think of many cons other than it being a little on the pricey side; however that price is justified as this is a flawless supplement that is all pros with no drawbacks.”

Credits: RealJosh Tv

Prime Male Benefits

Prime Male brings many benefits to the table, such as,

  • Higher energy levels
  • Increased libido
  • Easier and quicker muscle and strength gain
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Better bone health
  • An improved, more stable mood
  • Enhanced recovery
  • Reduced stress
  • Boosts immune system
  • Reduces weight gain

The best part is – there’s no catch! Each of these benefits comes side effect free. All you have to do is keep buying and supplying yourself with prime male and take your 4 daily capsules. 👌🏻

Prime Male Side Effects

There are no side effects to taking prime male, as all of the ingredients are derived from either foods, plants, or other natural, safe sources.

You may be taken aback by some of the changes. Know these are just natural, safe adaptations that happen when your testosterone levels rise.


Be aware that if you use blood pressure medication you should avoid Prime Male testosterone boosters. It is also possible that you have allergic reactions to Prime Male testosterone boosters but this is extremely rare.

How Do You Use Prime Male? (Dosages And Directions)

Prime male review

Each bottle of Prime Male will contain 30 servings or 1 month’s supply. A daily serving of Prime Male is 4 capsules. Preferably, if you can, try to spread these capsules out throughout the day, taking them with a meal and a glass of water.

The most important thing is that you get them in. After about 30 days, your testosterone levels should be returned to or reaching their natural peak.

Prime Male Review: Does it Work? What’s The Verdict?

Menprovement Rating

Prime Male really works, guys! It’s got a strong lineup of ingredients that can help as testosterone booster, control estrogen, and block sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). After using it, I’ve seen positive changes. I feel like my old self again – energetic, able to build muscle mass, and confident like never before.


Prime Male packs in 12 ingredients, from D-Aspartic Acid to Korean Red Ginseng, and each one is a champion at boosting testosterone. It’s like these ingredients were handpicked by nature to help us battle low testosterone levels. Believe me, they do a good job. I’d give the ingredients a solid 4.7 out of 5 stars.


The perks of using Prime Male go beyond just physical changes. It doesn’t only help with muscle mass growth and fat loss, but it also gives you a great energy boost and improves your mood. It’s like being young again. On benefits, Prime Male gets a big thumbs up from me with a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating.


Yes, Prime Male may seem a bit pricey at first. But think about it this way: you’re not just buying a supplement, you’re investing in feeling good and being healthier. In my opinion, the positive changes it brings to your life are worth every penny. I’d say it offers great value, and I’d rate it a solid 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Where Should I Buy Prime Male? 

Prime male website

The best place to buy Prime Male is the Prime Male official website.

One bottle of Prime Male will run you 75$. So 75$ per month, right? Well, not exactly. If you decide to get the Ultimate Testosterone booster Support Pack – 4 Month Supply, you’ll only be paying $225, instead of the intended $300, as one of the bottles will be free.

In addition to this 4-month supply deal, you’ll also receive the Boss Prime package, which is a detailed online fitness and nutrition program that is originally listed at $149. If you purchase either the 2- or 4-month supply deal, you’ll have access to the boss prime package, which is great for any gym newbies looking to be pointed in the right direction.


Don’t raise your blood pressure about worrying if your package will actually arrive. Prime Male will give you a tracking number so you can follow your package. 📦

Also – if you live in the US or UK, you get 100% free shipping! (This applies to all deals)

Are There any Alternatives

Best for fast results


  • Scientifically proven
  • Builds lean muscle mass
  • Noticeable within 2-3 days
Best natural


  • Builds lean muscle mass
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Zero side effects reported
Best alternative

test boost max

  • Improves confidence and energy levels
  • Supports healthy sex drive
  • Can support weight loss

Conclusion, Is Prime Male Worth It?

Prime Male is most definitely worth it fellas, look to buy now, as the price can only go up!

If you’ve been suffering from low testosterone levels and are looking to get back to your peak levels or just simply want a boost, Prime Male has you covered. The formula is fantastic, made with entirely safe, natural ingredients that have all been appropriately dosed to give you the best possible solution to any testosterone-related problems you may be facing.

There are no cons to taking Prime Male, Prime Male is safe and there are numerous pros.

  • Increased energy
  • Faster strength and lean muscle mass
  • Better cognitive function
  • Higher sex drive
  • Denser bones
  • Quicker fat loss
  • Increase in sex hormone binding globulin (SBHG)
  • Better mood and overall mental health

Those are just a few I can name off the top of my head.

With that, I’m out. Peace. ✌️


Yes, Prime Male is indeed safe. All of the ingredients are completely natural, as the entire formula is made up of plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that humans have been consuming for thousands of years.

No, Prime Male is not a steroid. Although it greatly increases testosterone, it does this through safe and natural means. Prime male increases your body’s natural testosterone production rather than instantly increasing your testosterone levels through unnatural means like steroids do. Unlike steroids, the ingredients in prime male are actually very healthy and beneficial for your body.

This will vary for everyone, but the most common answer to this question is around a month. Most testosterone boosters take around 2 months to kick in; however, the inclusion of black pepper extract cuts this time in half due to the increased absorption rate.

Yes, Prime Male is good product. The number of ingredients and quality of each ingredient justify the $75 price tag. It delivers on its promise of increased testosterone while doing it in a completely safe, natural way.


Our evaluations are conducted by a group of specialists based on actual experiences before they are penned down. To learn more read our Editorial Methodology.

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