How You Can Use Positive Visualization Techniques to Create an Epic Life

How You Can Use Positive Visualization Techniques to Create an Epic Life

How You Can Use Positive Visualization Techniques to Create an Epic Life

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The practice of visualization is often discussed in the self-development sphere, but if you, like most, do not understand its awesome power, you might easily dismiss it as the epitome of new-age positive thinking fluff. Rest assured, visualization is extremely powerful, and anything but fluff.

If you’ve had experience using positive visualization techniques before, I’m here to tell you that you’re probably doing it wrong. If this happens to be your first time, take a seat and strap in because the rabbit hole goes deep.

The process of positive visualization allows you direct access to your subconscious faculties which play out in your environment each and every day.

This means, in short, you can literally automate the behaviors which will take you closer to your goals by creating new neural pathways.

When you connect on a deep emotional level with your dreams and desires without any conscious interference, your mind begins to develop “programs” for taking actions in alignment with those same outcomes.

Think of it as giving your mind a map and then gradually programming an autopilot vehicle to take you to your destination. Only by utilizing tools and tactics to boost your emotional connectivity to your goals to the greatest degree possible can you then become a participant in what I like to call “superpowered visualization.”

Superpowered Visualization 101

You feel the emotions surging through your body, the hairs standing up on the back of your neck, and at this moment you feel more alive than ever. You feel the excitement of standing in this place; the aroma, the breeze on your skin, every sound, every movement.

You feel a deep sense of gratitude for what you’ve been able to accomplish and to bring yourself to such a beautiful place in your life.

Being there is as real as the chair you’re sitting in and the floor beneath your feet. With each breath, you feel a deeper sense of awe and excitement. If all this is possible, just imagine what’s next. This is superpowered visualization, and this is what visualization should feel like. So, how can you perform this on a daily basis in your own life?

Create a Focused Environment

The first step in setting up your epic visualization is to create a focused, centered environment. You must free yourself of distractions entirely. Silence your phone, turn off the television, clear the clutter, and feel into your body.

You will need to take a seat somewhere you feel empowered. This can be anywhere from your desk chair to your bedroom floor, just make sure you can achieve good posture and sit up straight and tall.

For your visualization, you will be utilizing actual, physical images as well as your imagination. It is a matter of preference with how you choose to view your images. You can print them off, create a vision board, view them individually on your computer, or create an on-screen “vision collage.”

Take Control of Your Physiology

The first thing you’re going to do in regards to your body is sit up straight, feet flat on the floor, shoulders back, and allow yourself to relax. By placing yourself in a powerful posture, you’re effectively creating more positive chemistry in your body.
Powerful, dominant body language has been shown to decrease levels of cortisol and increase levels of testosterone.

Such a profile of these hormones has been linked to disease resistance, leadership abilities, and decision-making skills.

It will also work wonders for your visualization practice.

I suggest starting by focusing on your breathing, feeling into your body, and allowing yourself to relax more with each breath. Start to empower yourself from the inside out. Feel the wave of energy rushing through your body growing more and more intense with each exhale.

Learn More: “The Science Behind Posture and How It Affects Your Brain”

Use Audio Inspiration

During visualization, it’s essential to put yourself in the most emotionally empowered state possible. One extremely effective way to do this is through music. When you connect to music that pumps up your internal state the most, you can allow this energy to be transmuted into a strong intention for your desires in front of you.

I recommend using instrumental music that gets you feeling empowered and full of positive energy. It can be soothing, inspiring, aggressive, or anything in between; whatever gets you amped up the most.

Once you’re set up and relaxed, and before you open your eyes to view your images, allow the music to take you over. Feel into it, visualize your epic life playing out as a movie and let the music be the soundtrack to each scene.

Put the “Visual” in Visualization

Careful thought must be put into the images you use for your visualization practice. After you determine the most significant things that you’d like to accomplish, find images that you connect with the most emotionally. This in itself can be a lengthy process, but it is a crucial step.

Whatever the image you’re searching for, don’t just settle for the first one you like. It should be an image that really makes you feel the emotion you associate with attaining that particular goal.

As stated earlier, there are a variety of ways you can choose to arrange and view your images. Some may find creating a collage or “vision board” too distracting to feel into a single image, while others might feel that they’re more effective in scanning from one image to the next. It will be a matter of trial-and-error at first, so you need to find out what works best for you.

Seeing Your Vision Through

I recommend you spend at least 10 to 15 minutes performing your visualization. It will vary from person to person depending on the time required to achieve a deep emotional state, but as with anything, your abilities will improve with practice.

So, here’s a quick recap:

1. Create a clean, distraction-free environment, sit up straight, close your eyes, and begin to relax.
2. Focus on your breathing and let the music create an emotional surge within your body.
3. Begin to view your images and imagine yourself in each place, the more detailed, the better.
4. After fully connecting to all your images, close your eyes again to imagine living out your life with all those goals achieved; the sensations, the joy, and the gratitude.
5. Before opening your eyes, take a deep breath, smile, and exhale, releasing your intentions from your body and mind.

By ending your visualization process with a smile, you begin forging a new neural pathway to link your desires to what your body feels as positive and desirable.

Through taking massive action every day, practicing appreciation, and connecting on a deep emotional level with what you desire, you might look back and realize you’ve created a life far beyond your once wildest imagination. Use your new powers responsibly.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out some more articles you may like to continue your self improvement journey!

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  1. Hey Brandon!
    Fantastic article you’ve got here. It’s so true that we can create anything we want through visualization, but many people don’t know how to do it correctly.
    The key is like you’ve said, combining your images with your emotions. If you can actually feel the states you’ll be in after you’re “there” you will supercharge the process. Visualization is one of the most intriguing concepts to me.
    It helped me drop out of school, figure out what I wanted, fly around the other side of the world, and create businesses that funded my ventures. There is serious power in this stuff, and good on you for sharing it in an actionable way.
    – Evan


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